World Record Chapter 111

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111. Shadow of the Strong

「Well, I got involved with a weird foreigner early in the morning!」
「……Foreigner? What’s that. A skeleton Unknown?」

To my words……the little girl–Onikko who I wished she would tell me her name by now, replied as if she really don’t know about that word.
She showed a puzzled expression to me when I said that after returning home, but I replied with a smile while feeling uneasy in my heart.

『……Digital Ruler?』

What I recalled is the crazy foreigner……who was beaten up and interrogated.

『T-That’s right…… Y-You should have heard that name before! The boss of the most wanted crime syndicate called 『Six Demon Spears』, is an omniscience monster who can take control of every machines around the world, and breaking any kind of firewalls in seconds』
『Ah………………hmm, it’s that! The person who says 【Shodanee】 in 【Mofumofu Time】!』
『Not that! That person is not even a criminal! O-Or rather, you really don’t know!?』

The man who denied instantly what I thought to be the one, showed a shocked expression and said this.

『Y-You really don’t know……? The one and only person who managed to escape from that 【King of Heroes (Pantheon)】……That’s the Digital Ruler』
『……That Sana-san?』

Based on the crazy guy’s words, I can understand that the Digital Ruler is a terrible criminal. Specialized in hacking, probably the highest level of a machine manipulation-type superpower.
But that’s just using machines. There’s no way that person, Esashi Sana who’s the monster who might be able to defeat me, would fail to capture someone.
Right, that’s impossible.

『……Either Sana-san was on a bad condition, or the opponent was really a monster』

While saying that, I smiled wryly upon thinking that the former is wrong.
There’s no way that Esashi Sana couldn’t manage to keep her condition well when coming against the most wanted criminal.
Probably, the opponent was really strong. There’s no way she would lose, but the opponent was too strong to the extent that she failed to capture the opponent.
–Too strong until capable to corner that Shutendouji.
In other words, it’s that.
When I asked so, the crazy guy nodded in a self-satisfied look.

『That’s right! That’s right, King of Bla–』
『Nagumo Iwato! Your face is a little scary! Smile a little more! Lower down your fist…… Otherwise, my face will break……!』

The crazy guy who suddenly changed his character, breathed out in relief upon seeing me lowering my fist, and said the truth.

『……Well, it’s not something that the person started saying. There are people among the leaders of the Six Demon Spears who say let’s【experiment on Unknowns】, and coincidentally, the Digital Ruler who happen to hacked the man-made satellite, found the 【humanoid】 Unknowns. And so, we kidnapped the Unknown’s child because it’s easier』
『……Does that girl knows about it?』
『No. We kidnapped her when she was asleep. Therefore, she herself doesn’t know that the Digital Ruler injured her father onto the verge of death』

At the same time as those words, I can hear the siren coming closer.
When I look at the crazy guy, he showed a surrendered smile, and said this lastly.

『……At the point when I know that there’s an enemy like you, I don’t even intend to resist anymore. ……Ah, it’s terrifying to 【kill】 someone. Those cold eyes as if saying that you won’t hesitate to 【erase】 something. Your blood must be cold. Your brain must have been mechanized. And, probably you don’t have a heart. Surely, King of Coffin. A moving corpse who has left his heart inside the coffin』

Saying that, the crazy guy smiles wryly.
I who leaked a small sigh, scratched my head as if to forget about that night, that lamentation, and that tears, and said this as I leave the area.

『Grazi Blacklist. Sorry, but that was myself in the past』

Recently, there’s not even a day when my heart doesn’t feel pain.
I said that while walking away. A day has passed.
Onikko is watching the news of a familiar blond foreigner got caught in the television.




That’s in the forest on a dark night illuminated by the moonlight.
Inside the forest, there were several people lurking.

「……Alpha 1 here. Target confirmed」
『A-Al……pha 2 here, confirmed』
『A……lpha 3, confirmed–』

To the man who opened his mouth to the transceiver, his comrades replied with noises.
The place is inside the grounds of the 『Art Park』 at the outskirts of Sapporo.
According to Grazi Blacklist, it became clear that the 【Six Demon Spears】 have made a base in Sapporo. As expected, he didn’t confess where 『the place』 was, but if the Six Demon Spears which is a large organization, were to make a base–it’s either at the underground which no one knows, or at the place where there’s literally 『no one』.
And now, the man who looked up at the huge structure, he grins and mutters this.


Muttering that, he leaked a soft laughter.
The man is an A rank member of the Special Forces.
His Battle Rank easily surpassed 『45』, and he has already became one of the top Special Forces’ member–However.
He always think of something. That’s “Not enough”.
Not until recently, that Esashi Sana, the King of Heroes (Pantheon) started to be seen in the Sapporo headquarters, and the King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora) who’s said to be the worst and the strongest in Sapporo.
If he comes against these two, at any rate, he could see his honor being overshadowed.
On one hand, it’s the world’s best psychopath aka the ally of justice who can crush a tank, cut bombers, and destroyed a country which conducted human slavery.
On the other hand, regarding him, he has never came to the front before, but he’s a supra-rational monster who subjugated 80% of the total of subjugated Unknowns in these few years alone. An isolated king who carries countless coffins.
In order to stand equal with them.
What should I do to stand equal with them?
What can I do to make a legend like them?
While thinking that–this case came to me.

「The most wanted crime syndicate, 【Six Demon Spear】 which is led by the 『Digital Ruler』 who escaped from the King of Heroes」

That name is too oversized.
After all, it is led by the only monster who has never been caught.
Upon recalling about the fact, he thinks.

(Ha, Digital Ruler……judging from the name, it’s a bastard who specialized in hacking for sure. Most likely, that bastard looked at the surveillance camera and ran away quickly)

He who spits that out in his heart, clenches his fists.
I can’t reach those two with my power.
That’s why, that guy surely won’t run away upon seeing me. That guy surely is thinking that it’s not worth it to run away.
And, there’s a chance of winning.

(I don’t care if you want to underestimate me as much as you want…… Digital Ruler, I hope that you don’t fucking run from there)

There’s a black structure built in the forest, and that structure that’s completely hidden from the surroundings–he drops a voice at the transceiver while looking at it.

「Alpha 1 here. We will storm into it. The opponent is the Digital Ruler who can locate our positions with surveillance cameras. A non-combatant who’s specialized in running. Now is the time as that guy is not on guard……! Both of you, are you ready?」

To his words, as if accepted those words, a small noise resounded from the transceiver–

『–That’s upsetting. I actually have fought the King of Heroes (Pantheon) directly, you know?』

I was shocked upon hearing those words from the transceiver.

『Aren’t you an idiot? There is no way that the Digital Ruler will not be able to hacked the 【transceiver】 even if it is the latest model from the Special Forces. Well, even without that–』

Those words resounded–the next moment, the ground torn, and a machine leg stabbed his chest.


Blood leaks from his mouth.
The man who opened his eyes wide by the attack that pierced his heart in an instant, confirmed that there’s a woman leaning her back to a huge tree, and he opened his eyes wide upon seeing that.
On the other hand, the woman–Digital Ruler who looked at him.


「Well, if you want to catch me, you have to bring out the King of Black Coffin」


The woman smiled and waved her green hair slightly in a good mood.

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