World Record Chapter 23

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23. Blue light

After Iwato saw the news informing people 『Please be careful when you see black haired people and don’t get close to them! Please inform the police instead of trying to do something about it!』, he put on the cloak and moved at high speed on the roof.

[Haa……It’s really been a while…since I move like this]


When Iwato mutters so, he changed the route as he sensed people’s presence.
The most important thing when moving like this is to move without getting found out. If people saw him, they will report seeing the black hair, and in the worst case, people might see him as a underwear thief. Above all, time will be wasted.
That’s why, he need to use the shortest route to the site without being found out. But–

[Ah, the time now…]


Iwato frowns as he saw the intersection below.
That’s right, originally, now is the commuting time. Even if the Black Crest Group is acting violently, the people who don’t have direct relation to it, didn’t have the reason to take a day off. So there was a crowd of people as usual.
Iwato sighs and looks in front.
Approximately–32 kilometers.
When Iwato cast his gaze to the building that act as his footing, he apologizes in his mind–

[Well, if my perception didn’t become blunt, I would have reach already]


From that place, he jumped greatly with the power strong enough to break the ground.




Ayame moved while thinking of various things in her mind.
Even though she’s moving, she’s neither running nor walking, but she floated and moved while cladding a red light.
Her superpower is similar to 『Psychic』 and 『ESPer』, as well as being the highest rank, SSS.

The name is–Six Divine Power.

The six ability that made this superpower are Extreme Speed, Divine Hearing, Clairvoyance, Mind Reading, Fate Reading, and God Authority.

If I were to explain those abilities in brief–
Extreme Speed: Ability to freely floats the body.
Divine Hearing: Ability to hear extremely well.
Clairvoyance: God’s eyes that can see through everything.
Mind Reading: Ability to see through a person’s feelings and mind.
Fate Reading: Ability to see a person’s life force.
God Authority: Ability to dominate and manipulate the target.
–it’s like this.

However, these abilities are originally the abilities that god should use.
A human, or more specifically, a kid can master it. Whenever Ayame uses these abilities, she will place a limiter on all of the abilities.
But even if the abilities were restricted, it’s still powerful to the extent of reaching B rank at the lowest rank.

Returning to the main subject.

Such Ayame arrived at a huge park located in the heart of Sapporo.
The prime minister is in the Special Forces’ station now, and if the Black Crest Group wants to go there, they must pass through this park or the downtown at the opposite side.
Ayame used what their superpower and weapons broadcast in the news as a reference.
–Which are, flame-type superpower and flamethrowers.
On top of that, they seem to displayed their power more than necessary because they burned everything they saw.
Then, between the downtown that has nothing to burn and this park, the latter has a high possibility that they will choose.

[Well then, I’ll beat everyone up!]


She said so and get down to the ground–

[Ah, this might be a little bad……]


She opened her eyes wide when she looked upwards as such voice ca be heard from the sky suddenly.
However, the owner of the voice was not there, and a loud sound resounded from her back.



Ayame turned towards the loud sound, and she raised her voice as she saw a surprising state.
After all, the state that she perceive by Divine Hearing was a person falling from the sky suddenly.
At first, Ayame wanted to confirm about it, but she thought that it’s probably impossible.

(That person fell to the ground at that speed…… If it’s a human, it’s a matter of course, and if it’s a Sacred Beast class Unknown, it would be a serious wound……)


It’s definitely instant death to that person.
“Why such an incident happened at this point of time?” Ayame thinks about it and sighs–

[Well, I thought I was going to die]


Ayame opened her eyes wide as she saw the figure of the person from the cloud of dust.
That’s definitely the same voice as the man who fell from the sky just now. And he showed that he only has minor injury after falling to the ground at that speed.
–Exactly, a monster.
The existence that’s higher ranked. Ayame gulped in tension.
And–she opened her eyes wide as she saw the black hair.

[Black Crest Group……!?]


Ayame was convinced. That this man is the strongest assassin sent by the organization.
Then, the man looked at Ayame quickly as if he heard what she said.
The familiar natural curly hair and blue eyes. If he even wears glasses, he’s surely a mob.

(Huh……? This person…I feel like I seen him before……)


At a moment, Ayame tried to recall the man, but she shook her head and stopped thinking.
That’s right, the person in front is one of the Black Crest Group. In other words, the group of criminals that hurts innocent people. An enemy.
When thinking so, she cast her eye’s down unintentionally due to the nervousness. The opponent is far stronger. The chance to win is close to zero. When she thinks that such an opponent is just in front of her, her limbs start to tremble.
However, she recalls–the figure of Black Pandora.

(That person……He…Even if a Sacred Beast class faced him, he didn’t feel fear!)


She shouted so in her heart to encourage herself, and she lift her head–

[Now, Black Crest Group………Huh?]


She was dumbfounded as there was no one there.
That’s right. The black haired man is not there anymore. What’s left was a huge crater that proofs his existence.
“No way–he ran away!?”
Ayame looks around the surroundings quickly. If she really let him through, that will be a fatal blow. That’s the action after thinking so, but–


[Oh! I got a hit!]


