World Record Chapter 130

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130. Sequel -Six Demon Spears-

「Tsukie-sama, today’s schedule–」

Minister of Defense, Kanekura Tsukie listened to her schedule for today from the female secretary while looking at the outside through the window.

「–After that, with the financial affair……Tsukie-sama, are you listening?」
「Eh, ah, I am sorry. I was spacing out」

The female secretary smiles wryly upon hearing that.
She touches her green hair lightly, and speaks out the incident that makes Tsukie space out just now.

「Come to think of it, it is almost 4 years since Black Pandora took his long vacation」
「……Oh, was that a sarcasm?」
「No no, it’s unthinkable」

Tsukie’s shoulders twitch upon hearing the secretary’s words.
The secretary who replies everything with a smile, sat on the sofa.

「In the first place, I have no relation to Iwato-kun at all. Well, we did go and buy shampoo together the other day though」
「Oh, it’s disgusting to see an insect near my son. If you dare make a move on him, you will be discharged」

A clear threat. It is already a power harassment.
However, the secretary remained superior.

「Oh my, what should I do? It would be a trouble if I am discharged. On that day, the illegal files of the Minister of Defense might be sent to the whole world. ……For example, hiring 3 of former Six Demon Spears members secretly」

Tsukie’s face looked bitter.
The secretary smiles upon seeing that. That figure is something different than the secretary from before, as Tsukie frowns when she finally showed the 『real』 her.

「By the way, how are Kuroku-san and Matsubara-san? As the one who used and crushed the Six Demon Spears, I can’t go and meet them」
「I am pretty sure you can confirm them by controlling the surveillance camera or whatever machines. Isn’t it, Digital Ruler?」

Hearing those words, the secretary–Digital Ruler, Toudou Akane shows a smile.
When she removed her mask as the secretary, she leaned her back on the sofa and waved her hand as a criminal.

「Oh my, I didn’t do anything bad. But I did try to expose the country’s top secret through hacking, and gathered dangerous criminals so that I can crush them all at once. Although I really created the Six Demon Spears, I only abandoned them after knowing that the leaders were rotten」

Upon hearing that, Tsukie couldn’t mutter a word.
Toudou Akane certainly did very little criminal-like crimes.
In the first place, hacking itself is a crime, but what she did was just exposing what the country was hiding such as crimes.
Because of that, many people lose their jobs, but they reap what they sow.

「……Well, certainly. If you were a irredeemable criminal, I wouldn’t hire you. Above all, that child will never let you go」
「……Ah, it is not like that person turned a blind eye to what I did. We repeated countless game of tags, and at the end, that person judged that 『Ah, it’s impossible to catch her!』, and the sentence was just suspended. Therefore, I did nothing bad」

Hearing that, Tsukie smile wryly.
It is better if it is the others, but if that person decided to suspend the sentence, it is a different story. Toudou Akane will probably never commit a crime as the Digital Ruler again.

「I am glad that you didn’t kill much people」
「Well yes. I only killed my own parents. I would like to praise my past self」

While hearing the mad reply, Tsukie recalls about a certain matter.

『Minister Kanekura, why not hire me? It comes with 2 leaders from the Six Demon Spears』

Tsukie still remembers the moment when this woman came with two of the former enemies.
Iwato sustained a serious wound.
The Braver ran off searching for the corpse of the Dark King.
She can’t forget of the demon who picked the worst timing to come.

『If I reject, he will die, right?』
『Yes, if it is now, I feel like I can kill Iwato-kun』

At that time, she wasn’t cool-headed enough to be able to reject her after hearing that. She wasn’t strong enough to even choose to forsake her son twice.

