World Record Chapter 54

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54. Definition of older brother

[Ah! Here you are!]


At a certain shop in the center of the camping site surrounded by many cottages.
Iwato turned around when he heard such voice.
Karen stood there wearing a hooded jacket above her swimsuit, and Iwato received the set of tools and looked at her.

[Nn? Karen, why are you here?]
[Why did you go away, for crying out loud!? It’s a rare chance, so let’s play together!]


Karen said so, and she pulled Iwato’s hand.
However, Iwato casts his eyes down with a sad face.
Karen opened her eyes wide when she saw that–

[Sorry. I…can’t swim……]


By those words, she became even surprised.

[C-Can’t swim……? You…Master can’t?]


Of course it’s a lie.
However, Karen was deceived easily by Iwato’s mood, and she gazed at Iwato with sympathy.

[Aah, even I want to play with everyone! But……it just that, I can’t helped but to feel scared of water no matter what……!]


To Iwato’s sincere words–



Such word interrupts.
When he turned his eyes to the source of the voices, he can see Ayame and Nakajima-sensei, and they began speaking of solid proofs.

[In the Special Forces training, there’s a compulsory subject called 『Lie Detection』. It’s not as good as the idiot’s one over there, but the apparent lie like that can be detected in an instant]
[Incidentally, my superpower detected that it was a lie]


That’s right. In the Special Forces training, there are several compulsory subjects. One of it is 『Lie Detection』 which Iwato has mastered.
Judging whether it’s a lie or not just from the person’s gestures and tone. And use it to be advantageous in any situation.
It’s a subject with such objective.
Upon hearing those words, Iwato clicked his tongue, and said this to Karen.

[Well, Karen should learn to doubt people once in a while. Otherwise, you would be deceived thoroughly when you meet a humanoid one day]
[Yes! Wow, just now was a training!? As expected of Master!]


–I’m telling you to doubt people.
Iwato muttered so in his mind while staring at the deceived Karen.
Ayame and Nakajima-sensei sighed when they saw Karen being deceived again, but before they know, Tsumugu has came and she pulled Iwato’s jersey.

[Nii-san. Rather than that…what’s…that?]


Tsumugu said that and looks at the thing in Iwato’s hand.
He’s carrying a huge box on his shoulder and holding a quite big plastic bag.
Hence, he was too conspicuous, but


[Speaking of camping, there must be a barbecue, right?]


Iwato smiled and said so.




Jyuuu. The sound of grilling meat resounded, and two people raised their voice after a while.

[Uhoo! Meat, meat, meat! It’s meat!]
[Wow, it’s meat! I haven’t seen meat ever since the time when you girls brought the bento!]


It was Karen and Eita.
Now that wild animals have extinct, animal meat is very precious and only the royalties can eat it in the world. Therefore, in this world, for an ordinary family to eat meat, it must be a celebration. However, the Nagumos don’t hesitate on using the meat.
Therefore, Eita who lives in an ordinary family, raised such shout when seeing the meat, and for some reason, Karen who consumed dozens kilograms of meat in these few months, also raised a shout.
Iwato turned the meat over with the tongs while looking at them.

[Well, somehow, we got a lot of animal and Unknown’s meats this time. You can eat as much as you want, so calm down]
[I don’t understand, but I have never believe in God to this extent! Thank you, God!]
[Thanks, Macbeth-sensei!]
[……Nn? Who’s that?]


Saying that, Eita and Karen shouted, and then, when Tsumugu and class rep approaches, Iwato put down the tongs and sat on the bench at a slightly distant place.
And, at the same time, a presence approaches.

[Iwato-sama, can we have a talk?]


That’s right, it’s Ayame.
Iwato recalls the happening at the river while moving to the side silently.
Then, she loosened her expression, and sat next to him. And, she entwined his arm with both of her hands.
Iwato twitches his face instinctively by that, but–

[Come to think of it, a few days ago, there’s a request from Black Pandora to the Special Forces. The request is to sell Unknown meats to Takino Camping Site]
[…… Hee, there’s such strange thing]


Iwato averted his face from Ayame while muttering so, and Ayame who saw that, chuckled.

[Iwato-sama, you know that I won’t overlook any information on that person, right?]


That’s right, Ayame has become mellow now–or rather, because a person similar to the King of Black Coffin is nearby, she became mellow, but in fact, she’s a King of Black Coffin’s fan.
There’s no way that she would overlook the movement of the King of Black Coffin, and Iwato didn’t expect it.
That’s why, Ayame thought.

[Assuming that Iwato-sama can order the King of Black Coffin with some kind of way. Then, even without Tsumu-san spying on your movement in detail, I would still notice it, and I already knew–that you would come here]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato smiled wryly.
That’s the best answer, and Ayame opens her mouth in amaze.

[Even I don’t activate my superpower all the time, you know? Please stop lying like that]
[I don’t know what are you talking about, but for the time being, no]


Iwato said so with a smile.
Ayame who saw that, leaks a sigh, and


[Iwato-sama, don’t tell me that you are thinking that Tsumu-san doesn’t need you?]


Iwato’s smile froze by those words.
Ayame saw–the moment Iwato turned back.
The back figure was very fickle, and yet, seemed happy. Above all, it also seemed sad.

[I don’t know what kind of past you have with Tsumu-san. But I know that Iwato-sama like Tsumu-san, and Tsumu-san like Iwato-sama]


Iwato looked at Ayame upon hearing that.
When Ayame tried to continues her words–she instinctively gulped when she saw his eyes.
After all, what reflected in his eyes is–


[What are you saying? I don’t know whether she needs me or not, but it’s natural that I like Tsumu]


What reflected in his eyes is–kindness.

[Whether she needs me or not is what Tsumu decides. If Tsumu says that I’m not needed, then I would disappear obediently–Because Tsumu told me to stay with her, I’m here now]


He turns his eyes to the front.
There’s the figure of Tsumugu who’s looking for Iwato. As if she’s looking for something that should be in her hand.
Then, Iwato stands up.

[Being together with my precious younger sister. Then, it’s my job to make it easier to live for her, and it’s also my job to do what she desire]


Saying that, he looked at Ayame with a smile.


[Always be the ally of my younger sister, and always like her. That’s what you call an older brother, isn’t it?]


Upon hearing that, Ayame breathes out in amaze and relief.
And–she loosens her expression and mutters this.


[I wonder why did I come to love such pervert……]




Such footsteps can be heard, and Iwato looked in front.
And, a light impact that attacked after that.

[Nii-san……found you]
[Oh, looks like you found me]


When Iwato looked downwards, he could see Tsumugu hugging him, and he loosened his expression by the cuteness.
Iwato strokes Tsumugu’s head gently, and her body gradually lose strength, and she raises her face while concealing her happiness.

[Nii-san……secret dating…again]
[Nn? What’s wrong with the mixed-ground meat? Should I make Tsumu’s favorite hamburg steak?]
(TL note: The word used is あいびき . Which brings the meaning of either secret dating and mixed-ground meat)



Tsumugu said that, and punches Iwato’s stomach lightly.
However, there’s no strength in the punch, and Iwato hugged Tsumugu.
Tsumugu blushes and starts to act violently upon receiving the hug, but when she feels the comfort, she became quiet.

Stepbrother and stepsister.
That’s the relationship between them.
However, when seeing from the side, they are seen as something different–


[As if a father and daughter……]


Ayame muttered so, and got up from the bench.

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