World Record Chapter 8

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8. Simple strength

Battle Rank.

That’s the strength indicator that humans made.
It is often misunderstood, but it doesn’t simply means that [Battle Rank 10 is two times stronger than Battle Rank 5].
For example, assume that a level 60 character confronts a level 30 character in a game. Then, it’s not necessarily that the former’s status is two times the latter’s status.

However–this Battle Rank system is exactly the opposite of the concept called “level”.
In a level system, a level 70 has enough possibility to defeat a level 80 if things go well.
But this Battle Rank system is completely the opposite of it. Even if there’s a slight difference in the Battle Rank, there will be an obvious difference in strength. If the difference of the Battle Rank is 10, then it’s already overwhelming. It is roughly impossible to fill up the difference unless you lure a person into a trap.
Therefore, there’s an extraordinary gap in between the A rank members of the Special Forces and the Absolute Four, but–

[I’m home]
[Un… Who’s that?]


For those who can see that, the difference can be understood as fear.
Tsumugu goes down the stairs at the same time as the door opens, whether or not she perceived a strange power when Iwato returned. And Karen who’s shaking in fear behind Iwato. Just like a snake glaring at a frog–no, it was a rabbit that was abandoned in front of a lion. The rabbit’s life depends on the lion’s mood.

[I-I-It’s that, isn’t it!? The world’s seven wonders, “Only weak Unknowns appear in Sapporo”. It’s definitely this person’s fault, isn’t it? No one will come if they see a soul this big!]
[Well, those who still comes to this town knowing that there’s a nuclear weapon-like human, are either they come just to survey or they are real monsters that have the confidence in beating Tsumu]
[As expected!]


–By the way, the chain dragon is the former.
In fact, the chain dragon opened the warp hole just to confirm that power’s owner, but unfortunately, the chain dragon crushed the shampoo. If the chain dragon didn’t do that, he would have lived and returned……

[Tsumu, you haven’t heat the bath yet, right?]
[Un…I lose if I work]
[What are you saying when you’re working!?]


Iwato says so and heads to the bathroom–

[P-Please wait!]


–He can’t.
Karen who holds Iwato’s coat firmly, pulled the coat in front of her as if to use it to cover herself from Tsumugu.

[…Who…this insect]


The lion who clearly became offended by that action. Iwato who sees that had wry smile and cold sweats.

[Well, it seems that the exchange student arrived earlier than expected… Tsumu… you’re a great person who is also tolerant unlike this Karen, right?]


The front and back that react to those words with a twitch. And Iwato pumped his fist into the air as if he won the bet in his heart.

[Un…Tsumugu…great. Tolerant. Different from that girl]
[W-What!? E-Even I… I was only surprised because it happened in a sudden! If I don’t see your soul, you’re not scary!]
[You’re…not even…scary]
[Kiiiiii!? What’s with this kid!?]


Iwato who sees that is convinced that Tsumugu will not get mad for the time being, and he heads directly to the bathroom.
And, he can only hope that the situation didn’t get worst when he return.




[Mahou Shoujo…pufu…Good for you]
[Why are you laughing!?]
[I’m not laughing (lol)]
[Aren’t you laughing!?]


It didn’t become worst at all.
Rather than that, she even spoke until the Mahou Shoujo part. Even if they are disputing, Karen at least knows that Tsumugu can be trusted. That’s what Iwato want to believe in.

[Hey, Tsumu and Mahou Shoujo (lol), the bath is ready]
[Roger! I mean, what’s with that way of calling me!?]
[Un…Nii-san…wanna get it together?]


Iwato who easily reject his stepsister’s temptation, heads to the opposite side of the bathroom.
It is the meaningless daily routine that he does every time before entering the bath.

[Un? Where are you going?]


Karen asks Iwato after sending Tsumugu to the bathroom.
In response, Iwato exposes the destination indifferently.

[Well, because I don’t have any powers, I always do some weight training before entering the bath. A training room for that purpose is built here]
[A training room!]


At an instant, Karen’s eyes started to shine brightly.
–Ah, this girl is the same kind as me.
Iwato recalled such thing but it was too late already. Karen who has shiny eyes just like a dog with food in front of it. If she has a tail, the tail will swing as if it’s going to tear.

[Please take me with you! Being powerless means that you must have trained your body considerably! I look forward to it!]


Although Iwato wanted to say [What’s with that absurd theory?], unfortunately, Karen will probably not listen to him anymore. A strange appearance just by hearing the word “training”.

[Haa… I understand. But you can only use the training room when I’m with you. When Tsumugu is out of the bath, I want you to get out of the room. And also, listen to what I say, and abide it…]
[I’ll abide!]
[…Then, okay]


Iwato said so and advance to the inner part. After a short time, they stopped in front of an elevator.