The man–was buying drinks from the vending machine at her back.
Ayame was surprised by his unknown actions, but she immediately floats her body and move to there.

[Y-You there! What are you doing!?]
[Ah, just now…Look, it’s a hit so I’ll give you this]
[Eh? T-Thank you……]


Ayame was bribed with a canned juice.
Although Ayame received the canned juice unconsciously, after a while, she quickly lift her head as she thought that she was deceived.
Then, just as she thought, the man turned his back and started to walk.
Ayame who’s taken aback, uses her superpower and moves to his side.

[P-Please wait! You, what exactly are you trying to do!? You don’t seem to be in the Black Crest Group!]


That’s right. Ayame don’t think that this man is in the Black Crest Group due to his actions.
As if he’s the figure of the Black Crest Group–



Ayame realized the possibility and started to sweat.
Did this boy said that he’s in the Black Crest Group?
Is his hair really dyed?
Isn’t this boy’s strength equal to the rumored person?
The more she thinks about it, the answer became clear. Ayame has already realized the boy’s identity.

[Well, my hair is originally black]


Ayame falls to her knees after she judged whether those words were a lie or not with Mind Reading.




Iwato was dumbfounded by the girl who was on all fours for some reasons.
Because her thought that she would say [Liar!] when he said that he’s an original, but he didn’t anticipate this to happen.

[H-Hey……Are you okay?]


Iwato said so while crouching, and he reacted by the voice that echoed from the surroundings suddenly.

[Fuha. Hey, you there…Never seen you before]


When he looked at there, a crowd of people equipped with flamethrowers has gathered there. The man who’s leading the crowd, Byson, had a broad grin on his face.
–The Black Crest Group.
It’s already clear that their identities are all black hair, and Iwato stands up while sighing.

[Suspicious……Hey you! If you’re one of us, then shout our slogan! 『No one stands in front of us–』]
[Um…『Because we are the weakest』…is it?]
[………Youuu, just now, what did you say?]


Byson received the words that insulted them, and he muttered so in anger.
However, Iwato folds his arms as if it’s a trifle matter, and he mutters this as he nods.

[Well, the fact that I don’t use honorific to someone older itself is unusual…But the black hair really don’t suit you guys. It really looks weird]


A snapping sound of something can be heard from the people of the Black Crest Group.
When Byson groaned with veins showing up on his forehead, he started to order them to set fire to the forest and also burn Iwato.

[Oh my, is the Black Crest Group that has such noble ideology chickening out in front of only two people by setting the forest in fire? Please tell me that I’m wrong, right? Those who do that are chickens or small fries who think that they can’t win against the opponent, right?]
[Eh!? W-Why am I included……]
[Eh? Let me ask you this. Are you weaker than those guys?]
[No way I am]


Snap Snap!
Their patience made a sound of snapping.



The Black Crest Group was successfully agitated by Iwato just like Karen a few days ago.




Ayame hold deep emotions towards the boy in her heart while looking at the raging group.

She’s able to know whether the words are a lie or truth and even know what kind of feelings people hold with her ability.
That’s why, she knew that the actions just now don’t have any evil intention, and it’s just to agitate them.
Therefore–she was deeply moved by that.

(Anticipated the opponents actions and prevented the forest being set on fire. On top of that, he even grasped my ability……Ah, seriously! This person is amazing!)


The sharpness of his brain that even the extraordinary prodigy, Ayame acknowledged. Leaving aside the fact that she’s a prodigy, it can be think that he has a better brain than her.

(Although this number is a little troublesome…with this, it might somehow work!)


When Ayame shouted so in her mind in excitement–Iwato speak at the same time.
But–Ayame instinctively stiffen by those words.

[Your superpower, it’s probably a SSS rank psychic-type, right? Absolutely don’t use it on them, okay?]


She didn’t understand the reason at all.
With the approaching Black Crest Group, she opened her eyes wide unbelievably that she wanted to use her superpower.
However, Iwato continues his word while staring at them.

[Superpower is just like a scissors. The Special Forces have the right to use the gun against an opponent, but that’s not a good reason to point a scissors towards an opponent]


The enemies almost reached them, but Iwato showed no impatience.

[Well, there’s the so-called legitimate self-defence. I don’t intend to blame anyone in this kind of situation, but still, using superpower on humans is just like the what the Unknowns do]


–To be precise, using it towards intelligent creatures.

Iwato mutters so and stepped forward. At the same time as that, flame unleashed all at once towards Iwato.
Although Ayame opened her eyes wide by that–in the next moment, she certainly saw that blue light.

[Then, what should you do? When facing humans, you should not use superpowers, but you can just use legitimate self-defence to deal with them instead]


At an instant, the flames became blue light and disappeared.

That phenomenon is similar to the one Ayame saw in her dream. The black cloak and his back figure mysteriously overlapped with that person’s figure.

At an instant, the few pieces that exist in Ayame’s mind, connected.
A familiar face.
The black dye shampoo that won’t bleach.
The black haired boy who’s far stronger.
The pure white haired boy who she saw before.
And–the blue eyes, and the blue light.

[Well then, you guys better be ready]


Ayame blushed and said this while looking at him who’s having an evil smile.

[I…I finally found you]

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