World Record Chapter 62

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62. Final plan

A few minutes later.
Tsumugu and the rest who were called back by Iwato, opened their eyes wide upon seeing the sight, and immediately after that, their gaze turned into an amazed gaze.

[Why is he fainted while smiling?]


of that.
Asking that, Iwato looks at Byson who had his head struck to the wall and fainted a while ago.
Byson is fainted while grinning broadly with blood coming out of his nose. When Iwato recalled the farce earlier, he scratched his head.

[Um, well, because he’s unexpectedly a simple-minded idiot, I made him a little excited, then he told various things. It doesn’t seemed that he was lying……]
[That’s why, you did that to him as soon as he’s no use……]


Iwato laughed dryly by Ayame’s words, and he had a serious look when he recalled the 『plan』 told by Byson.
Byson’s words came to his mind.

『The plan this time is simple and clear. The researcher will cooperate with our dream. In return to that, we had to raise a commotion to gather attention. And at the same time, the researcher will bring in 『that person』 from outside the wall, and proceed to the main plan』


Byson who said that while grinning, said this to Iwato.

『The main plan is simpler. The researcher will use power to destroy this town, and at the same time, that person will–』


Thinking to that far, Iwato muttered.


[In short, the target is me]


–Kill the owner of the coffin soul.
Byson certainly said that.




The traitor, 『researcher』 set a certain device on 『her』 neck.

[Good grief…… Despite being a Japanese youkai, you can’t even speak Japanese……]
『It’s inevitable. I have never come to Japan before』


The girl opened her mouth, and such voice can be heard from the device on her neck.
If I were to give a name to the device, then it’s 『Automatic translation machine』.
The researcher felt pity to the girl who can’t speak Japanese, but that’s an unusual good will. At first, the girl was cautious, but after she knows that there’s no danger, she immediately decided to have it equipped.

(Well, it’s rare for her to speak to anyone other than me, or more precisely, I think she usually doesn’t)


The researcher muttered so in his mind, and stands up.
He operates the nearby screen, and then, the Sapporo prison is displayed in the screen. Displaying the image of the surveillance camera.



The girl leaks a voice upon seeing the image.
The screen is currently displaying the group that’s leaving the prison now.
She looks at the person leading the group, and–



–gets goosebumps.
The strength that can be known just in one glance.
The powerful aura coming out from his body.
That’s not something that can be sensed by anyone, but only those who reached her [level] can sense it.
And, upon seeing the hair color, she’s convinced.

『King…of Black Coffin. Black Pandora!』


Before she realized it, her expression twitched upwards, and upon seeing that, the researcher tilts his head.

[Black Pandora?…..Ah, you mean that guy? You might be confused because of his hair color, but he’s not the King of Black Coffin. He’s the Black King……wait, why you can understand Japanese even though you can’t speak……]
『Black King』


She ignores the researcher’s words, and recited the name as if carving the name into her mind. Upon hearing that, the researcher sneered.

[Hahaha, certainly, his name sounds strong, but actually, he’s that plan‘s failure, this world’s one and only powerless man. He’s just an inferior race that has no worth in living. Perhaps I should say he’s an irregular failure]
『……That plan?』


The researcher who laughed at her words, said those words proudly–as if he’s boasting.


[Humanity Evolution Plan–Fantasia]


The girl incline her head upon hearing the words.
However, according to her instinct, those words bear something unpleasant.
However, the researcher laughs when he saw that.

[Fufu, on the other hand, you are the perfect irregular success. If you view in the plan that the 『Demi-humans』 and 『superpowers』 are successes, then the failures are Unknowns–and that powerless man. Even we were scared to death when Unknowns started to appear. Other than you 『humanoids』]


The girl frowns by the word.
Even if she doesn’t know the meaning, she’s convinced.
Unknowns–in short, this researcher and his colleagues created us, and surely, this researcher knows everything.
And, above all–

『I don’t know what plan is that, but I don’t remember being an experimental subject. Calling me a success……makes me feel sick』


The girl received those words, and felt irritation, and showed the anger.
He instinctively felt a chill by that, but he didn’t stop talking.

[T-That’s of course. You, that failure, and the everyone around the world. All of them are our experimental subject. It’s just that you’re not aware about it]


She thinks.
What is this man saying.
Upon seeing that, the researcher presumed that any further than this is pointless. He turns his eyes towards the screen.
The screen showed the group coming towards here, and upon seeing that, he showed a ghastly smile–


[Kukuku…… Let’s see how far can the failures oppose……]




[Saying that…raising a death flag]


Tsumugu suddenly said such a weird thing.
Iwato sighs by that, and opens his mouth as if it’s obvious.

[Even for an instant, the person called 『researcher』 who managed to do many things without being caught by Kaa-san, will never say such foolish thing under this situation]
[That’s right! Something like judging Master as weak from his hair color–]
[Surely, he’s more idiotic than Karen]
[Yes yes……wait, what did you say just now!?]


Going along with a joke.
Karen sure have learned something handy.
The two starts to make a noise as usual, and at the same time, Tsukie threw a question towards Iwato again.

[But still, Iwato, who’s the 『researcher』 that the terrorist called Byson said?]


That’s right, after all, Iwato didn’t tell them the 『researcher』’s identity.
–No, to be more precise, it’s he can’t.
Iwato leaks a sigh as he recalls Byson, and opens his mouth.

[Well, apparently, that man didn’t know about him. He probably didn’t know that the researcher was just using him as a disposable. So there’s no way he will reveal his identity to him]
[N-Now that you mention it……]


That’s right, Byson didn’t know about the researcher’s identity.
Regarding that, it’s unfortunate, but on the other hand, he said the 『plan』 that’s going to start after this.
The researcher–more precisely, his subordinate, Demon King Crabster trained Byson into a disposable piece, and he provided them with weapons. However, he cooperated without knowing the plan to the extent that he has no conversation skills.

[Well then, it’s going to start soon]


Iwato is at the heart of Sapporo.
The Special Forces Sapporo branch.
Iwato looks at Tsukie.

[Kaa-san, there’s no other exits other than this, right?]
[? Yes, because there are important things inside, taking into account of stealing, it’s build with only one exit]


Iwato felt relief by the reply, and turned back towards everyone.
What shown in his face is–only a wry smile.

[Actually, I don’t know the researcher’s name and appearance, but I know the researcher’s location and the date and time of the final plan]


At the next moment, the warning rang.


《Warning! Warning! A warp hole is opening! Please evacuate from this sector!》


That’s for sure a warp hole warning.
The girls opened their eyes wide.
Upon seeing that, Iwato pointed at the entrance behind him, and said this.


[The date and time of the final plan is today, just now. Happening inside the Special Forces Sapporo branch. Creating a time when the place is empty on purpose, and summons a large amount of Unknowns during that time……]


Upon hearing the plan like coming to take the throne while ignoring the defence, they go beyond astonishment and shock–they froze.

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