[Let’s enter]
[Roger… I mean, why is there an elevator in a house!? Besides that, this is going underground, isn’t it!?]


How admirably for you to ask, Karen. Iwato wanted to say that. But Iwato opened his mouth absentmindedly and says this.

[…Huh? If the training room is built normally, then it would make a loud noise and it will be a nuisance for Tsumu. Then, in order to solve the problem, there’s only the underground…isn’t it?]


“What do you mean by ‘isn’t it?’ “.
You probably want someone to say that, but unfortunately, the thinking idiot, Karen is an idiot even if she thinks.

[That’s right! After all, you shouldn’t bring trouble to other people! As expected of Nagumo-san!]
[Oh, you know it. Weight training without causing troubles to other people. This is important after all]
[Roger, Master!]
[… What’s with that way of calling?]


Just like that, Karen calls Iwato as “Master” before he knew it, and they descended to the underground.




[T-This is…]


Karen opened her eyes wide by the sight in front of her.

Immediately after descending with the elevator, there’s two entrance, and beyond the entrance is a huge underground space.
On one side, it’s an empty square room, and on another side, there’s a 400 meters track that’s usually used for running. In the center of the track, there’s a great variety of training equipments set up.
Karen who has gotten used in using training equipments, realized something upon looking at the sight. Those equipments are genuine cutting-edge technology that cost hundreds of millions.

[Well then, go and use what you like]


Iwato said so and began to run on the 400 meters track.
But there’s much more that Karen wanted to ask.
That’s why, she immediately runs to that room, and imitating him running on the track–She opened her eyes wide once again.



In front of her eyes was the figure of Iwato who’s running lightly while Karen was running at her full speed.
Although Karen was surprised by his speed, the one that surprised her the most was his running posture.

Karen was a dropout.
Her superpower’s strength is just to the extent of producing drinking water. So there’s no way that this superpower can defeat an enemy. Even the young Karen knew it very well.
Therefore, Karen decided to train her body.
She will sneak into the nearby gymnasium and the training room used by the Special Forces. Strong ones, hardworking ones, weak ones, talentless ones, ones with innate talent. She learned from those people’s movement, and she realized that she had talent.
From there on, Karen’s action was quick.
Although she hasn’t gave up on her superpower completely, still, she invest all the time used for superpower practice into body strengthening. She planned thoroughly and worked on self strengthening.
The place only the weakest can reach–the shortest route to be the strongest.
Karen who found it, puts in effort desperately without resting.
That’s why, she managed to reach B rank, and she had the confidence that she put in the most time in taijutsu training among the students of the same year.

Until today–this time.

In Karen’s line of sight is a classmate who don’t have any superpowers that she met today, running on the track.
The world’s only one without powers is at Sapporo. When she heard that from the rumors, she thought that person might train his body because there’s no need to train his superpower.
And deep down in her heart–She felt relieved that there’s a dropout worst than herself.

And today, when she realized that he is the one without powers, she tried to look at his soul immediately but– she was surprised by the invisible present condition and at the same time, a feeling that this person is not a big deal, welled up.
Because he said that [I’m powerless] after that, Karen thought that it’s like that, but as expected, the disappointment was huge as much as what she expected.
However, what welled up inside her now was a great joy.

It can be known just by looking–an ordinary man’s run.
She is used to seeing it because she continued to observe many people. It can even be guessed that it’s the opposite of a prodigy.
But, while his run is an ordinary mane, he’s an unbelievably genuine hard worker.
She has known it. The intensity of the practice and training assembled on the foundation called ordinary man. That is a man who pursue simple strength–that made the training she went through up until now looks like a child’s play.
Remove, and remove, and remove unnecessary things, and training own self until the limit. Without compromising.
That’s exactly what Karen aimed at. The complete form.

[… Why are you smiling?]


Iwato came to Karen’s side before she knew it, and she realized that he has already finished a lap.

[N-Nagumo-san…no, Master! Since when did you start training!?]
[Master… Well, fine. If I’m not mistaken, I started since I became aware of my surroundings, and I trained without sparing the time for sleep until three years ago. I only slept for one hour every three days during those days]


More than expected.
Karen was surprised by those words and inhuman acts that surpassed her expectations. And she became interested on his status after spending those days.
And she also thought of this, “If I follow this person, I’m sure that I can become even better!”.
Karen shouted this to the bewildered Iwato with a smile.

[Master! Please take me as your pupil!]


And just like that, Iwato gained a stalker with the name called pupil.

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