World Record Chapter 4

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4. The Absolute

[I’m home]

Iwato says so and leaves the door open.
It is a large house built in the residential area. Although it can’t be said that it’s a mansion, it looks like [a house where rich people live].
Since then, Iwato and Eita left the area immediately and they managed to get away from the Special Forces somehow, but the sun has already set so the house is pitch dark.

[Umm…. If I remember correctly, it’s right here]



The surroundings become bright when he pressed the switch.
–And before his eyes is a little girl standing dauntingly.



As expected, Iwato unintentionally raised his voice because he didn’t expect anyone to be at home when he switched on the lights. However, when he see the girl’s figure properly, he felt relief.

[It’s just you, huh? Tsumu, don’t scare me like that]
[I’m hungry… Food]


The girl says only that and starts to return to her own room upstairs.
Tsumu–Nagumo Tsumugu is Iwato’s stepsister.
Because she is his stepsister, they do not have a blood relation. 3 years ago, Tsumugu came to live with Iwato’s family due to some circumstances.
Well, anyone will know that they are not blood related just by looking at their face.
Iwato is a plain man wearing glasses with black curly hair and blue eyes.
Tsumugu is super beautiful little girl with shoulder-length bluish white hair and blue eyes.
The only similar part is their eyes. If there are people who believe they are blood related, then they must be very stupid.

Iwato heads to the kitchen after throwing his school bag to the sofa in the living room.

[I wonder what’s left in the fridge…]


When he crouched in front of the refrigerator to see what’s left in it, an insane amount of melon sodas were in it. Counting it will be quite troublesome.
Iwato sighs when he saw it, and he faces the ceiling and calls out her sister.

[Hey, Tsumu! Did you put your melon sodas into this fridge? If you don’t hurry, I will drink it!]


The floor upstairs was stomped–probably she’s telling him to not drink it. As an evidence, the sound of her coming down the stairs can be heard from the corridor.
And after a few seconds, Tsumugu showed up with a discontent face.

[Nii-san, petty]
[Hahaha, putting aside that I’m petty, Tsumu, what happened to the ingredients in the fridge?]
[I threw it away. Because…there was a…rotten carrot]


–I see, in other words, there are no ingredients in the first place.
Iwato drops his shoulders after he recalled what was in the fridge.

[Ha…. No food]


Tsumugu said so and took out a brown envelope from her bosom. By the way, Tsumugu is wearing her pajamas now, so it’s unknown where she kept it.

[Hey wait, what’s with that large amount of money? There’s about 1 million, isn’t it?]
[Un, it’s my previous work’s…pay]


Iwato sighs when he recalled the person who let a 9 years old girl to hold such amount of money.
And also, the [work] she said is somewhat “that”…

[Well, looks like we have money, so where do you want to go?]
[Fearful Donkey]
[Fearful Donkey,huh?]


Fearful Donkey. It is a hidden restaurant that has delicious Salisbury steak and ikageso. By the way, Iwato prefers the ikageso. (TL note: Google ikageso if you don’t know it)
While thinking such thing, he throws off his clothes and head to his room.

[Yosh, Tsumu, I will go change my clothes, so you should also go and change. Otherwise, we won’t be going out, okay?]
[Un, I will change]


After this and that, the Nagumo family decided to eat outside.




Nagumo Iwato’s casual clothes are usually a top and bottom set of blue jersey.

However, as expected, he realizes that what he wear is uncool. If he’s alone, he doesn’t mind about his clothes, but when he’s going out with his stepsister, he knew that those clothes are not suitable.
Hence, he changed into an unusually normal casual clothes and left the house with his stepsister.

Tsumugu’s attire is a good combination even if it’s seen by Iwato who has a bad sense in fashion. It also matches with her appearance and they gathered attention. Or rather, Iwato’s black hair stood out the most. Thanks to be a person without power.

[So, what did father and mother said?]


Iwato asks Tsumugu who grasp his hand tightly.
Tsumugu is a little special. The father and mother of the Nagumo family go to her workplace…or rather they keep on going there.
Therefore, they barely return from work, and looking at the present condition, Iwato and Tsumugu are living together.
Then, Tsumugu opens her mouth to talk while smiling.

