World Record Chapter 72

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72. Escape

Aah, you did it again, Iwato.
I didn’t expect that kid to suddenly use his superpower and destroy the school building, but to defeat such Emperor of Death with just a hit…
Good grief, Tou-san is thinking of saying various things by now, you know? To be honest, isn’t it fine to say it now?
……Eh? What?
『I will only disclose my secret to the person I love』……you say? Oh my, you’re enjoying your youth.
But in that case, leave everything to me!
Even though Tou-san may be like this, I’m still the prime minister! I can easily create the situation where you can just push down a girl!
So why don’t you go on a trip because the school is destroyed?

That’s the introduction.

Iwato. The peaceful life that you wished for. Since you hit the Emperor of Death (Dead End), it’s impossible to live such life. Furthermore, it’s not laughable because you can defeat him easily.
Speaking honestly, that kid is more stronger than Tsumu-chan, you know? What will happen if you defeat such person?……You should know that very well, Iwato.
Well, it’s you after all. You probably thought 『This will harm the students inside』 upon seeing the school building crumbles. I will praise you on that. I will punish that kid later.
But as expected, you slightly stood out.
At any rate, the school must not be destroyed.
I enclosed a 3 days 2 night reservation ticket of a high-class ryokan–High Mountain Shimizu Hotel.
I owe you for the Tamamo Gozen case after all. Therefore, the four of you just go there and enjoy the stay. In the meanwhile, I will suppress this incident.

PS, there’s no need to hurry it. Even if you are hesitating now, the time when you have to say everything will surely come. Sooner or later, the day when your identity be exposed will come. There are times when you have to use your powers. That’s why, don’t hesitate and–push them down to your heart’s content!




After that, the students went back home because the school was destroyed. As Iwato is also one of them, he went back boldly, but–
When Iwato read the letter, he teared the beginning part and the end part.
By that action, Karen and Ayame who peeped the letter from his back, reacted with a twitch, and Tsumu pulled Iwato’s sleeve.

[That…from Tou-san?……Want to burn it?]
[Yeah, only burn the part that I teared]


The next moment, the first half and the last part of the letter were burned by white flames.
Upon seeing such smooth work, Ayame raises her voice all of the sudden.

[Wa-Wait! T-That’s the letter from the prime minister–in other words, from father-in-law, isn’t it!?]
[EEH!? M-Master’s father-in-law is the prime minister!?]
[Well……yeah. Come to think of it, he might be. And also, why are you two calling Tou-san in a weird way?]


That’s right, Iwato’s father–Nagumo Youji is Japan’s prime minister. Mother is the Minister of Defense, father is the prime minister, and the son is the shampoo company president and also the only employee.
Even though the parents are good, why is the son this way? It’s inevitable to think so.
Iwato folds the remaining paper, and put it into his chest pocket.

[Well, to put it simple, he’s telling us to go on a trip]


Saying that, Iwato looked at the envelope placed on the table in the living room.
A black letter–it’s something that’s used for sending secret message by the government and the Special Forces. When Iwato received this, he thought 『Don’t tell me…』.
However–for him, he didn’t think that the content was so stupid.

[3 days 2 night, high-class ryokan……]


Iwato muttered so, and operated his status application. And, searched for the ryokan called High Mountain Shimizu Hotel.
The next moment, the name appears.
Iwato leaked a voice [Ooh], and for the time being, he decided to look at the review–but

[Err……『This is fucking amazing』『The view from the room was superb!』『There’s even a mixed hot spring! Though no one was there』『The splendor of wanting to come again』『Really incredible』『The price is a little expensive, but the food and view are good! It’s the best!』……One third of it is 『Amazing』. What’s this review]


Whether playboys go there frequently or there’s some kind of destruction. Or perhaps, a sabotage.
I don’t which is it, but if it’s the former, what will happen if I bring the three girls to a place where there’s a lot off playboys?–Such thing is perfectly obvious.
Iwato tried to say 『let’s not go』 while holding the four tickets.
–It was at that time.

[As expected…of Tou-san. He knows it well]
[I’m going to buy surveillance camera, long-distance camera, and something that can stop the steam in order to see in the steam now……You two want to come?]
[Of course! I won’t ask what will you use it for, but for the time being, I agree!]
[Nn…I also…agree]


At the next moment, the tickets in Iwato’s hand are snatched, and the three talked about it while grinning.
What are you planning to use those for?
For Iwato, he knows that very well.
That’s why, he grabbed Ayame and Karen who’s trying to go out, on the head.

[……Well, not like a playboy can do anything to them]


And, muttered so in amaze.




Early morning in the next day.
Riding the free bus at the nearby bus stop.
Iwato and the girls who have got into the bus, advanced into the mountain, and a few hours later.
At 9 a.m., they reached the High Mountain Shimizu Hotel.



Looking up at the hotel in front, Iwato, Tsumugu, and Karen, the three of them leaked such voice unintentionally.
The building stand towering in front is a wooden ryokan with a traditional look. It can be understood that this ryokan is built before the Disastrous Year.
In such mountain, Unknowns must be lording this place at that time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a miracle that it’s still exist.
However, one of the four people–only Ayame didn’t show a surprised look.

[What are you surprised of?……It’s just a ryokan]


The next moment, Iwato thought.
–Ah, Ayame’s home is probably rich.
To be honest, it’s a ryokan to this extent. Even that shameless Nagumo couple will be stiff when seeing this.
That’s why, Ayame who’s acting normally in this kind of situation, is probably because she’s used to it. Iwato presumed so.

(……Well, though I won’t ask her)


Ayame never tell anything about her own home. She might have something she want to conceal just like Iwato.
Iwato who thought of that–

[Huh? Perhaps, Ayame-chan’s house is rich……Ow!?]


A fist dropped to Karen’s head.
Where’s the Iwato that said those stuff to Tamamo Gozen? It’s inevitable to think so, but that’s probably show that how much Iwato has opened his heart to the girls.
A red bump was created on top of Karen’s head, and she crouches down while holding down her head.

[Karen…you should think before saying something]
[Yeah. Only your brains have not grow ever since the beginning]
[Kuuuuu……E-Even so, isn’t it cruel to hit me!? Master should try hitting yourself once!]


Karen shouted so at Iwato while holding her head, and Iwato reached out to her bump, and grind it.



Karen who rolls about.
Then, Ayame’s laughter can be heard.

[Fufu, please be relief because I’m not trying to conceal anything]


Saying that, she shook her shoulders, and she looked at the sky diagonally as if she recalled something.

[My house is a noble for generations. And, I’m the only daughter there. Therefore, my speech is like this, and the surprise is comparatively low even if I stand in front of a high-class ryokan like this]


Iwato, Tsumugu, and Karen. The three of them were speechless.
–The only daughter of the noble.
There’s no way that such only daughter will not be favored by her parents and grandparents. If they know that such daughter who they loved dearly, is in this kind of house……
The three looked at each other.

(Shampoo maniac……)


Tsumugu thought of such thing when looking at Iwato.

(Glutton and muscle-brained idiot……)


Iwato thought of such thing when looking at Karen.

(Melon soda maniac and a super-brocon……)


Karen thought of such thing when looking at Tsumugu.
And the three thought that–Won’t they send an assassin?
Although I want to tell the three 『You watch too much dramas』, but an unexpected noble in this era. It’s inevitable to have such thought.
Before they know it, the three’s faces darkens, and Ayame who saw that, inclined her head and said this.


[……Huh? What’s wrong?]


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