World Record Chapter 53

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53. Boundary line

[Oh, I caught something]


Iwato muttered so, and he pulled the rod with his strength.
He’s at the river near the cottage.
Iwato’s wearing his swimsuit, and he’s wearing a jersey on top. At the same time as Iwato raised the rod, a river fish appeared.

–Like it would be.

The thing caught was a legged fish-type Unknown, and upon seeing that Iwato frowned.

[Why the Special Forces leave this kind of Unknown inside the wall……]


Iwato muttered so.
The fish-type Unknown is a weakling as it’s Battle Rank is less than 1 even though it’s an Unknown.
Therefore, even an ordinary person can catch it easily, and on top of that, because the possibility for it to cause any harm is extremely low, they postponed it–until now, and just like this, it’s left in the wall.

[Well, try thinking positively. Now that wild animals have all extinct, isn’t it good that I can do something like fishing?]


The one who replied Iwato’s question is Nakajima-sensei who’s wearing a black bikini.
Although she’s wearing a black jersey on top, still, her adult charm can’t be concealed, and when Iwato took a glance at her, he gulped before he knew it.
Then, he immediately averts his eyes.
But, Nakajima-sensei didn’t overlook it.

[Oh? Have you finally noticed my charm? ……If you want to see that much, I don’t mind, though]


Saying that, she sidles up to Iwato.
The drop of sweat at her collarbone flows down, and drops to the big valley.
Only that much. Even with just that, it’s alluring, and Iwato who’s more or less in the child category, gulped once again.

[…… What are you doing?]


Iwato sprang up in surprise upon hearing those words.
Karen was looking at Iwato from his back, and Nakajima-sensei who saw her eyes, grinned.

[Oh, what’s wrong, Komauchi? Are you jealous?]


Nakajima-sensei said that, and fold her arms to push her plentiful breasts up.
Such sound effect can be heard from the two hills, and upon hearing that, Karen twitched her face, but then, when she looked down at her breasts, she remembered.
–I also have something similar on me.

[Fu-Fufun! My breasts also are quite big!]


Karen shouted so, and grabbed her own breasts.
Nakajima-sensei who saw her young charm, groaned.
And, Iwato looked at them in amazed.

[Haa…… I shouldn’t have felt nervous]


Iwato muttered so, and he sat on the big rock once again.
Looking at the fish-type Unknown struggling.




Iwato and the rest who have put their luggage in the cottage, obtained the information about the river nearby from the clerk in charge.
However, pseudo-Unknowns live in the river, and even if people know that those Unknowns are harmless, they won’t think of going there.
Therefore, the river is currently reserved.
Upon hearing that, Iwato and the rest decided to go play at the river, but–

[Why are the girls so slow at changing clothes?]


Iwato muttered so.

[Ah! Master, I’m a girl, but I’m fast!]


Karen replied so, and she raised her hand.
Iwato looks at Karen.
Karen is wearing a light blue polka dots bikini, and Tsumugu once said that 『once she take off her clothes, she’s amazing』.

[Well……, yeah. Karen is just Karen……]
[What’s with that way of talking!?]


Iwato ignores Karen’s words magnificently and looks at the river.
Well, I know that Karen would be fast because she’s like this.

[Why is even Eita slow?]


Iwato muttered so in curiosity.
After coming this far, it’s probably impossible to think that Eita is a girl. He didn’t show any reaction when he saw Iwato’s naked body, and he’s currently dating class rep.
But still, being slow is–

[After all, that guy…… A virgin and girlish…… Is he homosexual?]


Eita’s shout resounded from the back.
When Iwato turned around, Eita is standing while veins appearing on his forehead, and after that–Eita have a lewd look on his face when he saw Karen and Nakajima-sensei.
Upon seeing that, the three voice the same words.

[[[I’ll tell class r……]]]
[I’m sorry, so please don’t]


When Eita heard their words, he kneel down on the ground at the speed of light, and the class rep who saw that from the back, smiled wryly.
And, the devilish three who knew that but still didn’t tell him.

[Well, Eita, don’t worry, I won’t tell class rep]
[That’s right. That’s why, it’s fine if you want to look at Nakajima-sensei]
[I don’t mind being seen by a brat. It’s fine to come closer if you want to see, you know?]


Eita gulped upon hearing those alluring words, and the class rep who watch over Eita’s back, also gulped.
The two 『gulps』 of different meaning, but the small picture of Hell disappear by the hands of an angel.

[You…over there. Class rep…behind…you]


Eita turns around. Class rep waves her hand while smiling wryly.
And an–angel wearing school swimsuit.
The word 『Tsumu』 written on the white part at the chest looked bright, and the three who saw that, instinctively block the brightness with their hands and avert they eyes–

[Huh? What are you doing?]


And they saw the cutting boa……Ayame.
Ayame is wearing a red bikini.
Although the red bikini matches her white skin, regrettably, regarding her upper half–


[Well, do your best]
[Yeah, do your best……]
[There’s still a long way to go. Don’t give up]
[What on earth do you mean!?]


Ayame’s sorrowful words resounded.




[Haa……this is paradise]


Eita muttered such words.
Upon hearing that beside him, Iwato turns his eyes towards Eita, and turns to where Eita’s looking at.
Tsumugu, Karen, Ayame, Nakajima-sensei and class rep are playing river volleyball instead of beach volleyball, and exactly now, the class rep trips when receiving the ball and she dives into the river from the head.

[Hohee……class rep so cute]
[Yeah yeah]


Iwato replied so to Eita, and when he looked at Eita’s happy-looking face–he leaked a sigh.



Even Iwato longs for love.
If he read that much shoujo manga, of course he would want to experience love, and when he saw cute girls, he would also think that the girl is cute.

[Well, something that I won’t understand]


Iwato muttered so.
By those words, Eita showed an amazed look to Iwato, and he recalls the answer he said during the school festival.

[Aah, you’re marrying a shampoo. Saying something not understandable……or rather, I don’t want to understand it at all]
[Oi, are you making fun of shampoos? For now, apologize to the shampoos in the whole world]


Eita sighs upon seeing the usual shampoo maniac Iwato, and he ignores Iwato’s words, and looks at the girls.

[Hey, Iwato. Among them, which one do you like the most?]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato twitched a little, and Ayame who was trying to receive the ball, dropped the ball.
Eita looks at Iwato.
His face looks serious, and Iwato who saw that, looked at the girls.
And, after thinking for a few seconds.

[Cute for Karen, and beauty for Ayame. Something like that]


Eita leaked a voice [Hoo] upon hearing that, and Ayame who was hitting the serve, missed the serve.


[But if I were to pick, it would probably be Tsumu]


Upon hearing that, Eita squinted.
Lolicon. Siscon.
Such words came to his mind, but Eita didn’t make fun of him strangely, and he just sighed.

[Fine. Sorry for asking such a weird question]


Eita said so and stood up.
He stretched his body, and

[Well then, I better go experience the feeling of harem in there!]


While smiling broadly, he started running to the paradise.
Leaving Iwato alone at the spot.
He refrained–himself from jumping into the river following Eita.
In his eyes, there’s the figure of his sister smiling, and Iwato who saw her smile, leaked a smile.

[Feels like I made…a friend]


Before his eyes, the boundary line–of the land and river.
Once seeing that, it’s too hard for Iwato to cross that line, and he burned the sight into his memory–and turned around.

[Well, I better prepare for the barbecue]


And, lie to himself.

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