[Tsumugu…was praised…by mother]


Iwato had a wry smile when he listened to his sister’s simple words. However, Iwato had another wry smile by her words later.

[Father…chase woman…strike him with superpower. That’s why…with full power–]
[Won’t father be dead?]


Iwato began to worry about his father suddenly.
Because Tsumugu’s hair color is pure white which is brighter than black. That means that her superpower is extraordinarily strong. Her strength can be known just by comparing her with Eita who is a S rank with a gray hair.

When they are talking about that, they reached the Fearful Donkey.
From the point of view of the waitress, Iwato and Tsumugu are already the restaurant’s regular customers. There’s no need to warn them that smoking is prohibited, and both of them are guided to the usual window seat.

[Have you decided your order?]
[Tsumu, is the usual one okay for you?]
[Un…the usual one]


They have already decided it. Iwato and Tsumugu replied like it was natural. It’s strange when seen from the side.
However, the two of them ignores all of the strange glances and started to talk.

[So, what work did you receive, Tsumu?]
[Un…remove Unknown…above the Wall. Battle Rank 52]
[You’re saying it normally, but that’s a Sacred Beast class, you know? Good thing that you’re safe]
[Being said by Nii-san… like sarcasm]


Tsumugu said so and send a glance to Iwato.

[Nii-san…really unknown. Stronger than me even without superpower. To be honest, I can’t imagine you losing. Absurd incarnation. Paradox man. Pervert. Shampoo]
[Huh? Wasn’t that last one harsh?]
[Pedophile shampoo maniac]
[It’s getting worse, isn’t it?]


At the same time, the waitress comes while carrying a tray with the ordered food, and put it on the table.

[Is this all you ordered, Pedo-sama?]
[Pedo-sama!? Hey, you–]
[Un, good]
[Hey, Tsumugu-chan!?]


Just like that, the waitress went somewhere, and in the end, Iwato has gained a new nickname called [Pedo-sama] in Fearful Donkey. However, that’s for another story.




After that, Iwato managed to overcome that situation somehow while being laughed by the waitress, and he left the restaurant grandly while being called [Pedo….pupu] by the cashier. Right, there’s no need to pay attention to something like that. Once you mind it, you lose.

[Yosh, Tsumu. Let’s not go to the Fearful Donkey for a while]
[Un, spread rumors…on another Fearful Donkey]
[I beg you, please don’t do it!?]


Then, Tsumugu begins to laugh and Iwato stroke her head while saying [I don’t remember raising you to become like this] — Nagumo Tsumugu.
Due to her quite special history, she seldom depends on people, but she opened her heart to Iwato and his parents, and now she can smile from the bottom of her heart.
And Iwato knows her. He knows her very well.
That’s why, he is soft on Tsumugu. Everything ends with just a prank like this or jokes.

[But, well… Wasn’t that joke just now too much?]


Iwato pulled Tsumugu’s cheek with all his strength who is laughing.
Then, Tsumugu starts to act violently due to the pain. As expected of the powerless Black King who can even overpower a Sacred Beast class.

[U-Understood! Sorry…Nii-san!]
[Yosh, I’ll have mother to scold you when something like this happens again]
[That…absolutely no]


The angry mother is scary. That’s a common understanding of the siblings.
And Tsumugu rubs her redden cheek while holding Iwato’s hand tightly with her other hand. She walks slowly beside Iwato.
That appearance can be seen as a intimate siblings or as a pair of lovers, but the brother is “that”.

[Say, Tsumu! Wanna go to the pharmacy–]
[Absolutely no]


As expected, only the brother has the love for shampoo.




Tracking back a little from now.
The Special Forces gathered together with the police officers at a corner of the residential area.
Before their eyes is a beaten to death Sacred Beast class corpse.

[This… What happened?]


The Special Forces who specialized in fighting Unknowns and the police officers, were looking at the condition of the corpse with their eyes opened wide.
The cause of death is too obvious that there’s no need to do an autopsy. The trace of a fist on the skull. No other external wounds can be seen, and it was confirmed that this Sacred Beast class Unknown was defeated in one blow.
In addition–

[I-It’s revealed! The race is Chain Dragon! Has S rank superpower and its Battle Rank is…71]


At that moment, the commotion becomes louder. The members of the Special Forces turned pale when they imagine what would happen if they met this Unknown before it was defeated.
Above all, they felt fear rather than awe and respect to the person who defeated this monster with one blow.

