World Record Chapter 12

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12. Humanoid

After that, the Special Forces arrived after a while.

[You guys are too late. How will you take responsibility if our shitty students die? I’ll kill you]


No one make a sound after hearing those words from Nakajima-sensei, and as a result, the Special Forces take charge of the Unknowns’ corpses and compensate to the Force Academy. They mainly promised to compensate for the corridor destroyed by the huge crab, and returned.
Iwato thought in his heart that recently, the Special Forces are like a group of dropouts.
As a result, the students were permitted to leave the school early after that. However–

[I wanna eat crab]
[… What are you saying suddenly?]


The place is at Nagumo’s house living room. Iwato muttered so.
Because the Kachikochi Cancer was beaten up by Nakajima-sensei, he lost his high quality food. When you think thoroughly, if it’s a higher rank species, it will be very delicious. Regarding the chain dragon that he beat up, was used as super-high quality food in the Special Forces’ dinning hall.
Thinking it normally, it should be like this [Is it alright to eat an unidentified Unknown?], but delicious is justice. Try to think about it, if the food is delicious even though you get a stomachache later, you will want more of it. In other words, it’s fine if it’s delicious.

[I will go and run around Sapporo to find some crab-type Unknowns. So get along with Tsumu, okay?]
[Eh? No, wait. In the first place, is it safe to eat a crab-type Unknown!?]
[It’s alright. I ate it raw before and nothing happened]
[What kind of eating habits do you have!?]


Although Karen shouted so instinctively, unfortunately, Iwato has a part of him that he won’t listen to others once he decided what to do. Just like the time when a shampoo is involved in the situation.

[Well then, I’m off for a little while]


He went out of the house just like that without hearing the reply. Karen muttered this in the silence after being left alone in the living room.

[As expected… I can’t see anything]


There’s no need to say what is it anymore.




[I want a hint, please!]
[… Are you an idiot?]


Currently, Karen is kneeling on the ground in front of Tsumugu.
The place is in Tsumugu’s room.
It’s a square room that had the light blocked by the curtains. Several screens on one side, several mechanical devices placed on both sides, a huge bookshelf with a large amount of light novels, and a huge refrigerator.

Tsumugu is a hikikomori. On top of that, she’s an otaku.

That’s why, she reach out her hands to various things, and speaking of an information war, she already has reach the level of being able to hack the country’s security. By the way, her level in destroying evidence is also quite high.

The master of the room–Tsumugu takes out her favorite melon soda from the huge refrigerator, and she twists the cap and drinks it.
And, it returns to where the conversation was.

[Well, after all, I can’t see anything so it can’t be helped! I always looked at him in the school! I generally looked at him except when he goes to the toilet or bathroom! If you’re okay with it, then I will also look at him in those two places–]
[What do you mean by die!? And also, I’m neither a lecher or a pervert! Rather than that, there’s a limit
for you to have a brother complex!]
[Not blood-related…then…no problem]
[There’s a lot of problems!]


It was a harsh girls’ talk.
If all of the girls were talking like this behind the guys, the guys around the world will probably be divided into two group. Those who back away and perverts who get excited by that.
Karen then quickly had a serious face and started to talk.

[It’s not good if this continues… Although I just started, I somehow have a feeling that I won’t be able to see it in this one week]


Even Tsumugu was surprised by that in her heart.
Although Tsumugu herself was also surprised that Karen came to ask for a hint, above all, she was surprised by her instinct that see through her own heart. It’s commonly referred to as “Wild Instinct”.
Certainly, it’s only a waste of time if she continues to look at Iwato.
When it comes to seeing his soul, it’s important to change how to see it. The condition will be fulfilled easily if Karen herself has even a little change.
When Tsumugu thought about it, she sighs as she shutdown all the screen.

[To be honest…Nii-san and I…thinks that…Karen can’t fulfilled the condition]


Karen crouches down by those words from Tsumugu’s true feelings.
But there’s certainly kindness included in her next words.

[At any rate, it’s absolutely impossible for you to see it while you’re in this town. So I can help because I have free time]

And, Tsumugu decided to gave an unreasonable hint to Karen.




[… Um, what’s this?]
[Un…my work]


Currently, the two of them are walking on the street.
They walked on the street holding hands as if they are sisters.
That’s why Karen said [What’s this?]. However, as expected, the reply was ambiguous–

[No, that’s what I’m asking you! I don’t have much time, you know!? Now’s not the time to do this kind of thing…]
[Karen…look around…properly]


When Karen gave up on talking to Tsumugu and looked around the surroundings, there’s the figures of people pointing their eyes at her that want to say [What is that girl shouting…].
Karen’s face flushed due to the embarrassment and she hid behind Tsumugu.

