World Record Chapter 116

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116 Absolute Warrior

–In the forest.
I take a deep breath in front of the building quietly.

「I’m okay by my own, though」

Muttering that, I clench my fists tightly.
When I closed my eyes, the 3 people who lend me a hand this time, came to my mind, and I opened my eyes while smiling a little.
I wonder what kind of face am I showing now?
Am I smiling like normal?
Am I showing a normal human’s face?
Well, I don’t know that even until now. But still.

「Sorry, Onikko. And–some kind of organization」

I just apologized.
Even though I said that I would protect her, I didn’t do it at all.
Even though I said that I won’t use it, I used it.
That I will never go back again.
I promised that, but I broke it.
I think that I’m already shameful as a human and also as a man. But still, there’s one thing that I can say it with confidence.
I touch the black building with my left hand.
The materials……it’s made of the materials of the Unknowns.
Just by touching, I can know the hardness superior to any other kind of metals.
With that in front–I just swing my right fist.

–And, a flash.

Making a dull sound, my right fist pierced the building.
My fist broke through the wall made of the Unknown’s materials easily–and the next moment, it exploded.
Just a fist.
The fist that I have trained over the limits, blew off one part of the building easily, and many people inside the building, were surprised.
They looked at my appearance in a daze–and the moment their eyes met with mine, they screamed soundlessly.

–I wonder that am I still a human.

Thinking that, I laughed.
Such thing doesn’t matter.
What I can do now is limited.
Then, what can I do if I don’t do it?

「……Hey superpower, how long are you planning to rest?」

To my words filled with anger, the blue light starts to rise from my body.
A mental limitation by stress.
The doctor said that.


–So what.


I’m really sorry.
Sorry, once I reach here, I don’t think I can be stingy now.
Limitation? Mental pain? Trauma?
Such thing, I don’t care about anything that’s going to happen to myself.

「There’s something much more irreplaceable than life」

That’s why.
I unsheathed the gun from my waist.
While the surroundings is raining debris.
I apologize to everyone who will be facing me from now.


「–Sorry, but the current me is the strongest」


There’s something that I can’t yield.
Therefore, I’ll fall into a devil once more.
I’ll show that I can even sell this soul to the Demon King.
If that makes everything comes true.
If that will save her.


–Tonight, I’ll fall low to be the king of coffin once again.


I sneered in my heart, and points the gun.
Now, King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora), it’s your final job.

With absolute strength.


「–I’ll invite you all into the abyss of coffin」


Gunshot echoed, and screams roared.




The boy’s hair is–white thoroughly.
This is the first time I see it other than myself.
The proof of a superpower surpassing the SSS rank. The proof of an aberrant and absolute warrior.
In short, among the limited EX rank superpower holders, the limited 『Chosen One』 who’s given the blessing from heaven.
That’s the white hair. Then.

「–You’re King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora), huh」

Upon hearing that, the boy stopped.
The boy there is clearly abnormal.
As for his age, I would say that he’s about a middle school student.
And yet, the jet black suit as if covering him in darkness, the boorish belt on his waist that can be seen from the opening of the black cloak, and the gun’s holster.
In addition, the most abnormal one is the smell of blood coming from his whole body.
Although Rinji 『left』 this place for a while, he can still smell the 『smell』 sensitively.

–That’s the pure smell of 【blood】.

And that’s not the blood from him.
But it’s the 【spurt of blood】 from the victims that were killed by his fists.
Just by talking about the number of the dead, he killed more than Rinji who’s older than him. It was that thick to made him think so. Rinji can’t help but to smile when facing such 【Murderer】.


「I see, more than expected……!」


Smiling so, an enormous intimidating air comes out of his body.
The intimidating air accompanied by the killing intent, strikes the surroundings with the wind pressure, and the boy–Iwato who squints in front of the intimidating air, flutters his cloak.

Up until now, he thought that no one can intimidate him other than that woman.
Besides, he doesn’t think that he would lose to that woman in power.
However, the affinity is too bad.
That’s why, Rinji thought that he couldn’t win, but–still.

–But still, this guy is different.

His base power is purely equal to me.
No matter how you look at it, I am the better one in life. Rather, I can’t imagine myself losing to this young boy at all.
But still, I’m convinced that–this opponent can fight.
A definite fight between fist and fist.

「Good……! There’s a limit of being more than imagined, King of Black Coffin!」

He smiled.
Sticking a whole smile, and he just smiled..
It’s worthwhile joining this organization because I can meet this man.
To the extent of thinking so, his heart beats fast.

–Equaling the time when I killed my parents.

It’s that missed, pleasant and exciting.
I want to fight this guy.
What kind of fulfillment I will feel when I killed this man? How accomplished will I feel?
When thinking that, my heart beats faster.

「Ah, I want to kill」

The moment such words leaked from his mouth.
Even the an observer knows that the intimidating air became larger.
Even Iwato frowns when feeling the intimidating air, and he sighs when he saw the surroundings starting to shake.

「Now, let’s start, King of Black Coffin! My name is Saikyou Rinji. The strongest person in this Six Demon Spears! The strongest man who has no enemies in this world including the future and past……!」

The man calls himself as the strongest.
Nevertheless, his words are not an exaggeration or a joke.
His Battle Rank has exceeded 200 a long time ago, and at the present time, it’s still growing.
If he continues to live, he will for sure reach the top.
Therefore, he said.

–That he’s the strongest.

On the other hand, Iwato exhales greatly.
Rinji prepares his fists in front of Iwato.
And–starts running.


Gouging the ground, Rinji started running at an inhuman speed.
His movement leaves behind a gentle 『sound』, and the his fist swings at the speed of light.
To be precise, it’s out of common sense.
The physical ability that deviated from the proper course. Against that, Iwato opens his eyes wide.

(Sorry, but I won’t hold back, King of Black Coffin!)

The hit that will even smash a Divine Beast class Unknown into pieces.
Unleashing that, Rinji smiled greatly–


「Now, let’s start the real battle! King of obgera!?」


–He was punched.
Or rather, a fist swung down aiming at his back of head.
The self-proclaimed 『Strongest』 is now twitching with his head buried in the ground.
Facing that, Iwato says a word.




Saying only that, he starts walking.
Fatigue can’t be seen from his walking. The 【absurdity】 that crushed the world’s 『strongest』 and the incarnation of 【outrageous】 that defeated him without activating the superpower.
Everyone will acknowledge.
That there won’t be anyone who will surpass him.
Those words, even the Gods have acknowledged the truth.

–Therefore, he won’t waver.

「Well, I guess you can be ranked after Sana-san in strength. I don’t care, though」

Saying such words, he advances.


–Behind him, there are countless members of the Six Demon Spears who had their consciousness reaped in just one hit.

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