World Record Chapter 49

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49. Boredom and Trigger

–Aah, I’m bored.

The girl muttered so while sitting on the corpses.
A small mountain formed by several corpses below the girl, and all of those are Sacred Beast class Unknowns’ corpses.

–Aah, really bored.

She muttered so, and she jumped down from the mountain of corpses.
She is–too strong.
Originally, her race feels happy when they serve someone stronger than them. An existence to serve stronger ones.
However, she’s too strong.
Many strong ones came to her to seek for her power–but they all died within seconds.
When she realized it, there’s no one who wants to challenge her anymore, and she, an existence to serve–lost sight of the existence called master.
Therefore, she was driven out of her home, and just like this, she continued her journey to pursue strong existences every day.

–Looks like Sacred Beast class is no match for me already. Divine Beast class……or maybe higher than that is better. Though I haven’t met one before.

Her strength is considerably abnormal.
Even a Sacred Beast class would die with just one hit from her fist, and as for the one closes to a Divine Beast class–even against a monster with 90+ Battle Rank, she didn’t feel danger in her life.
She felt that this is an important matter.
If I continue to grow stronger like this, I’m sure that even a Divine Beast class will not be a match for me someday. It’s fine even if I’ll surpass the person. I want to serve someone stronger than me. As soon as possible.
Such desire started to accumulate in her gradually.
Then, suddenly, a certain name came to her mind.

–Was it, Shutendouji?

That’s right, it’s Shutendouji.
She recalls the man who she heard from rumors.
A Divine Beast class will die just with one finger, his fist can break the continent, and in regard of a fist fight, no one is said to be on par with him.
However, the man–died at the end of a fist fight.
That was a good news for our side because he brought despair, but he himself will never launch an attack to our side. It’s an incident that’s started to be told as a legend.
And, she recalls the man’s name.

–If I remember correctly, his name is……


[Black Pandora, right?]


Suddenly, such voice came from her back.


She shouted, and jumped out of the place.
After taking a safe distance, she turned back. She was surprised by the existence there.


Yes, the one there is unmistakably a human.
This is outside of the wall. A world dominated by Unknowns.
It’s impossible that a human will be here, but the person standing there is a human.
Tied purple ruffled hair and wearing a white robe.
The man who suits such word, stood in front of her boldly.

[You…are searching for a strong opponent, right?]


He said that.
The girl nods while looking puzzled, and the man who had a shady smile, said the name once again.

[Black Pandora. You know, right?]


Of course I know.
A true monster who fought that Shutendouji on a fist fight after finishing the massacre outside the wall three years ago.
The only Absolute she wanted to serve.
That’s why, she gulped and nodded.
The man who saw that, breathes out in relief, and puts his hand on his chest.

[That’s great. My strength is inferior than those. Therefore, I can’t do anything to you with power. I was prepared to die if you didn’t show interest on this……]


Saying that, he wiped his sweats.
Apparently, his words seem to be the truth as cold sweats were gushing out of his body.
It seems that the girl has been pointing killing intent at him before she knew it.
She removed her killing intent, and this man said this after seeing that.

[I have a proposal. Currently, I am making plans to destroy a certain town. And Black Pandora is living in that town]


And, he said the real issue.


[I will take you to him. Therefore, I want you to fight him]


He said so, and grinned.




[Aah, boring]


Iwato muttered so.
One week has passed since then, with summer vacation coming close, today is Saturday.
Iwato lie down on the floor while muttering such words at the living room.

[Haa…… What are you doing early in the morning?]


Ayame said that and looked downwards at Iwato.
After all, Ayame who’s aim of 『winning Iwato’s heart』 still hasn’t change, still freeloaded in the Nagumo house like usual.

[Nn~, where’s Karen?]
[Still sleeping~]


Ayame replied Iwato’s question with the same tone, and she begins to walk to the kitchen. Then, she fills a cup with water.
The time now is about 15 minutes before breakfast.
While drinking up the water, Ayame felt something strange about Iwato who usually should be preparing breakfast by now, is slacking like this.
Iwato gazed at her and–he opened his eyes wide when he saw the cup.

[W-Wait, Ayame……that cup is mine, right?]
[Eh? What are you saying now……]


Ayame said that and loosens her expression, and she put Iwato’s cup on the kitchen.

[In the first place, at the point in time when a girl who have feelings on you is cohabiting with you, please at least be prepared that various property of yours being used. We are living together under the same roof, you know?]
[Say, is that a line for a woman to say to a man?]


Iwato sighs as he starts to get up, and he stretches himself.

[But still, it sure is hot…… Ayame, are you okay with heat? You’re more or less a vampire]
[What do mean by ‘more or less’……]


Ayame said so and sighs. Then, she started to flap her pajamas’ chest to create wind.

[There’s no way this has any relation with being a vampire, but I’m quite weak in the heat…… Because of the air conditioner, I can live on like this]


Iwato sighs upon seeing that, and he said this while looking at the ceiling.


[Ayame-chan, I can see your bra]


After that, Iwato was hit.




The very same day.
Iwato was so bored since afternoon, so he decided to go to the library.
Although it’s good to go by bicycle, Iwato decided to walk because the wind was a little strong.



A few minutes after Iwato left his house, he encountered a couple.
The two who’re holding hands while blushing, and walking while adjusting their pace.
Upon seeing that, Iwato smirked, and greeted them with his hand–

[Wa-Wait! What are you smiling at!?]


–At the same time, the man asked so.
Well, it’s probably obvious after saying this much. The couple is Eita and the class rep.

[Well, because you’re enjoying your youth]


Iwato said that with a broad grin, and Eita blushed in embarrassment. For a man, this is a pointless spectacle.
Hence, Iwato averted his eyes from Eita, and looked at the class rep who’s at the back.

[So, class rep, you’re on a date?]
[D-D-Date!? …… P-Probably!]


What do you mean by probably?
Iwato looked at Eita once again, and he nodded in embarrassment.
Iwato was convinced when he saw that.

[In other words, you guys decided to go somewhere together, but because both of you are embarrass, you couldn’t utilize the word 『date』. As a result, it became such development where you don’t know whether it’s a date or not]
((T-Too accurate……))


Eita and the class rep shuddered upon hearing those matching words.
Because this kind of development is a template in a shoujo manga. In this situation, the heroine often
『H-Here and…this! This is a date!?』
says that while placing her hands on her cheeks. Eita and the class rep’s current situation is just like that.
That’s why, Iwato nods,




and opened his eyes wide by the sudden roar.

[E-Eita! Did the warning rang around here!?]
[He? N-No! At least, I didn’t hear it!]


The class rep nods in consent to Eita’s words, and upon seeing that, a certain word came to Iwato’s mind.

(Silent……warp hole!)


It’s possible that there’s a survivor of the laboratory, but Iwato’s instinct told that the answer is the former.

[Dammit, this has gotten troublesome……]


Iwato closes his eyes, and concentrates his nerves.
With just one roar, he can identify the distance but not the direction.
Iwato’s concentration rises gradually, and the surroundings of a bird’s-eye view is being drawn in his mind.
And–he heard breathing and footsteps.



Iwato sent a glance at Eita.
If it’s only Eita, Iwato could bring him together to evacuate the residents, but the class rep is with him this time. Then, Eita should concentrate on protecting the class rep.
And, Iwato should–


[I need to exterminate it as soon as possible]


Iwato muttered so, and started running.

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