World Record Chapter 48

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48. Sequel -New Relationship-

On the next day, Sunday.
A gloomy mood filled the Nagumo’s dining table.
Only the sound of the chopsticks and tablewares resounded, and even the usually cheerful Karen, looked downward in silence.
Upon seeing that, Iwato thinks again and again.

(Haa, I really did it……)


The first was when he rejected Ayame. The second was when he rejected Karen. And, the third is the current situation.
What happens twice will happen thrice. Iwato thought how fitting this proverb for this situation.

[……Thanks for the meal]
[……Thank you for the meal]


It doesn’t seem to be planned, but the two stood up at the same time, took the tablewares to the kitchen, and ran to their own room at the second floor in haste.
Leaving Tsumugu who’s filling her mouth with breakfast and Iwato who had a face of a monk.

[Say, Tsumu-san]
[……Ngu…Nn. What?]


Tsumugu swallowed the food in her mouth, and talked to the monk.
The monk nods, and


[I beg you, please do something]


Saying that, he kneel down on the floor.




Why Iwato is this troubled?
The answer will come out naturally if you were to be on his position.
The girls are certainly pretty. Even Iwato has some feelings on them–but it’s just that the feelings have not changed into 『love』.
However, taking no account of that, Iwato thinks like this.
If possible, I want to continue this life like normal.
His hobby, wish, and even past. With those in mind, he still thinks that the current life is fun. That’s why, even if it’s impossible, Iwato can’t help but to hope so.

–But then, there are many problems.

First, the fact that they can’t be together forever.
Because Iwato rejected both Karen and Ayame, they would probably find a new love even if it would take some time.
Then, Iwato has no rights to say anything on their new love, and he has no choice but to support their love.
And if the love bears fruit, it’s truism that the girls will leave this house, or rather, Iwato was fairly surprised by the fact that the two ate breakfast with him.

[Nn…well…if I were them…I would go somewhere for sure]
[You’re right…… I really thought that they would go back to their own home during the night……]


Iwato replied Tsumugu with those words.
Tsumugu closes her eyes and folds her arms upon hearing the reply, and starts to think of the second problem.
Although Iwato will never thought of this problem, for Tsumugu, it’s a big problem. An important one.

(I never thought…Nii-san won’t…love)


That’s right. Regarding that matter.
Iwato has decided it. Tsumugu knew it for the first time after hearing it from Karen yesterday. Therefore, it’s an important matter for Tsumugu who had been aiming at Iwato with an eagle eye.

[What to do……]
[What…to do……]


Just like that, the two rack their brains.
Although what they are thinking is totally different, for some reason, only the atmosphere around them is the same.
Silence alighted in them, and only the sound of the clock ticking echoed.

『you got th『you got the mail』』



Suddenly, two emails were sent to Iwato’s status application.
Two mails. The senders are probably Eita and Nakajima-sensei, and Iwato opens the email box and–froze.

《Komauchi Karen》

《Sumikawa Ayame》


The two names are displayed there, and in other words, the emails were sent by those two.
Iwato turns his eyes towards Tsumugu instinctively.
Then, she quickly averted her eyes, and muttered this.

[Ah……aah…I…didn’t lock…the room. Our conversation…might be…tapped]


The next moment, the sound of footsteps can be heard from the second floor, and immediately after that, the sound of two doors closing can be heard.
Iwato wanted to ask about the wiretap set in the first floor, but–

(Well, this one should be prioritize)


Iwato muttered in his heart, and looked at his status application’s screen. He then touched Ayame’s mail.
And, words appeared.


『What do you mean by [Sorry, I plan on marrying a shampoo]? Are you an idiot? Please explain it properly. Similar to Karen』


At the next moment, Iwato lie face down on the table.
That’s right, Iwato told that to Ayame. No wonder Ayame cried. Tsumugu also had some troubles.

[Lost to shampoo. That’s terrible]

The mutter that he heard.
Iwato’s heart is on the verge of being knocked out.
However, he need to read until the end. And if possible, reply to them. Otherwise, there’s no progress.
Iwato sits upright with a disheartened face, and tapped Karen’s mail.


