World Record Chapter 69

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69. Date

The evening on the very same day.
Iwato was called to Tsumugu’s room.

[What’s wrong? It’s quite unusual for you to call me to your room]


Iwato muttered so while looking around the room.
As expected of a hikineet(with a job) who love cleanliness.
Not even a dust can be seen on the wires and cords. Iwato reconfirmed that the room is unexpectedly clean.

[Nii-san…remember…the promise…?]


By the sudden words, Iwato twitched instinctively.
–The promise with Tsumugu.
The first thing that he recalls is as expected, the 『that』 three years ago, but still, a different word passed his mind.



Tsumugu nodded in satisfaction.
However, her face blushes, and she starts to speak while feeling nervous.

[Y-Yes. Date. The promise…to go on a date…with Nii-san……]
[O-Oh…… I remember]


While feeling something different from the normal Tsumugu, Iwato replied so to Tsumugu.
Iwato thinks what he should say while scratching his face.


[In that case, want to go on a date?]


In contrast with that, Tsumugu showed a surpised expression saying 『Eh…now?』.




A few hours later.
The place is the front of Sapporo station.
Iwato get off the bus, and immediately after that, Tsumugu follows.

[Well then, although we came here, where should we go? I didn’t plan anything]
[……That’s…the worst as a boyfriend]
[Hahaha, unfortunately, I’m not Tsumu’s boyfriend]


By those words, Tsumugu showed a sullen face, and upon seeing that, Iwato held out his hand.

[Tsumu, let’s hold hands because it’s a date after all]


Tsumugu stiffens unintentionally.
She thought of this in her mind.
–At any rate, it’s that Nii-san who’s dull on the crucial thing.
Even though he said it’s a date, he’s probably thinking to do some shopping only.
However, how’s this situation?

(N-N-Nii-san is……dating…me……? S-Se-Seriously……?)


Tsumugu blushes, and steam rises from her head.
Upon seeing that, Iwato inclined his head, ad he sighed after seeing Tsumugu standing still for a while.

[Tsumu, let’s go]


Before she realizes it, Iwato holds her hand tightly, and the hand is slightly warmer than usual.
The warmth.
Tsumugu who felt it sensitively, raised her head quickly upon realizing a certain possibility.

(P-Perhaps……Nii-san is…nervous……)


Nii-san is nervous and conscious of the date.
Tsumugu thought so.

[Haa, haa……T-Today is that certain famous shampoo company’s new shampoo release date……To think that I would see it here…….Ku! Are you trying to kill me with excitement!?]


The light in Tsumugu’s eyes disappear, and showed a dry smile.
I knew it. I knew it.
A date with an opposite gender will not touch this brother’s heart–furthermore, a date with a sister. Destroying every budding bud called 『love』 with resolute will inside him. If he’s not like this, he would have already fall in love.
That’s why, Tsumugu sighed, and held his hand tightly.

[Haa……I understand. I’ll follow so…let’s go]
[Ah! As expected of Tsumu. You understand me a lot!]
[It’s the way to manage Nii-san……]


The two said so, and starts walking.

And–the two shadows stealing a glance from the back.

[Kuuuuu! W-Why are they flirting in the public!?]
[What are you saying now……It’s obvious to flirt because they’re on a date. We should stop……Right! We must be careful so that Iwato-sama don’t fall in love by Tsumu-san’s upturned eyes!]


There’s the figure of Karen wearing a cool-looking clothes and Ayame who had her silver hair tied into a small ponytail.
If I were to use a word to represent their action–then, it’s tailing.
Well, it can also be said as stalking, but unfortunately, because the two realized the tailing, they don’t feel any unpleasant feeling.
For Iwato, 『They sure have nothing to do』.
For Tsumugu, 『Creating an established fact…and show off』.
In this crooked relation, it can never be called as stalking. Even if it can, it’s at most, tailing.
Meanwhile, Iwato and Tsumugu walked in on the Sapporo station.

