World Record Chapter 43

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43. Each love circumstances

Iwato leaned his back against a nearby tree while folding his arms, and turned his eyes towards Eita.

[So, do you know the sender?]
[Ah, no because it’s in my shoe box…… Maybe her name is written in the letter]


Eita said so while opening the letter.
Iwato thought 『You came to me before confirming the letter……』 in an instant, but when thinking so, Eita is quite a virgin. His actions is also cute. Though love won’t bud.
When Iwato was thinking such rude thing, Eita lowered his eyes towards the letter–but

[Um……huh? Err, wa-…… O-Oi Iwato……l-l-look at this]


Eita who act strangely upon seeing the letter.
Iwato unintentionally tilts his head by that, and accepted the love letter.
What written in the letter were a love letter that would even make the reader skip a beat and the name of the sender–but


[This name. I-It’s…the class rep, right?]


That’s right, the sender is–that class rep.
The blue braided hair class rep.
The girl who bought Iwato’s Overdye SRB at the very beginning. The girl who blushed in a witch attire. The girl who brought despair to Iwato a while ago.
Upon recalling, Iwato comes to a conclusion.

[That girl……if she’s prepared to endure despair, then isn’t it fine?]
[You…what happened between you and class rep!?]


In reply to that, Iwato said [Nothing much] while looking at the empty sky.
Upon hearing that, Eita

(D-Don’t tell me, she’s his ex-girlfriend!?)


And, Eita thinks.


That’s a certain day in winter.
Christmas song can be heard afar. Iwato and the class rep faced each other.
Iwato looked serious, but the class rep looked troubled.

『Class rep, I……have someone I like』



The class rep was shocked.
The two of them have been together up until now are childhood friends. And, it changed during the summer in their first year of middle school. They became lovers.
And now–they’re going to return to being childhood friends.

『N-No! I don’t want to hear any further!』


The class rep said so as she shook her head.
Her braided twin tails sway left and right. And her knitted hat drops to the ground.
That’s the hat Iwato gave her–her most precious present.
Iwato cast his eyes down, and he move his hand towards his pocket–


『I’ll introduce her to you. My new girlfriend–Overdye SRB』


Having thought until there, Eita shouted.

[Y-You bastard! Why, why you throw away your childhood friend for a damn shampoo!?]
[What the hell are you saying!?]


And, Iwato was surprised the unfamiliar words.




Eita goes to school early in the morning everyday.
Not only because he has morning training for the baseball club, but even if there’s no morning training on the day, he would still go to school early in the morning. It has become a habit for him.
The love letter probably–was inserted into Eita’s shoe box after he reached the school and before the other students came.
The appointed time is 20 minutes after Eita consulted with Iwato. And the time has come in a blink of an eye while he was talking to Iwato.

(S-Shit! I-I’m getting nervous……)


The place is the back of the school building.
Because the entrance for the beauty contest is held now and other stalls are on the verge of selling out, the back of the school building is probably the best spot.
To choose this place for confession. As expected of the super diligent class rep.
Iwato–muttered so from the bushes.

[Oi, why are you here!?]
[Why? Eita-kun, don’t be so cruel. It’s my best friend’s important affair. Of course, I must be there]
[You’re terrible!]


Eita shouts at Iwato.
However, Iwato had a serious look as if he sensed something. He placed his index finger in front of his mouth to tell Eita to be quiet, and enters stealth mode.
Iwato disappeared as if he merge into the shadow.
And immediately after that, the class rep appears from the corner of the school building.
Eita was shocked by his perception ability, his reaction speed and his extremely high leveled stealth skill.

[H-Huh? Hiragishi-kun……you’re already here]
[He? Ah, yes! W-Well, yeah……?]


The loose atmosphere vanished immediately after she spoke.
The sound of the heartbeat that can be heard without putting a hand on his chest.
When Eita looked forward while feeling that steam is coming out from his face, and what he saw was the figure of the class rep who’s blushing.
–What is this? What is this?
Eita ask himself instinctively upon acting strange–and he recalled what Iwato said.

『The love letter is from the class rep, right? She wrote that she like you, right? Then, you should give her a proper answer. A maiden wants a proper answer for her confession. It’s written in the shoujo manga』


If he didn’t say the last sentence, it would be the best.
But because there’s the last sentence, he was that manly.

(Sorry Iwato. I won’t listen to only those words)


Eita looks at her properly.
She’s feeling nervous that she don’t know what to say while blushing.
–She’s so cute.
Eita thought so unintentionally, and blushes.
However, if he don’t say anything here, he would be ashamed. Following after the battle against the Sacred Beast class–no, even greater. A great task once in a lifetime.
Eita inhales and–




Their voices–overlapped.
By that, the two of them were stunned. Apparently, they didn’t realize each other’s action due to the nervousness.
When thinking so, they both burst into laughter.

[Hahahaha, what’s with that, class rep? You’re being too nervous]
[Fufu, Hiragishi-kun too. It’s not like you]


Both of them hold their sides while laughing pleasantly.
When they realized it, the nervousness has disappeared between them. Eita began to say what in his mind without getting nervous.


[Class rep. I like you. If you’re okay with me……will you be my girlfriend……?]


Upon hearing those words, she stared in wonder.
Looking at Eita with a surprising look.
And when she realized it, tears flow from her eyes, and she said this delightfully.


[Yes, with pleasure!]


The girl at that time was beautiful to the extent that Iwato opened his eyes wide upon seeing from the side.




[Well, looks like I shown you something good]


After that, Iwato who was called out by Eita, show up very easily.
Even the class rep was surprised by that, and she hid behind Eita due to the embarrassment. Class rep, what a cute girl.
Eita thought so as he grins, but upon realizing that Iwato is also grinning, vein started to appear on his forehead.
However, the reason he called out Iwato is no other than


[You……said that 『My future wife has been decided』 just now. Can you tell us who is it?]


Eita asked Iwato directly.
Although the class rep raised a shocked voice because she didn’t know about it, she didn’t interrupt their conversation.

[Karen-chan and Ayame-chan. You and I are like a set. But the other two who are a set with you, have spend quite some time together with you. That’s why–I can tell that those two like you]


Upon hearing those words, Iwato showed a troubled smile.
He knew.
That Karen and Ayame have feelings on him.
However, Karen don’t want to say it clearly, and Ayame is looking for the timing to go out with him.
Therefore, Iwato accepted their offers. He accepts them–and didn’t reject them.
That’s why, it becomes a harem. For those who know their circumstance, he’s an irregular existence.
That’s why, Eita who knows him, was surprised by his words.

『Sorry. My future wife has been decided』


That means he has sorted out his feelings to the girls.
That’s why, Eita wants to know.
He knows that it’s something that shouldn’t be said. However, Eita said so because he was interested.


[Un, I don’t mind]


Iwato knows that he can’t say no, so he was convinced.
Iwato exhales, and looks at them.


[My future wife is……]


The words after that were carried away by the wind and vanished. Only reaching the two of them in this area.
However, the two who heard his answer, showed surprise by the unexpected words–


[Y-You……are you……serious?]
[Un. This……has been decided since the beginning]


Iwato said so while feeling lonely.

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