World Record Chapter 73

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73. Capture & Defense



Such Karen’s voice resounded.
Their are currently in a room at the 『High Mountain Shimizu Hotel』. Even Ayame leaked a voice of wonder upon seeing the room.
The tatami mat on the floor.
When going to the window, there’s a small table placed between two chairs, and outside the window is the balcony with a huge wooden tub like a bathtub.
Furthermore, there are mountains that have started to turn autumn colors coupled with the cloudless sky. As if watching a famous painting.

[This is the reserved room. If you have any problems, please use the fixed phone over there to contact us]


Saying that, the landlady who guided Iwato and the others, bows and turns back.
However, Iwato speaks out in a flustered way.

[Eh? P-Please wait! The reserved room is not two!?]


Let’s try to confirm the current members.
Nagumo Iwato–male.
Nagumo Tsumugu–female.
Komauchi Karen–female.
Sumikawa Ayame–female.
3 girls against 1 boy. Such situation.
However, upon hearing his words, the landlady inclines her head to the side.

[……He? I am sorry, but this is the only room you reserved……?]


Upon hearing that, he guessed everything.
Nagumo Youji. This reservation ticket given by that man.
However, if I think about it a little, it’s clear–it’s the thing received from that man of all people. There’s no way it comes with only good will.

[C-Can I move to another room now……]
[I am sorry. For today, all of the rooms have been reserved……]
[……I don’t see any customers other than us, though]
[……It is indeed unusual because all of the customers who reserved other than you are ghosts]


Iwato was convinced.
That–this person, or rather, this inn has been bribed.
The next moment, upon hearing the sound of the bus engine, Iwato quickly looks down from the window.
Then, a large quantity of buses moves slowly as if trying to head to the other side of the mountain, and disappear.

[……Ah, come to think of it, I heard that the bus to here and other method of transport are all being sent for servicing]


Iwato falls to his knees by those words, and the sound of a high five by the three girls can be heard from his back.




The sliding screen opens.
Iwato who’s rummaging his bag to take out the necessary stuffs, turns to the direction.
Iwato has already change into a yukata provided by the ryokan. A white yukata with blue patterns, and a navy blue haori on top.
Upon seeing his figure, the three girls who entered the room, breathe in heat.

[Nn? You three changed quite slow]


Iwato said those words towards the three upon seeing their appearance, and turned back to his bag. And, the three girls who thought 『Well, that’s how he is』, sighed.

[Well…I knew it. Nii-san is like this]


Tsumugu, the one standing at the center of the three, muttered so in exasperation.
However, upon hearing that, Iwato looks at the girls once again, and there’s the three girls who’re wearing the same yukata.
Karen and Ayame are wearing the yukata for women, and Tsumugu alone is wearing a yukata for children with a slightly different color.
However, Iwato opens his mouth as if it’s a matter of course.

[Just because you’ve changed, my heart won’t tremble by that. I just thought 『How unusual』. At least, that’s me myself]


Yes, Iwato’s a non-love professional.
Even if he thinks of something upon seeing their appearance, that doesn’t mean that he would love them.
They probably knew it vaguely. That’s why, the girls show a wry smile–


[But, well……its cute, I think]


They opened their eyes wide by that.
Immediately following, their body temperature increases, and their faces blush.
Upon seeing that, Iwato loosens his expression, and continues speaking.

[Perhaps, are you thinking that I thought that you three are attractive?]


As if it’s a roundabout expression of 『attractive』.
The girls avert their eyes from Iwato, and open their mouth while covering their faces with their hands.

[N-N-Nii-san…W-What on earth are you thinking……]
[S-Stop, Karen! What am I thinking of Master……]
[Uuu……I’m happy that you say that, but a s-surprise attack is terrible……]


Iwato who saw that, nods as if known what they were thinking, and looks at the thing in his hand.
The thing in his hand is a shoujo manga.
Title–『Womanizer and simple harem』.
It’s tagged erotic in the midway, and Iwato opened a page and smiled.

『There’s……no way that I don’t think that you girls are attractive』



Iwato looks at the three’s blushing face once again, and muttered this in a slightly impressed way.

[Indeed, I’m shoujo manga-sensei……Never thought that to be this much]


Although those words were not heard by the girls, that’s the only salvation for them.




After that, they laid down comfortably without doing anything.
Iwato and the girls who’re spending time like a 『holiday』, ate dinner and turned on the television.

『And then, Asshi said this to me at that time~』

『Nn? What he said?』

『[Even though you bought a nice wig, was it difficult to speak about it?]』*


Such voice comes from the television, and Iwato who’s lying down on the futon while watching it, leaks a sigh.

[What’s with this new guy? Not funny at all]


Iwato then, turns off the television, and looks at the girls who were looking at him.

[Nn? What’s wrong?]
[……No, I just thought that you’re too relax even in this kind of situation]


Iwato looks around upon hearing those words.
Then, there are three futon place next to the futon Iwato is on. It’s easy to understand what ‘this kind of situation’ means.
That’s why, Iwato smiled wryly and opened his mouth.

[Aah, don’t worry because I won’t make a move on you just because we’re sleeping in the same room–]
[Are you an idiot!? Isn’t that obvious!]


However, Karen replied so to Iwato.
She looks at the remaining two sternly, and the two was startled and they start to whistle.

[Look at these two! If Master is sleeping next to them, they will definitely make a move on you!]


Yes, Karen is okay, but these two.
『Nii-san…it’s natural…to sleep with…your sister……Even if an accident happen…I won’t blame you』
『Iwato-sama……Are you sleeping?……You are sleeping, right? Then, let me assault you to my heart’s content……』
In regard to that, Iwato groaned, and sat upright.

[Well, I can understand Tsumu. I know that even Ayame wouldn’t do something strange in a place like this. If they really make a move on me, they’re just a pervert]


By those words, the three fall down.
What the girls were thinking is–getting a head start, and create an established fact.
However, a bombshell statement was dropped there. It’s hard to think that the girls will make a move on him at this timing, knowing that they will receive the title of pervert from Iwato himself.
And, Iwato stands up while looking at the girls who’s looking downward–and he grins.

(Perfect. The counterplan is working too well. I won’t let you touch me with just such plan of yours)


And, the girls who felt the gaze.

(((N-No way!? This man knew everything……!?)))


The next moment, the girls guessed that–Iwato is trying to take control of this situation.
On top of knowing that the girls were aiming at Iwato’s chastity with an eagle eye, Iwato thinks to stop all of those in order to spend time peacefully.
Although I say that, Iwato only thought so on 『Karen and Ayame』. He didn’t expect his sister to be included in the gang.
Iwato shows a shady smile.


[It’s a precious trip after all. So let’s enjoy ourselves]


The real intention of 『If you can capture me, then try and do it』 hidden in those words. There’s no one in this room that didn’t notice it.

TL Note:
*[Even though you bought a nice wig, was it difficult to speak about it?] Regarding this line, it’s basically a pun in it.
It says:

Ii zura katta noni iizurakatta no?

Ii zura katta = bought a nice wig
Iizurakatta = difficult to say it

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