World Record Chapter 52

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52. Camp

About one week passed. Saturday.

[Summer vacation……huh]


Iwato muttered so.
That’s right. The summer vacation started yesterday, and Iwato and the others have a holiday for some time from today.

[Even though it’s summer vacation, I don’t have anything to do]


Iwato muttered so, and looked down at his hands.
He’s holding the game console borrowed from Tsumugu, and he advances the game by pressing the buttons.
The game Iwato is playing right now is the popular Unknown hunting game, Unknown Hunter X, for short, NonHunX.
And, Iwato is currently confronting the Tamakitsune. A long-necked fox that attacks with bubbles.

[Yosh! Take this!]


Iwato who’s using a long sword, spam attack.
Concentrating on the weak spot, and attack persistently.

『you got the mail』


Suddenly, such sound can be heard.
Iwato thinks–Un, it’s my imagination.
In fact, he decided to ignore it because he’s just lazy to see it, but he had a hunch.
–If I see this mail, it would be troublesome later on.

Zuzazazaza! Gakin!

Iwato continues playing NonHun once again.
And the ringtone rang once again.

『you got『you『you『yo『y……』』』』』


The ringtone rang to the extent that it won’t let the previous ringtone finished the word.
Iwato sighs once as he turns the game console to sleep mode, and he taps the mail in his status application.
At the same time as the screen displays, the word《Hiragishi Eita》filled his inbox.

[What! It’s just Eita. Then, it’s fine not reading it]


Iwato made such decision in an instant, and as he turns his eyes to the game console–the call ringtone started to rang.

(What on earth does he want…… I’m busy with NonHun right now. I’m trying to farm for the Tamakitsune skyscales)


Iwato said so in his mind, and looked down at the call window–and he answered the call without hesitation.

[Ah, class rep? Morning~]


Yes, just when I thought that it’s Eita, the one who called was the class rep.
If it’s Eita, I would just ignore it, but class rep is my Overdye SRB’s regular customer. I can’t ignore her.
That’s why, Iwato answered the call–

『Yo, you answer class rep’s call but you didn’t reply my mails, huh? What are you trying to do?』

[……Pardon? Are you perhaps mistaken me for someone else?]
『Don’t try to play dumb with a falsetto!』


The voice that can be heard through the call was Eita.
In order to deal with that, Iwato tried to use falsetto, but it didn’t work after all. And Iwato gave up.

[What? I’m busy farming 『Tamakitsune skyscales』 right now. Perhaps, you want to help?]
『No! Why are you trying to farm such low drop……forget it. For the time being, do you have any plans for the summer vacation? Other than NonHun』


As expected of Eita.
He crushed the excuse of saying 『Ah, yeah. I got』 but 『Actually, it’s NonHun』.
As expected of the best friend position.
Iwato sighs, and mutters 『No』 through the phone.
If NonHun is omitted, Iwato has no plans for his summer vacation. Only free daily life awaits him.
That’s why, Iwato said so–


『Then, want to go camping?』



Iwato asked so instinctively upon hearing Eita’s plan.




Takino Suzuran Park at Sapporo.
Although it’s called a park, the park area spreads about 400 hectares–in a easier way to understand, about 85 Tokyo Dome.
For Sapporo citizens, they can understand if one say 『Free entrance day』 or 『The difference in physique of the mascot character’s illustration and the costume itself』

Returning to the main subject.

It hasn’t change ever since the Disastrous Year. A major spot with many playgrounds that every children in Sapporo would come here at least once.
And, one of the thing included in Takino Suzuran Park is Takino Campsite. This time, Eita picked the campsite.

[W-Well…… I actually plan to go with class rep, but……y-you know…spending a night together is……right?]


Just be prepared and go already.
Iwato who wanted to say that, didn’t say it, but because Eita begged him, Iwato decided to accompany him.

[……Why are you guys here?]


Saying that, Iwato looked at three familiar girls–Karen, Ayame and Tsumugu.
And, the car at the back.
The woman who came out of the car with a tired face–Nakajima sensei sighs, and she points her thumb towards Tsumugu.

