World Record Chapter 27

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27. Perfect day for confession

[Tsu~mu~chan, what is this?]


Immediately after returning home, Iwato showed Tsumugu the textbooks while twitching his face.
Those are the textbooks that hide the important points perfectly to the extent that anyone would not realize it.
Upon seeing that, Tsumugu snorted as she fold her arms in satisfaction.

[Nn…the best quality]
[What 『Nn』!?]
[In order to…spend a few days together…with Nii-san. I don’t feel guilty mysteriously]


What an unreasonable confession.
Iwato sighes as he drops his shoulder, and he stroked Tsumugu’s head.
There’s no anger in his face, but only an amazed wry smile.

(Well, it was quite noisy ever since Karen and Ayame came. Above all, Tsumu is more important than the training camp)


Iwato muttered so in his mind.

[Then, I leave the persuasion of those two to you]


He said so while pointing his fingers at those two who looks to start a fight.




After that, Tsumugu’s persuasion took a long time.

[You two…selfish. The result won’t…change anymore]
[Who do you mean!? Tsumu-san is more selfish because you switched Master’s textbooks! And also, tricking Master. As expected of an Absolute!]
[That’s right! You’re sel……Wait, Karen? I just heard a weird word……]


The content was something like that.
Although Tsumugu feels sorry for the two, she thought of spending the time with Iwato.
Although Karen and Ayame wants to go to the training camp with Iwato, they thought that feel bad to leave Tsumugu alone at home.
It was such conversation that completely ignores Iwato’s will.

[……Gusu, Karen…and Ayame…mean]


It took about one hour for the conversation to reach a parallel line.
Tsumugu’s tear gland finally burst due to the immature 14-year-old and 16-year-old girls.
Upon seeing that, Karen and Ayame starts to be flustered.

However–those tears are real.

These two interrupt just when she was looking forward to spend the few days with his brother. Even though the cause is Tsumugu herself, she is still an elementary school student. The feelings that rose high lose its’ drop point, and as a result, it turned into tears.
She wipes her tears with her sleeves, and runs up to the second floor into her room after shaking off from those two.
And, what left at the spot were two pale looking girls.
And, while looking at them, Iwato

[You two……what a cruel thing to do against a 9-year-old……]


He said that while twitching his face.

[B-But it can’t be helped! I’m also looking forward to the training camp with Master!]
[T-That’s right! Even I…]
[You could say that, but this happened because you two stayed in this house, isn’t it?]


By those words that overlapped with her words, the two became speechless.
Because originally, only Iwato and Tsumugu lives in this house. The two of them were happy with such life, and above all, they thought it was obvious.
And yet, their idiotic parents have done it.
Giving Karen a duplicate key, and on top of that, permitted Ayame’s stay without consulting them.
For Tsumugu who can’t live without Iwato, it more or less became stress.

[Well, I won’t ask you to move now. Tsumu seems to be having fun with you two here. But, despite her appearance, she’s a spoiled child. That’s why……well, I won’t order you to do things, but please understand her]


Iwato said so as he goes up the stairs slowly.
–I wonder how long has it been since the last time I pamper the crying Tsumu?
Iwato thinks of such thing with a loosen face as he goes up the stairs. And he stopped in front of Tsumugu’s room.

[Oooi, Tsumu. I’m here~]


When he called her, the door opened a little, and blue eyes similar to Iwato’s peeked at him from the gap.
And the door closed immediately.



A simple rejection.
However, there’s faint joy mixed in the word, and as expected, no matter what she said, she’s still a spoiled child.
Iwato mutters [I see……] without any sadness, and he sits down while leaning against the wall next to the door.
And, said simple and easy-to-understand words.

[Say, Tsumu. I have decided to stay in this house during the training camp]


To be precise, he can’t be there all the time as he has to attend supplementary lessons. In the first place, due to the supplementary lessons being compulsory, he can’t avoid it. And, Iwato once again speak to Tsumugu.
Then, a bumping sound can be heard from the room, and Iwato loosens his face further by Tsumugu’s cuteness when he imagined what she is doing inside.

[Tsumu is really cute]


And, Iwato who said it unconsciously.
Various sounds can be heard from the room, and after a few seconds, the door opens slowly.

[N-Nii-san……is that true?]


