World Record Chapter 70

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70. Movie

[……So, what’s the thing you’re holding preciously?]
[[Reference book]]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato sighed deeply.
After that, Iwato who bought Tsumugu’s 『reference book』, took Karen and Ayame who somehow were in Animate to a certain restaurant in AR Tower.

[Because of you two……the date come to nothing]


Tsumugu muttered sullenly.
However, she’s hugging the brown paper bag and she kept sending glances to it since a while ago.
And, that’s the same for Karen and Ayame.
Iwato who saw that, twitched his face with a speechless expression, and at the same time as that, the food was carried to their table.

[Thank you for waiting. Here’s your order……]


Just like that, several types of pizza were placed on the table.
This restaurant is a restaurant specialized in serving pizza. Although it’s not to the extent of meat and fish, dairy products are still precious. For an ordinary person, a pizza with plenty of cheese is a high class food.
Although I say that, Iwato’s possession of assets is certainly number one in the world. Because his sense for money is destructively insane, he don’t feel anything about it, but the amount of money he possessed to buy a pizza this easily–ordinary people will probably faint if they see it.

Returning to the subject.

[So, why did you two follow? Were you too free that you have to tail us?]


Iwato said so to the two while serving the pizza to the plate.
Then, Ayame reaches out to the same pizza as if it’s a matter of course.

[There’s no way that I’m not free. Even I am a member of the Special Forces like you two. Furthermore, the C ranks somehow say that 『The small fry who cheated to be A rank』……Normally, I would like to subjugate Unknowns outside the wall, you know?]
[……Wait. Didn’t you just say that I’m a member of the Special Forces nonchalantly?]
[Oh? Isn’t it just your imagination?]


Ayame said so, and taste the pizza.
When seeing Karen next to her, she just carries the pizza into her mouth, and drinks up the water in a hurry as if she stuffed too much food in her mouth.
Iwato who saw that, looked at them in amaze, and then, he felt his sleeve being pulled.
When he look towards that direction, there’s the figure of Tsumugu looking at Iwato with upturned eyes.



Tsumugu opens her mouth.
By that, the two leaked a voice [Ugu], and Iwato showed a wry smile.

[Tsumu? Don’t tell me you can’t eat by yourself?]
[No…I somehow can’t…for now]


What a terrible excuse.
However, Iwato replied [Ah, fine], and took a piece of pizza from the plate.

[Hai, aah]


Iwato pushed the pizza towards Tsumugu.
The heat brushes her face, and she thought that 『Is he harassing me?』, but this brother will never do such thing.
Tsumugu who thought about that, shakes her head.

[No…I can’t eat…if you don’t blow it first]
[……Tsumu? Aren’t you too spoiled today?]


Iwato says that while bringing the pizza to his mouth and blows it.
By that scene, Karen and Ayame unintentionally gulped, and looked at the pizza with passionate eyes.
If, If there’s a third person seeing this from the side, he will probably think of this–What on earth am I seeing right now.
However, the act will not stop just by thinking of that. Iwato brings the pizza that cooled down to Tsumugu’s mouth, and she eats it happily.
The extending cheese. The tongue that licks it all, and the soft lips. And Iwato who loosens his expression.
–And, the two who looked at them with a face at the point of death.
The two know it. It’s their date, and we can’t stop the act.
And, for sure, Tsumugu also knew it.
She turned towards the two, and said this while blushing.


[It’s filled…with Nii-san’s love]


The two ran away while shedding tears.




After that, the two who somehow managed to finish up the pizza, made their way to the cinema located at the top floor.
Many customers show up in this dim floor. On the left side, there’s a long queue at the ticket counter. On the front, there’s the counter selling food and drink, and accessories such as key chain.
And on the top, there’s a large screen playing the movie trailers.

[Coming here is……unexpectedly, my first time]


Tsumugu leaked such voice upon seeing the sight.
Iwato lowers his eyes by those words, and there’s the figure of Tsumugu looking around while holding his hand.
Her eyes shines as if she’s excited of the sight she’s seeing for the first time, and Iwato loosens his expression a little by that.

[Come to think of it, this is my second time, but……no matter when I came here, this place is too dim]


Iwato muttered so, and looked at the posters pasted on the wall.
When he sees it, there are some popular works that are turned into a movie. With just a glance, he can see various work such as 『Otona Tsukai』, 『Queen Arthur』, 『The Regular at Magic High School』, and so on.
While looking through the posters, Tsumugu pulls Iwato’s hand and walks as if she found something.
And, she stopped in front of a movie poster.

[I want to…watch this]


Tsumugu muttered so.
Iwato raises his face while wondering what movie is it–

[Un, rejected]


Iwato rejected unusually.
After all, the poster is–

[What 『My Brother Loves Me So Much』…… Is today that? Is Tsumu trying to appeal your Onii-chan love?]


That’s right, the poster there was the movie called 『My Brother Loves Me So Much』.
What an absurd time to screen this kind of movie.
Iwato can’t help but to cursed his own fate.



