World Record Chapter 67

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67. Sequel -Each Resolution-

After that, the Special Forces couldn’t conceal the incident completely.
Because the sound of the 『Renard Apocalypse』 and the girl sent flying by Iwato and the hospitalization of Minister Kanekura, people witnessed various things or heard it. There’s no way to falsify it by saying that 『It’s just a small explosion accident』.
Hence, the Special Forces concealed the important thing–the traitor who sneaked into this town–and reveal everything else. The people were shocked that several Sacred Beast class and two Divine Beast class appeared.
And, these words that Tsukie said with a painful-looking state, ripples more.

『This time, the one who subjugated two Divine Beast class that appeared at the Special Forces headquarters is the Special Forces top leader, World Recorder, Black Pandora . In addition, another World Recorder, Vorme Kaiser, A rank member Isakai Manabu, Sumikawa Ayame, and a powerful civilian provided cooperation with the Special Forces, and we manage to reduce the damage to the minimum–』

Iwato turned off the television that was showing the recording, and upon seeing that, Tsukie pouted.

[Geez! That’s the press conference that I tried my best attending with such wound! Iwato should watch it until the end!]
[No, in the first place, it’s Kaa-san fault that you got heavily wounded because you were careless. And also, your shadow clone disappeared midway]


Tsukie leaks such voice when hearing Iwato’s merciless words.
They are now at the Sapporo central hospital.
Tsukie attended the press conference once, but her wound opened midway. So she was sent to the hospital. And, currently, she’s being monitored in this complete bed rest state.
And, Iwato who thought that as a son, he should at least visit her, came here and nurse Tsukie reluctantly, but–

[……Oh? I surely thought that you would say 『I’m not the King of Black Coffin』]
[I won’t……, and what’s with that tone?]


Iwato denied Tsukie’s words.
Which one did he deny.
Tsukie thought of such thing, and took a breath. At the same time, Iwato cast his eyes down.

[Actually……there’s something I want to consult with you]
[……Oh, Iwato is rarely honest]


Tsukie blinks in surprise upon seeing the unusually timid Iwato, and she muttered so instinctively.


[I think…it’s about time to tell the two…regarding the incident three years ago. About Tsumu and I, that person and the Special Forces and……everyone]


She understood everything upon hearing that.
Iwato clenched his fist tightly, and spat out those words that he continued to persuade himself many times.

[I think that……it’s bad if it doesn’t change. I know that Karen and Ayame want to know about my past. But still, I feel the kindness of them not trying to press for the matter. Above all–I know it well that Tsumu is being considerate to me]


Saying that, Iwato held down his chest tightly.
Tsukie saw his figure overlapping with his figure three years ago.
When I recall now–the sin is probably too heavy and harsh for a 13-year-old boy to carry.
And, deep in her heart, she regrets–why at that time, I moved as a 『Minister of Defense』 instead of a 『Mother』.

(Haa……it’s natural that he hates me……)


I can’t help but to think that it’s a miracle that he opened his heart this much. To that extent, she felt guilty.
Tsukie mutters so in her mind, and looks straight at Iwato.

[I know that I’m not in the position to be able to say anything, but even if you tell the fact to the two, only the two will be satisfied by it. You won’t–be saved from anything]


That’s telling the past.
That’s only licking his own wound, and for sure, Karen and Ayame–will sympathize him.
Nothing will change even if he’s symphatized. The pitiness will not fade. The feelings of guilt will not disappear. Iwato–won’t be saved from anything.
Iwato smiled wryly while knowing all of that, and yet, he talks.

[But still, I think I will tell. Otherwise, I won’t make any progress]


If I don’t take actions, a change will never happen.
If a change doesn’t happen, I will never grow.
By those words, Tsukie leaks a sigh, and opens her mouth in amaze.

[By some chance, the two will hate you after hearing your past, you know?]


Iwato stands up.
He loosens his expression, and said this like it’s a matter of course.


[If those two will be happy because of that, then I’m satisfied]


That’s the dark past smeared with sin.
Everyone who’s related to it, will carry the 『sin』, and as a result, no one will be rewarded. And, the most hard-working boy–will never be saved.




Going back in time. About 10 seconds after the battle between Iwato and Tamamo Gozen.
Outside of the wall.
The town that was full of people, is abandoned in a miserable state now, and the tall and huge building had vines around it.
In the town, Unknowns run rampant, and the cry and breath of the monsters can be heard everywhere.
In such town, a golden flash suddenly flew in a straight line, and the sound of destruction resounded in the surroundings immediately after that.


