World Record Chapter 28

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28. Dhampir

TL note: I think it’s Dhampir. Otherwise, maybe a lesser vampire.

The next day.
Ayame unusually told Iwato, [Today, I have something to do. So please go first]. Karen somehow also gave the same reason, so Iwato went to the school alone after a long time.
And when that happens, of course, the best friend who’s existence is becoming faint recently, makes a move–

[Hahaha! At last, you have been abandoned, you damn riajuu! Hee! Serves you right!]
[……Eita, you have fallen low. Is it because of your lack of appearance?]
[Shut up! This training camp! If your not there, there will only be one male character which is ME! In other words, this training camp, I’ll……]
[Yeah, yeah. It’s your life. So do what you want]


Iwato rejects Eita’s shout as he hangs his bag to the side of his desk, and he tries to take out his lunch–

[Ah, come to think of it……]


He recalled that he didn’t buy lunch at the convenience store today.
Because, Karen and Ayame insisted to prepare his lunch desperately.
Taking that morning into account, it’s already obvious.
Iwato told a merciless truth to Eita who’s muttering [You have finally been abandoned. Even I think it’s miraculous that a mob character like you started to be popular……].

[Ah, I see. A handmade bento]
[Ba○s!!] (TL note: Laputa reference)


Due to the resentment, Eita threw the ball that he grip to the floor while chanting the magic word of destruction.

By the way, Hiragishi Eita is a member of the baseball club.




During lunch break.
Iwato gazed at the stacked bento while Eita looks at him with grudge.
Of course, it’s probably what Iwato expected. A handmade bento, but–

[Hey, isn’t this too much?]


Iwato muttered so upon looking at the almost 10 level bento.
Of course, he thought that 『Probably Karen will eat almost all of it』 in his mind, but the truth is more interesting till it’s–not laughable.

[How’s this! I did my best to make it for Master!]
[Yes, we did our best after waking up early in the morning. So, please eat all of it without holding back, okay?]


Such a word is suitable for this kind of situation.
There’s no way I can eat all of it.
If he were to say something, he would say that. But upon looking at the two girls who showed such a lovely smile–and above all, one of them just confessed to him, he couldn’t sat such thing.
As a result–

[O-Oh……I’m……Iwato is happy?]


He said an outrageous lie.
Although it’s probably useless against Ayame’s ability, only for today, she didn’t use her ability.
It’s a blessing in disguise.
Iwato’s throat sounded, and he opened the bento starting from the most top level that’s placed on the floor instead of the desk. And, for some reason, for each time he opened the bento, the class falls into silence.
Well, of course he knew what’s the reason……

[……What’s this?]
[[Bento(you know)?]]


No–absolutely no.
From the top, rice, rice, rice, karaage, karaage, broccoli, banana, mayonnaise, yogurt, and curry. What an incomprehensible combination.
The top is filled with rice and karaage, then followed with broccoli and banana, and lastly, liquids. It’s quite impressive that it didn’t leak out.
Anyway, what he wants to say is,

[You two……do you know what is a bento?]


For Iwato, the brains of these two girls who made this bento, is impossible to understand.
Although the two’s faces stiffens by Iwato’s words, Iwato continues the assault.

[First, there’s no chopsticks]
[Second, why there’s only one kind in each boxes?]
[Third, this banana……isn’t it rotten?]


Terrible. This is the first time I see such a terrible bento.
Iwato sighs as he thought of that, and stands up.
By that action, Karen and Ayame open their eyes wide, but it seems that these two only understands that [something is wrong] in this bento, and they cast down their eyes frustratingly.

[Come on, you two. Let’s go buy a chopsticks at the school store……Wait, does the school store sell chopsticks……?]


By those words, the two raises their head quickly.
There’s the figure of Iwato pondering, and the option to not eat it can’t be seen from that figure.
That’s definitely not because of pity, and it’s also not doing it for the sake of the girls just like a light novel protagonist.
To put it in words–it’s for himself.

[Although a lot of it is not good, the karaage looks delicious. I’m looking forward to eat it]


He said so and smiles.
Whether or not it’s a smile upon understanding the girl’s feelings. Only God knows.




The next day.
The night before the training camp.
Iwato, Tsumugu and Karen were gathered at the living room by Ayame.

[So, what’s the important thing you want to say?]


