World Record Chapter 61

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61. Interrogation

The next day.
Iwato received a phone call early in the morning.
Iwato didn’t expect a call this early in the morning–to be more precise, it’s before 6 a.m.
That’s why, he sighed when he saw the name.

[Haa, Kaa-san again, huh]


Nagumo Tsukie.
Written so in Iwato’s status application, and he scratches his head.

(What does she want now……? Another request on Special Forces……will probably go through Nakajima-sensei. Then, about Tou-san…….or maybe Tsumu……)


After thinking that far, Iwato realized something.

[Ah, I can’t make any guess because Kaa-san practically don’t call me]


He gave up on guessing and pressed the button. At the same time, a screen appeared.
On the screen, there’s a woman smiling wholly and–when Iwato saw the background, he frowned.

『I-wato! Try and guess where I am……』

[Sapporo prison. I knew it in an instant because the prisoners were extending their hands out at the back]


That’s right, she’s currently at the Sapporo prison.
Behind her is a large jail cell, and the prisoners in the cell are extending their hands out while groaning.
Iwato thought–She should just be caught by them.
However, it’s her. For Iwato, he knows that she would never make such a mistake–

[Being at the prison and calling me this early in the morning. Just what do you want, Kaa-san?]


–Taking this much time, this person has probably got a clue.
Iwato asked her so, and she said this while grinning.


『Say, Iwato. I have a request for you because of your lie detection』




A few hours later.
Iwato brought the three girls with him to the prison at the outskirts of Sapporo.
Intimidation flows in the air from the prison, and Iwato who came here for the first time, leaked a surprised voice.

[Hee……So it’s like this]
[Nn…Nii-san. First time coming?]
[Of course. Because I’m an ordinary person]


The next moment, 3 gazes pierced Iwato’s body.

(((……Ordinary person?)))


The girls muttered so in their mind, and laughed.

[If Nii-san…is an ordinary person…probably, this world…would have been destroyed]
[That’s too unreasonable]
[No comment]
[Say, you girls. What are you saying while you’re being supported by me? What’s with that way of speaking against your guardian? ( ]


Upon hearing Iwato’s accurate retort, the girls fall to their knees.
Iwato sighed when he saw that–and looked at the girl walking towards them.

[I have been waiting for you, Iwato-sama]
[Aah, Secretary-san. It’s been a while]


Ayame reacted to the word, but she won’t flare up at the Minister of Defence’s secretary just because 『her way of calling is the same』.
Secretary-san smiled to Iwato and the girls, and bowed

[I am sorry as this is a race against time, I will explain it while moving. Is that fine?]


and said such apologetic words.
Iwato knew her for quite a long time. Because she’s Tsukie’s secretary ever since he was born, they met each other a few days after birth.
Therefore, he knew that she’s a honest and diligent person.
Such her is hastening the greetings.
In other words, this can only be something really serious.


[Understood. Well then, please guide us there]


Iwato replied so without any hesitation.




Iwato who heard what the secretary said, sighed in amaze.

[That guy who crushed shampoo, and Demon King? Also, that terrorist group and the laboratory. All of them were accomplices with the traitor and also related to the silent warp hole?]
[Yes, it happened after Iwato-sama enroll in high school……or more precisely, all of the solved cases can be considered to be related to the 『traitor』]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato rubbed his temple.
His basic principle in dealing with Unknowns is to kill Unknowns that are evil.
They should be prepared to die the moment they try to kill. If they entered the opponent’s territory, then they should have a proper resolution.
And, lastly–he would punish anyone who make a move on his friends.
Iwato acts under such thinking, and unexpectedly, all of the defeated opponents were accomplices.

[Perhaps……the boss surely hates me. That’s why, he attacks as if he’s trying to destroy this town]


Secretary-san muttered so and stopped in front of the door with solid security. She operates it and slides the card taken out from her chest.
The next moment, the door’s lock is lifted, and she moved to the side of the door.

[But that will be investigated by Iwato-sama after this]


Iwato looked beyond the door.
There are several cells that look far solid that any other cells he saw before, and in each of that cell, there’s one criminal.
And, immediately after entering, in front of the cell.
Tsukie’s standing there, and she smiled when she saw Iwato.

