World Record Chapter 114

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114. Different Level

Before she knew it, her body was already floating.
–No, it’s better to say that she’s being carried by someone.
Rinji’s fist passed through the place where she was, and upon seeing that, Rinji and Waruno were shocked in their hearts.
That word is suitable to describe it.
Although Rinji was clearly not serious, even without being serious, she didn’t falter when facing Rinji’s fist, and on top of that, she carried her body with a faster speed and jumped out of the way.
……There are only 2 people who can do such stunt.


「–King of Heroes (Pantheon)」


Rinji mutters those words and upon hearing that, the girl–Esashi Sana smiles pleasantly and put Onikko’s body down.

「Well, I was given a holiday, so I was planning to sightsee in Sapporo. I didn’t expect to meet someone targeting my acquaintance’s acquaintance」

Smiling so, at a glance, she looks like an ordinary student.


「–Now, can both of you die, please?」


In her smile distorted by mad justice, there’s also something demonic somewhere.




「King of Heroes (Pantheon)……!? Why is such big-shot in this kind of place!」

Waruno’s surprised voice resounded.
Although Rinji didn’t raise his voice, he showed his surprise by opening his eyes wide as he starts to feel a little shaken.
But he immediately calms down, and drops his center of gravity with his fist clenched.

「……Waruno, refrain that woman from moving. I will kidnap the specimen and withdraw. You also, withdraw when possible」
「……Hey hey, you’re telling me to run away? Certainly, I was surprised, but I know myself. I can win–」

He tried to declare that he can win.


「This had already gone too far. If we don’t end this now–the other one will come」


Upon hearing that, he swallowed his words.
The other one–in other words, the other Absolute.
–King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora).
The name pops into Waruno’s head, and he looks around the broken buildings while twitching his face.
There’s no way he didn’t hear the sound of destruction if he lives in this town. Furthermore, he appears to be stronger than this woman. First, he definitely 『noticed it』.


Waruno who took into account of facing the two Absolutes at the same time, clicked his tongue exaggeratedly, and clad black auras on both his hand.

「If I’m equal to this brat……and even if you’re equal to the King of Black Coffin……we don’t know about what’s going to happen, huh」

Equal to the King of Black Coffin.
Rinji frowns upon hearing that, but if the person himself comes here, it’s clear that the superiority will disappear. Reaching such conclusion quickly, he immediately switched his consciousness, and ran towards Onikko to capture her.
The speed that surpassed the human’s limit to bring Onikko who opened her eyes wide by the unperceivable speed–to the outside.

「Wow, that’s a surprise. I didn’t expect to be look down to this much–……」

–The next moment, Rinji felt a chill running through his spine.
When he jumped off the place while pulling Onikko immediately–the place where he was, is gouge by a light slashing attack.
That attack follows behind Rinji’s previous attack, and facing such power, Rinji groans and says the name of the superpower.


「……I see, 【Braver】, huh」


That’s the one and only superpower she possessed.
Even that Iwato have no choice but to say that it’s 『strong』. Many absurd abilities are hidden in it. A very rare composite-type superpower.

「Well, job-type superpowers are the best, isn’t it? I can do many job『-like things』. In fact, it’s like having multiple superpowers, right?」

Smiling so, she holds the shiny silver sword which is rare in this era. When facing such steel sword, it makes people think that it’s a 『holy sword』 for some reason.

「Hey hey hey…… That power, even with one of it, it’s already an A rank……no, probably equal to a S rank superpower……」

That’s right, Waruno leaks out a tired voice.
That holy sword alone surpassed a normal A rank member. And yet, that power is just the『beginning』.
In short, it’s not strange that she would have several more cards hidden–

「……Let’s go, Waruno. This woman–for you, you need to be serious. Otherwise, it’s beyond your powers」

A target that needs to be cautious of.
Rinji who looked at her once again, said those words while glaring at her.
On the other hand, she said this with no break of composure.


「–Now, I’ll take the place of God, and punish you」


Her eyes are filled with too much dangerousness to be called as a hero.




「–No choice, I guess」

Waruno Akuma muttered so.
The same as Rinji, Waruno Akuma is also a murderer.
However, there’s one thing that makes him different. Waruno feels pleasure from killing people.
Therefore, he’s evil.
No matter how they wash the blood smell from their body, Sana can smell it–Especially, from Waruno’s body. Upon seeing his eyes that don’t seem to feel hesitation to kill people, Sana made a decision immediately.

Evil must be destroyed–In other words, obliterated.

