World Record Chapter 11

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11. Nakajima Tomomi

Lunch break.
Eita placed his arm on Iwato’s shoulder.

[Argh shit, I never thought that I would be the best friend of the protagonist. Like hell I will say that. Die you shampoo bastard!]
[What are you saying? Because I thought that you would hate that position, I gave you the protagonist position]
[That’s just gives me troublesome things!]


Eita said so and started to punch Iwato seriously, but Iwato used his taijutsu skills to evade it.
The students who saw that great movement, opened their eyes wide and observed quietly.
–And somehow, there’s a scratching sound of a pencil.
When Iwato looked at the origin of the sound, there’s Karen who’s scribbling something in her notebook. The girls near her peeked at her notebook wondering what she’s writing, but all of their faces became stiff when they saw it. I wonder what that girl is writing on that notebook?

[Haa, haa, you… Why are you so strong even though you don’t have any powers!? Just get punched already!]
[No way. It’s the world’s logic that a person without any powers is strong, isn’t that right? Nowadays, there is no one without powers that is stronger than me]
[That’s because you’re the only one!]


That’s exactly the fact.
Everyone’s reaction would be something like “What is the only person without powers saying?”. It can only be thought that he’s underestimating the others.
Well, because of that, Eita exhaust his stamina even more, and at the end, he used up all of his stamina while Iwato is still breathing smoothly. Exactly a monster.
Then, Karen raised her voice and opened her eyes wide after seeing that. Iwato looked at her and trembled.

[D-Don’t tell me that… those words just now were an implied advice like [There are higher rank Unknowns that will provoke you. So be careful to not be deceived by words]!? As expected of Master!]


Iwato was surprised in his heart thinking that “Why the things that she thinks are always wrong while the things she learned are right?”
And for some reason, the classmates nod with a face saying [I see]. “Who do you guys think you are?”. Iwato seriously wanted to say that.
Iwato sighs and tries to say [It’s not like that] to Karen, but–


<<Warning! Warning! A warp hole is opening!>>


For some reason, such warning was heard in the school building.




The warning broadcast of warp hole.

It is originally an omen of warp hole. In other words, it will only be broadcast in the coordinates closest to the place where there’s an abnormal distortion. For example, the warning broadcast of the warp hole that Iwato and Eita encountered the other day, was actually broadcast from several devices around that pharmacy.
And in this case–the broadcast is not from the device outside of the school, but it’s from the device within the school.
–In other words

[Everyone! Evacuate to the sports ground through the first floor! The Unknown warning is within the school! Move quickly as much as possible! And don’t rush!]


Iwato unusually shouted.
The students felt fear after realizing the seriousness of this situation. But those vanished by Eita’s shout.

[Hey, you guys! All of you here intend to fight against the Unknowns in the future, right!? Then, you shouldn’t be scared by this warning! Don’t you feel shameful that this powerless guy is not even scared!?]


Although it’s questionable that he used Iwato as a reference, unfortunately, the panic was settled by those words.
However, the panic that was settled is at most the students of this class, and maybe the neighboring class. At this rate, a riot will certainly happen due to the chaos and the evacuation will probably not go well.
When Iwato realizes the worst situation, he clicked his tongue softly. Then, the students get out of the classroom according to Eita’s voice, and they looked at the crowd of students.
–What to do… At this rate, there’s a high possibility that it will become like that. Even though the students learned about it in the school, it’s a different story when it comes to real experience.
It was the next moment when Iwato started to be troubled.

[Hey you guys! Don’t tell me that the Force Academy’s students will be scared just by this warning!? You guys, do you even have balls!? Ah!? If you have the balls, then assemble at the sports ground, Idiots!]


This time, it was the voice of their class teacher, Nakajima-sensei being broadcast. Due to that very cruel words, they managed to calm down, and at the same time, they started to move as if they are afraid of something. Especially the guys.

[I see…! This is the domination by fear!]


Karen who was next to Iwato before he knew it, said so and he decided to be silent.
He didn’t want to say anything about the remark of a female teacher, and above all, Tsumugu said that Iwato is not Karen’s master yet. At least, he don’t have anything to tell her at this point of time.

[If the arrival of the Special Forces is late, that means that we have to do something about it, right?]
[Huh? Well, you’re right, but will the Special Forces be that late?]
[It’s bad to say this, but Sapporo is peaceful due to the urban legend. The Special Forces don’t think that an Unknown will come so often. In other words, those guys are lazy]


That’s why, they failed to reach in time when the warp hole at the pharmacy opened. And this time is the Force Academy which is really far from the Special Forces headquarters. It’s impossible for them to be deployed before the Unknown appears.
Then, Iwato thought that it should be fine to show them a little example.

[I’m now going to meet up with the teachers and subjugate the Unknowns. There’s no way that I can let those Unknowns steal my Overdye SRB’s customers]


Iwato then walked to the entrance of the classroom, and he turned around and said this.

[What will you do, Karen?]


She followed Iwato without hesitation.




Iwato, Nakajima-sensei and also Karen looked down on the students assembled outside of the school from inside of the school building.

[Hey, I can understand Iwato, but why is the exchange student here? To be honest, she will just be a hindrance]
[Well, if it’s just Nakajima-sensei and me, we could at least defeat a Sacred Beast class, isn’t that right? Though it would be bad if a humanoid or a higher rank of Sacred Beast class Unknown appeared]
[… You’re the only one who feels that such thing is bad. Those kind of Unknowns can destroy a nation normally, you know?]


