World Record Chapter 68

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68. Unchanged daily life

A boy walked in the airport.
Reflected in his eyes is pure curiosity.
However, the people chasing him desperately called out to him.

[P-Please wait, Teshikaga-dono! Where do you intend to go in such sudden!?]
[T-That’s right! Just when we thought you were reading the newspaper, you suddenly left…… What are you planning to do with the work!?]


On the other side, he–Teshikaga Oumu turned around and opened his mouth in amaze.

[Even if you say work, it’s only just escorting this peaceful country’s scaredy-cat royalties. Even if I don’t do it, nothing will happen. No Unknowns will appear in this kind of remote region]
[What are you saying!? They are appearing! Look!]


Saying that, the 『maid』 pointed her finger at the cloudless sky.
And–the flock of wyverns flying above the wall.
If a normal person see that and said [Unknowns won’t appear], the person should go for a check-up.

He–that’s if he’s normal, but.

[Ah~, I’m tired. I just need to kill them, right?]


Saying that, he approached the glass wall, and placed his hand on the glass.

[『Expose to death』]


The next moment, black aura burst out of his palm passing through the glass, and head directly to the wyverns.
And–they died instantly, and fell.
The maid and butler opened their eyes wide upon seeing that.
He turned around, and said this after clapping his hand once.

[Well then, let’s go back to Japan]


He said that, and took out a cut article from his pocket.
What shown on the article is the huge light ball that rose to the sky, and the shock wave of the visibly absurd power.
Upon seeing that, he grins.


[I have not met him yet, right? That monster called 『King of Black Coffin』]


He’s heading towards a town in Japan–Sapporo.
Slightly purplish, but very close to white hair, and fiery violet eyes.
His appearance is obviously that big name.
People call the boy this.

–Absolute (World Recorder) , 『Emperor of Dead (Death End) 』




[I can’t say it!]


Iwato shouted so in front of Tsumugu.
She looks at Iwato.

[After saying that much caustic words…why are you chickening out? As expected…I’m tired of the seriousness]
[Tired of seriousness!? I’m quite troubled with it, you know!?]


Since then, the months roll on.
Summer vacation has already finished long ago, and it’s the end of September now.
Since then, Iwato tried his best to tell the two, but only during this, the two didn’t press for his past.
Because of that, Iwato who can’t find the time to speak out, continued to be troubled–and reaching now.

[Chicken. Loser. Siscon]
[Gu……the last one is not related, though……]
[No…it is]


By Tsumugu’s words, Iwato crouched while holding down his chest, and upon seeing that, Tsumugu loosens her expression a little.

(Somehow Nii-san is kinda rushing it, but…Nii-san has already…started to change)


Tsumugu recalls the past Iwato.
The him at that time is not as kind as he is now, he couldn’t take care of others, and his eyes were quite scary. To the extent that even a delinquent will run away with just a glare.
That’s why, Tsumugu can’t helped but to feel happy for Iwato’s change–

(Above all, Nii-san’s happiness is the number one. If Nii-san wants to do it, then I’ll root him)


Her eyes were filled with kindness.




[Let’s do this, Iwato-sama!]


A certain day off.
While Iwato is troubled of telling them, Ayame spoke to him.
Iwato looked at her and–frowned.

[……Hey, Ayame-chan, what’s that?]


Such words leaked from Iwato’s mouth.
On the other hand, Ayame laughed and said this.

[Some time ago, I ordered a twister game secretly from Hmazon! It just arrived just now!]


Iwato was greatly perplexed by her words.
–Twister game.
You have to put your hands and legs on the selected color that’s decided by the roulette–the most dangerous game created in human history.
As the evidence–

[Haa, haa……Twister game with I-Iwato-sama……Just by thinking about it……]


The 『pervert』 hiding inside Ayame is starting to appear.
Although it’s not conspicuous, Ayame is a passionate fan of 『King of Black Coffin』. And, she thinks that Iwato is him.
Such person playing twister game with her admired person.
Can she even keep her reason in such situation? The answer is absolutely no.

[Haa……Isn’t it normally that a man with ulterior motives will propose this to a girl? Why is a girl with ulterior motives proposing this to a man? Isn’t it the opposite?]
[Wha-What a ridiculous thing to say! Even a girl has lust and worldly desires!]
[Wait! Please don’t say that with a loud voice!]


Ayame shouts, and Iwato shouts back.
Whether or not her voice is heard by the two girls who are playing game upstairs, a few seconds later, they came down the stairs.

[I heard…twister game with Nii-san]
[I felt that Ayame-chan said something weird!]


