World Record Chapter 55

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55. Love story & Girls gathering

[Well then, see you tomorrow]
[Good night!]


Quite some time passed after the barbecue, Iwato and Eita said so to each other, and entered the cottage.
And, the girls who saw them off, grin.

[The time…has come]


Tsumugu muttered so.
Everyone nodded upon hearing her words.
That’s right, the girls planned to start a certain meeting.
The name is–

[Love stories! It’s the summer sleepover girls gathering!!]
[It’s a neighborhood nuisance! Hurry up and sleep!!]


Iwato’s angry voice messed the plan.




[So, what should we talk about?]


The girls gathering started suddenly.
But because the girls here have no experience in a girls gathering, they don’t know what to talk about.
That’s why, their eyes turned towards her naturally.

[……Wait, why are you all looking at me? I’m sleeping, okay?]


That’s right, Nakajima-sensei.
She has already crawled into her futon. She prefers to sleep rather than doing a girls gathering.
However, Karen didn’t give up.

[N-Nakajima-sensei, you’re somehow close to Master, isn’t it? Did something happen between the two of you?]


She desperately finds for a conversation material–and touched the core.
Then, Tsumugu who heard it, reacts with a twitch, and Nakajima-sensei starts to grin.

[That’s right. I’m like a……sister to him, I guess. I even entered the bath with him before]


Karen, Ayame, and class rep raised a surprised voice.
Upon hearing that, Tsumugu clenches her teeth in frustration, and speaks of a new surprising truth.

[Unfair……even I…entered the bath with Nii-san before…though only a little]


Karen and Ayame raised such voice.
Class rep who don’t know anything, inclined her head while thinking [Well, they are siblings after all……], but she immediately recalled Nakajima-sensei’s first statement.

[Nakajima-sensei! You knew Nagumo-kun from the beginning!?]
[Yup. If I’m not mistaken……I knew him since he’s 4 years old, I think. At that time, I was just 14. So it’s quite a long association]


Saying that, Nakajima-sensei recalls.
My 14-year-old self–the same age with Ayame. The time when my strength was finally acknowledge by the Special Forces.
At that time, Nakajima-sensei, or perhaps the young Nakajima met with the 4-year-old Iwato by the Minister of Defence, Kanekura Tsukie’s arrangement. She opened her eyes wide when she saw the cuteness of the boy.

『W-Who’s……this cute creature』


Standing there was a white-haired boy with blue eyes.

『Nice to meet you. My name is Nagumo Iwato. 4 years old. I look forward to work with you』


The young Nakajima who heard that, hugged the young Iwato before she knew, and rubbed her cheeks together.

『So you’re called Iwato! So cute!』

『As expected of Nakajima-chan! I’m grateful that you notice Iwato’s cuteness in an instant!』


Such meeting.
Nakajima-sensei who recalled it, muttered this with a distant look.

[At that time, he was cute…… When we enter the bath together, he will conceal his crotch shyly, and when he tries to say something, he will fumble his words……He was really cute]


The three girls gulped by those words.
Regarding Tsumugu and Ayame, they entered the bath with Iwato before, but Iwato’s crotch guard was perfect at that time. The white cloth blocked their eyes from seeing it.
That’s why, they imagined it.
–Then, blood comes out from their noses.

[What are you thinking!? No-Noseblood are coming out!]


They took a tissue and stuffed it into their nose.




Before they know, 3 out of 5 people had tissues stuffed in their noses.
What kind of girls gathering is this!? It was such situation that makes one want to ask so, but the girls continues.

[Thinking properly…Nii-san…super excellent person]
[You’re right……]


Tsumugu muttered such words suddenly, and Karen consented.
The girls re-think of Iwato.

First, his face is average.
Regarding this, it’s normal, but he has good looks from the start. And during the school festival, the butler role made the best use of it, and it also became a rumor in the school.

Next is money.
There’s nothing to say regarding this.
Mass production, minimum expenses.
Hence, the Nagumos have an outrageous amount of money, and with that money, it might be possible to live without working.

Next is personality.
Although his personality is a little difficult, if Iwato comes to like someone from the bottom of his heart, it will probably change into a merit.
If one see the relationship between Iwato and Tsumugu, it can be known that he is the type who devotes his heart to his partner.
Omnipotent in housework, and he won’t slack. On top of that, he won’t get tired, always think of the partner before taking actions, and he would console if one was depressed. And, he will always be an ally. What a perfect husband.

And finally, hobby.
Regarding this……well, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this is his one and only greatest demerit.
The girls who have been with him for a few months, have already gave up, but if he says this and that of a shampoo to a person he’s dating, a breakup will definitely happen.
The girls take into account of that, and reached a conclusion.

[There’s a limit of an excellent person! As long as I can endure the shampoo part]
[Yeah……He would be perfect if he’s not a shampoo maniac, doting parent, and siscon]
[Also, a lolicon]


Conclusion, he’s basically an excellent person.
The girls concluded so and–looked at class rep.

