World Record Chapter 39

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39. Unconscious “Don”

The next day.
The school’s morning homeroom. The atmosphere in the class is a little different than usual.

[From today onwards, prepare for the school festival. For now, decide what you wanna do. Do your best with caution~]


The coming–school festival.
An event that must be included in a school story. A big event ranking next to training camp and school trip.




[I think we should do a haunted house!]


A girl raised her hand and said so.
1st period–originally, it should be mathematics, but it changed into the 『Discussion of what to do in the school festival』 for today. The pigtailed class rep nods, and the secretary writes on the blackboard.
However, someone opposed it.

[Hai, I oppose doing a haunted house. If they really appear, physical attack won’t work on them……Isn’t that the worst? It gives me the chill just by thinking about it]


The one who said that was of course Iwato.
He’s not exactly a person who’s scared of ghost, but he’s just not good at dealing with ghost that doesn’t have a physical body.
Eita who sat in front of him, was surprised by his objection, and he quickly turned around and grinned.

[Hey, Black King. I didn’t think that you would be scared of ghost in that age]
[Yeah yeah, Sacred Beast Killer]


And, Iwato who ignores him splendidly.
Although Eita was irritated by that, the students turned their sight to the two as they thought “It’s starting again”.
–Except one person.

[Nn? What’s wrong, Karen?]
[Fue!? Ah, n-no……nothing]


Karen speaks in surprise by Ayame’s voice.
Karen said so, and she returns her sight towards Iwato.
Remembering–yesterday evening. It was the time when Iwato saw her on that spot.

『Haa……, I returned after having a bad feeling, and I never expected that you would see that……』


At that time, Iwato said so while smiling awkwardly.
He scratched his head, and the word [bitter] suits his smile.

『T-This……What does this mean? This Shutendouji……Her Battle Rank is surprising, but this superpower……』

『You mean, the name suits Tsumu’s flame?』


Upon hearing those words that seemed to know what she was going to ask, Karen slowly consents while feeling surprise in her heart.
She probably hoped Iwato to shake his head. He sighs tiredly, and

『Just a little……I can say now is Tsumu’s superpower is different than the Shutendouji’s superpower written there』


He said so while gazing at Karen’s eyes seriously.
Karen was overawed by that. At the same time, she guess that those words are probably the truth.
However, she still don’t think of stopping here.

『Something like what you can say now……does that mean you have something to do with Shutendouji?』



A little hesitation.
After that, he nodded.
For him who have been lying, it’s the action of agreeing to tell his information to Karen, but still, he’s indicating that he can’t say anything more.
Karen guessed it and kept silent, and Iwato said this lightly while forcing a smile.

『Well, when the time comes, I will tell you everything. Something like [The time has come!] for a chuunibyou』


Upon hearing that, the serious Karen forcefully returned back to normal.


『……Sorry, Karen』


When he said so at the last, she could not bring herself to blame him.




For them, it was a long-lasting seriousness, but their qualities were reaching the limits.

[Hai, I think we should do something like a shampoo study]


What an outrageous idea.
However, Iwato who don’t know that the students are reading the situation, starts to speak on it.

[Um, we display every shampoo, and if there’s a customer interested in buying it, we sell it. How about we also include shampoo testing? And……Ah, I feel like want to compound some shampoos. Well, I’ll leave the rest to you guys]


Iwato said so and takes out a shampoo compounding set.
Even the class rep showed a wry smile by his actions, but she couldn’t refuse because he saved them from the Sacred Beast class. So the secretary wrote it on the blackboard.
However, they still can’t decide it.
But, there’s another troublesome enemy.

[Hai, I agree with that idea]


It’s Ayame.

[To be honest, I can’t agree with Iwato-sama’s shampoo maniac, but Iwato-sama has already said so…… Then, as his future wife, it’s my duty to agree with him silently!]


Just get married already, this annoying couple.
Although the students thought so, the girl who’s the source of the seriousness, couldn’t stay silent upon hearing that.

[Wait, what are you saying, Ayame-chan!? Calling yourself as Master’s wife. There’s a limit of being shameless! Who do you think you are!?]


Who do you think you are?
Karen asked so to Ayame, and after a short while of silence–Ayame blushed.

[I-I……um, nak-……N-No, nothing]


Upon seeing the reaction of clearly something has happened and Iwato who began to be nervous, Karen started to had a bad feeling.

[Wh-What have you done without me knowing!?]


The shouting Karen and Ayame who blushes even more by those words.
Karen who saw that, turned her sight to Iwato, but

[Say Eita, you have any idea?]
[Don’t change the subject!?]


Iwato who tried to change the subject by talking to Eita.
Karen grabbed his shoulders and shook him.
By her actions, Iwato was flustered. And after a short silence, he started to say random things.

[Err, it’s that. When Ayame and I were walking at the stairs in school, I tripped, and when I realized it, I pushed Ayame down……right?]
[He? Ah, yes, that’s right!]


What a random thing to say.
But either it’s because that’s something that might happen in reality or Karen just couldn’t stay calm,


[What a enviable thing to do!!]


The shout of Karen who believed it, resounded in the class.






She’s angry.
Karen who had such mood, hammers the nail while looking at Iwato in resentment.

After that, the shampoo display was rejected by Nakajima-sensei, and even the maid cafe idea was smashed. As a result, the haunted house has been decided.
It didn’t take much time to reach the decision, and they have already started to build the haunted house using the wood supplied by the nearby wood shop.

[How long do you want to stay angry……?]


Iwato said so to Karen while turning around.
This class’ work speed is abnormal because the other classes are still hesitating to do what.
That’s why, they still have time, but as expected, even Iwato will say so after being followed no matter where he goes.
Then, Karen

[Hmph! Like I know!]


said so and turned away.
Now, what should I do?
Iwato thought so–and looked at the nearby poster.

[Fireworks display……]


The words “The fireworks that dance in the night sky” were printed on it, and at the top of poster, there’s the word 『Fireworks Display』 written on it.

(Fireworks display, huh?…….If I’m not mistaken, I watched it together with Tsumu at the house last year……)


That’s right. Last year, Iwato watched the fireworks together with Tsumugu on the roof of their house.
At that time, Iwato was wearing a jersey, and Tsumugu was wearing her pajamas. Now that I’m in this school, I want to visit stalls at least once.
Iwato thought of such thing……

[M-Master! I still can make a request to you, right!?]


Karen shouted so suddenly.
It’s the promise of coming late to save them during the training camp. Ayame requested to 『Bath together』. Karen decided to 『Hold on to it』.
That’s why, Iwato silently consents.

[Then, please 『go to the fireworks display together with me』!]


Iwato instinctively inclined his head by her strange request.
However, it’s obvious that Karen is serious.
And, the word 『envious』 comes into his mind.
–Push down by an opposite sex.
I will not feel anything in particular if I were to be pushed down by a girl, but if she’s envious, then let’s try it.
Iwato had such thought, and




When Karen realized, her body has been forced to the wall, and Iwato slammed his hand next to her head.
Iwato who’s not familiar in love, don’t know of this. However, he couldn’t push her down to the floor, so he took this action.
Currently, they are at the hallway.
Where students hang out.
In such place, Iwato said this while looking at her eyes.


[Karen, will you come to the fireworks display……with me?]


Of course Karen blushed and fainted.

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