World Record Chapter 2

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2. The one without powers

April 2140.

This is Japan. A place that was once called as Hokkaido.
Force Academy, Sapporo’s special superpower high school located in one of the six major cities of Japan, Hokkaido. In Class 1-3.

A plain boy with black curled hair and glasses named Nagumo Iwato, reaches the classroom in the last minute before the chime rang.

At the same time, Iwato attracts glances all at once.
But the glances dispersed in an instant and the class looks like have returned like how it was before homeroom. However, the class made a commotion secretly due to Iwato’s entrance.
And Iwato who doesn’t get agitated by that at all.

–Well, I thought I would be late.

He move to his seat while thinking about that in his mind and wiping the inexistent sweat.
Originally, you might think that why would I be given the look like he’s an eyesore, but unfortunately, Iwato knew it. That it is all his fault.

When he sits on his seat while not trying to mind about them as much as possible, his back is tapped from the seat behind him at the same time.
Iwato turns around while recalling who’s the person sitting behind him, and as expected, it was a boy with a gray hair and black eyes wearing the school uniform.

[Yo, you have a nice smell today as well. As expected of the [Black King]!]


The surroundings reacted to that title or perhaps the first half of it, but Iwato has gotten used to it. He grins and tells the boy.

[Oh, Eita. Today I tried the rose smell]


When Iwato said so to the boy named Hiragishi Eita, he replied [You sure have a weird preference] with a wry smile. It is really the truth.
After all, Iwato’s self-introduction on the first day of school was

[Nice to meet you. I am Nagumo Iwato. My hobby is shampoo and I like shampoo. I know everything about shampoo, so you can ask me anything about it]


–Of course, not a single person approach him after that.
Fortunately, Eita approached him, but there’s no one who would approach Nagumo Iwato who talked only about shampoo during his self-introduction.

When they are talking about such thing, the chime rang and the class teacher enters the class.

[Uushi, all of you, get on your seat!]


If I were to express about the teacher in words, she would be a [Ex-delinquent teacher who had her hair dyed red]. She is a scary lady who wears a black jersey with a bamboo sword at her back and she could yell anytime soon. By the way, her name is Nakajima-sensei.
It’s a matter of course to be afraid of her on the first day of school, but still one week has past since then.
Of course, I would get used to it after being together in this one week.

[Ushi, I got nothing to say in the homeroom, so proceed without it. Today, we will be having a Status Check. All of you, go all out, okay?]


The students replied to that unmotivated voice and moved to the changing room.




Although it has been 100 years since the Year of Disaster, the world has changed a lot in these 100 years.
One of them is this, Status Check.

The status decides what superpower will appear and it will show the seven personal information which are the rank of the superpower , rank of taijutsu, the total strength [Battle Rank], the name, age, gender, job progress.
Comparing it to the past, something like [Strength] and etc. might be considered as uncivilized, but unfortunately, in this era, these numbers are essential.

Although I say so, the Status Check itself measures the superpower’s ability, and after that, the taijutsu and Battle Rank will be measured with special devices. From the view of the students, they can go back early if they finished the Status Check. That’s how the students recognize this.
Among those students, Iwato and Eita looks at the other students who are warming up without a reason. After the Status Check, the students look at the notice board to check their numbers’ standard.

[Hmm… superpower and taijutsu are ranked from G, F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS. Regarding superpowers, it won’t improve commonly but taijutsu improves through training. With this only, it’s hard to class it]
[….How did you manage to get into this school?]


–It’s really a doubt.
The ranks have been taught during elementary school, and it’s a disgrace to not know about it after learning English during the junior high school. To say something like [I don’t understand] is already too late.
Then, the person himself, Eita puts his thumbs up with a refreshing face and says

[Somehow, my superpower seems to be strong, so I got a recommendation!]


I never thought that this school would be that stupid. Iwato was convinced and felt a little sympathy to the school.
But Eita quickly opened his eyes and suddenly bow to Iwato.

[S-Sorry! I didn’t mean that!]


Many students who were surprised by that voice turned around.
But the students saw Eita who was apologizing to Iwato. To be precise, they looked at Iwato’s hair color and guessed the situation completely.

In this era, black hair does not exist.
To be precise, there were people with black hair in the past before superpowers appeared, but it is nonexistent in the present.
That is because the superpowers have some sort of effect on the body, and the stronger the superpower, the greater the effect on the hair color.

In short, black hair should not exist in this era.
The only irregular in this world, Iwato, was given the name Black King–the one who lacks the power called superpower.

Therefore, Eita regrets that he said [I entered with just my superpower] to Iwato.

[….Huh? Um, why are you apologizing?]


Eita became stunned by Iwato who don’t understand it.

[Well, it might be an excuse for a person without powers to say this, but superpower is just a tool, isn’t it? It’s the same as a scissors from the 100 yen shop. For example, assuming there’s a cardboard in front of you and everyone are born with different scissors, something like a cardboard is just made of paper, so it can be teared with hands]


An outrageous theory spoken fluently.
But still, Iwato thinks that way and he did not held any feelings like envy because he admired such convenient superpower.
Eita guessed that those words are Iwato’s true feelings and respects him honestly. If he was to the only one who can’t use superpower in the world, will he be able to say something like that?

He thought of something like that–

[If you seriously want to apologize, then buy me a shampoo]


Breaking everything at the end.




[Fuhehe! How’s this, Iwato!? There’s no point in telling you, but look at this! My Battle Rank!]


On the way back, after buying the promised shampoo at the pharmacy, Eita sticks out his arm and said so suddenly.
A watch-type status application that has other functions shines on his arm. It can make calls, send mails, search for stuffs and may more. Above all, it can check the latest updated status.
That’s why, the every citizens are obliged to wear this status application, and it can even be used as an identification as long as the person has the status.

Although Eita shows his identification which consists of his personal information easily, Iwato opened his eyes wide when he saw the status.

Name: Hiragishi Eita
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Job: Student(High School Student)
Battle Rank: 16
Superpower: Killing Anger (殺戮罰怒)[S]
Taijustu: D

[Oh… Isn’t this quite amazing?]


Right, Eita’s status is considerably high for a student.
At first, his taijutsu is ranked 7th from the top as a high school student. Regarding his superpower, it is ranked 3rd from the top. Talented in taijutsu and also a prodigy in superpower.

–Furthermore, this Battle Rank.

Regarding his Battle Rank, it is often compared with the Unknown.
The Unknown is divided into four classes in an ascending order which are Monster class, Mythical Beast class, Sacred Beast class and Divine Beast class. As of how dangerous these Unknowns are, the standard is 1 district (Monster), 1 town(Mythical Beast), 1 nation(Sacred Beast) and the world(Divine Beast).
By the way, the minimum Battle Rank for Monster class is 10, Mythical Beast is 30, Sacred Beast is 50 and Divine Beast is 100. With Eita’s Battle Rank, he has the power to destroy a district.
That’s why, Iwato said so, but Eita who was just praised, wrinkle up his eyebrows with a sullen face.
Iwato who sees that ask him [What’s wrong?] but–


<<Warning! Warning! A warp hole is opening! Please evacuate from this district>>


His words were denied by the warning that sounds at the same time.

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