『Being rejected before I can confess. I wanna die』



Kan kan kan!
A sound signaling a knockout can be heard from somewhere.
By the way, the source of the sound comes from the device that Tsumugu set on the table. By the way, the device was not there when they were eating their breakfast.

[Uu……What on earth should I do……]


Iwato muttered, and at the same time, Tsumugu said this.

[Nii-san. If by any chance…your past is forgiven…who will you…marry?]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato frowned.
In the first place, because Iwato expressed the boy as his 『acquaintance』, he will only feel troubled when being said so.
However, Iwato sighed and answered as a responsibility of insinuating it.

[I don’t know because I’m not the boy. But if it’s me, I won’t forgive him. Even if the victim forgives him, it’s a different thing. Sins won’t disappear even after being forgiven, and the feelings of guilt will continue to follow around. Therefore, for me to like someone–is probably impossible]


Saying that, Iwato looks at Tsumugu.
Tsumugu closes her eyes in sadness, and for some reason, a negative aura can be felt from the second floor.

(Don’t tell me this is also tapped?)


Although Iwato thought such a thing, still his answer will never change. It would be awkward if he gave them hope and then betray them.
Then, it’s probably kind to say it clearly right now, he thought that this is way better than being a trash who won’t give an answer to the girl but still get close to the girl–No, he wanted to think so.
Iwato concluded so while ignoring the pain on his chest.

–And at the same time as that, two sounds of footsteps running down the stairs can be heard.

The footsteps are disordered, running down the stairs as if striving to the first. Usually, Iwato wanted to say 『It’s dangerous so don’t run』, but Iwato stays silent this time and looks at the entrance of the living room.
Karen and Ayame who are breathing heavily while putting their hands on their knees, are there, and because their lay their face down, Iwato couldn’t see their expressions.

[Ah…it’s time for the guild wars in the online game]


Tsumugu said such words, and leaves the living room.
The three knew that Tsumugu is being kind.

(Wait, Tsumu-chan!? Why are you leaving your brother alone in this kind of situation!?)


Iwato shouted in his mind.
Of course, he didn’t show any change in expression, but Tsumugu is Iwato’s younger sister. When she’s leaving the living room, she turned back and showed a thumbs up purposely on top of knowing what Iwato was thinking.


(Nii-san…Good luck)


Such voice can be heard from her expression.




For Iwato, this is the first time for him to be in such awkward situation.
It was much more awkward than the time when his father’s adulterous lover was found out by his mother, and his father, the adulterous lover, his mother and Iwato, the four of them discussed about the matter.

(No, wait. At that time, it was definitely awkward……but it’s more like I was afraid of Mother……)


Iwato’s thought tripped by the extreme awkwardness.
Iwato recalls that time.

『Dear, what is the meaning of this?』


The first one to talk is his mother.
Killing intent was leaking out from her body, and the adulterous lover who’s an ordinary person, was quite afraid.
However, his father was quite a crazy fellow.

『Un, I cheated』

『Hai, bucchun decided!』


Just like that, his father was 『bucchun』.
By the way, the word 『bucchun』 is written as 『torture』 for his mother. By the way, the torture(bucchun) is scary because even if everything has been confessed, it still continues. There’s nothing more harsher than an everlasting despair.
While Iwato was thinking such thing, Ayame suddenly said this.

[I…I like Iwato-sama, you know?]
[He? Ah, yes]


Because it was too sudden, Iwato leaked out such weird voice.
However, Iwato immediately became serious, and said the words that he said many times.

[But I can’t bring happiness to you. That’s why–]


At the next moment, Iwato’s collar was grabbed by Karen.
Iwato opened his eyes wide by her action, and his chest started to feel pain when he saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

[Why are you deciding it for us!? We are the one who will be happy! ( We feel happiness just by marrying the person we love and be together with him forever! Don’t tell me that Master can’t even do that!?]


That’s the first time Karen showed anger towards him.
Iwato’s expression changed by that, but he immediately returned it normal, and replied.

