World Record Chapter 117

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117. War front enlargement

Yawning greatly and walking on the passage.
The woman walks carefreely while placing her hand on the katana on her waist.
Swaying her red hair as she looks forward.

–And a flash ran through.


A sharp slash aiming at her neck.
She dodged it by twisting her body greatly, and upon seeing that, one of the Six Demon Spears’ leaders–Kuroku Mikoto was slightly surprised.

「……Hee, not bad」
「No, I don’t know about that, but who the hell are you to suddenly come slashing at me? Are you picking a fight?」

There’s only a small wound on her nape.
The woman–Nakajima Tomomi who tried to dodge the attack completely but didn’t, scowls and prepares her katana.
Moving her thumb to the guard on the katana–suddenly, countless slashes surge.
Just like now was the King of Black Coffin’s (Black Pandora) golden age, it was also her golden age.
She once possessed the power that was said to be the closest to becoming a 『World Recorder』,


While cutting down all those slashes with her katana, Kuroku Mikoto recalled her name.
The red hair, the ridiculous physical ability, and cutting down superpowers. The world called as this.


「–I see, you’re the superpower eater, 『Demon King』」


To those words, Tomomi unsheathes her katana.
It’s not a blunt katana that can be obtained anywhere. Iwato endowed the power of existence–『Katana』 and 『Superpower Cutting』 on it.
Hence, the katana will never break, and it’s way better than a blunt katana. The katana can cut down every superpower.
In addition, if you include her physical ability–it becomes an attack that can’t be guarded.
Facing Mikoto who’s smiling while being intimidated by Tomomi, she says this listlessly.

「Step back quickly. My little brother’s stepsister was caught, so the current me can’t hold back」




「Mus! Cle!」

A manly voice roared.
The word is as if personifying the body itself. 『Muscle』. You can say that he’s more muscular than Grazi Blacklist who’s in the same organization as him–the aberrant muscles.

「Yo, muscles! Hello, muscles! How’s your condition? Eh, there’s no need to ask? Hahaha, I can understand. You have never been in a bad condition at all, so my body is completely the best. Therefore, therefore, intruder」

Laughing like that, he smashes the ground with both of his fists.
Suddenly, cracks run through the floor in a flash, and the floor collapses along with the vibration and shock wave in seconds.
The muscular man wearing only a shorts at the center–one of the Six Demon Spears’ leaders, Matsubara Makoto lands on the lower floor while showing his shiny teeth.
Suddenly, the surroundings experienced an earthquake while he talks to the figure in front of him.

「I’ll tell you this. It’s all useless」

Such words came out from the figure.

「Useless……huh. I just know about this recently, but it’s not good to have such assumptions, you know?」

When he looked at the direction of the voice, there’s a figure of a woman sitting on the iron bar, and she mutters while looking up.

「……I wonder how to say it. It’s not like I’m complaining about the muscle-brain people like you」
「Hey, you. Did you just make fun of muscles?」

Makoto said that, but she pretended that she didn’t hear it.

「I’m not wrong. I can say it with confidence. Unknowns are enemies. Targets to be erased. Fearful atrocious pests. That view won’t change and more than 5 out of 9 Unknowns in the world are like that」
「Umu, I don’t understand because it’s too complicated」

Each and every time, Makoto replied in a wry smile while she–Kanekura Tsukie brushed her long hair.

「Yes, it’s complicated. What should I do or what should I do as a mother or what should I do as the supreme leader of the Special Forces. Because I don’t know anything, I’m troubled, but still I regret it」

Saying that, she gets down to the ground.
Makoto prepares himself as he felt the killing intent coming out from her, and she said the direct truth.


「The one who came here is 『Nagumo Tsukie』」


She regretted it once.
She moved based on her experience as the supreme leader of the Special Forces, and lost her family.
That became a failure inside her–so this time, she decided to take the opposite way.

「Right now, the person here is not the supreme leader of the Special Forces, the Minister of Defense, and even the victim who resents Unknowns–」

Then, she takes out a knife from her bosom.
I don’t know things that I don’t know. What kind of result will it lead to. That will not be known until I see the future myself.
That’s why, she decided to play the failure’s opposite.
Not to refuse Unknowns as the leader of the Special Forces.
While Makoto is preparing his fists, she said this indifferently.


「–This time, I came to save my daughter as a mother」


–The path called saving her new daughter as a mother.





She–Esashi Sana was skipping while humming.
However her skipping stopped because of the picture of hell in front of her.

「Hmm……I only know a person who can do this kind of thing」

It was the appearances of the fallen members of the Six Demon Spears that spread in front of her.
–『Dead drunk feeling』.
Planting the feeling of 『getting drunk』 on the opponents as the power of existence, and forcibly increasing the power of existence to 100. In other words, these guys have fell into a dead drunk condition that will not recover in a few days.

「……I received it once before, but even with my abnormal status nullity of 『Braver』, I still fainted」

Although she says that, there’s nothing like a hangover at all. You can understand how terrifying she is at the point when she can nullify abnormal status planted with maximum power of existence.
Such her, advances to the direction where Iwato went, and suddenly, she found a familiar person.

「……Ah, the guy who got carried away at that time」

That guy who got carried away–in short, Saikyou Rinji who faced her during the kidnapping.
Somehow, at the beginning, he did say that he’s the strongest in the Six Demon Spears. The instantly defeated Rinji was fainted with his eyes opened wide.

「Hmm……This is 『Impact』……I think? For him to use this, he might be a quite dangerous opponent, but……well, it doesn’t matter since he’s defeated」

While saying that, she brandishes her sword without hesitation.
Her creed–Evil. Instant. Kill.
If she found someone who does something bad, she would punch the person instantly. If it’s a murderer, then it’s instant death. Even if it’s not like that, she will kill normally if it’s something considerably dangerous. Kill without hesitation. Even if it’s a country representative or a princess or a famous Youtuber, she will kill anyone normally. Kill with a smile.
Such her with a loose screw–immediately jumped back when she saw Rinji’s finger moved.
Then, Rinji unleashes a fist to the place where she was.
Upon seeing that, she thought that 『Isn’t the power stronger than Iwato’s?』, and Rinji groans and speaks out while holding his head in pain.

「……Ku, didn’t expect the King of Black Coffin…to be an extraordinary monster…… Such thing, if I meet him the next time, I might die……」

It’s not even a few minutes since he was punched by Iwato.
If you ask why he can regain his consciousness in such a short time, the answer is simple and clear. At that moment, he threw his body back because he had a bad feeling about it.
That’s why, he managed to mitigate the impact by just a little. Although he failed to evade from fainting, he accomplished a short time recovery like this.
Well, it’s also thanks to his excessive physical ability that includes 『recovery ability』, but that’s a different story.

「You’re……ah, King of Heroes (Pantheon)」
「Yes, and what’s with that relieved face as if saying 『Ah, thank god. If it’s the King of Black King, then I would be begging for my life』. I can understand that, but can you please stop that because that makes me look weak?」

Thus, she prepares her sword.
Rinji breathes out greatly as he prepares his fists–the next moment, both figures disappear, and a thunderous sound resounds in the surroundings.

Thus, starting the one-on-one fight of the the strongest two at this point if you exclude Iwato.

The owner of the physical ability surpassing the current Iwato. The peerless murderer–Saikyou Rinji.
On the other hand, the crazy decapitator of Evil. Instant. Kill, and the strongest Special Forces member coming after Iwato–Esashi Sana.

Somehow, both of them are pretty similar.
Such them, clench the fists and grasp the sword tightly, and just kill each other.

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