World Record Chapter 56

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56. Silent threat

The next morning.
Iwato was running early in the morning.
Because of his idiosyncrasy, he won’t be weaken, but even if his body won’t be weaken–if his brains that picks the action, grow dull, that means the body’s sharpness will grow dull.
That’s why, Iwato runs everyday without slacking, and his Battle Rank increases little by little everyday.

Returning to the main subject.

After Iwato finished his running, he returned to the cottage’s vicinity.

[It…looks like it’s better to go back early today]


Iwato muttered so while looking at the sky.
When he looked up at the sky, he can see dark clouds as well as lightning.
It’s obvious that it will rain just by looking at that, and Iwato ran quickly to his cottage.

–While hearing the sound of the lightning as if something ominous is coming.




[Seriously… The weather forecast says that it won’t rain for two days]


Eita grumbled so while eating the rice ball.
On the other hand, class rep smiled, and opens her mouth.

[But it was fun! We played river volleyball, did a barbecue, and also a girls gathering……]
[Girls gathering? Class rep and the rest did such thing?]


Upon hearing Iwato’s quick question, Tsumugu, Karen and Ayame twitched.

(Aah……they talked about me again, huh?)


And Iwato who guessed it in an instant.
He imagined what kind of talk, and sighed–


At the next moment, a huge explosion sound roared, shaking the ground, and the windowglass breaks.
Iwato quickly stood in between of the windowglass and them, and knocked off all of the broken glasses, but when he saw the outside–he doubted his own eyes.

[Hey……was this place outside of the wall?]


If he don’t tell a joke, he can’t believe it.
Iwato kicks open the door, and goes out of the cottage.
Before his eyes is–a picture of Hell.

[Gyaaaaa!? S-Save……]
[No! Don’t c-come!]
[Ueeeeeen, M-Mooooom!]


The surrounding cottages were destroyed and were set on fire by the explosion.
When Iwato looked all over the place, he can see Unknowns, and he found a girl who’s going to be killed by the Unknown.

『Gisss, Gihaaaaaa!』


The Unknown attacks.
Iwato immediately threw a stone to the Unknown and killed it, but when he saw the Unknown properly, he started sweating.

[……No matter how I look at it, it’s a Mythical Beast class…… Why is such thing in this area……?]


While saying that, Iwato head towards the girl, and he stroked the girl’s head without asking anything.

[Gusu, O-Onii-chan, who?]
[Um, well, a hero of justice. That’s why, don’t worry]


Truthful words. Upon hearing that, the girl show a puzzled expression in an instant, but under this situation, she then showed a smile, and closed her eyes.

[I see…… then, it’s safe……isn’t, it……]


The girl lost her consciousness suddenly.
Iwato catches her body gently, and immediately after that, he turns towards Nakajima-sensei who caught up with him.

[Sensei, can you protect this girl for a while? I will bring all the survivors here]
[……Ah, understood]


Nakajima-sensei said so after a short silence, and Iwato somehow manages to pass the girl who’s gripping his t-shirt tightly to her.
At the same time, Tsumugu and the rest gathered, and Iwato said this to them.

[Tsumu, you escort the survivors to here on your own. Karen and Ayame……you two should be fine. Eita and class rep, please look after the people who come here because Sensei will just hit them if they make a fuss]


He said that, and takes a breath.
The next moment, an Unknown jumped out from the back, and Karen and the rest who saw that, opened their eyes wide. And, to deal with it–


[Shut up]


Iwato throws a light backhand blow.
The Unknown blows off in a straight line by that, and disappears from sight in an instant.
And Iwato said this to all of it that were looking blankly.


[It’s not like you guys come killing without thinking that you’ll be killed]


In his eyes, a cold light burns.




Iwato starts running, and Tsumugu also starts running to another direction. Immediately after that,

[Karen! I will find for any survivors and remove the obstacles!]
[Alright! Then, I will kick every Unknowns that appear nearby!]


Saying that, Ayame’s eyes lit up in red.



At the next moment, the cottages, trees, stones, every obstacles are seen through with her eyes, and in that state, she slides her eyes.
Iwato at the north, and Tsumugu went to from south to west. So Ayame searches from south to east–and she felt relief when she saw people gathering in one place.

[Karen, there’s no casualty here. Everyone gathered in one place–]


–Gather in one place?

Ayame who re-think the words, felt a chill.
Gather in one place.
That’s a good decision, but as the protecting side, there’s nothing more troublesome than this.
In other words, all the Unknowns within this range, will gather there.

[T-This is bad! Karen, I will use my superpower to shorten the travel!]
[Fue? O-Okay!]


Saying that, Ayame elevates Karen with her superpower, and started moving at high speed.




[『Hell Fire Destruction』]


The swarm of Unknowns were burned by Tsumugu’s divine flame in an instant, and upon seeing that, Tsumugu turned around.

[Nn…now. To the open space at the center]
[Y-Yes! T-Thank you!]


The family accompanied by children said so, and started running. Tsumugu who have confirmed that there’s no enemy at the path towards the open space, looks forward once again.

