World Record Chapter 45

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45. Orange

After that, Ikemae raised 『5 points』 in a fainted state while being was transported to the hospital. And then, the closing ceremony was held.
The Miss Academy, Ayame, rose to the stage in her uniform, and among the audience that gathered below the stage, there’re three figures which are Iwato and two girls who look frustrated.

[Muu, Ayame……was certainly cute. But…somehow unfair]
[That’s right! Though she didn’t do anything unfair! If I have to say one, it’s the wedding dress]


The intolerant two exchanged words.
They should just accept defeat honestly.
Although Iwato thought of saying that, they lost after being ranked. If they don’t say some excuses, they probably can’t get on with it. Especially, Karen who was utterly defeated.
Iwato thinks of such thing, and

『Well then, Miss Academy Sumikawa-san. The prize is the right of “spending the school festival with one person from now on”. Who will you pick?』



was caught off guard.
I didn’t hear about that–No, I’m sure they didn’t tell me on purpose.
And, it’s perfectly obvious who Ayame will pick.
Ayame looked downwards at Iwato from the stage, and said this with a smile.


『Of course, with Iwato-sama!』


Just like that, Iwato have to be together with Ayame until just before the fireworks display.




[Aah……really the worst……. Why my first confession have to be that playboy……]


Ayame said that and dropped her shoulders. Iwato who saw that, showed a wry smile.

[Well, it’s not a big deal]
[It is! Iwato-sama, really don’t have any delicacy]


Iwato thought that he was trying to cheer her up, but he was shocked by Ayame’s reply speed.
He said it before that he’s a shoujo manga reader–an in addition to that, he’s a man who read a large number of school rom-coms.
In fact, he only manage to absorb 1 out of 10 mangas that he read, but still, he feels that he’s a 『Maiden’s heart master』.
That’s why, he showed such response when he was denied with an immediate reply in this school festival.
And, at the end–

[……Eh? Don’t tell me, Iwato-sama, you think that you understand a maiden’s heart……?]


Iwato was struck by an impact on his head upon hearing those merciless words, and he fell to his knees.
And, Ayame who saw that, was convinced.

(That Iwato-sama on his knees……!? That means he seriously thought that he understand a maiden’s heart!)


It was really a small mercy for Iwato as he didn’t see Ayame’s expression at that time.
Just like that, while conversing, attention starts to gather at them gradually.
That’s a natural thing because the Miss Academy is conversing with her partner like this. Iwato and Ayame noticed it, and they looked at each other.
However, their expression were exactly the opposite.
Iwato had a troubled looking expression.
Ayame had a smile as if she’s planning on something.
Ayame then approached to Iwato, and whispered this.


[Let’s go to a place where we can be together]


In those words, there’s an alluring sound.




[Uwaa! It’s bigger than I thought!]


Ayame shouted so, and she started running.
They are currently at the rooftop which is usually off-limits–though it’s still off-limits now, it’s meaningless when coming up against Iwato’s jump power and Ayame’s superpower.
Iwato scratched his head, and turned his eyes towards Ayame.
And, in the next moment–Iwato opened his eyes wide.

[T-This is……a-amazing]


The sun setting, and the town shining in orange.
The sight is the most beautiful sight Iwato has ever seen up until now. Iwato was overwhelm by the sight in front of him.

[Amazing…… Even though the Unknowns are dominating the earth, somehow, only this scene has not changed since the old days]


When Iwato realized it, Ayame was already standing next to him, and Iwato consented to those words.
A beautiful and wonderful sight.
However, this sight is surely just one of many more sights around the world. There’s surely a more wonderful scene than this, outside the wall where the Unknowns dominate.

[This……is my first time seeing it]


Iwato said something proper after a few seconds.
However, Ayame inclined her head to the side upon hearing those words, and she looked at Iwato.

[……Eh? I-It’s certainly beautiful, but first time seeing it is……]


Iwato turned his eyes towards Ayame by those words.
Ayame saw–that there’s sadness in his eyes.
Iwato looked away from her, and turned his eyes towards the sunset again.

[Well……my past self didn’t have time to watch such scene. I might have seen it before, but at least, I–don’t remember it]


Iwato at that time–since the 『past』, his absurd physical ability and absurd brains didn’t change.
That’s why, if it’s something that Iwato would forget, it can only be something that don’t have any value in it to be stored in his memory.
Therefore, Iwato emphasized the 『don’t』 part, and smiled.

[Well, not even one year has passed since enrollment, and I can see this scene already. It’s certainly beautiful, but if I were to be excited on such thing, no matter how many lives I have, it won’t be enough]


Iwato said that, and closes his eyes–as if inputting this sight into his mind.
Silence occupied the two for a while.
And, a few seconds later.



At the same time as the voice, a cold hand holds Iwato’s right hand.
Holding his hand very gently. Iwato was a little bewildered by Ayame’s unusual state, and he opens his eyes and looks at her.

[I-If you don’t mind, will you go and see various scenes with me? After graduating from high school……if Iwato-sama wants to go to the university, then after graduating from university. Let’s go an see many scenes like this!]


Ayame shouted so while blushing.
Even though she usually shows her affection, she blushes only in times like this. Iwato smiled upon seeing her, and held her hand tightly.
Ayame’s face dyed redder by that, but Iwato looks at her, and then turns his eyes towards the sunset.


[It sure is orange]


He muttered those words.




[Well then, should we go back down?]


The sun has set considerably, and Iwato said so while looking down from the rooftop.
At the sports ground, the preparation of the campfire has already started, and when he looked at another place, several students walked towards the school gate.
Iwato promised to go to the fireworks display with Karen.
That’s why, Iwato have to go back and prepare.
That’s right, 『with Karen』.


[Iwato-sama, what do you think of Karen?]


Suddenly, Ayame asked such thing.
When Iwato looks at her, there’s the figure of Ayame looking downwards to conceal her blushing face. And then, Iwato replied this after thinking a little.

[Hmm, well, I think she’s cute. Although she’s stupid, it just makes me want to take care of her]


A safe answer.
He didn’t lie–above all, it’s not the answer she wanted.
Neither like nor hate.
Ayame clenched her teeth upon hearing such 『good-for-nothing』 answer, and she–released Iwato’s hand.

[Is it hard to understand? If so, then I’ll say it clearly. Karen and I, who do you like?]


She raised her head and said so.
Iwato cast down his eyes upon seeing her in teary eyes, and he shook his head.
Ayame guessed everything upon seeing Iwato’s state.
For him, the current relationship is enjoyable. And, he doesn’t want to destroy this environment that she desired. That’s why, he acted as a 『good-for-nothing』.
Certainly, it’s fun being in that house. Bright and warm atmosphere in it.
Ayame also like it.

–But, above all, she love Iwato.


[Iwato-sama, I love you! Won’t you date me with marriage in mind?]


Such words came out from Ayame’s mouth, and when she realized what she said, she quickly closed her mouth with her hands.
Ayame–Iwato knew.
That if he gives her an answer, the current relationship will crumble for sure, and also, he has no way to avoid it.

He repeated a few deep breathes, and he turns his eyes towards Ayame and looks back at her red eyes.

And, Iwato opened his mouth.



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