World Record Chapter 46

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46. Firework display



Iwato sighed deeply.
He’s at a nearby convenience store’s parking lot at the town park where the firework display will be held.
Iwato held the sports drink that he bought from the convenience store, and sighed while squatting.



He recalls what he said earlier at the rooftop.

『Won’t you date me with marriage in mind?』


Iwato recites the word in his mind, and looks at the sky.
The sky is no longer orange colored. Iwato starts to feel lonely upon seeing the night sky.
And at the same time as that, the sound of a phone call resounded.
The caller is Tsumugu.
Iwato presses the accept call button.
And, the very first word he heard is

『Idiot. It became extremely troublesome』


It was such words.
Iwato knew what’s the reason regarding this.
The reason is all because he gave 『such answer』.

『She…lock herself…in my room…crying』


Why Tsumugu’s room?
Although Iwato wanted to ask so, his heart hurt when he heard the word ‘crying’.

[Well, I know the best that I gave the worst answer in human history as a reply to a confession]
『It’s obvious. If you gave such answer, her heart will break』


Buchi……tsu, tsu.
The call was cut immediately after her voice is heard, and at the same time as that, Iwato stands up.
Katan katan.
A sound similar to a person wearing wooden clogs running can be heard. At the same time as that, a girl appear from the street corner.

[S-Sorry for keeping you waiting!]
[Just about 30 minutes]
[Read the mood!!]


The person who came is the girl who Iwato promised to go to the fireworks display–Komauchi Karen.
She’s wearing a blue yukata with hairpin holding her hair.
Iwato thought of this when he saw the cute girl.

(Ah, I have a bad feeling about this)


Fireworks display.
Just the two of them.
After the school festival.
The current situation which has all of those factors. It’s truism for the man who have read many shoujo manga, to think so.




A few minutes later.
What awaits the two who arrived at the town park was the crowd of people.
And–the numerous stalls.

[M-Master! This is amazing! It’s food everywhere!]
[No, why are you saying that while looking at the 『Goldfish Scooping』?]


Iwato hits Karen on the head who looks at the goldfishes while drooling, and he looks around.
Candied apple. Shooting game. Ikayaki, yakisoba. Tropical juice. And many more.
Even Iwato who have never go to any festivals like this, 『seems』 to know the goods. And, the atmosphere raises Iwato’s spirits.

[Yosh Karen, where you want to go?]
[Of course, that 『Goldfish Scoo–』]
[Except that one]


When Iwato rejected Karen’s plan, Karen puffs out her cheeks.
And, Iwato looks at the sky while poking her cheeks.

[! What are you doing!? You should console me because I’m angry!]
[Hahaha, have you seen me consoling anyone else except Tsumu?]


Iwato said so as he looked around the surroundings, and then, he held out his right hand to Karen.
Although Karen inclined her head for a moment by his action, when she realize that Iwato requested it, she blushes.
It’s somehow like a bad omen, but–

[Well, it would be bad if you got lost in this crowd of people……Come on]


Iwato blushes as he takes Karen’s hand, and starts walking.
Although Iwato can hear a happy voice from the back, he pretended that he didn’t hear it.




[Nfuoo! Hanhahahoo, nenouitaifu!]
[I don’t understand what you are saying]


Iwato said so while looking at Karen who’s walking beside him.
There’s a large amount of foods in Iwato’s hand.
From the things that can be bought in the school festival such as yakisoba and takoyaki to things that can only be bought from stalls like this such as cotton candy. A great variety of foods.
And, Karen who consumes at the speed of swallowing everything while holding hands with Iwato.
The people in the surroundings opened their eyes wide upon seeing her, and on top of that, they sent pity look to Iwato who’s carrying the foods.

[Master! Somehow, this place is like heaven!]
[Ah, yes yes. If everything in this place can be eaten for free……]


Iwato said so while showing a dry smile, and he looks down at their hands that are still connecting.

(If she released this hand, she would be able to eat more easily……)


It’s not that he put it into words.
However, Karen guessed what Iwato wanted to say, and she grasped his hand tightly.

[Muuu! What!? You’re thinking about releasing the hand? I absolutely won’t allow it!]
[I understand, so lower your voice!]


Iwato became flustered when Karen suddenly shouted such embarrassing thing. And before they knew it, the attention gathered at the two.
Even the black haired Iwato who’s used to it, frowns.


