World Record Chapter 24

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24. Sin to bear

After that, one week has passed. Early afternoon on Sunday.
Tsumugu stays inside her room as usual, and Iwato is relaxing with Karen at the living room. Then, the intercom rang.

[Ah! Should I go?]
[No, it’s okay. I’ll go]


That’s right. If Karen go, it could turn out to be troublesome.
For example, she might say 『What’s this!? Is this the bomb to kill Master!?』 to the deliveryman. As expected, he wanted to believe that she wouldn’t.
The intercom rang once again when he thought of such thing, and Iwato ran to the entrance while saying [Coming]–

Gacha………Bang, gachari.

Iwato locked the door–after seeing the person outside.

[Un? Who was it?]
[Well, it’s just an unknown middle school girl. It sure is scary. I wonder if this is the new type of fraud?]
[There’s no such thing like that!]


At the next moment, the door opened.
A red light covered the lock, and upon seeing that, Iwato understood that the door was unlocked with a superpower.
When Iwato looks at her while sighing, the girl said this while pointing her finger at him.

[I found you! Black Pandora-sama!]


The girl there was the familiar girl who has silver hair and red eyes–Sumikawa Ayame.




A few minutes later.
Iwato explained to Tsumugu and Karen about Ayame at the living room.
Because Iwato had to leave immediately after beating up the Black Crest Group, he just know Ayame’s name.
Hence, Ayame did the explaining, but–

[Then, Iwato-sama said this! 『Aah, what a lovely girl. Yosh, I’ll persist until I get a hit on this vending machine for your sake–』]
[Karen…you can…beat this woman up]
[Understood! I entrust the role of beating Master to you!]


Karen and Tsumugu stand up after saying so, and Ayame stand ready instinctively.
Iwato sighed unintentionally upon seeing the situation.

[Well, what this person is saying is a lie other than the fact that I gave her a juice. And Tsumu, stop joking, because it’s not a laughing matter to be hit by you, okay?]
[Un…if Nii-san say so]


Tsumugu sat down obediently by Iwato’s words, and Karen who saw that, sat down unwillingly while puffing her cheeks.
For the time being, Iwato felt relieved upon seeing the situation that has calmed down, and he looks at Ayame and speaks.

[Hey, Loli. If you only intend to spout lies, then I’ll drive you out now. And also, I’m not Black Pandora]
[L-Lo-Loli!? Isn’t your sister more Loli than me!?]
[It’s obvious…Tsumugu 9 years old. But you…that figure with that age]


Tsumugu’s relentless words.
That’s right. Although she didn’t to describe it, the figure is quite something compared to Karen. Despite the fact that Ayame has almost the same height as Karen, one part, just one part of her didn’t grow at all.
–Well, that’s why she can wear a man’s suit, and above all, there’s not only demerits. That’s right. Flat chest is a status.
Even Ayame herself used that excuse to escape from reality–but Tsumugu broke those illusions with her words.

[A-As expected of Black Coffin-sama’s sister……What a magnificent verbal attack]
[I’m seriously not him……]


When Ayame muttered so as she hold her chest, Iwato said those words again.
Then, this time, Karen inclined her head with a curious face and speaks.

[But Master, you’re a key figure that the humanoid Unknown targeted, and above all, your soul is an unbelievably huge coffin, isn’t it? I really thought that you’re him, though……]


Exactly what she said.
The freaking huge coffin-type soul. On top of that, it was declared like that by an A rank member, and he’s regarded as dangerous among the Unknowns to the extent that a humanoid Unknown infiltrated into the town.
With that much evidence, the formula of Iwato = King of Black Coffin is getting completed. And Ayame who heard that, was convinced that her intuition was half right even though she don’t know about the details.

–However, Iwato has a way to deny all of those.

[Then, I’ll ask you. Why the pure white hair King of Black Coffin became a black hair like me? The fact that I don’t have a superpower is an absolute fact that the whole world knows]


By those words, Karen and Ayame were at a loss for words.
That’s right. The one and only powerless in this world, Nagumo Iwato is completely a powerless. This fact is acknowledged by the Japanese government and the Special Forces to the extent that there’re some researchers who scheme to research about Iwato’s body.
Therefore, Iwato thrusts the fact once again to the two, but Ayame speaks before Karen.

[T-That’s right! Iwato-sama used the black dye shampoo that you made to conceal your white hair! The Absolute, and above all, the Number One. If you have that much power, you can do such thing easily with your connections, isn’t it!?]
[R-R-Right, un, right! As expected, Master is that something for sure! It’s time for you to spit out everything!]


Although wanted to say something about Karen’s use of words, he took out several small bottles from his pocket.

