World Record Chapter 47

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47. Desired youth

The fireworks display that takes place every year at the town park.
Although it’s common to try out food at various stalls before the fireworks start every year, it’s a little different this year.
Crowd of people gathered around the shooting game stall, and one of the several people in the center of the attention, Karen coughs once and raises her voice.

[T-Then, that bear]


Karen said so, and pointed at the prize, a huge teddy bear that was placed at the center.
The size of it is about a 『body pillow size』, and the stall’s owner showed smiled. The playboy started to sweat a little.
However, the person beside the playboy told him 『Eh, are you scared?』, and veins appeared on the playboy’s forehead.

[Fine! Let’s do it! Who goes first!?]


The playboy shouted.
Then, Iwato showed an annoying smile, and raised his palm towards him.

[Ah, it’s impossible, after all. So feel free to go first]


Although those words have the meaning of 『I can’t do it』, it can also be taken as 『No, you probably can’t do it, after all』.
That’s right. This man knew that it’s impossible. That’s why, he is trying to embarrass the playboy.
The playboy sensed it somehow, but he thought of this at the same time.

(Embarrass me? It’s certainly impossible, but that means you’re the same! Do your best in getting embarrass!)


Thinking that, he laughed, and he held the gun aiming at the teddy bear, and shot twice.
Originally, in this game, it’s hard to even hit the target.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that everything will be decided with just a hit.
However, with the target’s size and the playboy’s skill, the bullets hit the bear’s forehead.
The spectators start to make a commotion by that, and they thought the match has been decided.

[It just move a little, huh……Chi]


The playboy spits out such words, and he placed the gun on the stand.
Two hits at the head.
Even with that, the teddy bear only move a little, and the playboy who thought that it might fall if it continues like this, clicks his tongue.

(But! After a few times, when my turn comes, I will win! I’m convinced by just now. The bear can be moved even without knocking it down)


He smiled in his mind, and he confirms the bear’s position.
It can be seen that the bear has move from it’s original position, and after a few times of repetition, it will definitely fall.

(Kukuku……, I don’t know why he pick the shooting game, but he probably didn’t know that it’s my field of expertise. Kuku, the win is mine!)


He muttered so in his mind, and looks at Iwato.
And–when he looked at his figure, he felt a chill running down his spine.



He takes off his glasses, and exhales the air accumulated in his lungs.
And, at the same time as he inhales, he grab the gun and take aim.
Holding the gun with his left hand, bending one leg in front, closing one eye and glares at the target.
When seeing the stance, it’s an amateur’s stance. However, the people who saw his figure at the spot, gulped instinctively, and sound disappeared from the place when they realized it.

[Target, teddy bear. Estimated distance, 26100mm. Estimated bullet speed, 40m/s. Estimated error, 0.002mm……]


Iwato mutters as if he’s being possessed–after a few seconds.



At the next moment, the sound of two shots resounded, and at the same time as that, the first bullet hits the teddy bear’s leg.
–Leg of all parts.
Karen was perplexed by that, but she shuddered immediately after that.

The bullet that hit the leg.
It ricochets at a magnificent angle, and the second bullet hit the bullet accurately.
At the next moment, the two bullets that collided at a perfect angle, transmitted the force to each other, and once again, it flies to the same spot at a faster speed.
One bullet flies towards Iwato’s palm.
And the other one–


The people who witnessed that, heard such sound effect.
Even without hearing it, the magnificent hit blows the bear’s leg to the back, and the teddy bear shows a perfect counterclockwise turn.
And, the teddy bear manage to reach the edge of the table–


[A shooting game is, firing with rotation at maximum force, and drop it from the table]


At the same time as those words, the teddy bear rolls down from the table.




After that, Iwato who made the playboys kneel down, walked the mountain road with Karen.
The teddy bear is embraced by Karen, and she looked happy.

[But still, it was amazing! I didn’t expect Master to be able to handle a gun like that!]
[Um, I did show it to you once, though]


Iwato said so, and recalls.
During the time when the Ultimate Polar Bear attacked the training camp location, he took a gun from his house.
That gun–the arms stored in that drawer, are something that he sealed himself from using it again.
And, he used it for the second time after the Coffin Cloak.
Even if the bullet he took was only 『Restore』, it can’t be an excuse as he used it.

Iwato thinks that way and breathes out. At the same time, they reached the parking lot at the midway of the mountain road.
Usually, the drivers who are tired of driving on the mountain road, will stop their cars here and rest, but fortunately, there’s no one here. Therefore, it became an ideal spot to watch the fireworks. (

[Un, this place looks good]


Iwato said so as he put his weight on the railings and look downwards. The street lighten up by vivid light can be seen.
When seeing that, Iwato loosens his expression, and at the same time as that, a sound 『Hyuuuuu』 can be heard from a distance.
He raises his face.
At the same time, huge fiery flowers bloom in the night sky.