Nakajima-sensei said so and sighs.
However, Karen trembled by the word “Sacred Beast” and her face became pale when she heard the word “Higher rank of Sacred Beast class”.
Unfortunately, she didn’t know the word [Humanoid], but she probably guessed that it implies something similar to the higher rank. Well, in any case, they are monsters that Karen can never win against.
Nakajima-sensei who sensed Karen’s state, said this to Karen.

[Well, be relieved because there probably won’t be any strong ones coming out this time. The Sacred Beast class on the Wall was the latest Unknown that appeared. Next, they probably don’t have a reason to gather Sacred Beast class in this area yet. In the first place, it’s impossible to summon another Sacred Beast class in this short time span. At most, a Monster class small fry]


Karen wanted to say this, [Are you crazy!? Saying something like the Monster class is a small fry!]. Unknown is Unknown. A monster that can destroy a district. That’s a Monster class.
But Nakajima-sensei tapped her shoulder with her bamboo sword, and from there on, she is not a teacher, but a warrior who have got through many dangers.
Karen gulped unintentionally by that atmosphere.

And in the next moment, the atmosphere vanished.

[Probably… it’s here]


Those two said so, and they looked at the right side of the corridor where they are standing.
Although Karen didn’t understand why they look at that side at first, as time passed, she starts to hear rough breathing and several footsteps.
And–when Karen saw the figures, she unintentionally screamed and sat down hard.



In front of her is a pack of black dogs that has the size of an adult, and there’s a clearly different existence there. A huge crab.

Race: Watchdog Kuro
Battle Rank: 12
Superpower: Cooperation[E]
Taijutsu: E
Race: Kachikochi Cancer
Battle Rank: 23
Superpower: Harden[D]
Taijutsu: D

A pack of Watchdog Kuro that is good at hunting in pack.
And the Kachikochi Cancer that have high defense using the Harden superpower.
These two are monsters that kill beginners which the countermeasures were written in the Force Academy’s textbook such as [When you found one, run away immediately] and [Run away immediately]. Even the Special Forces would like to avoid these two as much as possible.

[T-This is bad! Even if both of you are strong, it’s impossible when you’re against the violence in numbers and that hardness! Although I know that Master is strong… S-Still! This is not something that can be handled with just bare hands and a bamboo sword!]


Karen shouts. She cannot help but to shout.
But what she said this time is a common sense. Especially the Kachikochi Cancer. It is said that its defense will become equal to the hardness of a Sacred Beast class when it used its superpower. And it’s written in the textbook that there’s no way to win other than [Burning it].
That’s why, she raised her head and shouted at those two–

[[… Eh? You said something?]]


Karen opened her eyes wide by that voice and the almost annihilated pack of Unknowns.
At any rate, the only time she looked downwards was when she said [Although I know that Master is strong…]. It was only around 5 seconds.
During that time, the pack of Watchdog Kuro has been almost annihilated, and the few that survived were smashed by Nakajima-sensei’s blood-stained bamboo sword. The watchdogs can only try to run away.
And when it comes to Iwato, he stopped the downward-swing pincer by the Kachikochi Cancer with one hand, and he looked at its body while putting the other hand to his chin.
–And he spoke.

[Un. Today might be a good day for a crab stew]


For him, this crab is nothing but food.
Rather than that, when he thinks about the amount that Karen eats, the crabs sold in the supermarket are not enough. By the way, Unknowns have many parts that can be used as food, and Iwato knows that this crab is quite delicious.
Then, there’s only one thing to do.

[Yosh, I’ll dismantle you alive–]


At an instant, Nakajima-sensei’s bamboo sword penetrates the crab’s shell, and the Kachikochi Cancer became a little inedible in front of Iwato.
Seeing it as the Kachikochi Cancer, it’s unknown whether which one is more good, either it will be dismantled alive or being minced from the back suddenly.

[Aaaah!? My crab steeeeewwww!?]
[Uoraaaa!!! I’ll turn you dogs into mincemeat!!]


Karen opened her eyes wide as she sees it.
To be honest, she thought that if it’s only Iwato, he probably can do something about it. After all, Tsumugu who has that huge soul, declared his strength many times during these few days.
However, she completely didn’t expect that Nakajima-sensei could do this much.
Even though Iwato’s ability is more than expected, she felt in her heart that Nakajima-sensei’s ability easily surpassed her expectations.
The speed that’s hard to follow with eyes. The super-powerful downward swing bamboo sword. And for some reasons, the bamboo sword doesn’t look like it will break at all.
Suddenly, an information that Karen comes into her mind when she saw her figure.
There’s once a A rank member in the Special Forces that was called as the strongest among them excluding the Absolute. Even that Isakai Manabu can’t win against that person. That figure is exactly the [Devil].
She is called as [Devil King] due to her style of fight that brings fear.
The A rank member’s name is–

Name: Nakajima Tomomi
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Job: Teacher · Special Forces A rank Member
Battle Rank: 56
Superpower: Body Strengthening · Extreme[SS]

[Don’t tell me, you’re Nakajima Tomomi!?]


She–Nakajima Tomomi turned around when she was called by her full name after a long time.

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