World Record Chapter 40

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40. Princess & Butler & Duke



The first thing Tsumugu said to Iwato who returned home.
Upon that, Iwato unintentionally raised a stupid voice, but Tsumugu thickens her wrinkle.

[Say Tsumu. I don’t know what you mean by ‘cheating’, but you shouldn’t do that because you’re young and cute. What will you do if it remained?]


Iwato rubs Tsumugu’s forehead, and she blushes unintentionally.
Ayame who saw them, sighs, and was amazed on Iwato’s siscon and Tsumugu’s easiness.
But Tsumugu don’t intend to let it go.

[Ha!? N-Nii-san……me]
[Nn? What’s wrong?]


Tsumugu shakes off Iwato’s hand with heartbroken thoughts.
Although Iwato was perplexed by her unusual action, Tsumugu glared at him with a little redden face.

[Nii-san…said…you will always…be with me. And yet…fireworks display with Karen. Just the two of you……!]


Tears piled up at the outer canthus of Tsumugu’s eyes.
She knows that it’s impossible to always be with him physically. She knows that.
But still, such confession would be ecstatic, and above all, Iwato’s handsome voice heard from the wiretap. Once hearing that, as a maiden in love, it’s envia……inexcusable.
Then, Iwato cast down his eyes.
Upon seeing that, Tsumugu raised a voice [Ah……] unintentionally.
When she realized that she raised a voice, she quickly closes her mouth with her hands.

[Karen fought desperately until her right arm was crushed. I thought that I can at least go out with her, but……]


Tsumugu imagines by those words.
Karen’s figure lying down on the ground with her right arm crushed.
When imagining about it, she wanted to say [Why you never run away?]. If she ran away, she would not have such experience.
But, she deserve a praise.
When Tsumugu realized it, Iwato is stroking her head, and she raised her redden face.
Iwato smiled and

[What……What should I do, Tsumu?]


Those words, his figure.
She can neither see nor hear a matchless handsome saying that through her 『Maiden in love』 filter.
Therefore, Tsumugu clings to Iwato, and

[F-Fo-For this time only…I-I’ll allow it]
[Nn? I don’t understanf, but thanks, Tsumu]


Seeing from the side, it’s like 『What’s with this brother and sister?』, but Ayame who practically saw them, gaze at them with half amazed and half envy, while Karen–

[Date, date! Funfufufun♪]


kept muttering that in a happy mood.




After that, the preparation for the school festival continued.
The Force Academy is the top school in the world. In other words, it’s highly expected.
Even for it’s school festival.
That’s why, a half-baked work is unforgivable, so the students have no choice but to prepare it with their best.
However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy it.

[Fuhahaha! I am a Vampire Duke! Now, what is your blood color!?]


The vampire, Sumikawa Ayame said that while fluttering the black mantle, and showed bat-like wings and sharp fangs.
What can be felt from her are the coldness of her words and yet, lovely.
It’s an atmosphere that’s enough to be convinced that she’s a vampire. The students who saw the quality of her acting, raised their voices.

[Good! It’s good, Ayame-chan!]
[Right! No one would ever thought that a real vampire is in the haunted house!]


The excited girls said that, and the guys were charmed by Ayame’s beauty in a vampire appearance.
Because Karen accidentally exposed that Ayame is a vampire a few days ago, and Ayame was worried that they would draw back, but

『Shitty shampoo bastard and his Mahou Shoujo pupil. We won’t be surprised just by a vampire』


With such consensus of opinion, the class got used to it without any problems. By the way, Eita who said the line above, was knocked down by Iwato.
Iwato certainly have some kind of trouble with other students before, but it all ends with just him saying [What?]. He’s already this school’s boss.

Returning to the main subject.

If you ask what are they doing now, the answer is plain and simple.
In order to create a haunted house, suitable mechanism is necessary. Although they’re supplied with money by the school, a haunted house’s scariness will be halved if there’s no real ghost attacking the customers.
Hence, they’re currently costume fitting in order to become the ghost, and the first one was the 『Real one』, Vampire Ayame.
And the rest starts to change in their respective changing room.

