World Record Chapter 38

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38. Youkai encyclopedia

About one week passed, and it’s summer.
The students have already changed their uniforms to the summer uniforms. Iwato who’s wearing a navy cardigan above his shirt, sat on his seat silently.

[What are you looking at?]


It’s lunch break now.
Karen talked to Iwato, and he raised his head.
There’s no longer the figure of Karen wearing a bloomer and jersey. She’s now wearing a rather short skirt and spats with a blue jersey above her shirt.

[Nn? You want to see?]
[Yes! If Master is looking at it, I also want……]


At an instant, her words stopped.
After all, the page Iwato is looking at, has a picture of a woman with big breasts and long hair.

[M-M-Master!? Do you prefer a girl who has big breasts, long hair, and also tall!? M-M-My breasts are also big! Is that not good enough!?]


The class starts to make a noise by those words. And, Eita who knows the book’s title, endured to laugh.
And, upon hearing Karen’s words, Ayame was shocked.
On contrary to that, Iwato looks at Karen while sighing.

[A girl should not use that kind of words. And also, I’m not reading this book just because of this picture]


Iwato said so, and shows the book’s cover to Karen.
Then, Karen blushed as she realized what she said, and she read the book’s title.

[U-Um……Nn? 『Youkai Encyclopedia』?]
[Yup, a youkai encyclopedia]


Iwato repeated the title with a loud voice.
At the same time as that, a relief atmosphere starts to flow in the class. What a cruel unconscious attack.
Iwato once again opens the page he read just now, and he reads the information about the youkai in that page.

《Tamamo Gozen》
One of the highest ranked youkai that has lived for more than 3000 years.
Enjoys depraving men with her charm,
settles in a bachelor’s house and spoils the man,
take over works such as chores alone.
This act is said to last until the man dies.
※PS: As an Unknown, it’s assumed to be a humanoid Divine Beast class.

[……Wait, isn’t that the Special Forces’ forbidden book!?]


Ayame’s shout resounded.
Actually, there’s a kind of Unknowns that’s called as 『Youkai』. And the book that recorded those information, is the 『Youkai Encyclopedia』 that Iwato is reading right now.
However, when it comes to Iwato,

[I asked Tsumu to get it for me]


he said so.
A sister who can get such forbidden book easily, and a brother who has a sister who’s obedient to him. If the brother gets a strange thought, what would happen at that time?

[Or rather, Tsumu-san……just who is she, to be able to do such a thing……? Well, I somehow can guess it]
[Well, if it’s your guess, then you’re probably right]


Iwato said so, and lower his eyes to the book.
And, at the same time as he sighs, he said something that’s a little inexcusable for the two.


[Tamamo Gozen is great. I wonder when she will come to my house? If she really came, I would definitely fall in love with her]


–Definitely fall in love with her.
Those words were the words that the two would want to hear from him, but it was snatched by a stranger. No matter how they think, they couldn’t control it.

[Wh-What are you saying so sudden!? You can’t say that kind of words to a stranger!]
[T-That’s right! Just what do you love on this stranger when there’s a girl just right beside of you!?]


At the same time as that, the ringtone of 『you got a mail』 rang.
Iwato looked at the girls while sighing, and said these words.


[You……Have you ever helped with the chores?]


At the next moment, it became silent.
The two stood still with their eyes opened wide, and the ringtone stopped at the same time.

[Indeed, you helped cleaning the bathroom and toilet, but what I’m saying here is about cooking]


Karen and Ayame fell down.
That’s right. After the two made that devastating bento, they didn’t try to cook anymore. And, Iwato have to cook for the ogre(girl) everyday.
Thinking about it, it’s obvious that he would admire the Tamamo Gozen who would take over all the chores.


[If you’re frustrated, then help with cooking or decrease the amount you eat. Especially Karen. If you continue like this, you will become fat]
[T-That’s harsh!]


By those words without any delicacy, Karen cried.




On the very same day.
After returning home, Iwato trained Karen.
Of course, Karen is in her Mahou Shoujo form from the beginning.



A barrage by the tonfas.
Iwato was surprised by the increased speed of the barrage as he fends it off with both of his hands while dodging it.
Following that, Iwato’s movement polishes even further. Karen thought how long will it take for a ordinary person to be able to do this, and smiled instinctively.

[Hey, if I’m a Divine Beast class, you would have died by now]


When she realized it, Iwato’s figure has disappeared, and her shoulder was tapped from the back.
If the opponent is a Divine Beast class, she would not be able to fight until now for sure, and in the first place, Iwato is surely a Divine Beast class. Just what is this Master saying?
Although she thought so, she replied with a backhand blow while turning back.



However, her backhand blow was caught easily, and even if she tries to break out of the grip, she couldn’t as the grip strength is too much for her.

[Why don’t we end it here?]