[Hey you, you’re cute! Why not you have some fun with us?]


Upon hearing those words, he crumples his eyebrows.
The voice came from the back, and those words were definitely meant for them–No, it’s obvious that they call out on Karen.
It’s clear when a hand was placed on Karen’s shoulder, and above all, the scorning feeling towards Iwato. That much is enough.

[Eh? Ah, um, err……]


Commonly referred to as 『picking up girls』.
That’s why, even the usual cheerful Karen falters, and the man who misunderstood that she’s not so dissatisfied, smiled.

[Hey hey, we can entertain you better than that plain guy. So, come and have some fun with us]


At the same time as the man holds Karen’s shoulder, he jumps in between Iwato and Karen to separate her hands from Iwato in a casual manner.
And, several playboys appeared from the crowd of people as if they were waiting for it.
When Iwato saw them, he was convinced.

(Ah, these playboys are dead)


Releasing her hand, holding her shoulder, and on top of that, speaking ill of Master. Karen shook her shoulders, and her hands form into fists.
If this continues, the playboys will be knocked down, or more precisely, smashed up completely, and at the end, the police will get involve.
And above all,

–then, you should ask me properly like how Master did!

Those words passed her mind.
Depending on how one thinks, the promise has already been fulfilled, but Karen didn’t wish for it.
And also–

(This development is pointless)


I’m used to being looked down.
Even if they hit me, it doesn’t hurt at all. They would get hurt instead.
Above all, I know that Karen is not a girl who suits with such weeds. I know that very well.
Then, there’s only one thing to do.

[Sorry. We’re on a date now]


Iwato talked to those guys.
The guys who smiled as if they waited for those words, approach Iwato.

[Oh? A carrier who act as if a boyfriend? Are you perhaps jealous that this girl was stolen by us?]


The playboy said so to provoke Iwato.
A normal guy would feel irritated by this.
However–the opponent is too tough.

[Jealous? Why must I feel jealous on you maggots…..]


Iwato said that and sneered.
No matter who sees that, it can only be seen as 『Why must I feel jealous on lower class people like you?』–or rather, it’s exactly what he meant. Veins appeared on the playboy’s forehead, and he showed a twitched smile.

[Y-You’re just bluffing……]
[Eh, am I?]


At the next moment, a sound of something broke was heard.
Before he knew it, the playboy has already grabbed Iwato by the collar, and his eyes were dyed in red.

[Y-You bastard! Don’t push your luck! I’ll beat you up!]


With those words, more attention gathered at them.
What the spectators can see are a intimate couple and the playboys who’re jealous of them.
Although the rest of the playboys tried to call out the man when they realized the attention–their decision was one step slower.


[Then, why not we have a match for the girl? Let’s see……then, that one]


Iwato said so and pointed at the shooting game stall.




After that, the rest of the playboys tried to stop the man, but
『Ah, I don’t mind if you want to run away~』
Iwato told him that, and his face was dyed in red. And then, he decided to accept the match. How pitiful.

[The rule is simple. The first one who shoots down the prize that she specified wins. Once a person shot two times, the next person’s turn comes. Well, it’s something that can be understood if you’re not a monkey. Isn’t that right, Ape?]
[Chi, making fun of me……]


The playboy said so, and spits.
The surroundings is already crowded with curious onlookers, and Karen looked at Iwato in worry.

[W-Will it be all right? The development just now was amazing, but……shooting game is…]


Karen muttered so, and looked down.
After all, if Iwato lose in this, Karen will be taken by the playboys. It’s easy to imagine what would happen after that. That’s why, Karen asked so–


[Don’t worry, Karen. Believe in me]


Karen opened her eyes wide upon hearing those words.
According to what Iwato said a while ago, it’s unusual that he would console someone. For Karen, it’s since that at the beginning.
Therefore, Karen was surprised by those words–and her face was dyed in red.
When she realized it, Iwato is already stroking her head, and the onlookers who saw that, whistled.

[My main weapons are fists and guns. I won’t lose when it comes to handling a gun. That’s why, don’t worry]


Iwato said that and separated his hand from Karen’s head, and turns around.
Although Karen was puzzled by those words, she was convinced on only one thing.


[Karen, if possible, I want you to pick the one that you think is the heaviest]


The word ‘defeat’ doesn’t exist in this Master.

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