World Record Chapter 13

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13. White Emperor of Hell Fire

The two of them chased after the person who’s probably the humanoid Unknown.
But Karen had no experience in chasing after someone. Of course, it won’t work on an humanoid opponent with such an amateur’s pursuit–

(He’s out…wide…dead end)


Tsumugu looked around the surroundings of where the person stopped.
It’s a open space that’s surrounded by abandoned buildings. First, there won’t be a problem if something happened here for sure.
Even when she checked her status application on the spot, this place is surrounded by buildings, and when she recalled of the path they came through, the last path was just a straight path.
In other words, here is probably–

[Welcome, visitors. This place will be your graveyard]


At an instant, Tsumugu and Karen can hear the sound of a huge amount of water flowing from the other side of the path they came through. Tsumugu immediately carries Karen and rushed to the open space.
And at the same time, the entrance was blocked by a water wall.
–It’s a water-type superpower.
Speaking honestly, it’s a superpower that has the worst compatibility with Tsumugu.

[I see… One small fry, and… Well well, looks like I caught an extraordinary monster. Definitely worth off killing]


The other members of the Special Forces who felt doubt on why the Special Forces who went to subjugate this Unknown haven’t return, went to the place and they found their comrades who had their head cut off and the Unknown status measuring device.
The status of the opponent who killed the Special Forces was recorded.

Race: Demon King Crabster
Battle Rank: 73
Superpower: Water Emperor[SS]
Taijutsu: A

[My name is Demon King Crabster! A divine messenger who came to assassinate a certain person who live in this town!]


The man spread his arms and said so.




Demon King Crabster.
Completely the same name as the subjugation target heard from Tsumugu’s client.
Tsumugu felt relieved by the fact and also reacted with a twitch when she heard the word [Demon King] from that Unknown.

[…What…[Demon King]. Cool]


Right, the [Demon King] stirred Tsumugu’s feelings.
Then, the Demon King Crabster and Karen were surprised and immediately after that, the Demon King laughed with a loud voice.

[Fuhahahaha! After all this time, humans continued to laugh at this name! It’s unbelievable that my comrade is in this kind of place!]
[Un…the best. You have a good sense]


The strange fellow feeling that sprout for some reason. And Karen opened her eyes wide by those two’s smile. She’s really pitiable.
But that fellow feeling didn’t last long.

[That’s right, I have something to ask you. Tell me the information about my target, the person who has a coffin-shaped soul. If you tell me, I won’t kill you. And I will make you my concubine]


If Iwato was there, he would probably say [What’s with this guy? Isn’t he just an evil pedophile bastard?], but what the two girls reacted on was the former.
–The person who has a coffin-shaped soul.
In fact, Karen who can see souls, knows about this. The shape of the soul changes according to what a person is doing or learning or overdoing.

For example, Tsumugu.
In her case, her soul has the shape of a burning flame before, but now, it’s similar to the shape of a normal human’s soul.
For example, this Demon King.
The soul of this Demon King changed into a large water sphere when he used his superpower.

Then, the [Coffin-shaped soul] mentioned by this Unknown, is probably someone who witnessed the burial and cremation of corpse, or someone who witnessed numerous relatives’ death, or someone who has a superpower related to [Coffin].
Or–a murderer who have killed a large amount of people.
No matter which one is it, if that person is being targeted by an Unknown this strong, that person must be strong, or the Unknown is incompatible with that person.
When Karen thought about it to that extent, she regained her sanity by the heat that appeared nearby.

[Coffin-shaped…soul? You…what do you plan to do on…that person?]


There was the figure of Tsumugu who had an angry face instead of her usual expressionless face.
It’s unbelievable that her expression changed by someone else other than Iwato, and that means the target of this Demon King is something great.

[I see… It looks like that person is your friend or something. It’s regret that a comrade of mine has finally appeared, but I will make you give me that person’s life]
[Sorry but…I absolutely need…to kill you]


At the same time, flame and water begin to overflow from their bodies.
White flame bursts out from Tsumugu’s body, and deep blue water emerged around the body of the Demon King.
And the tension starts to float in the area, and Tsumugu talks to Karen in this intimidating air.

[Karen…don’t move from this place. That guy will probably…aim at Karen without hesitation]


By those words, Karen reacts with a twitch and the Demon King smiles.
Thinking about it realistically, it’s as she said, the Demon King wanted to use Karen as a hostage to defeat Tsumugu.
Therefore, the Demon King was astonished by Tsumugu in his heart, and Karen bit her lips, knowing that she’s nothing but a hindrance in this situation.
Then, the Demon King spoke.

