World Record Chapter 50

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50. Shadow Magic

A certain highway after turning from the place where Iwato met Eita.
Iwato reached there in a few seconds, and he opened his eyes wide upon seeing the spectacle.



What he saw is the Unknowns outraging. And, the figures of people running around.
Smokes came out of the squashed cars, and Iwato thought that he was too late as he could see figures of people fallen in the puddle of blood.
The threat of Unknown–that was long forgotten.
The Special Forces will come because there’s the warning. It’s peaceful because of the Special Forces. I’m living like this because of the peace.

[It’s troublesome to have you guys destroy my current life]


Iwato muttered so, and snapped his fingers.
Bending a little with his left hand forward and his right hand beside his head. Iwato breathes out.



At the next moment, Iwato’s figure disappeared from the spot, and at the same time, about half a dozen of the Unknowns’ necks were cut.
Splattering blood. No screams.
In the splattering blood, Iwato threw the head of the Unknown held on his right hand, and said this to the remaining Unknowns while pointing his right hand towards them.


[Even though I look like this, I’m on this side. Although this doesn’t suit me, let me at least protect the order of this town]




The attacking swarm of Unknowns.
This distance. The Unknowns couldn’t see Iwato’s soul. Therefore, they are Monster class or at least lower ranked Mythical Beast class. That’s why, they attacked him without hesitation.
And–their lives disperse.



A light fist.
The Mythical Beast class Unknown that came close to Iwato died in one hit, and the impact blows off the Unknowns at the back.
The Unknowns that saw it, freeze instinctively, and they looks at the Unknowns that were blown off.
However, that was a bad thing to do.

The Unknown that’s closest to Iwato, was grabbed on its shoulder, and when it tries to turn its eyes to its shoulder–its field of vision turned around.



At the next moment, Iwato used the Unknown as a weapon, moving down like a hammer, and at the same time, the Unknowns around him blown off and died.
After Iwato confirmed the kill, he throws the already dead Unknown, and he looks at the swarm of Unknowns that had their sanity returned.


[『Shadow Spike』]


At the next moment, all the Unknowns were skewered by the black spears that came up from their feet.
Iwato was shocked by that, but upon seeing that the spears appeared from the shadow, he realized the person who did it.



Iwato said so while wiping away the blood on his hand, and at the same time, the sound of high heels can be heard.

[After all~, it’s parental love to meddle even though I know that my son is stronger than me~]


Upon hearing the voice, Iwato turns to the direction.
A long red haired woman with red eyes stood there–


[What, you came……Kaa-san]


Maiden name, Kanekura Tsukie. Current name, Nagumo Tsukie. The woman standing there is the Minister of Defence and also Iwato’s biological mother.




[But still, it’s a great help that Iwato is here~]


Tsukie muttered and smiled.
The Special Forces and several ambulances have gathered in the surroundings, and the victims who received first-aid treatment get onto the ambulances one by one.

[Well, I was relatively late, though]


Iwato muttered so, and he recalls the figure of the office worker that was transported to the ambulance.
If he’s lucky, he would survive, but–thinking normally, he would die before reaching the hospital.
I hate that I always think like this in this kind of situation. If only I brought that gun–
Iwato sighs, and starts to speak to Tsukie to change the mood.

[But still, the one just now has a nasty power as usual]


Yes, the one just now.
The ability just now is neither a superpower nor science.
Well, because of this, Iwato and Tsumugu believed in Karen’s 『magic』 relatively quick, but this magic is not as graceful as Karen’s one.

[Ah, you mean shadow magic?]


Tsukie said so in a trifling way.
Tsukie’s lineage–Kanekura household is said to be handing down the most wicked assassination-specialized magic.
Currently, there’s no one other than Tsukie who can use it in this world, but there were dozen of shadow magic users about a decade before the Disasterous Year.
However, on a certain day, they extinct.
Natural calamity, terrorism, chemical explosion, military attack from foreign countries.
There were many assumptions, but what known by the world is that one town was destroyed in a few minutes.
The 『Kanekura』 household that dwell on the town was annihilated by that, and only a girl who happens to open the door, survived, and continued the bloodline.
And, the cause was not found even though the country used all of its power. Nothing has been made clear ever since then.
That’s why, Tsukie became the Minister of Defence in order to quicken the eradication of the Unknowns and also to solve the case, but there’s still no clue on it.