Cloud of dust scatters around, and the wild Unknowns around, ran away quickly.
The cloud of dust gradually disperse, and what comes into sight is a very huge crater.
In the center of the crater, there’s a golden-haired woman lying down there, and she held down her abdomen and spat blood.

–I-I didn’t expect to be this much……

She–Tamamo Gozen survived.
Just before receiving that attack, it’s fortunate that she jumped backwards quickly. In spite of that attack, the wound she received is at most a 『serious wound』. Not to the extent of dying.
That’s the proof that she’s 『strong』, but what occupying her now is none other than delight.

–Finally, finally I found it! My Master!

The device equipped on her neck is already broken, and the language coming out from her mouth is not Japanese.
However, she straighten up her body without minding it.
The next moment, the intense pain on her body strikes her brain. Regarding her abdomen, it seemed that several bones of her ribs are broken, causing the pain. Judging from the pain, her spine might crack if she’s reckless.
She grimaces in pain, and activates her superpower.


The next moment, her eyes light up, and at the same time, a faint light starts to leak from her abdomen.
Her superpower–Curse Cleansing Eyes.
It’s the ability that governs 『curse』 and 『blessing』. An 『omnipotent』 superpower that can buff, debuff, heal, and on top of that, deploy attack techniques.
Although I say that, the original use of it is for 『general housework』. That’s why, it’s quite abnormal that use in in battle.

After she heals her wound, she stands up.
Having said that, the pain still have not fade, and she somehow manage to get out of the crater while walking unsteadily. And, arrived at the asphalt road.
Her transformation has already been released, and the sound of the wooden clogs echoes in the silent town.
And, she opened her eyes wide upon seeing the town.


Before her eyes, there’s a rusted green statue with vines twined around.
Even she who don’t know much about human society, knows the goddess statue with just a glance. The once most huge advanced country’s–symbol of liberty.

–H-Here’s 『America』!?

Before she knew it, she shouted so.
Speaking of New York, it’s the name of the town that was destroyed by the repeating Unknown attacks during the Disastrous Year.
However, that’s not what the thing to pay attention on.

–Although I know the power because I experienced it……impossible, in this 10 seconds……

She muttered so in half-shock and half-amaze, and she looked towards a book dropped nearby.


This is written on the book–English.
However, she who can’t read it, poked the black plank–solar panel on the front cover.

–Fumu……as expected, I don’t understand human civilization.

She muttered so, and opens the book.
Inside the book, there’s various drawings, and the names are written in English. And, under the name, there’s a black button.
She looked at all of those, and she looked towards the first drawing.

–This is……an apple? I don’t remember since I have no ate it for dozens of years, but……what a well-done drawing.

The thing drawn there is a red apple.
She placed her hand towards the apple while thinking of [I want to eat it], and–touched the button.



A weird voice came out.
Before she knew, she has dropped the book.
She looked around restlessly.
And, eventually, her eyes turn to the book.

–P-Perhaps…..the language just now, came from the book?

She picks up the book.
She presses the same button once again, and the word 『apple』 was pronounced in English.

–Ringo……A-Apoo? I-Is this button saying this country’s language?

She reached such possibility.
The book has a solar panel attached on it which means that it can be used continuously, and it’s intended for babies. It’s to teach English to babies who can’t speak.
And, a grown woman is looking at it.

–Personally, I want to head to his side immediately, but even if I go there, I can’t communicate with him. On top of that, because there’s a wall, I can’t even enter. Because there’s a language barrier, I can’t even negotiate……

In such time, a certain sentence passed her mind.

『So come again after cooling down』

That’s the words Iwato said to her.
Upon recalling that, she opened her eyes wide and looked down at the baby-intended book.

–Don’t tell me! The words “come again after cooling down” is an excuse with the meaning of it’s fine even if it takes time! And, there’s no way that such a precious and difficult book will drop in this kind of place by chance!……Then, that means these all are his considerations!?

No way.
If Iwato was there, he would probably say that instantly.
However, there’s no one who can stop–her from having a misunderstanding in this abandoned town.

–Hmph, then I will do it! I pledge to clear this super hard mission, and return to your side!

She shouted so, and presses the black button.





When will she return to his side?
For now, it’s certain that it will be a very long journey.

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