He then turn his eyes to his side upon hearing such voice.
The figure of Karen looking at the fireworks can be seen, and the girl who’s illuminated by those light, was too beautiful and charming.
Iwato recalls. The first time he met her.
When Iwato was on the way to buy a refrigerator at Tanaka Electrics, he met Karen.
Because she was sleeping in a cardboard at the night street, now he thinks that the encounter was very shocking.
After that, she got along with Tsumugu, ate the same meal, and spent the same time.

[I……I’m glad that I met you, Karen]


Before he knew it, such words leaked out from his mouth, and Karen who heard that, unintentionally raised such a voice.
However, Iwato didn’t look at Karen. He looks at the night sky with a loose expression.
The fireworks are still launching one after another, and it was more beautiful than when he saw it last year.

(I’m also……changing a little, huh)


The first is–when I get a little sister.
Then, 3 years later, I get a pupil, a freeloader, and a friend.
This is the 『youth』 I dreamed of in the past.
And, it’s almost completed.
That’s why, it’s fun now, and I can’t help but think that this is precious to me.
And, surely, I changed because of everyone.
That’s why, Iwato muttered so in his mind–

[I-I am also…..glad meeting Master!]


Suddenly, such voice raised from his side.
Due to it being too loud, Iwato opened his eyes wide even though the fireworks are still launching. Then, he looks at Karen.
Iwato can see Karen with her face dyed in red, and he saw Ayame’s figure overlapping with her figure.

(Ah, I see……)


Iwato had a hunch.
And, instead of leaving it like this, it’s better that I tell her my feelings clearly.
Even if it’s not for myself, at least, it’s the best for her.

[Um! E-Err! S-Say……]


What she wants to say? The answer is clear.
If I let her say it, I’m sure she would get hurt.
That’s why, Iwato interrupted.

[Say, Karen]


Saying that, Iwato looks up at the sparkling night sky.

[This, is a little, story of my friend in the past]
[W-Why so sudden……]


Karen raised such voice when the reminiscence suddenly started before she could be prepared.
Upon hearing those words, Iwato loosen his expression a little.
However, there’s no sign of him stopping, and he exhaled and started to tell the story.

[Long ago, about 3 years ago. There’s a boy who’s far stronger than me on the earth. The world’s strongest boy]


Upon hearing that, Karen wanted to say 『That’s a lie』.
However, she somehow swallowed those words when she looked at Iwato’s figure.

[The boy was strong. Every enemy who stand in his way, were all killed, and there’s no one who wanted to oppose him. Such a scary guy existed]


He said so, and smiled wryly.

[One day, the boy–killed one Unknown] (TL note: the ‘one’ here means one person)


There were sadness and regrets in those words, and when Karen heard it, a certain Unknown’s name came to her mind.

[It was strong. Really strong. He was even afraid of the strength. Such feelings was felt since the first time he saw an Unknown. But–he won]


He said so, and moves his hand to the scar on his right eyebrow.
The scar that he once said that it was caused by an accident.
If one thinks, it’s easy to know that a machine can never wound this man.
When he moved his hand from his eyebrow, he told the truth–the despair that the boy experienced.


[However, the boy knew for the first time after killing it. That the Unknown has a family, a daughter. And also, feelings similar to humans]


Upon hearing those words, Karen opened her eyes wide.

[After that day, the boy couldn’t use his superpower. He became afraid of using it. He couldn’t use his superpower towards someone]


And, he looks downwards to his own hands.
The hands are trembling, and in order to stop the trembling, Iwato hold down his hand with the other hand.

[‘I’ll kill you’, was said many times. He thought that ‘It would be better that I die’. After all, his hands were stained with blood and dyed into black after getting dried. He unconsciously accumulated sins, and when he realized it, it became something that can never be regained–]


–What left is, just the sense of emptiness.

Iwato said so, and showed a false smile.

[The boy, after that, many things happened and he recovered to the extent that he could live ordinarily. He got a precious existence. And, he was told]


–Nii-san…needs a dream. And…a hobby. That’s why…anything is okay…so just think of one.

Iwato remembered every single word and phrase.
Therefore, the boy thought of it.

[What I want is youth. Hobby is shampoo]




[The boy decided, that he would never love anyone]


That’s the result of him thinking in his way.
He killed 『humans』. However, he’s worshiped by people and resented by a girl. She even said that she will kill him.
After that, many things happened, but at the end, he reached to a conclusion that he can’t bring happiness to someone.
That’s why, he won’t love anyone. He won’t date someone. There’s no way he can bring happiness to someone if he can’t even take responsibilities.
That’s why, he–Iwato, said this to Karen.


[Sorry, but I can’t give an answer to your feelings. If I were to get married in the future, a shampoo suits me more]


The youth he desired is probably something sparkling like in the shoujo manga.
However, in his youth–the word ‘love’ doesn’t exist.

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