World Record Chapter 113

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113. Abduction & Resistance

I was attacked by the feeling like everything is crumbling upon seeing the view.
–No one inside.
That’s the ordinary life until just some time ago.
And at that situation, it was strange.

「I-It’s a lie, right……Hey」

Voices leaked out as if it’s squeezed.
Not inside. She’s not here. I can’t sense her.
I start to run up the stairs in order to deny all those feelings.


I throw open her room’s door.
But there’s no one there, and while clenching my teeth upon seeing that, I open another door.
But she’s not there. I can’t even sense her presence.
I run, and run.
Opening every door in the house, and whenever I do that, I approach the cruel fact by one step. I clench my teeth and run.


–I can’t find her.
I searched every nook and corner of the house. I searched with my eyes wide open.
But I can’t find her presence.
I who headed to the living room in a daze–suddenly, recalled that the bento on top of the table went missing.

「……Don’t tell me」

I have a bad feeling.
No, I might be delighted if it’s normal.
But in this situation, this situation is the worst possibility as the organization who kidnapped her, has started to move secretly now.
Impossible. It shouldn’t be possible.
I know that she hates me. I’m sure that she wants to kill me.
But still, I recall the recent her.
I recall the girl who started to smile even only for a little.

–When I realized it, I jumped out.




It was raining.
It was a somewhat heavy rain.
The alley with no people. Countless rain drops hit her head, jumps to her shoulder, and feeling it on her arm.
The bento she’s holding was already soaking wet.


A sigh and white breath leaks out.
What am…I doing?
Why am I…holding this kind of thing and searching for the man who I hate?
This is stupid…ridiculous.
The smile of that man came to my mind…really irritating.

「……I quit」

I quit…I can’t do this kind of thing.
Muttering that, I try to retrace my steps–


「Oh, finally found you, brat. Sorry for doing this right away, but won’t you die?」


The next moment, an evil wave blew.
By the familiar killing intent, she who quickly evacuated from the spot, opened her eyes wide upon seeing the place where she was, is pierced by a black beam.

「D-Don’t…tell me」

I know that…he’s here to kidnap her.
But I don’t know why.
I think…he’s trying to experiment on Unknowns…so he came to capture any Unknown he finds.

–I didn’t expect that…there’s someone who would be this persistence on myself.

When I looked back with a scared expression, there’s a man with a black robe standing there, and he who shook off the steam from his palm lightly, whistles.

「Wow, you dodged that…… If you have died there then I don’t have to do such troublesome thing like capturing……」

She knows about the man.
It’s the No.3 of the organization which kidnapped her. (
The overwhelming intimidation, and the close-to-white gray hair. Exactly a Demon King.
–Waruno Akuma.
One of the person who kidnapped her.
Facing that man, she lowers her center of gravity in order to run when there’s a chance.
If it’s only this man, I can still run away.
After all, this man is an embodiment of mischievousness and pride. As long as he shows an opening, there’s still a possibility–


「–Stop playing around. Just finish this」


Upon hearing that, she felt that her hope fell apart.
When I turned around upon hearing that voice, there’s a man with 【pure white】 hair standing there, and upon seeing the white hair similar to Iwato’s, she leaked a scream.
The Six Demon Spears’…No.2.
In terms of superpower, he’s more superior than their leader, Digital Ruler. In terms of combat strength, it’s said that there’s no one who can rival him. A super special criminal.
Breaking the earth with his fist, kick a missile flying, unscathed after getting hit by a bombing raid, and even returned alive from the Mariana Trench after taking sleeping pills and sink into it. The strongest man.

People who once fought him and survived miraculously , said this.

『T-That man is……dangerous! We must not fight him! T-That kind of……That kind of monster! Even if the two Absolutes (World Recorder)–King of Heroes (Pantheon) and King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora) cooperate……I-I can’t see the future where they will win……!』

Now, are those words the truth or lie?
Well, either way–


「–Don’t resist. You should know the power difference of both sides」


Saikyou Rinji.
If he’s not a criminal, he would have become an Absolute for sure. Against such opponent, there’s no way she can run away.