[The world’s greatest bleach and the legendary shampoo with strong bleaching effect. And also, the Overdye SRB bleaching-type]


Upon seeing that, Karen and Ayame guessed that those are probably the real thing.
Karen’s reason was [There’s no way that Master will lie about shampoo].
While Ayame knew it by using her superpower.
At any rate, it’s true that Iwato has been collecting bleaches around the world for a time like this, and Iwato said this while grinning as he gave those to the two.

[Time to break all those flags. Why don’t you use all of those to see whether I dyed my hair or not?]


Although all of those were used, there was no change on Iwato’s hair.




[After saying all those caustic words…result…a complete miss. How stupid. It’s too stupid till I can’t even laugh(lol)]


Aren’t you laughing?
Karen and Ayame felt down to the extent that they can’t say anything.
The reason is as what Tsumugu has said. After saying all those words, and even washed Iwato’s hair, the result was nothing. Really a not laughable joke.
However, even though they now know his hair is genuine, Ayame has an evidence that proofs Iwato to be Black Pandora.

[B-But, that blue light is surely that person’s ability! In addition, that face! I have no doubt that you’re the very same person!]


That’s right. Although the King of Black Coffin neither have curly hair nor wearing glasses, still, Iwato’s face has the look of the King of Black Coffin. And also, the cloak he wore at that time looked familiar. In addition, the ble light.
Tsumugu who saw Ayame shouting so, blinked her eyes, and after that, she looked at Iwato.

[Nii-san…did you…possibly…used that?]


Iwato nods to those words, and he stands up while sighing and heads upstairs.
Although Karen and Ayame inclined their head to the side by his actions, Iwato returned with the cloak after a while.
And, something unbelievable came out from his mouth–

[This cloak’s name is 『Coffin Cloak』. The world’s second strongest armor that I personally requested Black Pandora to confine his superpower into it]


Although the two opened their eyes wide by those words, a greater surprise appears from Iwato’s next words.

[The superpower in this cloak is plain and simple. An ability to nullify any attacks other than physical attacks]


What’s with that cheat armor.
Anyone would want to say that upon seeing such a overpowered cloak.
Although Karen’s head burst completely after hearing the ability, Ayame managed to pick up various concealed facts from those words.

[T-That means! Iwato-sama have met with the King of Black Coffin!? Or rather, that person’s superpower was that!?]


That’s right. What known from Iwato’s words are Iwato personally requested the King of Black Coffin–in other words, he met with him, and the identity of the King of Black Coffin’s superpower.
However, those were very important for Ayame, and she shouted so before she knew it.
Then, Tsumugu who didn’t interrupt the conversation at all, muttered this.

[What a harsh thing to say. Grouping the ability with the ability that’s only to that extent…I pity the Black Coffin]


–The ability that’s only to that extent.
She didn’t meant [His ability is not to that extent], but that ability itself is for sure SSS rank. Ayame who was convinced so, showed a greater shock, and tried to ask Tsumugu.
But–it won’t come true.

[Sorry…I don’t intend to say any further that this]


At the same time as those words, an intimidating air rises from Iwato, and upon facing it, not only Karen and Ayame, but also Tsumugu had cold sweats on their back.
She–Tsumugu knew it.
Although Iwato concealed the feeling very well, the word 『King of Black Coffin』 is a taboo word for him.

[Nagumo Iwato is totally a different person. Not more nor less. If you investigate any further than this and on top of that, causing troubles to Tsumugu……]


–You…I’ll erase you.

Anger was filled in those words.




On the very same day.
After, Ayame left the house with teary eyes, and Karen fell to sleep while having an indescribable expression.
Iwato stood in his room alone.


The sound of the door being opened.
Iwato exhales without looking back, and he starts speaking in the same way as monologue.

[I might…have did something bad on that girl……]


Thinking back upon a few hours ago, Ayame who became teary eyes upon facing Iwato’s killing intent.
And a few years ago, the girl who he saved in Tokyo.

[Maybe that’s why. I remembered just by one look. The silver hair that’s close to white and those red eyes. That’s pretty rare. I never thought that I would meet her here]


Iwato muttered so, and approached to the window. And he looked at the beautiful full moon in the night sky.
And at the same time, a voice came from his back.

[I…have already…forgive Nii-san]


–Already forgive.
By those words, Iwato smiled and replied with a gentle voice.

[Thank you, Tsumu. But I……still have not forgive myself]


However, there’s an unconcealable grief in the kindness, and Iwato’s hands were shaking.
Those hands were sullied with blood, and tainted it in black.
Unconsciously piling up sins, and by the time he realized it, he can no longer go back–

When he closes his eyes, the scene from that time still comes to mind.
The figure of a little girl with white hair and blue eyes shaking in anger, and the figure of a boy with white hair and blue eyes standing lethargically without thinking what’s in front.
Iwato clutches tightly, and–turned around to the back and said this to Tsumugu.

[This is…the sin I bear. No matter how much time has passed, I probably can never forget about it]


“The sin I bear”.
Upon hearing those words, Tsumugu cast down her eyes sadly.

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