「……Well, I must say that I would like to praise my choice at that time. After all, you are surprisingly competent」
「Yes, of course. With hacking, I can detect frauds, and expose bribes. When there are machines, there is nothing that I will not know」

Hearing that, Tsukie sighed.
It wasn’t a mistake to hire her.
That’s right, I think that way now.
Thanks to that, we managed to prevent a number of my husband, Nagumo Youji’s assassination. In addition, because we can even acquire the confidential information of foreign countries, Japan reigned as the top of every countries in these few years.
Furthermore, this person is extremely strong.
She even dispose the maggots in the government secretly. Even if Unknowns appear, she alone will be enough. During the Special Forces hijack incident, if Iwato didn’t make a move, she would probably end it all by herself.

「……Well, if it is my past self, I wouldn’t have forgiven you」

A demon who is strict to the rules and face enemies with killing intent.
If I were to evaluate on my past self, it would probably be that.
But now, I am placing former enemies near myself, doting an Unknown as a daughter, and treating my son as a mother, not as the Minister of Defense.

「……I have really slackened」

Saying that, she turns her eyes to the window.
Thin snow falling similar to the day when she part with her son.


「W-W-Wait! Please wait!」

The man pleaded for his life desperately.
The place is at the slum quarters in United Kingdom.
The street that once had the symbol called Big Ben, turned into a such street. The Special Forces stride as if they owned the whole town, but out of sight, people carrying darkness in them, were maneuvering secretly.
At the center of the darkness.

「I-I was wro–Gubee!?」

The man was kicked in the stomach, and he screamed.
In front of him was a small woman carrying a sword on her shoulder.

–The man’s name is Waruno Akuma.

The man who reigned as one of the leader of the Six Demon Spears previously, survived miraculously from the collapsing base despite that he was fainted after receiving a blow from Iwato.
After that, he flew abroad while avoiding a certain person who was chasing him. Moving from a country to another, he reached this town in United Kingdom.
And it is simple after that.
He made all the thugs he found obey him by using his 100+ Battle Rank, and established himself as a consummate villain. And he reigned the town as the incarnation of every crime.

There was no one who can rival him anymore.
After all, everyone in the other side of the town obeyed him.
Money, women, honor, and pleasure. He can even conduct a murder satisfyingly with his will.

He was delighted.
That he was born to be here.
That he wandered around the world in order to come here.
He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

–Until today.

「How foolish…… Because I lost sight of you, I thought of going all around the world to kill all the villains. But I can’t believe that you are the one who is reigning the underworld in this famous town…… It’s as if you are telling me to find you. ……Ah, or did you want me to find you that much?」
「N-N-No! I-I don–」

I don’t want to meet you.
As Akuma tries to say that, his head flies in the air.
His head with his eyes opened wide, rolls on the ground, and his subordinates screams upon seeing their boss dying in front of them.

「Didn’t I tell you that I am going to kill you? ……Hmm, did I? Well, it doesn’t matter because you are a villain–」

In such blood and scream.
The girl brushes off the blood on her anachronistic sword, and says that with a face full of madness.
Upon seeing that, everyone on the spot, tries to run away, but she doesn’t even look at them. After all, she came here with the intention to kill all the evil in this town. Even if she let them go now, their fate will never change.

「Now, Iwato-kun. I have collected the foreshadows of the dull past」

Putting her sword back to the scabbard, she walks to the main street.
Her hair is a blond hair that is close to white.
With wolf ears growing from her head, it is obvious that she is a 『demi-human』. The blood on her cheek is the reason of who she is.
The people in the main street who saw her figure in blood, scream but it immediately turn into cheers.

『L-Look! From that place–』
『Y-You are……!』
『N-Nice to meet you! World Recorder!』

Receiving such cheers, she squints as if it was too bright.
The sunlight shining down brightly.
Her blond hair shines dazzlingly as she places her hand on her sword, and she looks at a certain direction.

「Now, I wonder what Iwato-kun and the rest are doing right now」

She is–the World Recorder Number Two 『Pantheon』.
The woman who became well known in a good meaning and a bad meaning–Esashi Sana mutters while smiling.

How many times did she died since then?

Even she herself doesn’t remember about it.

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