The power difference of both sides…is overwhelming.
I can’t even win if I fight one-on-one with Waruno but I might be able to run away.
But coming to this far, the possibility has disappeared.
It was smashed thoroughly and disappeared.
Saikyou Rinji is not lenient.
A cruel and peerless murderer who’s calm and ruthless.
Persecuted and bullied during his childhood, he had the thought of trying to kill a person, so he killed his parents, older sister, and younger brother. Then, he went around and slaughtered people while ridiculing that human’s life are empty and fragile.
As a result, the major incident of a single person killing everyone in a town, outbreaks. The police and the Special Forces that were dispatched, were all slaughtered–and it reaches today.
Inside him, there’s no such thing like a desire for revenge.
What’s left inside him are the absolute confidence that he’s strong, and the unreservedness in taking people’s lives.
If we were to express this man with a word.

He’s purely–strong.

Not a flattery or an exaggeration, but he’s just strong.
That’s everything, and this is the current situation.
This is the current situation. It’s a reality that she can’t win.
But still, she–


She refused with a soft and yet certain tone.
Upon hearing that, Waruno smiled in surprise, and Rinji raised his eyebrows.
The air starts to carry the tension, and the sound of gulping resounds.
However, the girl who glared at Rinji without backing out, said this with hatred.

「……If…If you guys…didn’t kidnap me……Tou-san would not have died…… He wouldn’t…have moved according as you said……!」

–The next moment, white flames blows up.
The flame evaporates into steam when the raindrop hits it, and along with the white smoke, Rinji’s right fist move upon feeling the high temperature steam that started spreading the alley.
What reflected in her eyes are just pure hatred.
No matter how long has passed, it doesn’t change the fact that she lost her father.
And it’s inevitable that the organization is related to the 【incident】.
Therefore, that hatred is the same as the one pointed to Iwato, and upon seeing that, Waruno laughed behind her.

「What, what is this? Don’t tell me, you don’t know about everything at all?」

–Don’t know about everything.
She raised her eyebrows upon hearing that, and she looked back at Waruno who seemed to know something.
And she tries to open her mouth to ask him–


「Turning your back on me. How composed, Daughter of Oni」


–The overwhelming death presence pierced her spinal cord.
The killing intent that she has never felt before.
……No, she felt the killing intent similar to this before. From Iwato. She felt this kind of killing intent before.
Therefore. She dodged the attack.
Without getting stiff by the killing intent, she threw her body forward–immediately following, upon seeing the fist sweeping the place where she was and the building being destroyed into nothing by the fist, she opened her eyes wide to the limit.


That’s the overwhelming violence.
Without peeping Iwato’s technique at all.
But in exchange for that, there’s excessive violence, absolute power, absolute physical ability, and the cultivated 『confidence to kill people』 surging from his body.
–This guy is dangerous.
At the same time as that, she was convinced that she needs Iwato’s help to fight this guy. Otherwise, this man might really destroy the world. To that extent, this man is overwhelming–

「……Hey, are you perhaps ignoring me?」

–A black beam ran through the air.


The attack approaches her back at the speed of sound, and the girl who sensed the attack with wild instinct–smacked the white flame to the ground, and avoided the attack.
Only these offense and defense.
Only these much are enough understand the power difference. Under the overwhelming pressure which she can’t make a mistake, sweats start to overflow from her body.
However, as if ridiculing her state, there’s the figure of Rinji raising his fist up in front of her–

「Well, fine. Once you are dead, we don’t need to consider your intention」

And the lethal fist draws near before her.
The attack reflects in her eyes as if in slow motion, and to her ears after she closed her eyes.


「Haai, you shouldn’t punch a girl」


She clearly hear a familiar girl’s voice.

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