[He? Wh-What?]


The girls recall when looking at such class rep–the man named Hiragishi Eita.

[Hiragishi-kun, huh……]


The girls muttered so–but no more than that.
Hiragishi Eita.
Decent looks, and promising future.
He’s even showed good prospects in the baseball club, and the man who can aim for the top if the irregular, Iwato doesn’t exist.

[Class rep, what part of Hiragishi-kun do you like?]


Karen who can’t find the words to say, decided to ask so for the time being.
Then, class rep blushed and cast her eyes down, but she started speaking bit by bit.

[Um……The first was…I thought of going to school early to clean the blackboard because I accidentally brought the blackboard eraser home……]


She said so, and loosened her expression when she recalls the scene.

[When I reached the classroom, the blackboard was clean. Eita-kun was sitting on his seat while resting his chin in his hand even though it’s early in the morning. But I can see chalk stains on his shirt’s hem. Then, I thought that he’s an interesting, kind and warm person……]


She said so, and laughed [Fufu].
However, on the next moment, she showed a sad expression, and started to tell.

[But at that time. When the polar bear Unknown attacked, I couldn’t do anything because I was scared. All I did was only running in the crowd. I was powerless]


–But Eita-kun fought.

[Karen-chan and Ayame-chan are stronger than us, but Eita-kun is probably not much different than me. He is stronger than me for sure, but I think that he shouldn’t stand there and fight]


Karen and Ayame recalls upon hearing that.
Karen’s arm was broken, and Ayame was defeated in one hit. But still, the weakest one still stood up.

[Even if he’s weak. Even if he can’t win. But still, Eita-kun stands up desperately. Giving me hope to live. And I realized it at that time that I like this person]


But she don’t have the courage to put it into words.
There’s also the feeling that Eita probably likes Karen and Ayame.

[At first, I didn’t think of confessing. But after the incident, Eita gained popularity among the girls. Because of that, I…decided to do it……]


She said so, and her cheeks dye in red.
Just by hearing it from the side, it feels 『full』. Tsumugu, Karen and Ayame grin broadly while looking at her with envious look.
Then, class rep decided to change the talk quickly.

[C-Come to think of it, Nagumo-kun who defeated the polar bear was amazing! Something like, this, dokaan!]


Saying that, she unleashed her fist aiming at the air.
Upon seeing that, it’s no wonder Eita would be charmed. The girls thought in their mind 『C-Cute』–

[Ha!? Now that you mention it, Master haven’t told me his Battle Rank!]


Belatedly, she realized that.
That’s right, Karen hold such promise of 『if I became your pupil, Master will show me your Battle Rank and have some practice match』.
And yet, he accompanied her for the practice match, but didn’t show her his Battle Rank. And unconsciously, he pretended that there’s no such thing.

[In the first place, what is Master? Does he have a superpower or not? Is he that whatsoever guy or not? Nothing about him has been declared]


Tsumugu and Nakajima-sensei smiled wryly when hearing those words.
Ayame who sensed it sharply, approached to Tsumugu’s side.

[Tsumu-san, why don’t you just say it on this occasion? If Tsumu-san tell everything, Iwato-sama would be at ease]
[Nii-san…be at ease?]


Tsumugu was nearly tricked by the cajolery, but she quickly held her mouth with her hands.

[No…if I say…Nii-san will hate me]


Even if Ayame knows that Iwato would never hate Tsumugu, she can’t proof it, and she turned towards the another person who knows about it.

[Special Forces A rank member, 『Demon King』, Nakajima Tomomi-san. You should know–]
[How can you sleep so fast!?]


Nakajima-sensei sensed a bad feeling, and went to sleep in an instant.
Upon seeing that, Ayame frowns in frustration–


[I-It’s better…to not know…Nii-san’s Battle Rank]


The girls opened their eyes wide upon hearing that.
Tsumugu has already removed her hands from her mouth, and said this after thinking what to say while frowning.

[Um…Nii-san is…stronger…than Shutendouji. That one was strange…overestimation. Too humble]


Upon hearing that, Karen opened her eyes wide.
Shutendouji–a monster with the Battle Rank over 200.
Although Iwato didn’t mentioned the Shutendouji as the enemy in the 『boy’s past』, still, it’s an opponent that the boy stronger than Iwato had a hard fight.
But–Tsumugu denied the story itself.


[I saw…everything. Shutendouji was strong. But…Nii-san was way stronger. Shutendouji…is no match for Nii-san]


She declared the power relationship.
A monster with over 200 Battle Rank from the start, and also a humanoid.
And–it can’t even be a match.
Then, how much is his Battle Rank.
Karen and the rest think of such thing–

[If you know it…your heart will break]


–Nii-san doesn’t know…『battle』 after all.


She said that, and covered herself with the futon.

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