[You whose name is not known, if you tell me the person’s name right now, I will let you return alive. How is it? Don’t you intend to come to an agreement?]
[Hmph, you just don’t want to fight against me. Because you might lose]


The Demon King has probably expected that answer.
That’s why, he squints and–he unleashed his attack without saying anything more.

[『Water Bullet』]


At an instant, several water bullets are summoned on the Demon King’s palm, and the bullets flew towards Tsumugu and Karen in a speed faster than a normal bullet.
That’s supposed to be surprise attack that no one can react to it.
The Demon King thought that this will probably deal a considerable amount of damage–




He opened his eyes wide when he saw the bullets evaporated completely in an instant in front of the girls.

[…Un? Did you…do something just now?]
[Eh!? Did something happened just now!?]


And, his pride was greatly hurt by the words of Tsumugu who clearly knew what happened and the words of Karen who absolutely had no idea what happened.
And above all, he felt fear instead of surprise by Tsumugu who evaporated the water created by his superpower in an instant.

[Y-Y-You!? What the hell did you do!?]
[I thought…you would do something…so I deployed…a heat barrier in front of me]


–“As expected, you knew it!”
The Demon King wanted to shout so, but rather than that, he thinks of another plan to defeat this girl first. He killed his feelings, and he decided to start from hypothesize Tsumugu’s superpower first.
From the fact that she can evaporate the water created by a SS rank superpower in an instant, her superpower is surely a heat or flame-type superpower. She may be a monster of either a SS rank or a SSS rank.
And the next that need to think about is how she can use such power in her age.
Her age is probably around 8~9. Then, she should only obtained her superpower two or three years ago.

[Fuha! You, you are probably a complete long range type that used all your time in superpower!]


When the Demon King gave such conclusion, he starts running with water clad on his body.
His taijutsu level is A rank. In top of that, the water armor is strong against heat, and his physical strength is also powered up by the water armor. Because of that, a long range type will surely not be able to react to his speed. Though he is not as fast as Karen.
In an instant, the water was evaporated, but he himself didn’t receive any damage, and he felt relief when he passed over the heat barrier–



Tsumugu who slipped into his bosom, landed an elbow strike on his solar plexus.
Although the humanoid is powerful, normally, the body is a human.
Of course, not only that it’s the same from top to toe, but the weakness is also the same.
The Demon King became paralyzed by the absurd power of the strike on his solar plexus.
But Tsumugu’s attack didn’t end there.

[Ha, Too!]


During that time, lethal blows that can instantly kill a normal human, were unleashed together with her voice.
Furthermore, what unleashed was the so-called liver blow and uppercut in boxing. The blows that’s used to destroy the human’s body, aiming for the human’s vitals such as liver and chin.
And, when his body floats in the air after Tsumugu’s uppercut, she pushed her hands out and chants.

[『Hell Fire Destruction』]


At an instant, what created was a pure white flame that’s different from a normal flame–divine flame.
Even an amateur can know the danger of it with one look. If you touch it, you will definitely burned into ashes in an instant.



The Demon King summons a large amount of water in front of him immediately while having shaky vision. He prioritized on quantity rather than quality as if a dam released its’ water.
Then, as he expected, a huge steam explosion occurred in front. Although he received a considerable amount of damage, still, it’s way better than touching the divine flame.

His body was blown away, and rolled on the ground until he hit the wall.
However, as expected of an Unknown’s body. Even though he had his vitals stroke and he got into a steam explosion, he stood up while using the wall to support himself.
He thought of it.
“To be honest, her strength is beyond my expectations.”
Even if he can see her soul, that is only derived from the mental strength and the Battle Rank. If a person who has a low mental strength and a high Battle Rank, the soul that can be seen is small because it’s affected by the mental strength.
And what he completely overlooked–no matter how smart or mature she is, she is still a kid.

[I wonder whether I can win or not even if I change…]


A genuine monster.
But the Demon King smiled.

[That divine flame… In addition to that, that taijutsu skills. You are absolutely not a human… However, the steam explosion that occurred in front of you. There’s no way a human with flame superpower can resist–]


That’s right, there’s no way she can resist it.
But his words stopped, and he opened his eyes wide by that figure appeared from the smoke.
Expressing in one word, it’s probably an Ogre’s arm.
It can’t be described as strange-looking. An absurdly huge human’s–no, exactly an Ogre’s arm.
No damage can be seen on the Ogre’s arm, and in the next moment, it became smaller and it returned to the figure of that girl’s arm.
The first word that came into the Demon King’s mind upon seeing that was–a second superpower.

