World Record Chapter 44

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44. Beauty contest

『Now, the Force Academy’s Beauty Contest starts! A.k.a Miss Academy! The emcee is me once again!』


The female student said so, and immediately after that, excited cheers resounded.
Iwato instinctively plugs his ears by that, and he looks at the screen above the stage.
The rules of the Miss Academy are display on the screen.

『The rules are simple. The 3 judges will be able to give 5 points each in which the maximum total points is 15 while the minimum is 3!』

[Ranking, huh? Make a mistake, and it will be a trauma]


Iwato muttered so, but the emcee continues to speak.

『Well then, let’s announce our honorable judges!』


Upon saying that, the spotlight focused at the right seat on the stage.
The person sitting on the seat is a red-haired woman wearing a black jersey–Nakajima-sensei.

『The first to appear is Nakajima-sensei! Formerly a delinquent, or so we thought, but she’s an ex-Special Forces! A~l~so~, surprisingly, she’s a complete……』

『……Gefun, gefun. No, nothing. Let’s proceed to the next judge』


What did she try to say?
Iwato who’s associated with her for a long time, guessed it unexpectedly, and he wiped his tears with his fingers.

『Next up is this academy’s handsome man! Smart and handsome! If you exclude his annoying personality, he passes! The Academy’s hero, Ikemae Ikeo-san!』


At an instant, the high-pitched cheer from the female students resounded.
Ikemae returns the cheer with a smile and a wave. And, the volume of the female students’ cheer rises.
The emcee who’s also a female student, had a cramp smile, but–

『Today, I will try to do my best in all sincerity』


Then, the emcee said 『No, you don’t need to do a mike performance』. However, her voice overlapped with the cheer, and veins start to appear on her forehead.
–Ah, I somehow can understand the feelings of that girl.
Mainly, concerning this man’s impressions.
When Iwato thought of that, the spotlight focused at the third seat.
The one seating there is a black curly haired man with glasses–


『Hai, next. Um, Nagumo……Iwato-san? Wha, though that part of him is plain, it’s quite big……Ah, is this really okay? If it is, then fine. So there he is, Nagumo Iwato-san』

[Oi emcee!]


Iwato who’s seated on the third seat of the judges, shouted at the extremely rude female student.




After a few minutes, the beauty contest starts normally.
Of course, after that

『Haa? Who do think you are? Showing that attitude to this emcee……You wanna die?』

『Haa? Back at you. You’re just a female high school student holding a mike. Don’t get so cocky』


Although there’s such development, everyone at the venue read the atmosphere and prevented the two from fighting. Somehow, the event managed to advance smoothly.
And, whether the beauty contest has less participants or not, it has already approaching to the climax.

『It’s time for the second half of the beauty contest! From here on……Whoa! Just looking at the photos, the girls are quite good! Even I who have been the emcee for ○○ years, is surprised!』


I wonder why I couldn’t hear the crucial part.
Iwato looks at the emcee with suspicious look, and when she realized that, her face twitches.
However, Iwato stops looking at her immediately.


『Entry number 6! Please rise to the stage!』


Just like that, the person who appeared from the backstage, is Karen in a maid outfit.

(Maid outfit……?)

Iwato unintentionally stared at Karen’s outfit.
The maid outfit is a little different than the mini-skirt maid outfit that she wore with Ayame. It’s a genuine long-skirt maid outfit.
Because of that, the usual tomboyish aura can’t be felt from her, and the current feeling that can be felt upon seeing her is–that’s right, a graceful samurai……

『Hi! It’s everyone’s long-waited Karen~!』



It’s just the usual Karen.
Iwato sighs when he saw the usual Karen, and he became worried of the guys who raised a loud cheer. Is this school alright?

『Entry number 6, Komauchi Karen-san from the first year third class! Her outfit is maid! Wonderful!』


The audiences nodded in response of the emcee.

(Somehow……it’s that. It’s like looking at otakus dancing while holding a glowstick)


Iwato who thought of that, placed his hand at his temple, and in the meanwhile, the emcee started to ask Karen a few questions.

『Well then, the first question, what’s your favorite fo……』

『It’s Master!…… What am I saying!? No, it’s definitely not like that!!』


What’s your favorite food? Not Master.
Even the emcee was stunned by her answer, but she immediately cleared her throat and proceed with the next question.