Swinging her sword and expanding the light covering the sword, she ran straight towards them.
With the sword positioned low, a golden light shines from the blade.
Although she’s a person with common-sense, she’s abnormal. Wielding the act of sheer justice, she swings up the lowly positioned sword with all her power–

「–Say, do you know about words like hero and demon king?」

The moment those words resounded–a large explosion enveloped Sana’s body.
The power caused an explosion that even resounded in the town. Onikko was blown away by the blast while closing both of her ears.
It was that overwhelming.
Is Sana alright after being swallowed by the explosion? While thinking that, she opened her eyes wide upon seeing a black aura coming out from the man who caused it–Waruno.
While looking at her and laughing proudly, he says out his superpower’s name.


「Hihahahaha! Hey hey, don’t tell me you only thought that you’re the only one who have a composite-type superpower!? Sorry, but my superpower is your natural enemy 【Demon King (Dark King)】!」


His superpower name is–Demon King.
A completely opposite superpower of the Hero.
The power of the superpower is—SSS rank.
The strongest ability that can even rival the Six Demon Spears’ leader, Digital Ruler.
If the Hero superpower is a superpower that can 『do anything like a hero』, then the Demon King superpower is a superpower that can 『do anything like a demon king』.

「Assemble, my servants! 『Summon Familia』!」

The next moment, countless Unknowns came out from his shadow.
–Household summoning.
The power of making Unknowns into his household by giving them his blood, summoning them and controlling them.
That’s also similar to Sana’s 『Holy Sword』, S rank……no, an ability rivalling an SS rank ability–

「Hihahahaha! Now, attack! Violate that dying hero while tormenting her—–Eh?」

Waruno who’s sneering.
He tried to say that abusively–immediately following, he raised such a pathetic voice when his Unknowns were standing still and felt a red scar was engraved on his cheek.

「Hohee……Demon King, huh. Another composite-type superpower–In addition, an SS rank. Not many people have it, so I was quite surprised」

A voice resounded from the smoke.
A composed and yet mad feeling can be felt from the voice–and upon seeing the unscathed appearance from the smoke, Waruno trembled greatly.

「Well, I’m surprised, you know?」

While leaking such stupid voice, she brandishes her sword.
Waruno Akuma is a monster with over 100 Battle Rank.
For him, if he’s on the other side, he would be widely known as one of the Absolutes for sure. Such strength will never change no matter what.
His own strength will never waver.
Therefore, what’s there is just pure and simple–difference of power.


「I didn’t expect the 【Demon King】 to be this weak」


–To be precise, a different level.
He just realized that his summoned households were being killed.
Hyun, swinging her holy sword, reaping all the souls–

「–Enemy’s army is more than I expected」

Gakiin, along with that high-pitched sound, the sword was repelled.


She who leaked such voice as if she’s surprised this time, mutters『Oops』 while adjusting her posture, and stared the man in wonder.

「Uhyaa……you’re seriously dangerous. To deflect that with bare hand, I only know one person who can do that……」

When seen properly, his right arm which deflected the holy sword has a small steam blowing from there, and upon seeing that faint wound in his arm, the man–Rinji groaned softly.

「I see, you can wound me, huh」

Those words were not said because of his pride, but he was just admired. The girl–Sana who twitched her expression upon seeing him, opens her mouth as if she’s somewhat angry.

「……Hee, you’ll say such thing」
「Forgive me, King of Heroes. For you, you would probably feel admired if you’re wounded by an insect」

Upon hearing that, with her body trembling and veins showing up in her forehead, she clenches her teeth and grasps the sword tightly.


「–It’s decided. I’ll kill you first」


Suddenly, a huge thirst for blood overflows from her body, and Rinji–suddenly turned his eyes to her back, and grinned.

「……I see, mission completed」

Sana opened her eyes wide upon hearing that,
Mission completed–In other words, it represents a certain reality.

「Eh, n-no way!?」

When she look behind her–there’s a huge hole where Onikko was, and when she looked into the hole, a name came into her mind when she saw the remains of the ground was dug through by 『something hard』.

「D-Digital Ruler……! D-Don’t tell me she even created a mechanical soldier that can capture that girl from a distance!?」
「That’s right」 」

When she turned towards the voice, Waruno, without concealing the hatred towards her, stands next to Rinji, and upon seeing them starting to be enveloped by a black mist, she starts to run.
Damn, I must not let them get into that mist.
Running with such instinct, she swings her sword greatly–


「Bye, King of Heroes. We’ll be taking that experimental subject」


The mist enveloped them, and after that, her sword slashes that place.
Even so, there’s no 『feeling』 as if cutting the air. She opened her eyes wide by that–and clenched her teeth upon seeing the place with 【no people】 after the mist cleared up.
When she turned around, there’s only the long 『hole』 that leads to somewhere unknown–


「……Iwato-kun. The enemy this time……might be a little troublesome」

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