[Phew…that was…close. I thought I was going to die]
[Ka…Ha, Eh…? What was that just now…]


Exactly what she said.
The Demon King instinctively thought of questioning the same thing as Karen.
But before he wanted to ask, he instinctively trembled before that overwhelming power.

(Can I win if I transform!? There’s no way I can! Not only that I can’t touch that divine flame, and also that Ogre’s hand…. If I’m hit by such thing, I will definitely die!)


And above all, that soul, those words, and that figure brings fear to him.
It’s–the fear towards the unknown.
A second superpower? That divine flame and the Ogre’s hand are definitely SSS rank. And she might still be hiding some superpowers. Then, what is she hiding? Two SSS rank…then, won’t the others be the same?
And, that girl, did she feel any negative feelings even once when facing me?
The answer is no. Then, what’s the reason?

–The answer is that I’m not a worthy opponent.

[Demon King…you’re weaker than I thought…isn’t it?]


The Demon King no longer have the will to fight, and he escapes while screaming.



Two surprised voices can be heard, and the Demon King released a large amount of water as if trying to sink the whole space in that area. And he breaks the building while climbing up the building.
And, Tsumugu who saw that, sweat cold sweats.

[T-This is bad… It looks like he can escape]
[H-He can escape!? Tsumu-san is strong, so can’t you do something with some power!?]
[…….Un…impossible…hikikomori don’t have stamina]
[Why is a hikikomori accepted this kind of work!?]


Exactly what she said.
However, as expected, after coming this far, Tsumugu don’t feel to conceal it anymore. She mutters a name.

[World Recorder]


Karen thought that why she said such thing in this situation, but her face became pale when she recalled the pure white flame and what she said just now.

About 3 years ago, it’s a common sense that there’s three people who are the Absolute. [King of Black Coffin], [King of Heroes] and [Emperor of Death].
But a new member joined the Absolute without the identity being known. The fourth became famous with the other name.
And the name is–

[Special Forces top leader, The Absolute Number Four 『Verme Kaiser』]


She revealed her identity as if it’s nothing special.

Name: Nagumo Tsumugu
Age: 9
Sex: Female
Job: Student(Elementary School Student) · Special Forces Top Leader
Battle Rank: 91
Superpower: ???[EX]
Taijutsu: S

Of course, her power is in accordance with the name The Absolute.




[Haa, haa, haa…]


After 10 minutes or so, the Demon King Crabster who had successfully ran away from the Absolute, sat down on a different open space at the alley, and breathed wildly.

(I got away. I managed to get away! Fuha! Fuhahahaha!)


He had an evil smile, and pumped his fist in his heart.
She was probably one of the Absolute for sure.
Otherwise, that means, this town has such monster all over the place. That’s definitely impossible. That will no longer be called as a town, but a hell.
And at the same time, he thought of this.

(I can’t win. Certainly, I can’t win now. But it’s a different story after I kill the creatures in the town and gain more power…. Next, next time, I will definitely…)


In the next moment, he was suddenly greeted by someone from his side.

[Um, excuse me, I heard that there’s a store selling crabs around here… Do you know where is it?]


The Demon King Crabster who was surprised by that voice and raised his vision.
He totally didn’t his presence. Even though he can perceive that girl’s presence if he concentrate. The Demon King was surprised that someone stronger than that monster came, but that thought vanished immediately.
Before his eyes is a figure of a black curly haired plain boy who’s wearing glasses.

(What’s with this kid… Ha, there’s no need to be cautious. There’s no way this kid will be strong)


The Demon King Crabster’s words became rude unconsciously due to the humiliation that he received a while ago.
Surely, if he see the boy’s soul, he would think that the boy in front of him is his target, and he would realize that this boy is more stronger than that girl.

[Well, I visit various stores all the time since afternoon, but all of them were sold out surprisingly. I even thought of going out of the Wall and catch one myself. Well, I’m just lying, though]


The Demon King released all of his concealed powers as if he should vent his accumulated irritation on this boy who continues to talk.



At an instant, the Demon King’s body starts to swell up, and after a few moments, there’s a monster figure of a huge crab and prawn mixed together, in front of the boy.
The Battle Rank is probably about 85.
The Demon King showed his figure to the boy, and expect the plain boy to feel fear, but–

[Ah, a crab]


The Demon King had his life reaped in an instant by the fist of the boy who appeared suddenly.
On the other hand, the boy–Iwato took out a handkerchief and wiped the strange body fluid on his fist. Then, he muttered as if remembering something.

[Hmm… A humanoid, huh?… There sure is a lot of unusual things in the world]

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