[W-Who on earth did this….]


Who on earth did this?
It’s pointless to say such a question, and there’s no one here who can find one that person’s identity. As a possibility, the area’s security camera might have caught something, but with this level, it’s hard to even get a clue. It’s likely that no matter what kind of face the person shows, the one hiding is a considerably snapped wise man.
First, it’s certain that there’s no way he would be caught by the camera.
That’s the question of the members of the Special Forces, but–

[To be able to do such a thing. It must be the World Recorder]


Everyone there who didn’t perceive that presence up until now, opened their eyes wide and turned around by that voice. And they became speechless when they saw that figure.

[A rank member, Isakai Manabu-san?]
[Correct and nice to meet you!]


The person there is a man called Isakai Manabu who is the representative of the A rank members and also has the same position as a few higher-ups.
The Special Forces are proud of their tremendous popularity from the world, and there are many people applied for the test every year to join the Special Forces.
However, most of them were eliminated halfway of the test.
Stamina test, knowledge test, interview test, and practice test. In addition to the absurdly high level of the test, they must get at least 80% and above to pass the test. Although there are some who got exempted by getting recommendation from the higher-ups, that only happens a once in a few years.

That’s why, they have popularity from the world and at the same time, they are evaluated as [Elite]. But the dispute for the rank is of course harsh.
Even the lowest C rank member has a minimum Battle Rank of 20, B rank member is 35 and A rank member is 50. And among the A rank members, Isakai Manabu has top class ability. He is a so-called celebrity.
Isakai puts his hand on his chin and head towards the chain dragon’s corpse.–To be precise, he looked into the chain dragon’s head.

[To be able to pulverize this monster with one blow. Furthermore, the ground is also damaged due to the excessive power of the blow. There’s only one who can do this which is the World Recorder]


He said it once again–World Recorder.
–The Absolute.
There’s only 4 of them on the earth. They are literally humans that have surpassed their limits and possess the absolute power.
According to the rumors, it is said that their Battle Rank is at least 80. These people are clearly different than the A rank members, and they are the highest rank of the organization called “Special Forces”. In short, they are the same as the top leaders.
While being a human and a soldier, they hold absolute right to speak. Regarding the top two, even a king of a country will beg for their power.

The members of the Special Forces gulped unintentionally when they heard that name from the A rank member.
But Isakai who sees that, starts to swing his hands while laughing. And he begins to deny what they are thinking right now.

[Well, well. Perhaps you are all thinking that [All of The Absolutes are like this?] but there’s no way they are all like that. A few days ago, I worked under Number Four but if you’re asking whether it’s possible to win or not against the chain dragon, as expected it won’t be to this extent]


The members gulped in a different meaning by that words.
Number Four [Verme Kaiser] is an unidentified World Recorder. It’s said that only a few people who seen that figure, and according to the rumors, the Sacred Beast class that made a nest on top of the Wall was subjugated by Number Four a few days ago.

–However, Isakai said that [it won’t be to this extent].

In addition to that, Number Two and Number Three are not in Japan now, and their identities, name, face, ability, superpower have been revealed completely.
Then–there can only be one person.

[It’s probably Number One [Black Pandora]. According to rumors, it seems to be a man who has pure white hair that has cheat-like superpower…. But I can’t believe that he would be in such a small island country….]


–Black Pandora.

He is a legendary man who is said that not even one creature will survive after he passed through. Only a little of his appearance is made clear.
3 years ago, it is said that he disappeared suddenly after he fought against a certain Divine Beast class Unknown. However, his contribution on the Special Forces still remains top, and remained top among the Four.–A living legend.

[This will be a big rumor. The world strongest legend]


Isakai grins and mutters so.

TL Note:
The kanji for Verme Kaiser is White Emperor of Hell Fire 『業火の白帝(ヴェルメカイザー)』
The kanji for Black Pandora is King of Black Coffin 『黒棺の王(ブラックパンドラー)』

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