World Record Chapter 3

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3. The powerless Black King

21 years ago, the Wall is built on every important point around the world. Humans abandon the places without the Wall, and shut themselves behind the Wall.
And the one who assisted on building the Wall was a SSS ranked superpower user.

It’s unknown whether the person is a guy or a girl. The only information known was the [Absolutization] ability which makes the target [Absolute].
That’s why, that person set the Wall with [The Wall will never be destroyed, and the Unknowns can neither invade the city from the top and bottom nor causing any harm]

Hence, the only route which the Unknowns can use to get through the Wall is by using the gate that humans use. So far, countless wyverns tried to attack the Wall, but all of those attacks are blocked by something, and the wyverns will be stunned for a period of time in the sky. During that time, the superpower users will fire long distance attacks to subjugate the wyverns.

In addition, the Unknowns that climb the Wall and the Unknowns that treat the top of the Wall as its habitat, can neither get past the Wall nor causing harm. As a result, all of them were subjugated.

In other words, the Wall that surrounds the city became the absolute defense wall that won’t let any Unknown get past it.
–However, the Unknowns are not stupid.


<<Warning! Warning! A warp hole is opening!>>


Iwato and Eita opened their eyes wide because of the warning.

[Warp hole!? Why in a place like this–]
[Who cares! We need to get away from here!]


Although Eita who was about to stood still, he regained his consciousness by Iwato’s voice. They started to run towards an area where the warning can’t be heard.

Warp hole.

According to the official announcement by the government, there’s not much details whether it is an Unknown’s ability or technique but it is a way to send Unknowns into the Wall.

The warp hole is boasted of its nuisance because it ignores the Wall completely and invade the city. And the most troublesome part of it is that there’s no way to know how strong is the Unknowns sent into the city.
If you are lucky, it will be a few Monster class. If you are unlucky, it will be a Divine Beast class.
The word “Warp Hole” perfectly suits such description, but at any rate, the current Eita will die if he meets with a few Monster class. For that reason, Iwato takes Eita to run away from there but–

[The Special Forces still haven’t come?]


Iwato runs while thinking.
It’s certain that the warp hole is opening here.
The sign of the warp hole appearance is quite direct, so it’s unlikely to be a mistake.
That’s why, the anti-Unknown force, Superpower Special Military Forces–aka Special Forces, will definitely be dispatched to that place.

Iwato looks around the surroundings.
Here is the residential area. As expected, there are many residents living around this area, and they started to evacuate all at once after hearing the warning.
Originally, that may be the right choice, but in this case, the number of residents is too much.
To be precise, it might be better to say that this place is bad because the Special Forces probably will not be able to reach the destination due to the crowd of people here.

[H-Hey, Iwato! Why did you stop? We need to run!]


Eita’s voice resounds and Iwato realized that he stop before he knew it.
What caught his eyes were the people trying to escape desperately and the cross intersection where people’s presences disappearing gradually.
He can see that an old man with bad legs just come out from the building. Whether they are elementary school students or not, small boys and girls are bewildered probably due to their first time hearing the warning.
They probably will–die if nothing changes.

And above all…..

Iwato lightly grasps his right hand and releases it.
He repeated the action a few times and exhaled. He then face Eita with a smile and said

[Well, I lost my shampoo somewhere, so I will go find it and return]


The shampoo that was in the plastic bag held with his hand, was missing before he knew it.




[Wh-What are you saying in such a time!? Now’s not the time for that!]


Eita guessed what Iwato was saying.
For sure, he will use an excuse like going to find the shampoo, to buy some time until the Special Forces arrive.–If things go well, he thought that he might be able to defeat the Unknowns.

Eita certainly knew the major incident caused by Iwato during the first day of school.
It was really surprising at first that there’s a black hair, in other words, one without powers. In other words, a weakling who can’t use superpowers.
That’s why, those who had complex on their superpower, those who don’t like Iwato, and those who simply had an bad character bullied Iwato in a group. The teachers somehow gave up in stopping them.
The opponent is a more than 100 people of all class years. Against these people is just a black curly hair glassed guy.
Of course, the result is obvious.


[Well, all of you are good at acting]


Iwato sink his fist into everyone’s stomach and nobody managed to use their superpower. The situation was overturned.
As a result, everyone opened their eyes wide thought that [This guy definitely have a superpower] and they asked the teachers about it. But the teachers shook their heads and even if they ask the person himself about his past and his status, he dodged the question by answering [Well, what do you plan to do after seeing the status of a person without powers?] Of course, those who were beaten were hospitalized urgently and the doctor said [Landing blows to the solar plexus accurately causing them to have difficulty in breathing] There’s no way to make an excuse anymore.
That’s why, Eita knows that Iwato is strong and his Battle Rank is also high–but.

[You are strong! But you don’t have powers! You are powerless! No matter how strong you are, without weapons! Without superpowers, you can’t win against the Unknowns! You should know this very well!]


Superpowers are effective to defeat the Unknowns. Attacks other than that don’t have any effect on them.
Even Eita knows about such thing which is the common sense, the world’s universal rule.
That’s why, Eita is trying to stop Iwato desperately but–

[Well, what are you saying? I am just going to find the shampoo. While I am at it, I will help the children and the old man to evacuate]


Iwato said so and starts walking.
Eita didn’t know that–Iwato is a shampoo maniac.
Although his objective is also to rescue those who fall behind, the first priority is to find the shampoo.
If there’s a child who is about to be killed and a shampoo that is about to be killed, he would pick to save the shampoo for sure. If there’s a child who is about to be killed and a shampoo lying down on the floor peacefully, he would shout [The shampoo’s flavor will drop if I see a child killed in front of me!] and save the child at once. Then, he will go and pick up the shampoo quickly. He’s totally a shampoo complex guy. He’s already an oddball that went beyond pervert.