Returning to the main subject.

[But Iwato, you inherited my blood, so you can also use it if you practice, you know~? Probably]
[The last word is not needed……]


Iwato said so and sighs.
Iwato was taught of magic by Tsukie during his childhood, as he didn’t have a superpower.
However, in the end, he still can’t use the power, and he concluded that–

[Well, I don’t have the talent in magic]


Iwato muttered in a trifling way.
In response to that, Tsukie placed her hand on her cheek, and said this.

[Oh my…… Without the talents in magic and superpower…… What a talentless child even though you are my child. Trying to be an amazing ordinary person?]
[……Are you making fun of me?]


Veins appeared on Iwato’s forehead when he heard those words.
However, Iwato endured his anger somehow, and looked around the surroundings.

[But still……what is the meaning of this? Kaa-san, you were investigating about the silent warp hole, right?]


Then, she looked around lightly, and she opened her mouth after confirming that no one can hear their conversation.

[It is highly possible. It is also possible that they came out from the laboratory that you and Nakajima-chan handled, but……upon seeing this, the possibility is low]


Saying that, she placed her hand on her chin.
After she closed her eyes and thought about it for a while, she opened her eyes and said this.


[First, I will try investigating more for now. When the time comes……can I get your help?]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato nodded unwillingly.




[I’m home]
[Welcome home! You came back faster than I thought……]


Karen who came out from the living room upon realizing that Iwato came back, opened her eyes wide when she saw Iwato’s appearance.
Sticky blood attached to Iwato’s hand, and his blue jersey is dyed in red.
Upon seeing that, there’s only one thing that she thought.

[M-M-Master! Finally, you killed some…..]
[I didn’t]


Iwato replied to Karen’s unbelievable words, and started to take off the blood-dyed jersey.

[Nuhoa!? W-What are you doing!? Is it sexual harassment!?]
[Yeah yeah, whatever. Can you call Tsumu? Because I want to burn this]
[He? Understood!]


Iwato said so, and looked down at his favorite jersey.
The jersey was bought three years ago and was worn by him the whole time. For Iwato, it’s something that he had an attachment on it.
Well, it’s just a cheap jersey that was bought for 998 yen, but still, it’s too precious to be thrown.

[The others can still work out, but if it’s this soaked by the Unknowns’ blood, I don’t think the smell will ever come off……]


Iwato looked at himself with the full-length mirror at the entrance, and sighs.
The t-shirt worn inside, the jersey, and also the shoes. All this was bought three years ago.
And, all those were quite worn-out, but what Iwato was seeing is the blood-stained fist and hair, and the jersey.
On his way back, he stayed careful in order to hide this appearance from the public, but thanks to that, it took quite some time. It’s probably impossible for the smell to come off after this much time.
That’s why, Iwato sighs

[I’m home…… What are you doing at the entrance?]


At the same time as Karen’s figure can’t be seen, the door behind opens, and Ayame who probably went to the site, entered the house.

[Well, I beaten a large amount of Unknowns just now. That’s why, my jersey is on its deathbed. And also, welcome home]


Upon hearing those words, Ayame who guessed the situation roughly, opened her mouth in amaze.

[I see…… No wonder half of the Unknowns’ heads were cut off]
[……No wonder? I’m starting to be interested in what kind of impression you have on me……]


Iwato muttered so, and at the same time, the sound of footsteps running down the stairs can be heard.

[Nii-san……did you…do something again?]
[Fuu, just protecting the town’s peace]


Iwato replied so to Tsumugu’s stare.
Although Tsumugu continued staring at him after hearing his reply, but Ayame recalled something and said this.


[Ah, then, why don’t we go out tomorrow to buy Iwato-sama’s jersey?]


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