『Um, the next question. What do you do usual……』

『Following Master!』


S-She said it……
The students who heard that, shivered, and Iwato held his head instinctively.
Iwato knew that Karen is stalking him.
To be precise, she just followed him saying that 『I want to investigate Master’s strength!』.
And, while Iwato is holding his head, the emcee thought that she should finish this quick, she quick fired the following questions.


『Observing Master!』

『Special skill……』

『Master’s imitation!』

『Future dre……』

『B-B-B-Bride……What are you making me say!?』


Everyone felt that way.
However, the judges still need to give a score.

『4, 5, 3! Total, 12 points!』

『Master!? Why is it strangely low!?』


Taking into account of the embarrassment, Iwato gave 3 points.




『Next, a participant from outside the school…… Besides that, a elementary school student! Be delighted, Lolicons!』



When Iwato realized it, he has already shouted, and before he knew it, he’s already wearing a blue coat and holding glowsticks in his hands.
His figure is no longer the person who’s saying things on the otakus just now, and Karen who stood at the side of the stage, pouted upon seeing him.
Pedo-sama. Or perhaps, siscon. Such words passed through her head.

『Um, it seems that a judge is acting a little foolish, but let’s proceed! Entry number 7! Come to the stage!』


Silence alighted to the stage at the same time as those words. After a few seconds, an angel appeared–from the curtain connecting to the backstage.



By the extreme cuteness, everyone at the venue, shouted so while holding their chest.
Although the girl reacted in surprise by the voice, she make progress to the stage hesitantly.
Moving her body as if she’s embarrass, and her cheeks are dyed in red.
Beautifully arranged short hair, and the strangely shiny pink lips.
And, she’s wearing a pure white nurse outfit with a nurse hat. And small angel wings at her back.
Angel is the perfect word to describe her current appearance.

[Nothing concerning the lolicons, please don’t grow]
『Agree! I really agree with you, Nagumo-san!』


The opinion of the two who were on bad terms, matched, and they raised their thumbs up to each other.
And, Tsumugu who saw that, pouted.

[Nii-san…cheating again]


Tsumugu said that, and turns away.
And, the lolicons vomit blood upon seeing that. And also one siscon bastard.
By that, even the emcee starts to sweat, and she thought that she should move on to the judging without doing the question part.
Otherwise–someone will surely die from cuteness.

『W-Well then, the judging!』


Result, 4, 5, 5.
Total, 14 points. A 9-year-old girl is topping a high school’s beauty contest.




『W-Well then, next is the final participant~……』


The emcee muttered so in tire.
After all, many lolicons died from the cuteness of Tsumugu, and they’re currently being transported to the infirmary. By the way, Iwato manage to endured it. As expected of the Black King.
However, Iwato was conscious that it was bad for him when Tsumugu appeared, so he felt relaxed.
That’s why, he was captivated–by the last girl.

『E-Entry number……8……』


Even the emcee gulped by the beauty, and her words paused midway.
The person standing there is a lovely silver-haired girl.
Wearing a pure white wedding dress, her cheeks slightly dyed in red, and her lips smeared in red.
Because her hair is not weaved like usual, her hair has grown till her shoulder. White as the overall impression with the red lips and eyes look attractive……



Someone muttered so.
Iwato felt relief that it was not him, but at the same time as that, he blushes slightly as he thought about it in his mind.

[Y-Y-You’re beautiful!]


Iwato said [Haa?] instinctively to the man who shouted next to him.
However, Iwato was not the only one, but everyone at the venue who were charmed by Ayame’s appearance, scowled when they heard the rude words.
However, the man–Ikemae Ikeo didn’t see his surroundings. He then stood up and walked towards Ayame.

[Beautiful! It’s my first time seeing such a lovely girl! You could say that it’s love at first sight!]


Somehow, he’s arrogant.
Iwato muttered so in his mind, and showed a wry smile. And when he look at Ayame who had a very nice smile, he felt a chill.

『Who do you think you are to butt in like this, you playboy!? If you don’t shut up and disappear, I crush your ○○』


I wonder why I can hear such words from the smile.
Then, Iwato made a decision–Yosh, I better not do anything. I don’t want my ○○ to be crushed by Ayame’s superpower.
The guys at the venue somehow pigeon-toed, and the girls were disappointed by Ikemae who butt in without reading the atmosphere.


[W-Will you go out with me!?]
[Absolutely no♡]




PS. By the way, Ayame’s score is 5, 5, 5. Total, 15 points. This year’s Miss Academy is Ayame.

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