World Record Chapter 71

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71. Attack of Death

[Like I said! Tell me where he is!]


The place is in Tsukie’s office.
Tsukie who have been discharged from hospital a few weeks ago, was finishing up her work, but–today, a troublesome intruder appeared.

[Haa……, you are not a kid anymore so you should know this already. He doesn’t want to see anyone. He lives in hiding. Then, you should know……]
[Like I care! I want to meet that 『King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)』 and fight him!]


He–Teshikaga aka 『Emperor of Death (Dead End)』 slammed the desk and shouted so.
His goal is only to–see the man called 『King of Black Coffin』 who’s stronger than him and that monster girl. And if possible, he wants to try fighting him.
Upon seeing his shining eyes, Tsukie muttered 『Ah, come to think of it, this boy is still a kid』 in her mind, and looked at the people behind him.
The butler and maid bow many times.

[I am sorry. I am really sorry that our young master is……]
[I-I am sorry! P-Please, with my life……]
[Haa…… Am I being considered that intolerant by the world……?]


Tsukie muttered so tiredly, and leaned her back to the chair.
–King of Black Coffin.
It’s impossible for her to let him meet, but if it’s 『him』, it’s possible to let the two meet.
Tsukie tears the unnecessary documents nearby, and writes a name in a paper.

[Nn? Nagumo……? How is this name read? Ganto?]
[It’s Iwato. He’s my beloved son……so if you mispronounce his name again, I will assassinate you, okay?]
[Hii!? U-Understood……]


Even Teshikaga was drawn back by Tsukie’s scary eyes.

(I-I see……No wonder this person is the top of the Special Forces……)


He muttered so in his mind, and Tsukie wrote down the address at the bottom of the name, and handed the paper to him.

[Iwato can probably let you meet him. If you really want to, then go and see him. At any rate, you are going, right? I have also wrote down the school he goes]
[A-Ah. Thanks]


Teshikaga takes the memo from Tsukie–but the memo won’t move no matter how strong he pull it.
Upon seeing Tsukie not letting go, he was bewildered.
However, Tsukie looks at him as if 『a rabbit going to be hunted』, and said this with a sad expression.


[I will say this from the bottom of my heart. Never ever try to turn on him, okay?]


Teshikaga was puzzled by those words.




On the next day, Monday.
Iwato went to the school as usual.
After that, Iwato who have calmed down in the toilet, regretted what he said to Tsumugu.

『Idiot…… Why am I blaming my own sister……!』


In the end, he couldn’t bring himself back while the movie is screening, but still, that incident left a huge influence in his heart.

[I……didn’t expect Tsumu to be worried of me to that extent]


Iwato misunderstood a little.
Certainly, he knew that Tsumugu is worried of him. However, he doesn’t know to what extent he’s causing her to worry.

(Tsumu, I’m……really disqualified as a brother)


Iwato mutters so in his mind, and opens the his shoe box.
There’s no way he can wear shoes other than the indoor shoes in the school, and he changes his outdoor shoes into the indoor shoes.
Then, he heard a familiar voice.

[Ah, good morning, Nagumo-kun! Today, you’re not with the girls~?]
[Nn? Ah, good morning, class rep]


The person there was a blue braided-hair girl with glasses. Eita’s girlfriend aka class rep.
Wearing a navy blue cardigan on top of a white shirt, and the little bulge pushes the clothes up.

[I would say the same to you. You’re not with your beloved Eita-kun?]


Iwato replied so, and her face blushes, and she starts to be flustered.

[Eh!? N-No! I-It’s not that we would be together all the time……well, I prefer that way, though……]
[Class rep, your thoughts are leaking]
[Huh!? I said it!?]


When Iwato nodded to her words, she blushes even redder, and while seeing such class rep, Iwato opens his mouth.

[A man and woman who’re couple is like that. So a man and woman who’re not a couple is also like that]
[Ah, come to think of it, you’re right……]


Class rep thinks once again.
–Come to think of it, this person said that he will marry a shampoo.
And, class rep showed a slightly troubled smile.


[Excuse me! I came here to meet a man called Nagumo Iwato in this school!]


Suddenly, such voice resounded.






Iwato and class rep exchanged glances and leaked such voice.
Iwato changed his shoes back, and peeked through the glass-sided door.
And the person there is–

[Y-Young master! What are you saying all of the sudden!?]
[T-That’s right! The Minister of Defense told you to be careful!]
[Ah? She only said 『Don’t turn on him』. If I’m acting normally, I won’t be turning on him]


Upon seeing them, Iwato–

[H-Hey, class rep! There’s a real butler and maid! Even though they only appear in shoujo manga as the attendant of a blond curly-haired ojou-sama! A-Amazing…… This the first time I see them in reality……]
[Y-You’re reacting to that……]


was feeling high in spirits upon seeing the butler and maid.
After all, it’s the real butler and maid.
There’s no way an ordinary high school boy who reads shoujo manga will not feel excited.
Well, regarding that, Iwato did see Karen and Ayame’s maid appearance, but regrettably, the two’s maid appearance is more like 『being worn』, so he couldn’t feel much excitement.

