World Record Chapter 115

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115. Anger

–Upon seeing the spot, I felt that something is crumbling.

Countless buildings destroyed by a very great power.
The people who are injured by that.
The large hole on the ground, and the Special Forces who looked into it.
And the feebly standing–Number Two.

「……Ah, it’s you」

She turns around upon sensing my presence.
There’s an irresistible frustration in her eyes, and upon seeing her appearance and the sight, I clench my fists tightly.
–It’s raining.
It’s a heavy rain.
The blood from my tightly clenched fists becomes faint by the rain, creating a puddle of faint blood on the ground.
The dye of my black hair starts to fall off, covering my vision in black.

Now, I wonder what is this feeling.

Thinking that.
My chest hurts.
An intense headache throbs as if tearing my head off, my chest feels very hot as if a flame is burning inside, and I exhaled the burning thing out from my lungs.

I look up the sky with black eyes.
The faintly seen cloudy weather is just like my heart. At the corner of my vision, I saw my 『white hair』, and apologized to the girl who’s probably crying alone now.


「–Sorry, Onikko」


Blue lights leaked out from my clenched fists.




–She woke up by the feeling of the hard ground.

「……U, nn」

Upon waking up, she immediately smelled something smelly.
As she can’t do anything with the smell, she leaked a sigh when she saw her arms being tied with chains.

「Last time, we underestimated you and you got away. This time, no matter how much you use your superpower, you can never get away」

When she turned her eyes to the direction of the voice, in front of the jail she’s in.
There’s a man sitting on a pipe chair–Waruno Akuma, and she frowned upon seeing his figure, but she immediately sneered at him.

「Ah, you lost to that hero, huh」

The next moment after she said that.
Waruno kicked the jail hardly, and while trembling, she looks at him.

「……Hey brat. Don’t get carried away, okay? Who, when and where did I lose?」

Waruno’s face is distorted in anger.
His right arm that went through the gap, grabbed her collar, and slammed her to the steel cell.
–Her body is light.
A small height with a thin body. Great shock and pain assaults her mercilessly.
Her face slammed into the steel cell, receiving aa blow in her chest, fresh blood flows from her nose as she gasped for air.
On the other hand, Waruno grins upon seeing her state, and the word of 『making her suffer』 came into his mind.
And he says this.

「Hey hey hey, don’t tell me even you’re trying to oppose us? You want to make us kill 2 humanoid Unknowns? Man, are you parent and child are some kind of saints who are willing to drop some experience points? Gyahaha!」
「……P-Parent and child……you say?」

Waruno purposely said those words with such intonation. And the word–『Parent』 is the only word she will never miss.
There’s a darkish flame in her eyes, and he who laughs at her misfortune, said this.


「–The one who killed your parent is us」


Upon hearing that, her heart pulsated greatly.
But she immediately recalled another scene.
However, without smiling, there’s–a devil pointing the muzzle to her forehead.
That devil can’t be compared with a fake. It can’t even be compared with a fake.
And she who saw the moment that man killed her father through the screen–

「……Is…your head alright…?」

I showed a scornful laugh.
The person who killed my father is a least not you.
The person I should be hating is that man, and……no, that’s why.
That’s why, this hatred is not wrong.
The hatred I’m pointing until now, is not wrong.
Like that, she looked at Waruno with her blue eyes.
Even so, without crumbling his smile, he approached his mouth to her face, and–licked her face.

–The next moment, she felt a chill running through her spine.

Reflexively, she wanted to use the 『Divine Flame』 in order to force him to release her, but he laughs madly.

「Ha, hahahahaha! Gyaha, hey hey, don’t tell me you have been resenting a complete stranger who happened to finish him off by coincidence!? What a masterpiece! You live on without knowing anything about the truth, huh!」

Upon hearing that, white flames start to blow out from her whole body.
Those flames immediately burned the chains tying her and even melted the steel cage, but–immediately following.


「What was it? Oh yeah, it’s that. 『Did you know, evil comrade. That in this world, your own relative is the most valuable thing』. ……Pu, buhahahahahaha! Isn’t that stupid!? There’s nothing more important than your own life in this world!」


Those words were my father’s phrase.
In this world, your own relative is the most valuable thing.
Saying that, she recalled her father’s figure patting her head, and–she’s the daughter of the Shutendouji.


