World Record Chapter 41

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41. Lost child & Haunted house

After that, time passed, and finally, it’s the day.

『From now on, I don’t know how many times it has been held, but the Force Academy School Festival starts!』


The location is at the gym.
The voice of the female emcee and the cheers resounded and roared in this humid gym.
And, he who watches the state of the gym from the entrance.
He leaked a smile as if he recalled of something, and muttered this towards someone.

[For the time being, it looks like my 『dream』 is coming true]


Then, he moved into the gym.






The scream resounded.
Iwato smiled wryly while hearing the scream upon entering his class’ haunted house.
As for the story of this haunted house, at first, Iwato wearing a tailcoat will lie in wait upon entering. Of course, he’s not the princess.
Surprising the customers with his sudden appearance, and they will feel relieved upon seeing Iwato’s normal appearance.
However, they opened their eyes wide when they saw Iwato’s abdomen.

[Gufu……, b-be careful……of this journey. If you decided to move on……please take……!]


Iwato’s lines.
His abdomen is dyed in red with soil, and he acts like vomiting blood while handing the flashlight to the customers.

In a haunted house, the beginning is the most important.
If it’s not scary at the beginning, they will make light of the haunted house. So the scariness will be reduced to half.
However, regarding that, Iwato’s acting is quite high leveled.
After he fell, he would look up with dead-fish eyes without even blinking and also breathing.
On top of that, his neck and wrist has been applied with heavy makeup. In the worst case, even if they measure his pulse, they shouldn’t be able to know it.
All the customers who visited the haunted house, were surprised by that, and among them, there was also a kind female student who called the ambulance fearing that Iwato was dead. Though she was stopped by Iwato who resuscitated from the abyss of death.

–However, such Iwato is just nothing but a warm up.

The straight path after that.
The thing that the people saw upon advancing is–the numerous skeleton corpses scattered around the whole surface.
Everyone leaked their voice unintentionally by that, but they move on thinking that those skeletons are fake.

『Kata, katakata』

『Smell……of the living』


Just as they turned around, they start to feel the bones touching their shoulders and back.
The customers turned pale by that and scream all at once. And they escaped into the deeper part of the haunted house.

By the way, as for a spoiler, the skeletons moved because Ayame was using her superpower to manipulate it from the shadow. While the voice is Eita’s recorded voice.

Returning to the main subject.

The travellers who stopped after sorted out their fear.
There’s a small room in front of them, and there are many picture frame placed on the wall.
The picture there is a happy girl wearing a blue dress and the butler who looks at her pleasantly.
The travellers who felt an unexpressable feeling, realized that there’s a book on top of the table at the center of the room.
The book title is–Butler’s diary.
The dead butler’s diary. They thought that they would probably know about this mansion if they read this book.
So they opened the book, and

『Aah, found you……』


Upon seeing the face buried in the book and hearing the voice, screams resounded again.
By the way, it’s just a mechanized device.

After that, they escaped further into the haunted house, and they arrived at a small room with several chairs.
The door to advance is locked with a padlock, and there’s a huge screen in front of where the chairs were placed. When they see that, it’s obvious that if they don’t sit on the chairs, they can’t move on.
And, unwillingly–the travelers sit down on the chairs.
And at the same time as that, a video is played.
It was a video of the princess playing at the garden happily. The one who recorded it is probably the butler.
They unintentionally loosen their expression, and–



They were surprised by the scream that can be heard from the video.
The butler turned towards the direction of the scream, and there were many maids started running from the castle.
And–the countless zombies appeared from the castle.



By the 『Too real』 video, the students scream unintentionally.
And–all of a sudden, a noise can be heard from the video.


『Why…are you running?』


Immediately after the noise, that face was projected in the video.
It’s the face seen in the book. The travelers screamed for the third time by the scariness of it.
Well, after that, there’s various stories. Conducting various harassment with people who have the superpowers that can move things at a distance such as Ayame, and continued to destroy their heart.

(Well, it’s good that this haunted house don’t have any ghost)


Iwato muttered so in his heart, and at the same time, the bell rang.
The bell rang once.
That means 『One person』, and when Iwato heard the bell, he quickly took out a flashlight.

[But still, challenging this alone, huh……? Either a loner or just a daredevil……]


Iwato muttered so, and get into acting.
The sound of the door opened, and at the same time as that, Iwato walks unsteadily. Holding his abdomen, vomiting blood, and fall to his knees.
By doing so, everyone will show some kind of reaction.
Iwato hears the rushing footsteps, and


[Ni-Ni-Nii-san!? D-Don’t…don’t die! I-I’ll call the ambulance…um…… What number was it?]