[I have been waiting for you. I can’t believe that there are two 『lie』 specialists here today. Lucky or unlucky……well, you came here, so it doesn’t matter]


Lie specialists.
Surely it’s Iwato and Ayame.
Iwato frowns upon hearing that while moving towards her.
Tsukie looks towards the cell, and following her, Iwato also looks at the cell.
There’s a man sitting there–and Iwato opened his mouth upon seeing his face.


[……Eh? Who?]
[The Black Crest Group’s leader!]


The person there was the brown-haired man.
Skinny face, ruffled hair, long beard, and on top of that, his eyes become bloodshot.

[Y-You bastard! I remember you! The original who hindered our ambition!]
[Original……hmm, somehow…it sounds like a 『Unique skill』…cool. I’m jealo]
[Hey, Tsumu-chan. Don’t interrupt, okay~?]


The Black Crest Group’s leader–Byson’s words were made fun by Tsumugu, and she was dragged away by Tsukie. Upon seeing that, Ayame talked to Iwato.

[Iwato-sama, you don’t need my assistance, right?]
[……Normally, isn’t it 『Do you need my assistance?』?]
[Well……I thought that there’s no need to ask. Well then, I’ll be waiting for you over there]


Ayame muttered so and turned back. Upon seeing that, Karen moved her eyes towards Iwato and Ayame–as a result, she looked at Ayame.
And, Iwato who saw that, said a brief comment.

[Ayame stole my pupil……]
[It is the same as usual……]


Secretary-san who replied so to Iwato, handed him a key.

[We have already interrogated him a little. More than expected, there is a connection, or perhaps a bond, or perhaps–a reliance. It is strong, therefore we could not get much information. This is the cell’s key]


After saying that, she took a step backward, and said this to Iwato.


[The opponent has possibly already started to move. If possible, we would like you to solve this quickly]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato consents in silent.




After Secretary-san left the spot, the first thing Iwato did is–opening the cell.



By that, even Byson opened his eyes wide, but immediately after that, he quickly roll out of the cell.

(Ha! What a stupid guy! How stupid of him to open the cell in front of a prisoner!?)


He showed a smile and looked at Iwato–and he opened his eyes wide once again.
Iwato was there.
However, he bowed like a butler with a smile.

[I apologize for what I did before. I’m the 『researcher』’s envoy–well, something like a double agent]


What is this guy saying.
Byson was overwhelmed by him, but he quickly denied his words.

[Liar! You destroyed our dream! There’s no way a guy like you is our ally!]


Iwato laughed upon hearing those words, and spoke lightly.

[The job I received is simple and clear. Slip into the human side as a spy. I pretended to catch you, and now I’m releasing you as I’m interrogating you]
[……Ah? What do you–]


Byson tried to reply so to Iwato.

[In here, there are many heinous inmates]


Upon hearing those words, his words stopped.
Sweats flowing down, and he gulped.

[D-Don’t tell me……you’re trying to release all these prisoners, and create a new Black Crest Group?]
[Yes, as expected of the person acknowledge by him]


Byson thinks.
From now, I will use this key to release all of these evil prisoners.
Then, all of them will for sure be in favor of me no matter who the person is.
But the favor will probably be returned quickly.
That’s why, after that, how to hold everyone into the Black Crest Group depends on my leadership–my ability to be a king.
Before he realized it, he’s already grinning, and he spoke to Iwato in a completely changed manner.

[I see, so that’s why! Sorry for doubting you. Your acting was too good!]
[I’m really flattered to hear that]


Iwato said so as he bowed and said this as if he recalled something.

[Come to think of it, there’s something I want to ask you]
[Nn? What is it?]


Byson who’s already seeing his bright future, said that while grinning broadly.
For him to be so cooperative is extremely unusual. If his comrades see him now, they will definitely say this.

–Who’s tempting you?

Iwato smiles sadly, and speaks intermittently.


[Actually……the 『researcher』 is thinking of me as someone to tease. No matter how many times I ask him about the strategy, he just grins and won’t tell me at all. That’s why, I’m asking you who’s going to be a king! Please, please tell me about the strategy!]


As expected of a habitual liar.
Indeed what Tsukie said is true. A professional liar.

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