Just like that, Tsumugu and Karen appeared in pajamas. Nowadays, Karen has no resistance in showing her pajamas in front of Iwato.
The two approached quickly and stylishly, and looked at the twister game in Ayame’s hands.

[I see……Ayame is trying to…use that flat-looking body…to seduce Nii-san]
[Tsumu-san has no right to say that, you know? Ah! Come to think of it, I think I learned it! This is the so-called having no outstanding characteristics!]


Such sound can be heard twice.
Truly, a fearsome airhead idiot.
She tore Tsumugu and Ayame’s store of patience accurately.

[Fu…fufu…I see……you look like you want to be crushed]
[Fufufufu, Karen. I hope that you’re prepared]


The two approached Karen while swaying, and grabbed her hand tightly and said this.

[Then…who will play…twister game with Nii-san]
[Let’s decide it with twister game!]


Just like that, the twister game of Tsumugu, Karen and Ayame has been decided to take place.




[Nn, sho……]
[Nnaa, haa, haa……]
[Wha, where are you touching……Hyan!?]
[Wha……my brea……stop……]
[Fu…fufufu……how is it? My technique……]


Iwato who saw such sight, look upwards while holding down his nose.
I can understand just by hearing that–a twister game between girls is much more intense than a twister game between a man and a girl.
Good job in resisting even though you watch the twister game done in pajamas. Iwato praises his mind.

[U-Um……why don’t you stop now? L-Look. There are many different things to play]


Well said, Iwato.
It’s truism that his mind and reasoning will disappear if he continues to see this endless groping.
That’s why, Iwato tried to switch their interest into another game, but–

[Even if it’s a game…I must not lose]
[Tackling everything with seriousness. That’s me!]
[I absolutely will never surrender to these two!]


Iwato hangs his head instinctively.
–Come to think of it……they hate losing.
Iwato racks his brains desperately.
If this goes on, this place will only be Hell.
However, in a twister game, there’s a person in charge of spinning the roulette–in other words, at least one person is needed here.
Then, under this situation, I must stay here, but–if I can just spin the roulette and make them concentrate on something else.
……No, if I do that, I will definitely get hit by them.
Iwato starts thinking in ultra high speed, and the speed is probably a few times higher than the battle with Tamamo Gozen. The only relief is that they don’t know about it.

Returning to the main subject.

While thinking such thing and spinning the roulette, suddenly, Karen raised a lustrous scream.

[Hyaaaaaa!? Wha-What are you doing, Ayame-chan!? W-Where are you touching?]
[? I’m only resting my head on your bountiful breasts because it’s difficult to maintain the current posture]
[Faa!? Wait, p-please stop! That’s cheating!]


Iwato wanted to say that.
『That’s cheating!』.
Iwato quickly stuffed his noise with tissue, and opened his mouth.

[Hey, Ayame. Try doing a head dive on Karen’s breast-sama any further. I’ll deem you cheating]
[Ku…… I have no choice…… Huh? Why is your nose stuffed with tissue?]


Ayame said so and removed her head from Karen’s breasts.
Iwato ignored Ayame’s question purposely, and looked at Tsumugu who’s trembling.

[Tsumu. You don’t have much stamina, so aren’t you at your limit……?]
[No…N-No……Limit is meant to be surpassed. I have thrown away my limit long ago]
[That’s a strangely cool words, but you’re just playing twister game]


Iwato said so while spinning the roulette.

[Okay, next. Tsumu, right leg on red]
[—-!? H-How heartless……]


Tsumugu was shocked by the merciless fate–and, showed a resolute expression.
Before her eyes is the figures of Karen and Ayame on top of her, and she grinned upon seeing that.

[Fu…fufu……if I’m going to lose…then……]


Karen and Ayame guessed everything upon hearing that.
The two quickly try to stop Tsumugu–



Along with Tsumugu’s voice, the two were blown away, and at the same time as the two hit the floor, Tsumugu dropped to the floor as well.
And, Tsumugu said this in satisfaction.

[A draw……]
[[How is it!?]]


Karen and Ayame’s shout resounded, and upon seeing that, Iwato smiled wryly.
Before his eyes, the two attacked the fallen Tsumugu, and Tsumugu devotes herself to defend, but the girls have a very happy smile.

[Are you an idiot!? Suicide just when you thought you were losing! Are you underestimating me!? Give me back my effort!]
[Ku……Then, let’s have a rematch!]
[No…out of stamina]
[[Running away!?]]


While hearing such voices, Iwato looks up at the cloudless sky from the window.
Today is also the usual unchanged daily life for the Nagumos.

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