World Record Chapter 1

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1. Nowadays, it won’t be popular

Long ago, there was this kind of template.


–Hit by a truck and reincarnate into a different world.


According to people these days, they would have a questionable thought on it. But apparently, according to people from those days, it would be quite attractive. Above all, thinking that they would be freed from the boring society, makes them feel a little happy.
After all, the past is the past and the present is the present.
Nowadays, something like [Different World Reincarnation] is not popular like when it is in the past. Conversely, a genre like [Reincarnation to the Past] is gaining popularity nowadays.
If that’s the case, then why it is gaining popularity? The answer is simple.

[Because the world became the so-called Low Fantasy]


The boy mutters and looks around the area of the school route.
Something caught his eyes.
The car which floats without tires.
The laser gun which is carried by the police.
The moving passage established on the road.
The pedestrians who do not have black hair.
And, “The Wall” that surrounds the city at a distance.
When the boy sees all those stuff, he sighs uninterestedly. The boy then takes out a history textbook from the school bag and opens it.


–Year 2016, the world changed.


It is a history’s catch phrase.
Year 2016 was the Year of Disaster.
Monsters appeared suddenly in every place around the world.
Due to the fact that the monsters appeared suddenly and the cause of their appearance was unidentified, they were given the name “Unknown”.
They wander wildly on the earth. When they found a city, they attack the city. When they found a human, they kill the human. They kill everything as if they have a grudge on living things. At that point of time, many humans and almost every wild animals died.

–But, new powers dwelled in humans.
To be precise, humans who are 6 years old and above. A crest emerged on one body part of those humans. Given the same powers as the Unknowns as if telling those humans to fight against them.
Some says, they can manipulate fire.
Some says, they can create water.
Some says, there’s divine power and supernatural power.
Some says, there’s black magic and sorcery.
Humans can know the name and ability of the power by intuition. Therefore, they used their powers to fight against the Unknowns in the past and as a result, the humans had many sacrifices but they managed to avoid annihilation.

But still, the damage was great and a considerable amount of people died in 3 years before “The Wall” is completed in the major cities.
That was an obvious result and by seeing this objectively, the humans did well to survive through such situation.


Returning to the main subject.


And just like that, the humans part ways and hide behind the Wall. They develop the major cities and regain the past’s technology while beginning the research on the Unknowns and superpowers. Thus, reaching the present now.

Nowadays, the existence of superpowers is already common.
There will be a gathering to announce the superpower when someone reaches their 6th year birthday. Raising a few livestock and the government’s various political measure also reached a point to stop.
It’s natural that there are monsters and divine beasts wandering outside of the Wall. Even the dog-type Unknown that can be found anywhere will kill humans. Such hellish environment is waiting outside the Wall.
There are water dragons in the ocean, wyverns in the sky, and earth dragon on the land.
It is way more fantasy at this point of time rather than the so-called different world in the past.

Suddenly, the boy heard a scream and quickly look in that direction.

Before his eyes, he saw a truck speeding up ignoring the traffic light. And, there was a woman sitting down in front of truck.
The driver did not sound the horn. Either the driver is not looking in front or the driver is drunk or maybe the driver is dead.

The boy’s body moved before he knew it.
The woman notices the boy’s figure. The emotion as if to stop the boy comes into her mind.
This is a very often case where the protagonist saves the woman and reincarnates into another world.

Which world will he be reincarnated?
A world full of the smell of steel and blood?
A world with abundant nature where there’s magic?
A world in the past where there’s war?





Such a large sound resounds around the woman. The woman closes her eyes tightly but–there was no shock of the impact reaching her body.
She realizes that she was surely protected.
She is worried about the boy’s condition so she quickly opened her eyes and search for the boy.

–However, that person stood in front of her.

[Umm… Are you alright?]


The woman was not able to react to the words that came from the boy.
The boy has a black hair which is not supposed to exist in this era and beautiful blue eyes behind the glasses.
And behind that boy–was a crushed truck.

[Ah, umm… er…]


Her head becomes blank due to the huge amount of information and an unbelievable sight. It’s a matter of course. However, the boy wrinkles up his eyebrows and looks at his watch.

[Ha!? Ah, s-sorry! I need to go now! Please go and see the doctor!]


After saying that, he starts running in a straight line and turns at the nearby corner.
Only the drunk driver sleeping on the airbag and the woman who was shocked left at that area.


If I were to tell the moral of this story, then it should be

Ran over by a truck and reincarnated into a different world.
Such genre won’t be popular nowadays.

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