[Or rather, that boy. I feel like I seen him somewhere……]


Class rep peeked the outside while hiding behind Iwato.
She muttered so upon seeing the boy standing in front of the butler and maid.
The faint purplish hair, and the blazing purple eyes. And the boy’s age.
I have seen somewhere–or heard such appearance before.
Class rep puts her hand to her chin and thinks.

[Eh? That kid is class rep’s acquaintance?]


Iwato who totally have no idea who he is.
Class rep thought that it was just her imagination, but–


[My name is Teshikaga Oumu! The society calls me 『Emperor of Death (Dead End)』!]


The next moment, the time in the school stopped.
The second name sounded too familiar to everyone. Therefore, the brain refused to understand it, and–

[Eh? Who’s that? Dead End? He just named his second name by himself……? It would be better that the butler and maid stopped him……]


Iwato muttered so while worrying about the boy from the bottom of his heart.
Class rep opened her eyes wide by that instinctively, and grabbed his collar.

[W-Wha-What!? What are you saying, Nagumo-kun!? Emperor of Death, Dead End. That’s the Absolute (World Recorder) Number Three. Spreading death in every path he goes. If you ever face him once, you can never avoid death. That’s him!]
[……Eh? That kid is an Absolute?]


Iwato opened his eyes wide by those words.
After all, he only knows King of Black Coffin, King of Heroes, and White Emperor of Hell Fire. Although he heard before that there’s another Absolute, if he doesn’t know the name, he wouldn’t know his appearance. Of course, he never meet him before.

[Hee…… That is–]


–That is the guy stronger than Tsumu, huh.

Iwato mutters so in his heart, and opens the door and gets out of the school building.
Class rep opened her eyes wide by that and she tried to stop him, but Iwato turned back and said this nonchalantly.

[From what I heard, this kid has some business with me, right? And also, I heard the word Minister of Defense……Well, I’ll finish the chat quickly, so class rep can just stay there like looking at a strange animal]


Iwato said so, and walks.
Then, after confirming Iwato, he also walks towards Iwato while grinning.
And after 10 seconds, at the center between the school building and the school gate, the two face each other with a distance of a few meters.

[Nice to meet you. As you have known, my name is Teshikaga, Nagumo Iwato]
[Ah, nice to meet you too, Teshikaga-kun. It looks like you somehow know my name, but I’m Nagumo Iwato……]


Iwato said so while scratching his head, and began to ask the main question.

[So, what do you want?]
[Whoa! You’re so impatient to ask that first……]


Teshikaga opened his mouth in amaze.


[Then, why don’t you answer after removing your killing intent, Emperor of Death?]


By those words, Teshikaga reacted with a twitch.

[……Hee? I thought you’re a small fry because of your hair, but to be able to notice the killing intent……Furthermore, to stay calm while feeling my killing intent. Either you’re an idiot, or……]
[It’s fine to think so. I don’t know what business you have, but first, remove your killing intent. The students are feeling scared]


Upon hearing that, Teshikage frowned slightly.
He stared at Iwato’s figure, and grinned.

(This way of talking, and this intimidating air…… This man is for sure, stronger than that Minister of Defense)


As expected of an Absolute.
Even without testing his ability, he can guessed that Iwato is quite strong.

[Hee……then, why don’t I test a little]


–Unfortunately, he couldn’t measure Iwato’s ability precisely.
Teshikaga points his palm towards Iwato.
The next moment, the students behind Iwato and the people in the school building, felt a chill running down their spine.


[Expose to death 『Instant Death Declaration』]


At the next moment, black aura overflowed from his palm, and swallowed the school building together with Iwato.
His superpower–『Instant Death Declaration』.
It’s the black aura released from himself. It’s the ability that instant death the target inside the black aura, and it’s possible to adjust the output.

(If it’s you, you can probably endure this much, isn’t it? Though you might be on the verge of death……)


Teshikaga muttered so while smiling, and at the same time, the appearance of the school building crumbling away can be seen.
Teshikaga was surprised by that.
Normally, it’s impossible for his superpower to destroy other things other than the target. If such thing happens, it’s either Teshikaga himself made a mistake, or–the superpower itself is scared to oppose the target and changed its target by itself.
Teshikaga quickly cancels his superpower.

[S-Shit!? I made a mistake and targeted the schoo–]


The next moment, an incredible destruction sound can be heard along with Teshikaga’s words.
The crumbling school building, and the disappearing black aura.

And–Emperor of Death (Dead End) who’s buried in the ground.



The butler and maid raised a shocked voice. Whether they’re surprised at the school building crumbling away or surprised at the fainted Teshikaga buried in the ground with only his head outside.
He who appeared from the black aura–Iwato said this with the appearance of having his fist swung down.


[You……Are you here to harass me?]


Of course, there’s no answer to those words.

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