[Yosh! Let’s go, Karen! We must not lose sight of them because they should have realized us already!]
[Right! We need to be careful because there’s no way those two didn’t realize us……]


And, the two entered the Sapporo station–


[[……Huh? Where did they go?]]


The two lose sight of them immediately.




[What are they doing? Are they free?]
[No…surely…they’re playing detectives]
[Uhaa……how childish]


Iwato said so while looking down at those two.
The figure of people being shocked and bewildered.
That’s a matter of course.
After all, the two jumped to the second floor at the same time as they entered the building. Just like this, they manage to slip out of the two’s search scope.
They don’t feel anything in particular just by being tailed, but nevertheless, they know that stalking is not a great thing to do. Hence, they decided to do this for their own good.

[So what should we do, Tsumu? Even if we decided to go for the shampoo, if Tsumu wants to go somewhere, then I’ll prioritize there first]
[Nn……Then, there]


Saying that, Tsumugu pointed her finger at a store.
Iwato tried to reply [Let’s go]–but upon seeing the store, he’s shocked.

[W-What’s this store……?]


The unknown territory spread in front of him.
A great number of otaku-like girls inside the store, looked at the merchandises with blazing eyes.
The store name is–『Animate』. (TL note: 兄メイト. It’s brother-mate aka Animate)
It’s not that Animate, but it’s Animate.

[Fufufu……This is Animate. The holy ground of brocons where brocons assemble in Sapporo. The heaven of brocons. Only a month after opening……I always wanted to come here]
[Wait, Tsumu-chan? Can you please stop declaring brocon in front of your brother?]


A sudden brocon remark.
Iwato didn’t feel surprise because he knew that Tsumugu depends on him, but he’s surprised of the existence of this store.

[What’s with that name……or rather, why are there so many brocons lurking in Sapporo?]


Iwato muttered so, and in the meanwhile, Tsumugu boldly steps into Animate.
Upon seeing that, Iwato follows unwillingly, but–
In an instant, the eyes of the girls in the store pierced Iwato.
By that, Iwato instinctively felt a chill……

[N-Nii-san! H-Here, this! Definitely buy!]


Tsumugu returned to Iwato with a pink book.

[[[Nnaa!? B-Bringing a real brother to Animate!? W-What a high-leveled Hero(Brocon)!?]]]


The voices of the girls overlapped.
At first, the girls planned to punish the boy who walked into the brocon’s paradise, but……they didn’t expect that he’s a 『brother』.
However, the brother aka Iwato twitched his face upon receiving the book from Tsumugu.

[……Hey, are you really buying this?]
[Really. Really really]


Tsumugu who unusually shows her seriousness.
However, the book she brought is a problem.
Title–『I’ll spoil y・o・u』.
Besides that, the cover is a black-haired man with glasses, and the figure looks like Iwato.
Iwato said this upon seeing that.

[No matter how I look at it, it’s a porn bo]
[No…it’s not. It’s a reference book]


Tsumugu who don’t make him say it to the last.
Is there a sister who will make her brother to buy such brother-themed porn bo…er, reference book.
……Unfortunately, there’s one here.

[W-What!? That girl is planning to make her brother to buy a pornc bo……er, reference book!]
[F-Furthermore, that porn bo……no. That reference book is themed of the forbidden love between brother and sister!]
[What a strong mental!? Just like an adamantite!]


The customers who shudder.
Tsumugu who leaked a laugh upon hearing that, spoke to Iwato while looking at him.

[It’s truism that Nii-san is more kind and cool than the protagonist in this book. Then, it’s a sister’s duty to reaffirm Nii-san’s value by reading this book. Therefore, buy it]
[Oi, that’s a pretty terrible theory]


Tsumugu suddenly spoke fluently.
Iwato sighed upon hearing that, and–


[Excuse me, please give me this one called 『Pupil? You’re my sister only for tonight』]
[Ah, I want this book called 『Be brother and sister for only one night under the same roof』]


he dropped his shoulder upon hearing the very familiar voices.

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