[Kya, I’m being assaulted]
[Don’t joke with me!? If you don’t stop, I’ll get angry!]


Then, Karen slammed her hand the wall in front of Tsumugu.
Because they are in the alleyway, no one can see them, but if they were seen, it’s not strange that they will be misunderstood.
In that tense atmosphere, Tsumugu opened her mouth to talk.

[Sacred Beast class, Battle Rank over 70. If…I say that it’s in the town…what do you think?]


Karen realized as she was trying to reply [Impossible] while thinking that it’s just a threat. She realized that Tsumugu’s eyes were serious.

[N-No way… Then, if it’s not the [World Recorder], there’s no way of winning. In the first place, how can it be in the town…]
[Even if…it’s a humanoid?]


Karen who have heard that word from Iwato a while ago, reacted with a twitch unintentionally by the word.
“Well, if it’s just Nakajima-sensei and me, we could at least defeat a Sacred Beast class, isn’t that right? Though it would be bad if a humanoid or a higher rank of Sacred Beast class Unknown appeared”
Iwato said so at school a while ago.
Iwato who’s strong even said that “it would be bad”.
Such existence is in this town….?
Karen trembled as if she felt cold shivers on her spine.

[A few months ago…there was a warp hole that opened suddenly. And…B~C members…among the Special Forces who arrived…all were killed. And…that Unknown…still can’t be found]


–In other words, the humanoid’s act.
When Tsumugu said so, Karen’s hand falls smoothly.

[My work…search for that Unknown…and kill it for sure…whether it’s a humanoid or not]


Humanoid Unknown.
It’s a creature that only exists among those above the Sacred Beast class, and it’s rarely discovered.
In fact, the only humanoid Unknown that was discovered in the human history was the *two* that were discovered at the same time 3 years ago.
It’s rare to that extent, and it’s a valuable Unknown. However, it has the power that corresponds to its rarity.
The man who once fought against those humanoids, said this.

“It’s absolutely better to not fight against a humanoid. After all, the humanoid…”

When Tsumugu recalled those words, she turned around and said this to Karen.

[Humanoid can…multiply its Battle Rank…by transforming]


Normally, the humanoid Unknown has a Battle Rank over 70.
Tsumugu who recalled it, realized that she’s sweating cold sweats unusually.




Karen sighed and said this to Tsumugu while walking around the street together with her.

[Today is an unpleaseant day that I learned that superpowers are weak]


It sounds fair.
She asked unpleasant questions to Iwato, she got lost because she didn’t know where’s the staffroom, she faced a pack of Unknowns, her first day of school as an exchange student ended in the morning, and she now took part in the search of the humanoid Unknown. Exactly the worst first day.
Tsumugu who saw such Karen, said this.

[Karen…if you don’t like it, you can go back]
[I-I-I won’t go back! T-To protect people’s peace. T-T-That’s the duty of a Mahou Shoujo!]


Of course, it’s a lie.
Well, in fact, the Mahou Shoujo is like that, so Karen helped her, but speaking of her true feelings…
“If we found it, I will handle it. If you help me to find it and I’m killed by it, you passed when that time comes”
She was deceived by Tsumugu’s cajolery. She’s disqualified as a Mahou Shoujo.

[Rather than that, Tsumu-san, you’re certainly strong, but can you win against such monster? Even Master said that it’s [bad]]


Then, Tsumugu reacted with a twitch, and she tilted her head to the side. And Karen fainted in agony in her heart by the cuteness. Saying “What was that!? That was super cute!!”.
But Tsumugu who don’t know that, said this.

[Nii-san did…? Are you lying?]
[I-It’s not a lie!]


Tsumugu felt doubt by Karen who stuttered suddenly, but she can’t see that Karen is lying from her expression.
Therefore, she faces forward while having the doubt in her heart.



Far in front of her.
She opened her eyes wide as she saw a man heading to the alleyway.
Although Karen also felt something unusual on that man, Tsumugu called out to Karen before it was confirmed.

[…Karen. Don’t raise your voice. That man…has entered the alleyway. Check his soul]


Karen finally realizes the identity of the man by those words.
She assumed that she will probably be surprised, so she hold her mouth with both of her hands, and confirms the soul. And yet, a little sound leaked.
The man’s soul is one size smaller than Tsumugu’s–but still, it’s big enough to be called as a huge soul.
Tsumugu nods as she looked at Karen’s reaction, and said this after exhaling.

[We’re…lucky…to find the target…on the first day]


Karen felt anxiety by the small girl’s voice.

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