[Ah, as expected, it’s hard to move wearing this new suit. Like this, I can’t even fight properly]


Iwato also was one of them.
Removing his glasses, using wax to change his hair to swept back hair, and the wound at his right eyebrow becomes a nice spice for him.
Such Iwato wears a tailcoat as like a butler.
Because his original features are good, he attracted attention from the girls.
When Iwato was tying his necktie in front of the full-length mirror, there’s a figure reflected in the mirror.

[Fuee, amazing! Somehow, Master is cooler today! If only you are like this normally, it would be nice……]
[It can be interpreted as I’m cool normally]
[He!? T-There’s no way that’s true~]


–That hurts though.
Iwato looks at her.
Standing there is Karen who had her secret exposed completely……

[……What…is that appearance?]


Iwato asked her instinctively upon seeing her attire.
There’s the figure of Karen wearing a princess-like dress standing. The blue colored dress may be her image color, but the atmosphere that can be felt from her, is not her usual liveliness. A commanding……

[Fufun! Well…it’s kinda hard to move, but it’s that, right!? When the time comes, I tear the skirt……huh? But if I do that, won’t my panties be visible just by moving even a little?]


Let me correct it. It’s just an idiot.
Iwato sighed upon looking at Karen who only has good looks(Like you can say that), and spoke to the class rep who pass by.

[Ah, class rep……you also have an amazing appearance……]
[He? Ah, you mean this?]
[Un, you look quite good on it]
[Is that so? Ehehe, thanks]


The class rep said so, and look at her own attire and smiled bashfully.
Her current clothes is like a Mahou Shoujo–No, a witch. She’s holding a broom. Although it’s uncertain how they plan to include her into the haunted house, her appearance is exactly a witch.
Iwato stopped talking about her appearance and gets to the main question.

[So I’m a butler. Karen is……um, a tomboy sixth princess? And Ayame is a vampire duke. How does these all match in the haunted house?]
[What’s with that subtle position!?]


Although Karen shouted so, the class rep realized that she really does looks like that and she feigned laughing while looking at Iwato.

[Um, the princess Karen-chan and butler Nagumo-kun pair will be attacked by the bloodthirsty vampire duke. A scenario like that. This haunted house takes place at the princess’ home that have turned into an abandoned mansion~]
[Ah, I see]


Upon hearing that, Iwato clapped his hands as if he remembered.
The walls and ornaments made by Iwato until today, both fit the word 『A mansion turned into an abandoned mansion』, and when he sees the half-finished haunted house, it’s totally a different world. Ghosts might appear.
When Iwato was thinking such thing while smiling wryly, the class rep clapped her hands as if she remembered something.



By that, Iwato and Karen, and also the rest of the students, look at the class rep.

[Say, don’t you think that it would be more interesting if we switch the roles of the princess, butler and duke!?]


By those words, Iwato somehow felt a chill.





There’s no other sound effects that suits this scene.
However, the students who saw the scene, forgave such sound effect.
In their sight, there’s Iwato–dropping his shoulders in a blue dress.

[……Say, is there a meaning for me to wear this?]


No one answers his question, and they avert their eyes.
The violence of numbers and the mood on the spot are something scary, and it was originally proposed half seriously, but when Iwato came out in a princess mode, it’s a little–No, quite creepy.
It’s because his arms that are thin but bulky until his shoulder blade. And bulky pectoral.
No one would like to see this except extraordinary maniacs.
–Except extraordinary maniacs, but

[Uoooo! It’s my first time seeing M-Master’s pectoral! Amazing! Amazing! C-Can I touch it!?]
[Wha!? P-Please let me touch it too! I would be jealous if only Karen touches it or perhaps I should say, it’s unfair……]


Karen and Ayame said so, and starts touching Iwato’s pectoral and upper arm.
Karen’s attire has changed into the vampire, and similarly, Ayame’s attire has changed to a tailcoat.

『you got a mail』


Iwato feels a bad feeling upon hearing the ringtone, and he lowers his eyes to the status application.
A love call from his beloved sister.

『Nii-san…the cross dressing…show it to me at home』


Iwato rejected Tsumugu’s request for the first time in his life.

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