[This girl ordered. Saying that “I want to stay at the campsite, so please be the guardian”. Or rather, when I thought that she’s calling unusually, it’s something like this……]


She said that, and placed her hand on her forehead.
Upon hearing Nakajima’s words, Iwato guessed the situation somehow, but he twitched his face and smiled wryly.
After all–

[…..Um, I didn’t say anything about today, right?]


That’s right.
Iwato didn’t tell the three about this camp. He doesn’t have any particular reason to do so, but it’s probably better to go alone as it’s Eita and class rep’s date.
Therefore, the girls were not given any information about it, and he even say that 『I’ll be staying at Eita’s house』 today.
That’s why–he’s perplexed.

[Why the information leaked……?]


Tsumgu averts her eyes upon hearing Iwato’s words.
Iwato knew that Tsumugu’s action proves that she’s concealing something with guilty conscience.
And, he knew that even though Tsumugu only stands out with her hikkikomori status and melon soda, in fact, she’s a prodigy equal or higher than Ayame.
Before Tsumugu knew, Iwato has already moved to her front, and he pressed her cheek with one hand.

[Tsumu-chan, do you know the meaning of privacy?]
[I-I don’t. Because…Tsumu…a kid]


I won’t look at your eyes.
Upon perceiving such will, Iwato sighed.
One of Iwato’s skill, capable of detecting lie from the person’s words, eyes, and gestures.
Furthermore, the precision is quite high, and he can even detect with just the gestures, but when he sees the person’s eyes, it’s already 『Mind-reading』.
Hence, she desperately tries to not look at his eyes, and upon seeing that, Iwato reached the truth with another way.

[For your information, if you don’t want to look at my eyes that much, it’s more easier to know]
[Ha!? M-My lost……]


Tsumugu dropped her shoulders, and Iwato turned his eyes towards Eita and class rep.

[Somehow, I’m sorry…… Looks like some unnecessary people came along]
[What do you mean by unnecessary!?]


Although he heard Karen’s shout, he ignored it magnificently.
Eita and class rep have a complicated–60% joy, 20% confusion, and the remaining 20% shown in their expression, and the two nods.
And, Iwato said this when he saw that.


[Chi……you loser]
[I don’t want to hear that from you!]


A reasonable retort indeed.




[Hoo? No bad]


Nakajima-sensei muttered so when she saw those.
There are two cottage build adjacent to each other, and the outward appearance felt like 『camping』.
Even Iwato looked around the cottage instinctively as it’s his first time seeing it, and Ayame who saw his figure by chance, laughed.

[Iwato-sama, you somehow have some childish part]


And, Iwato’s sanity returned.
He immediately stops his action, and he fix the bag carried with his shoulder.

[Well, before we do anything, we should put our luggage in the cottage first]
[Fair enough]


Nakajima-sensei consented to Iwato, and the two of them starts walking–to the same cottage.

[Why are you going to the same one!?]
[Ah? In the world, it’s common sense to stuff things into the empty one. You still haven’t mastered common sense?]
[I know! That’s why, I’m asking you!]


Iwato pushes Nakajima-sensei who said so, away from the cottage, and turns around and starts walking to the cottage.

[There are men and women here, so……]
[That’s right! As expected, this cottage will be Master and me, and the rest can stay at the other cottage]


Before Karen knew, she was already iron clawed by Iwato.

[Wha, it-it hurts, Master! This is my first time receiving a proper attack from Master! Why did you do that!?]
[……Are you serious when saying that?]
[N-No! I’m just lying, so please release me!]


Saying that, Karen was somehow released from the cranium grip, and at the same time, she hide behind Ayame.

[Uuu……I thought that it was a chance to sleep with Master……]
[Karen, Iwato-sama is just embarrassed. Look at him. He’s wearing the jersey we gave him. The favorability is certainly increasing]
[Ah, you’re right! I’m sure that if this goes on, some kind of event will happen!]


Iwato leaks a sigh upon hearing their conversation.
Certainly, I was surprised by the presents, but I was also happy. That’s why, my favorability is certainly rising when comparing to the past, but–

(Admitting it is…quite…)


Iwato muttered so in his mind.
I don’t think that this tiny rise in favorability will lead to love, but if I admit it, it feels like I lost.
That’s why, Iwato said this while sneering.

[Well, it’s certain that the favorability is increasing, but]


–as a friend.


The two ran to the other cottage while crying.

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