Well, it’s simply [Because I lost the shampoo, I will go and find it. While I am at it, I will hasten the evacuation].
But still, what Eita said is right. In order to fight against the Unknowns with bare hands, the superpowers such as [Body Enhancement · Strong] and etc. are essential.

And yet, Iwato who has no powers head towards the place where the Unknowns will appear.
Either he is a pervert or he is a hidden hero–well, he is just a pervert. There’s no need to argue on this topic anymore.

[…Good grief. Looks like I got acquainted to a weird guy]


When Eita looks at the back of Iwato who starts walking without hesitation, he decided to gave up on various things while scratching his head and chased after him.




After that, Iwato and Eita informed the old man and the elementary school students about the present conditions and the evacuation path while running back to where they were before.

[Hmm, I can’t seem to find it, my Shampoo-chan]
[…This is my first time hearing a person attaching “-chan” to a shampoo]


Both of them look around the surroundings while saying so. Both of them are thinking the same thing which is to hope to find the shampoo as soon as possible.
They search, search and search but still not being able to find it, resulting them to return to the pharmacy’s vicinity. But still they can’t find it.

Iwato thinks after going that far.
There’s a possibility that someone picked it up or it was dropped in the crowd of people or they overlooked it. It must be one of these three, but he considers that the first and the third are not possible. He considers that there’s no one who would pick up a shampoo in such an emergency situation other than himself.

[H-Hey. Why don’t we go back now? We can’t find the shampoo, right?]


Hearing Eita’s weak voice, Iwato nods after having some hesitation.

[Certainly if this goes on, there’s a possibility that the Special Forces have took custody off the shampoo… I guess there’s no other way but to come back here after the Unknowns have been subjugated]


–Ah, you plan to come here again…
Eita mutters so in his mind and gave up on Iwato’s human nature and common sense.

And just like that, they turn back, and starts to run from this place–




The moment they turned back, a warp hole opened in front of them.



Both of them opened their eyes wide by that shocking sight.
A huge black whirlpool–approximately a diameter of 20 meters.
That was the same warp hole seen in the school’s textbook. However, the biggest size so far in history was 10 meters and the normal size is just 5 meters.

[I-Isn’t this bad?]
[Ah… This might be bad]


Eita who said so while looking up at the huge warp hole.
Iwato who said so while looking at the bottom part of the warp hole.
Leaving aside why both of them look at different areas, they thought that they need to do something about this situation.

–But before they put it into action, there was a change on the warp hole.

[Fuhahahaha…. After so many years I saved this Foreign Body ability, I can finally enter this city…. Finally, finally I can meet that annoying guy]


Hearing such voice and at the same time, a monster appeared from the warp hole.



The huge mouth that has several hundreds of sharp fangs grown in it blows out a white breath, and the bright red eyes look down at the ground.
The body that’s covered with jet black scales. The dark grey chains that coiled its body.
–That is the legendary creature, Dragon.
On top of that, this Unknown can speak. In short, this Unknown is a higher species–

Race: Chain Dragon
Battle Rank: 71
Superpower: Black Flame[S]
Taijutsu: A

–That strength is considerably beyond their hands.




Battle Rank 71.

It is far beyond the Sacred Beast class which is Battle Rank 50. This Unknown that is proud of its strength, is a genuine monster that can destroy a nation.
Of course, when people were to face such a monster, they will feel fear and despair, and eventually, they will resign their life.
And of course, Eita is also not an exception–

[Ah, sorry. Umm… There’s a shampoo on the ground, so can you please be careful?]


–Of course, Iwato’s shampoo maniac is still operating normally.

[What? Sham…. Oi, what did you say, bastard? What did you say in front of this me–]
[Well, enough with that. Ah, I’m going to pick it up now, so don’t move, okay?]
[Ha? Ah, umm, can I at least get out of this hole?]
[Sure but you need to be careful]


A chain dragon, unexpectedly being shut out by a person without power.
Eita who sat on the ground by that appearance and opened his eyes wide. The chain dragon also had a doubt on the present condition.
But at the same time, the chain dragon sensed it. The strong mental and the mysterious confidence of the guy who move without hesitation. And, its instinct warns it to not oppose this man. This guy is not an ordinary person.
The chain dragon recognized it and follows that words while observing that guy.
–And the chain dragon reaches the truth.

[Wha!? Y-You!? You’re the Abso–]



A strange sound resounds that completely changes the seriousness.



The sight of the three of them face towards the chain that coiled the dragon, and what lies at the end was a squashed pharmacy plastic bag.

In a split second, the intimidating air and killing intent blew out around the surroundings with a shockwave.
At the center of it, there is Iwato’s figure with his face concealed.
And the chain dragon confirms–the identity of this man.

[I’ll kill you]


At an instant, Iwato’s figure disappeared and he appears in front of the chain dragon.

Nagumo Iwato–a fully-fledged person without powers.
He can’t use superpowers.
In spite of that, he defeated 100 superpower users, made the chain dragon to fear him, and no matter how hard you search for his past, there’s nothing that can be found.
That state is exactly Black.
Without superpowers, black hair and unidentifiable. And above all, he is too strong.

The students gave him a name with respect and fear.

[Black King]


Iwato’s fist breaks the chain dragon’s skull, and the Sacred Beast class was defeated in a blow.

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