Tsumugu who peeked from the gap, asks so with 20% anxiety, 20% excitement, and 60% joy.
Then, Iwato showed a smile naturally.

[Isn’t it obvious? Did I even tell a lie to you before?]


That’s right, Iwato basically don’t tell a lie to Tsumu.
Bad lies are absurd, and even if he were to lie, he would tell her a lie that would make her think over and over again. Leaving aside whether that act is kind or cruel, Iwato is frank in front of Tsumugu.
Therefore, Tsumugu has absolute faith in Iwato, and she shakes her head.

[Nii-san…absolutely…won’t lie]
[Right. I won’t tell a lie to Tsumu only]


Then, Tsumugu blushes and starts to be restless.
Tsumugu knows that Iwato continued to lie and deceive the surroundings.
Hiding his identity, his past, his own feelings, and his true nature(shampoo)……forget about the last one, but the current Nagumo Iwato has a lot of lies.
That’s why, by these words 『I won’t lie』 and 『Tsumu only』 that he said, Tsumugu felt joy from the bottom of her heart.
She looks downward to hide her blushing face, but steals a glance at Iwato with upturned eyes.
And, Iwato who saw that, said this with a smile.

[Don’t worry, I will always be by your side]




Eventually after that, Tsumugu blushed and shut herself in her room.
The next day, and another day passed, she gradually be able to show herself to Iwato, but there seemed to be a distance between them, and when Iwato wanted to get closer, Tsumugu will run away while blushing.
And, what left there is Iwato who crouches while holding his chest.
Such Iwato went to the school while dragging the pain along.

[Gufu……T-That’s the so-called rebellious age, huh……?]
[No matter how I think, that’s not the reason]


Iwato’s thought was cut in two by Karen and Ayame. He raises his head while enduring the throbbing pain in his chest.

[Well, leaving that aside for now, have you two prepared? It’s the day after tomorrow, right? The training camp]


The two reacted with a twitch by those words.
That’s right. Once the first periodic examination ends, the training camp comes immediately after it.
Today was the day when the test papers were returned to the students. Iwato dropped his shoulders upon seeing white and red colors to stand out in his papers, and he knocked down Eita who laughed scornfully–And two days later, it’s the training camp.
That’s why, Iwato asked the two girls.
Then, the girls

[Well, it’s just 2 days 1 night. And, we’re only going to the training field at the outskirts of Sapporo. So minimum preparation is enough]
[Huh? Karen, saying something like minimum. Don’t tell me you only packed your underwear only……]
[I-I-I’ll pack the rest later]


An outrageous confession. The second time.
Iwato looked at Karen with sympathy, and she looked discontent.

[Master! Even though Ayame-chan is using honorifics, she’s a liar! Please don’t trust her so easily!]
[I don’t even trust Ayame at all]


Ayame knew that those words are the truth.
When she dropped her shoulders, Iwato who saw that, talks in a fluster.

[Ah, but that. I don’t trust you, but I rely on you much, you know? Tsumu is shutting herself, and Karen is……err, well……un. That, right?]
[W-What’s with that! Even I also will feel hurt, you know!?]


And once again, Karen looks discontent.
Iwato lightly ward it off, and

[Well, if you want me to trust you, drop the honorifics]
[No, I won’t]


An immediate reply.
Iwato stared in wonder as he thought that she would reply [T-Then, I have no choice……], but Ayame said something not understandable, and she continues

[Well, the reason why I use honorifics on Iwato-sama is because I’m in love with you. Even if you ask me to drop it……]


The class becomes quiet by those words.
Although Ayame was puzzled by the situation, Karen was the first who regained her consciousness.

[W-W-Wha-What are you saying all of a sudden!? A-Are you an idiot!? To be honest, I thought that you seem to have that feeling, but why like this……]
[No. In this few weeks together with Iwato-sama, I finally realized it. Rather than not revealing my feelings forever, it’s more effective if I confess quickly, isn’t that right?]


She said so, and looks at Iwato.
Following that, Karen and the dumbfounded students look at Iwato–

[Ah……Um, err…..what to say, ah, un, thanks……]


The figure of Iwato blushing.
And Karen’s shout that resounded.
Upon seeing that, Ayame grins as if the current situation is just as planned, but still, she blushes and

[Anytime is fine, so I’ll be waiting for your answer, Iwato-sama♡]


She came near to Iwato’s ear and muttered such thing.

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