World Record Chapter 110

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110. The Melancholy of the Minister


A long sigh leaked out.
The place is at a room in the top floor of the Special Forces headquarters in Sapporo.
–Also known as the office of the Minister of Defense.
A woman–Kanekura Tsukie who leaned her back on the chair, recalled that day’s incident and sunk in the feelings of guilt and despair.

「Why……did I say such thing?」

Saying that, she recalls her son’s appearance.
Even when looking on from the side, she loved Iwato to the extent that she can be called as a 『doting parent』.
However, the 『affection』 surpassed the so called 『degree』 a little, and because she has gone through the past of having her parents devoured by the Unknowns, her teaching became 『Unknowns are enemies』.
–Well, that teaching is most likely correct.
However, the Unknown species called Shutendouji was miraculously and coincidentally not hostile to humans, and that irregular met Iwato by chance and made him realized his 『sins』.
Therefore, there’s no one wrong here, but if one were to pick one.
Perhaps–fate. The blame is on the very thing.
There’s no other words to express the current situation, and in somewhere deep in her heart, she realized it.

「……Haa, someone, it would be better if there’s a bad guy」

If there’s a definite evil, that’s much better.
Groaning that, she fell to the table.
She knew it once she calmed down.
That being protected by the 『King of Black Coffin』, means that the Unknown–Onikko can be trusted. There’s no hostile intention at all, and the Unknown just wants to unite with the humans.
She knew that immediately after she calmed down.
However, when she closes her eyes, that scene emerges.

That’s the blazing town.
It’s clearly burned into her memory.
Houses collapsing, and the crimson flame illuminating the dark night.
And–the red blood.
In front of her is a large existence showing a ferocious and ghastly smile–and in both of his hands are her parents’ head.


She can’t forget that there’s such Unknown.
She wants to believe in the person Iwato believes in. Along with such feelings, she can’t help to to feel uneasy when thinking that the Unknown may become such kind of Unknown.
And above all–as the Minister of Defense, her own decision was correct.
After thinking that much, she suddenly thought.

What did I actually wanted to do?
What do I want to do now?
–What should I do from now on?

While thinking that, the sound of the door knock is heard.
Judging from this knock–it’s probably that 65-year-old secretary.

(……It’s time to look for a new secretary, I guess)

While muttering that in her heart, she calls him in.
The old secretary who opens the door in hurry, opens his mouth while sweating.

「T-Tsukie-sama……Young Master called that he caught a ruffian–」
「……Do you need to come to me for this kind of matter……?」

I replied so while smiling wryly as I was just thinking about 『Young Master』 aka Iwato. Then, the old secretary opens his mouth while wiping his sweats with a handkerchief.

「T-That’s, early in the morning, there is a call at around 2~3a.m. saying that “I was assaulted by a ruffian so please do something with him”. Young Master repelled the enemy perfectly, but–the man is actually a member of a crime syndicate」
「Crime syndicate……?」

Tsukie who recited the words, places her hand on her chin as if recalling something.
I wonder which crime syndicate is it. This person brought this matter to me, so it must be a crime syndicate with big scale, but……I can’t think of a crime syndicate which will pick a fight with Iwato in this country–
After thinking that much–suddenly, a certain name came into mind.
When I opened my eyes wide and looked at him, he says the name properly while wiping his sweats.


「–【Six Demon Spears】」


Upon hearing that, Tsukie stood up.
Six Demon Spears.
She clenched her fists upon hearing that, and opens her mouth.

「S-Six Demon Spears is–」
「……Yes, the mercenary hired by the leaders and organization. The extra-large crime syndicate that composed of 6 people. Mass killing in United Kingdom, extra-large terrorism in America, circulation of drugs in South Africa, and many more. The world-leading crime syndicate……The leader, 【Digital Ruler】 is a genuine monster who holds the record of 『escaping』 from the Absolute (World Recorder), Esashi Sana」

Digital Ruler.
Specialized in manipulating machines, the absolute skills as the most remarkable hacker in the world, and the superpower that can manipulate any kind of machines easily.
A normal A rank can never stand a chance against that person. The Battle Rank, if one were to estimate it, is not less than 150. Both in name and reality, the highest grade criminal in the world.

「P-Perhaps, Iwato defeated–」
「……Unfortunately, it was not the Digital Ruler. It’s the Number Four of the Six Demon Spears, Fire Emperor Grazi Blacklist. Estimated Battle Rank is 75……To be honest, the A rank Number One may be able to defeat him–」

Tsukie who breathed out greatly upon hearing that, felt relief and disappointment as she sat back on her chair.
At any rate, it’s a great achievement.
The wanted criminal who massacred the Special Forces in United Kingdom. In addition, it’s said that he’s also involved in other crimes, so there’s a bounty of a few hundreds million on him.
She felt relief by the fact that one of them was caught, but she suddenly gasped upon being indicated that Grazi was caught.

「W-Wait a minute…… W-Why is Grazi Blacklist making a move on Iwato……?」

By those words, the old secretary casts his eye’s down.

「Regarding the agenda–『Why the Shutendouji’s daughter is in the wall?』……」
「……D-Don’t tell me–」

Reaching such possibility, Tsukie clenches her teeth.
Clenching her fists strongly–and slams the desk.

「……If it’s the Digital Ruler, it’s possible to snatch the Shutendouji’s daughter away, right?」

The old secretary nods.
If it’s the Digital Ruler, it’s possible to snatch the Shutendouji’s daughter away when there’s an opening. And if the daughter is taken as a hostage–even that Shutendouji can’t do much.

「……Is that…how it is?」

If, if the aim of the 【Six Demon Spears】 is not Iwato, but the 『target』 being protected by Iwato.
And if they know about the house is buffed with the maximum power of existence just like the Absolute Defense Wall–they would, first, come to kill Iwato.
–Foolish, impossible they can win.
I know that. But.

「–Not everything is absolute」

Nagumo Iwato is indeed the strongest.
That’s only the 『current situation』.
If time passes, someone stronger would appear for sure.
If everything is prepared with multiple traps–one day, it would be the same as how the Shutendouji was.
Tsukie who imagined such thing, stands up and gives order to the secretary.

「This is a state of emergency. Search all over 『Sapporo』 right away. Grazi Blacklist was here, which means–」

Saying that, she suddenly looks at the surveillance camera at the corner of the room.
Tsukie said this while thinking of the person.


「The 【Six Demon Spears】 lead by the Digital Ruler, are in Sapporo」


Along with the separation with Iwato, the most prominent crime syndicate appeared.
She can’t wipe off the melancholy of the Minister of Defense, no matter what.

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