[Uwa…… Looks like…I drew a blank]


Saying that, she slides her eyes left and right.
And estimated–at least 100 Unknowns.
Furthermore, there are even Mythical Beast class mixed in the Monster class. It’s certain that even an A rank member can’t survive in this situation.
On top of that–

『Hou……? There’s a vigorous one here』


A huge silver tiger appeared.
Capable of speaking–in other words, it’s the proof that it’s at least a Sacred Beast class. Even if Tsumugu doesn’t know the details, she squinted when seeing it.

(Karen and Ayame…can handle…a lower…Sacred Beast class…now, but……)


That’s right. The two–became stronger than when they fought against the Ultimate Polar Bear at that time. If the opponent is about Battle Rank 50, the two can defeat it.
–As long as it’s not an irregular.
Tsumugu sighed softly, and talked to the tiger.

[Silver tiger…how many of…the one stronger than you…came here?]


The silver tiger frowns upon hearing those words.
Because of the words [stronger than you]. He didn’t reply right away, that means there are more of them.

『……Hmm, I–“Silver Tiger” want to say that there’s no one stronger than me, but there are two at the north. And also, my brethren is at the east. He is slightly inferior to me in strength, but at any rate, you all will still die』


Upon hearing that, Tsumugu convinced.

[Tiger’s estimated Battle Rank…probably below 55. Then, the two…can win against your brethren–]


–Regarding the north…it doesn’t matter no matter who comes.

Tsumugu summoned divine flame in her hand, and said this towards the swarm led by the Silver Tiger.


[Well, try last for 3 minutes……if you can]


And, the battle between 『White Emperor of Hell Fire』 and 『Silver Tiger』 began at the west.




Iwato’s kick breaks the ground, destroying the balance of the praying mantis Unknown that was trying to attack a woman.
The sharp blades missed the target at the last moment, and Iwato arrived before its eyes in the created instant.



A light chop from top to bottom.
The Unknown dies in one hit, and blood splatters to the ground.
And, the dumbfounded woman.
Due to the similarity of her face, Iwato asked about the girl a while ago.

[Um……did you perhaps lost sight of a girl on the way to here?]
[Ha? Eh? D-Did you see her!? A-And, thank you very much!]
[Ah, if it’s that girl, she’s being protected by an A rank member who happens to be here. So don’t worry……]


Iwato said so to the flustered woman, and after she took a few deep breaths, she managed to calm down.

[I-I……lost sight of her when running away from the Unknown…… Really, thank you very much……]
[It’s okay, because I thought of the worst situation, I’m glad that you’re alive. You did well on your own]


Iwato said so and lent a hand to the woman–




Iwato carried the woman in his arms, and jumped out of the place.
A huge fist crashed into the place where Iwato an the woman were, and a crater was created by that.



The woman instinctively raised a scream by that, and Iwato opened his eyes wide upon seeing the owner of the fist.

[Chi, a humanoid, huh……]


The one there was a human–no an Unknown wearing a black robe while covering its face with the hood.
Devilish huge arms stretched from the robe’s sleeve, and with just one look, it’s indeed a humanoid.

[Hou? You dodged it. And also, that soul–I see, you are the 『hindrance』 that the man said]
[Hindrance……? What on earth are you saying?]


Iwato said so, but before the answer, a strong lightning from the dark clouds fell towards him.



Iwato immediately avoided it while carrying the woman, and at the same time, the lightning stuck the ground.
Upon seeing that, even the black-robed man raised a voice in suprise, and a voice came from the lightning.

[What? He can even dodge a natural calamity……]
『Hey, boss, isn’t this a bit too much for us?』


The lightning that struck the ground, gradually taking form of a figure, and after a few seconds, a figure of a human clad in lightning was formed.

[Unidentified humanoid, and the other one is……rather than a humanoid, it’s better to say it’s a lightning with a will]


–Well, it doesn’t change that it’s slightly troublesome.

Iwato muttered so in his mind, and lowered the woman and muttered this to her gently.

[Do me a favor. I will defeat those guys now, so don’t move from this spot, okay?]
[He? Ah, yes! I mean, can you defeat them!?]


Receiving those words, Iwato stands up.
In his face, there’s no enthusiasm can be seen–

『Hyaha! The woman got down! Let’s kill her first!』

[W-Wait! Raijinman!]


The lightning–Raijinman fires a lightning towards Iwato and the woman.
Lightning is basically the most effective weapon against any kind of opponent. Therefore, Raijinman was confident.

『You dodged this means that you can’t endure it! Now, try dodging it! But the woman behind you will die!』


Raijinman shouted so in confidence–


[Well, I think it will be fine]


Immediately after that, the lightning was repeled–with the back of Iwato’s hand.



Everyone in the place opened their eyes wide.

[Wh-Wha-What!? R-Repeling lightning with bare hand……! B-Bastard! Who are you!]


The black-robed man shouted so, and upon receiving it, Iwato clenched his fist, and said this.


[Who am I, you say?…… I’m just a slightly strong ordinary person]


The only thing that can be said is that a normal ordinary person will never express this situation as 『slightly troublesome』.

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