Upon hearing the very familiar voice, Iwato kneel down on the ground honestly.




[……Lost child?]


About 10 minutes after Tsumugu came to the haunted house.
Currently, Tsumugu is being pampered by the female students, the girls from the outside, and the students who’re free now.
At the entrance of the haunted house, there’s a sign of 『Due to an emergency, the haunted house is closed for now』 is placed there, and so, back to Iwato’s words.

[Un…… Apparently, a girl who came with her mother got lost in the haunted house…… That’s why, we’re closing for a moment……]


The class rep react so to Iwato’s words.
However, her eyes are facing Iwato, and in her eyes, there’s the intent of 『Won’t you go and search for her?』.
Because this haunted house is even 『scary』 for the producers’ side. Even though they know what kind of trap there is, it’s far scarier than a normal haunted house.
Well, regarding the skeletons, it won’t move because Ayame is on her rest, but……

[Haa……, I understand. I’ll go now, but if she came out of the haunted house, please tell me]
[Un, thanks Nagumo-kun]


By the way, Tsumugu, Karen and Ayame rejected to accompany him.




[Haa…… Why must I come to this kind of place alone……]


Iwato walked while lighting the dark path with a flashlight.
He passed through the butler zone and the skeleton zone easily, and moved forward after looking around the picture. Then, he watches the video while being startled by it, and continued forward.
From here on, it’s basically the explanation of why this mansion is attacked by zombies, what happened to the princess, and what’s the end. But with pointless scariness.
In other words, the scariness 『Starts from now』, and the class rep and the others were scared at this.

[Yosh……Let’s go]


Iwato said so, and steps forward.
Up until now, he has searched in every nook and cranny.
Then, it’s clear that the girl is further inside the haunted house. In other words, if she’s not a daredevil, she must be trembling somewhere.

[Good grief……At least make something to disable the trap from a distance……]


Iwato said so as he walks, and suddenly, his status application rings.
He lowers his eyes–and it’s the class rep.

[Yes, hello, Iwato here]


When Iwato pressed the call button thinking that 『Perhaps, they found her?』, what heard was–the sound of noise.



Immediately after that, the call forcefully hang up, and Iwato thought that “Will that serious class rep do something like this?”–and decided to laughed.

[Ha,hahaha! C-Class rep sure have such playful personality. Good grief, what a troublesome kitty……]


Upon reaching the second half of the haunted house, Iwato felt a chill running through his back.
–Huh? Isn’t this bad?
When reaching that thought, Iwato has already started to walk, and inside his head, a formula of 『Lost child < Escape』 is forming. Rather than that, he prays that he doesn’t get lost.

[O-Oooi! Is there a lost child!? P-P-Please come out as fast as you can! Please, I seriously beg you! Please save me!!]


When Iwato realized it, he shouted so in teary eyes, but there’s no reply.
Only the eerie silence, and when Iwato thought of giving up–

[Gusu, Mom……where are you……?]


Such child’s voice can be heard.
It’s a faint voice. But it’s a voice that Iwato can hear if he listens carefully.
Therefore, Iwato calculated the distance of the child, and had a smile while starting to run.

[Oooi, I’m here! Thank you for letting yourself being found!]


What weird words.
However, it’s no more than a nightmare for Iwato who dislikes ghost. After a short while, when he saw the back figure of the child, he felt an overwhelming joy.

[Hey, are you alright? Nii-chan is here to save you]
[……You came…to save me?]


The girl who’s sitting on the floor grasping her knees while facing the wall, said so as she turned her face towards Iwato.
But her face can only be seen faintly from the side, and when Iwato bends down, the girl turned her face back and stood up.
A girl with long navy hair wearing a white dress.
She gently grabbed Iwato’s hand while looking down.

–At the next moment, chill ran through Iwato’s spine.

[Y-Yo-You……h-have low body temperature~]


Iwato said so with his best smile.
However, his smile is twitching, and upon hearing those words, the girl nods and speaks.

[Say, Onii-chan]


The girl said so and raised her face.
The soft hand as cold as an ice can be felt, and the face–in her eye socket, blue flame burns.

『Mom says…she wants to talk with you』


The girl pointed at Iwato’s back.
At his back, a rusted tin-plated puppet turned around–


『Butler, I found you……』


A slightly dirty book is floating there.
Iwato looked at the buried face in it, and there’s the eye of her 『Mom』.



Like this, Iwato became scared of ghost.

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