Tsumugu pulled back easily.
Iwato was shocked because he totally thought that she would certainly insist to watch it.
Tsumugu looks around restlessly, and stops at a poster.

[Then…let’s watch that…Nii-san]


Tsumugu pointed her finger at the poster, and said so.
Iwato felt something different from Tsumugu, and looks at the poster.
The title of the poster.

–No Matter What Happens, I Will Protect You.

Iwato frowned by those words.
『No matter what happens……I will protect you』
That’s the words were once said by the white-haired boy. The voice passes his mind even though 3 years have passed.

[Tsumu……This is……]


In reply to Iwato’s words, Tsumugu

[Today…I came here to watch this]


looked back at Iwato and said so.




Buuu. A long mechanical sound resounded.
The room darkens.
Probably because it’s a B-movie, not many people came to watch even though today’s a holiday.
Iwato looked at Tsumugu who’s sitting next to him.
–Today…I came here to watch this.
If she said until there, Iwato has no choice but to watch it.

(Why Tsumu wanted to show this movie to me?)


Or perhaps, she wanted to watch it.
However, the possibility for the latter is low.
I somehow feel that way.
Iwato muttered so in his mind, and looked in at the screen.
The room has become dark enough, and the movie starts playing on the large screen.


The man–Flight was a hit man.
Or perhaps, it might be better to be called as an assassin.
If you pay him, he will assassinate anyone easily. Such assassin.
One day. Flight received a request from a certain person.

[Flight, I want to make a request]


Flight consented.
If it’s money, he has more than one can possibly have. He’s satisfied even if the reward is just a coin. That’s why, he consented.
Then, if you ask him why he still continues to do such job, he would reply–『Just a whim』.
After all, the people I kill are people who are resented by someone. Nothing will change just because such people die. At least, for the evil one.

The request Flight accepted was the assassination of a certain person.
Well, it’s the usual job.
However, the target was a little different from usual.

[The target is an ex-general of a certain country. During his prime, he was feared terribly by other countries. Now he moved to such countryside, but……it would be troublesome if he returns to be a general. While he is in this town–kill him]


Flight nodded unhesitatingly.
He was strong.
No one dares to oppose him, and he gave up upon meeting.
That’s why, he has never get worked up–

–I didn’t expect that I would get wounded.

[Haa, haa……Argh……]


He killed the target.
However, the compensation is big. One of his eyeball was crushed.
To make a living as an assassin, eyes are extremely important. Quickly perceive the current situation, and take action to deal with it. He didn’t expect to have such lifeline to be crushed.

[Fuu……time to return]


He muttered so–

[–!? W-Who!?]


The next moment, the curtain in the corner of his sight swayed, and upon seeing that, Flight raised such a voice suddenly.
However, what returned was a small scream [Hii].
Flight opens his eyes wide.
His body loses strength gradually as if his soul going out of his body. He’s struck by lethargy to the extent he felt that way.

[D-Don’t tell me……]


Flight heads to the curtain with shivering legs.
There’s somehow hiding behind the curtain. The curtain trembles slightly as if a person is trembling inside of it.
Flight’s forehead starts to sweat.
He put his hand at the curtain–and, opened it at once.



The person behind it was a small girl.
Having the same hair and eye color as the man who I killed a while ago, and somehow, she have some traces left in her looks.
She was trembling. However, she quickly glared at Flight.

[G-Give……Tou-san back! You murderer!]


Pointing those eyes with hatred at Flight, the girl shouted.
Upon seeing that, Flight–……


Upon seeing that, Iwato–clenched his teeth.

[What……Showing me this, what do you want?]


Iwato casted his eyes down and muttered so.
Tsumugu averts her eyes sadly upon seeing that.

[It’s not……a harassment. Just…I want Nii-san……]


Tsumugu mutters so, but she bites her lips and swallows the words.
–I want Nii-san to make the most of the present with me, forgetting the past because I love you.
She wanted to say that, but she couldn’t.
If she said that, Iwato will probably cast away the past. Without any hesitation. Without any sorrow. Cast it away completely.
That’s the man called 『Nagumo Iwato』–Tsumugu came to understand that that way is cunning.

(That’s…not something Nii-san decided. I’m just…binding…Nii-san’s life)


Tsumugu mutters so in her mind, and casts her eyes down.
Recalling the two girls who’re in love with Iwato.
Tsumugu like the two. She kept hoping that this kind of relationship continues forever.
Therefore–she won’t say anything no matter what.

Silence alighted between them.
The story on the screen continues. Acceptable or not, a development of such impression showed very long.
In such situation, Iwato sighed, and stood up tiredly.


[Sorry, I’m going to the toilet]


Iwato didn’t return until the movie ended.

TL note:

  1. Otona Tsukai = Kodomo Tsukai
  2. Queen Arthur = King Arthur
  3. The Regular at Magic High School = The Irregular at Magic High School (Mahouka)
  4. My Brother Loves Me So Much = My Brother Loves Me Too Much

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