[Then Karen, can you say that you will absolutely be happy just by being on my side? I have a past that I can’t tell. There’s a reason that I need to be in this town. That’s why, there are things that I can’t do. And I can’t get out of this town. Why don’t you find another guy? You can do anything with him. You can even go somewhere for your honeymoon. I’ll make it happen. If you like, I can even pay for the trip]


Before Iwato realized it, he has already said unnecessary stuffs, and at the end, he sneered–on himself for sure.
Happy just by being on my side. Such words are whitewashing.
You can only feel happiness for a short time just by doing so. Once you get used to it, you will start to seek for something new.
And, if you couldn’t–surely, something starts to change.
However, even if Iwato knew it, he’s glad that he’s told so. Happy to the extent that he would dance for joy.

But he who don’t accept it–hates the 『coffin』 nesting inside him.
And, he extremely hates–himself that can’t live on if he don’t lay the blame on it.

How many times have I thought of this? It’s always the same conclusion.
I–Such man can never bring happiness to someone.
I’m a dependent asshole who can’t live on without laying the blame on 『him』.
That’s why, I made everyone feel uneasy. I caused my younger sister to worry, and I hurt the two who had feelings on me.
No matter what action I pick, it all backfires on me.
What’s left in me is–only to protect someone with this power.

[You can’t be happy just by being with me. Happiness will never reach just by protecting. I can’t create happiness with my power. That’s why, this is my last warning]


Saying that, he looks at the girls.


[Don’t choose me]


He said so sorrowfully.




Upon receiving those words, Karen releases Iwato’s collar.
Iwato felt relief when he saw that–



He was hit.
Due to the rapid development, Iwato was blown off, and Karen who hit Iwato, hurt her fist by Iwato’s unexpected defensive ability.

[Ow! W-What’s with that hardness!? I punched your cheek, didn’t I!? It’s completely different than normal!]


Iwato wanted to ask.
–You, when did you touched my cheeks?
And he decided. From today onwards, he would shut his room’s door and windows completely before sleeping.
Iwato straighten up while rubbing his cheek, and he took off the crushed glasses.

[What are you doing so sudden?……Look what you did to my glasses]


Iwato said so, and Karen throws out her chest and said this.

[Master is that! Insidious!]


※Insidious : Concealing evil intention in the mind while looking nonchalant.

Iwato thought that she clearly said the wrong word, but he didn’t put into words. Because it’s troublesome.
Karen who misunderstood Iwato’s dumbfounded expression, pointed at him and opened her mouth.

[You never know if you never try! Saying so many excuses before you try it…… Since when you become so insidious! I don’t remember making you into such insidious guy! You insi……]
[Karen, say insidious one more time and I’ll hit you]


Karen became disheartened immediately.
Ayame who saw that from the back, sighs, and walks to Karen.
And she looks at the sitting Iwato, and opens her mouth.

[Well, in short, we will be the one to decide whether we feel happy or not. Iwato-sama should just shut up and flirt with us. Please don’t think of such troublesome thing]


By those simple words, Iwato smiled wryly.

[You sure?]


Iwato asked so.
He has already knew the answer when he was punched by Karen.



That’s why, he didn’t felt surprised by their immediate reply, and he only leaked out a sigh.
Although it’s possible to use strength to change their mind right now, if he do that, the girls might be unhappy.
In other words, no matter what Iwato choose, what awaits the girls are just sorrowful future.
It’s natural that Iwato would think so, and what kind of conclusion he reached is perfectly obvious.


[Haa……do as you like]


Iwato sighs exhaustedly, and said so to the two.




At the same time as that.
Tsumugu stood at Iwato’s room alone.

[Nn…well…good common ground]


She nods upon hearing the voice through the wiretap, and at the same time, she looks down at the book placed on the desk.
The page is–Shutendouji.
Tsumugu squints when she saw that, and she teared the page.

[Nii-san…doesn’t need…this past]


She burns the teared page with white flame, and she turned back without doing anything further.

At the back.
The page left on the opened book.
The illustration of the fox-eared woman shook as if it entered from the window.

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