「A, Ah, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!」


Flames of hatred blew out from her body, making the white flame stronger, and she starts running towards the man while pointing the killing intent at him.
Her appearance is–exactly an 【Oni】.
But the man who faces her, has nothing but composure.

「Constrain–『Demon King’s chains』」

Suddenly, four chains that were summoned from four directions, binding her limbs, and at the same time, the white flame vanishes.


While being slammed into the stone floor, she opened her eyes wide when facing the fact that she can’t use her superpower.
–Demon King’s chains.
An excellent sealing ability of the 『Demon King』 superpower which is capable of sealing anything and even its power.
If that ability hits, even an over hundred Battle Rank Unknown will be completely sealed–

「I would like to know how you think you can win against the person who killed the 『Shutendouji』 who’s stronger than you……!」

His leg steps on her cranium hardly.
Rubbing her head with the stone, and blood comes out from her forehead.
However, the anger in her eyes doesn’t not even waver, and Waruno who looked down at her–smiled like a devil.

「……Ah, that’s enough. This doesn’t feel good. I’ll just rape you and then kill you」

At the same time as those words, countless households were summoned around her.
Dogs and wolfs, and upon seeing her face distorted in fear for the first time, Waruno ridiculed her while enjoying it in his heart.

「Gyaha! For an inhuman Unknown, beasts are the most suitable! I’m curious of how long you can stay sane while being gang-raped by those dogs!」

At the same time as those words, the surrounding monsters walk towards her while drooling.
By the apparent lust and the disgusting eyes, she closed her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth–


–The next moment, she opened her eyes wide when the building shook.


That was a different shake than an earthquake.
As if a fist was driven into the building with absurd power similar to–the fist of 『Saikyou Rinji』or even more.
–At least, it’s not something that will happen usually.

『……This is bad. Urgent message to everyone inside the building. This may sound ridiculous, but the Special Forces’ tops have intruded the base. Number of enemies is–only 4 people? But the damage is great……Oh well. For now, everyone……is impossible. All the leaders except Waruno who’s watching the experimental subject, gather. And Waruno, stop that bad show right now, and send all the reinforcement expect the necessary minimum number. As I thought, you’re acting too much on your own』

A woman’s voice resounded from somewhere, and Waruno clicked his tongue softly by that, but he looked down at the dumbfounded girl, and laughed scornfully.

「Ha, looks like you’re saved…… But who the hell is it? To attack her with only 4 people. Seriously, this base have enough combat ability to survive even if the world becomes our enemy……」

Muttering that, Waruno send his households to his boss–『Digital Ruler』, while sneered at the idiots who attacked.





Upon listening the announcement, the man–Saikyou Rinji wakes up.
–His room is a simple room with nothing in it.
The convenient pipe bed, and the blue curtain that leaks the moonlight faintly.
The thing placed on the small desk is the picture of his parents.
The picture of the people he killed.

「……Good grief, how troublesome」

Muttering that, he sits upright on the pipe bed.
In his eyes–there’s only darkness.
He doesn’t have any hopes.
The man–Saikyou Rinji just kills the enemies who try to kill him, killing all those that ran away, and be expressionless in the puddle of blood.
Therefore, regarding this organization, he doesn’t have much attachment to it.
It’s just that there’s a person who’s stronger than him here. That’s why, he will stay here until he’s convinced that he can kill that person.
Even if he leaves this place, he will only reach 『death』 one day.

「……Well fine. I’ll finish it up and sleep」

–The obstacle that’s breaking down the situation must be eliminated.
Well, but still, that woman……the person who can defeat him, there’s no way there’s only one person if you search the future and past.
Muttering that, he walks out of the room.
Turning the doorknob and opens the door.
And in that occasion, he recalled something.


「……Ah, come to think of it. There’s only one in the past」


Although no one can ever win against me forever.
There’s a person in the past.

「–The strongest superpower user who spread superpower to the 『outer wall』」

There’s no information about that person yet.
But still, there’s one. The person’s superpower is clear.


His superpower is–『Absolutization (World Record)』


Even as a third party, even things.
Anything he touches, will turn into absolute, gaining the strongest power.
It will nullify any kind of physical attacks–or rather, it will reflect.
The superpower that left its name in the world history.

「……If that guy is here, maybe, I」

I may know the feeling of fighting seriously.
While laughing awkwardly, he walks out through the door. And–




–He saw a white-haired boy in front of him.

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