Iwato muttered so, but both of them knows that they have never ended a match like this.



At the same time as the word, a fist unleashed by the other hand.
Even though it was unleashed from an unnatural stance, it was aiming at Iwato’s face, and Iwato received it with the other hand in composure.
Then, the two couldn’t use their hands, but it still haven’t end.



Iwato unleashes a foot attack.
It’s a sweeping kick by his right leg, and Karen who judged that 『It’s bad if I receive it』, realized that there’s no other way, and she jumps.
By doing so, Karen will be expose to Iwato’s attack in mid air, but–

[I won’t let you!]


The action Karen took.
Even Iwato was surprised by it.



Karen clings to Iwato’s body with both of her legs.
To close down the distance even when she might receive an attack. That’s surely an action of a brave one.
Iwato thought so, and felt admired……


[Uhehee~, I’m embracing Master~]


He threw the pupil who said so with redden cheeks.



By the fairly strong throw, Karen who’s confused of the current situation,



raised her voice, and fell to the ground.
Iwato who sighed upon seeing that, muttered this.

[I know that you like me very much, but at least, control yourself during training]
[W-Wha-What are you saying!? There’s a limit of being self-conscious! I hate Master!]


Upon hearing Iwato’s words, Karen shouted so impatiently.
After Iwato met Ayame, Karen has been doing so much things to him.
That’s why, what Karen did just now, was certain for Iwato, and Iwato was convinced after seeing her current state.
Huh? Doesn’t she like me?
However, she denied it. Then, he tries playing a little more.

[Aah, I see. Then, I’ll flirt with Ayame……]
[You can’t!]


An immediate reply.
Iwato sighed by her unreasonable words, and he waved his hand and left the place.


[I’m going to take a shower now. In the meanwhile, you can use whatever you like in the underground]


He said so, and left the room without being stopped by Karen.
–The face was a little weltered in blood.




[This is bad…… This is the second time I say 『hate』 to Master…… He will seriously misunderstand it]


Karen was feeling down.
Actually, it was to hide her embarrassment, but the one just now was,

『Haa? If you hate me, then let’s stop this. I won’t care about you anymore. If you hate me that much, then stop being my pupil, idiot. Just die, you big breasts Loli』


Such words and deeds are not unbelievable.
Well, if it’s Iwato, he won’t say such a thing, but Karen is being troubled by such a thing.
What should I do?
She thought so–and she noticed Iwato’s school bag at the corner of her sight.
She recalls. At the same time as they returned from school, she brought Iwato forcibly to this underground training room.

[Youkai encyclopedia……]


The words come to her mind suddenly.
Why Iwato get that book?
If it’s only to search on Tamamo Gozen, then he can just search it in the internet.
Then, assuming that he searched about the Youkai Unknowns in the forbidden book.
However, the Unknown called Tamamo Gozen has yet been found. So there’s not much information about it.
Then, the possibility left……

(He searched a different Youkai……?)


When she realized it, she has already took out the book from Iwato’s bag.
Flipping pages, one-by-one.
The book seemed to be treated as an important book because there’s no folded part of the pages. The only the pages with folded parts are Tamamo Gozen and–

[Huh? This is also folded]


There’s another page.
As if he’s using the Tamamo Gozen’s page to hide it. The page before it has an incomparable fold on it.
As if it’s a complete lie that he get it, and only this page of the book has been look back many times.

Karen had an intuition.
That the page surely has something about Iwato’s past written on it.
That’s surely the most memorable Unknown for him, and his life can’t be told without it. It’s that important and powerful Unknown.

Karen gulped.
She is prepared.
She might get scolded by him, but still, she wants to know his past. Knowing everything, and on top of that, surpassing him, and one day–she wants to confess her feelings to him.
That’s why, she flips the page with trembling hands……




She was surprised upon seeing the Unknown, Shutendouji’s explanation.
After all, what written there is,

The legendary demon that existed long ago.
Found as an Unknown at 『AD 2137』.
The first 『Humanoid』 found in history,
and the King of Black Coffin who happened to be close was sent to subjugate it.
The Shutendouji is considered ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫.
Also, the ⚫ is ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ by the King of Black Coffin, but the truth is unknown.

※The status of Shutendouji recorded at that time.

Race: Shutendouji
Battle Rank: 210
Superpower: God Flame[SSS]
Taijutsu: SSS




The extremely high Battle Rank.
And also, this is probably 『before transformation』.
Although Karen was surprised when seeing this,

[Huh? This superpower……]


A certain white flame comes to her mind.
That’s the divine flame used by a certain person. Although she didn’t ask about the superpower’s name, that flame is very suitable with this name.
And, above all, the blackened part.
Karen sees it……


[Hey, what are you doing?]


Upon hearing Iwato’s voice from the back, her shoulders sprang up.

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