That’s right. Ayame began to said so with a serious face at the same time as she finished her dinner. Thus, creating this situation now.
Iwato got a little nervous as he thought [Is it perhaps another confession……?], but upon looking at her serious expression, he thought that it’s not.
And, Ayame who heard that,

[Today, um……I want to tell the three of you about something I haven’t told up until now……]


“Something I haven’t told up until now”.
Although it sounds like she did something bad, the three of them who have special circumstances, took it in a different way.
For Iwato, it’s the King of Black Coffin.
For Tsumugu, it’s the past and father.
For Karen, it’s the weakest superpower.
Surely, Ayame has something similar like them.
The three think so right away–

[Do you know about……the demi-humans?]


Upon hearing those words, they guessed it.


That’s literally a life-form that differs from the human.
They are born as a normal human child.
However, they are always born with monstrous strength.
For example, a dragonborne which has dragon’s scales and abilities.
For example, a merman which has fish abilities and a transformed lower half.
For example, a therianthrope which has animal abilities and varied ears.
They, people who are a little different from human, are called as 『Demi-humans』. Why they are born in such appearance? It is still a mystery that hasn’t been clarified.
That’s why, long time ago, they were called as 『Assassins from the Unknowns』, 『The Cursed One』, and 『Monster』. They were shunned and discriminated by the society, but about 40~50 years ago, their rights have been established.
However, it’s a truth that the population of demi-humans is small, and it’s quite rare to find one in a town.
And, what Ayame wanted to say is for sure–

[Actually, I’m……a vampire 『demi-human』]


She closed her eyes tightly and confessed.
At present, the demi-human rights have been established, and if there’s someone who discriminates them, the police will come immediately.
However, they are clearly a different existence than the human. Even if people don’t discriminate them, they will surely avoid them.
But, the reason she revealed her identity to them is because she wants Iwato to believe in her, and she felt disgust of herself as if she’s deceiving them.
And, above all–


[Eeh!? Your reactions is so weak!]


–Surely, they have acquired the conviction of not minding such thing.

[Well, even if you say demi-human, demi-human just have animal ears and tail, and the Battle Rank is just higher than human, isn’t that right?]
[Nn…also…there’s a demi-human…among the World Recorder]


And what came to the two’s mind is that human weapon who has ears of a dog or wolf and the Battle Rank that easily surpassed 100.
Even Tsumugu will fall to her knees upon facing such power.
After all, she is one of the few people who can put up a good fight against Iwato.

Returning back to the subject.

Ayame took a breath of relief upon seeing their usual reactions, and at the same time, Iwato began to talk.

[Vampire demi-human–in your case, you might be called as 『Dhampir』, but how about the abilities and weaknesses of the vampire? Like transforming or cross]
[Ah! I also want to know that!]


There’s a limit of being usual.
Ayame muttered so in her mind, and she puts her hand at her chin and ponders.

[Basically, I don’t have any weaknesses. I’m okay with crosses, I can eat garlic, and I can also drink pure water normally. As for the abilities, my recovery ability is certainly high. When I had a bone fracture, it healed in just one day. As for transformation……well, I can only conceal my wings]



When Ayame drops her hand from her chin, she averts her eyes from them.

[The most important one is I need to take in blood to continue living……]


She spoke with a little solitary.
That’s right, for a vampire, blood intake is essential in order to continue living.
At the present time, the government will sent blood pack to them once every half month, but for Ayame, she can’t help to think that this act is what differs her from a human. She detested such act.

[Hee, somehow, it’s amazing]


Iwato said so while resting his chin in his hands.

[I’m certainly surprised because you don’t look like a demi-human, but that doesn’t mean that something will change, right? Ayame is Ayame. You revealed that you’re a vampire because you wanted us to believe in you, right? No one bad will do such a thing]


Something warm flowed on Ayame’s cheeks.
Up until now, she kept this secret to herself even from her acquaintance.
Because, before she was saved by the King of Black Coffin, she was bullied because of the truth during elementary school. And also, she understood that the demi-human discrimination still haven’t disappear from this world completely.
That’s why, although she knew it, still, her heart bear uneasiness as she revealed the truth to the people she like.

And–that uneasiness has now disappeared.

[Something like demi-human, is just a kind of status. Growing animal ears, scales, and wings. You should live your life proudly because you are more superior than human]


When he realized it, Ayame’s crying, and Tsumugu and Karen pat her back.
Iwato thought that [Huh?……Did I do it again?] in his mind, while

[……Y-You made me fall in love with you to this extent. So, please take responsibility and marry me, okay……?]

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