World Record Chapter 109

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109. Grazi Blacklist

It’s in the early morning.
My body trembles by the cold wind coming from my trousers to my back. I endured my yawn, and somehow manage to keep my calm look.

「Aah, what a beautiful morning! As if it is blessing this meeting!」

About 10 meters ahead of me, there’s a blond foreigner with a good body, standing there.
I don’t know whether he’s a narcissist or a Chuunibyou, the man’s words and deeds are a little hard to comprehend. To be honest, although he looks to have trained his body considerably, as long as his Battle Rank is less than 200 at this distance, I can deal with him as many time as I want.
Therefore, the thing I should be enduring is yawning.
He might be scouting those who trained their bodies. I have no idea which company he’s from, but if it’s profitable, I can ignore the morning drowsiness and the cold. ……Well, at the point when he discharged killing intent, such possibility is not possible.

「……So what do you want?……Did I do something, Fire Emperor?」
「That’s right! That’s right, Nagumo Iwato-kun」

My wariness got a little stronger upon hearing that.
–He knows my name.
This is my first meeting with him.
Then, that means someone told him my address and name.

「You’re not……a Special Forces」

Then, from my part-time job? I thought about that, but among those who I knew, there’s no one who would sell my information to this kind of foreigner. Because I picked the workplace with no such people for interview.
That’s why, I’m baffled.
–Where did this man know my name?
To the squinting me, the man opens his mouth with a frivolous expression.

「Ah, I know it perfectly. Nagumo Iwato. You are troubled and baffled. And above all, you are trembling upon realizing my strength」
「……Come again?」

He started to say something wrong.

「……What’s wrong?」
「Fufufu……I think it’s better for you to stop pretending to be strong, Nagumo Iwato. It’s a well-known fact that you cannot use your superpower now」

However, what he said is on point.
–No, it’s too on point.
He knows about me too much. Only the supreme leader and some big shots of the Special Forces know about it, but he said that as if it’s a matter of course.
However, he’s not someone from the Special Forces–

「……You, who exactly are you?」

Without using any honorific, I clenched my fists and said that.
Upon seeing my sudden change, the man–Grazi stares in wonder as if he’s surprised, but he immediately shows an expression of 『Now that’s more like it』 as he brushes his hair up..

「Hahaha, come to think of it, I only told you my name」

While laughing, Grazi bowed once, and said this after raising his head.

「–Will you know if I say, the crime syndicate, 【Six Demon Spears】, Nagumo Iwato? To put it simply, I have come to kill you. ……Ah, I guess it’s better to call you like this now」


–King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora).


Saying that, Grazi snickers in the sense of superiority–and immediately following, a scar is carved on his cheek.
He who couldn’t see it and realized the scar on his cheek, opened his eyes wide and stared at me.
And his face is–distorted in fear.

「–What did you say just now?」

Upon seeing my expression and the smoke blowing from my finger, he suddenly leaked a stiff shriek.
–The King of Black Coffin.
Well, I don’t care if I say it myself.
But……I wonder why. When other people say it, it’s inevitable that a red feeling starts to flow out.
Why……? I wonder why.
Ah, the answer is quite simple.

「–Basically, I’m angry」

Ah, right.
The King of Black Coffin is me.
I as the King of Black Coffin, have committed sins.
Therefore, I have already cast away the name along with my position in the Special Forces.
I cast away everything, and decided to continue be the girl’s ally.
Everything–his death, my feelings, and even her sadness. Everything.
For a complete stranger who doesn’t know anything, affirm, and decide that I’m the King of Black Coffin, makes me angry from the bottom of my heart.

「I wonder why」

Because I simply feel irritated.
For me, I have already cast away the name along with my superpower and authority.
Hey, you.
I have obtained this peace with trouble. I obtained it by separating with my family.
Then, I beg you–

「–Don’t say that dirty name to her」

What would you do if by chance, she heard the name and recalled it?
She shouldn’t have forgotten it, but still, even if it’s a little, it’s going to the right way.
After all the troubles, she’s finally on the rail of happiness.
That’s why, don’t say that name.


「Don’t say that name in front of us」


Saying that, I look down on the guy who fall on his butt.
I have already decided to not rely on power anymore.
But if you plan to hurt her with that name and power.

I’ll crush you completely with all of my powers.

In my vision–I felt that there was a blue light for a moment.




Along with those words, I just look down at him coldly.
Grazi who has become stiff by fear, opened his eyes wide as if his consciousness returned, and he stood up quickly as if to clear up the failures up until now.

「Ku, Kuha, hahahahahahaha!」

Thus, he laughs loudly.
As if he’s trying to make the fear towards me to 『nothing』.
As if to change the inferior feeling in his heart to superior feeling just by laughing.

「What on earth did you do just now!? I don’t know, but excellent! That matchless strength. I cannot help but to be curious of how high I can be after defeating you!」

However, inferiority can never be overturned.
No matter how much he tries to do, he can’t overturn this situation.
As long as the opponent is 『me』, he can only lose.

「So, Fire Emperor, at any rate, you came to 『kill』 me, right? Then, why don’t we start right away?」

Sorry, but I need to deliver newspaper after this.
And above all–he knows this much, and on top of it, a crime syndicate.
If I don’t bring him down here, he will most likely make a move on my 『house』.
Then, it’s just fine to kill him here.
Upon reaching such conclusion in my heart–suddenly, I heard something from his long continued words.

「I see, I see! No wonder our boss who have even cornered the Shutendouji to a fatal wound, ordered us to kill you and that girl!」

It’s most likely that his brain is not accepting the current situation.
Therefore, he’s trying to restore it with words. Probably, the current him has no composure to lie. In other words, what he’s saying are real.

「……Fatal wound…to the Shutendouji……?」

I recall the Oni who’s searching for his daughter.
–Come to think of it, it was too quick.
To be honest, I thought the fight might go on for more longer, but.

If he was really on the verge of death.
If he was cornered until fatally wounded by someone else before meeting me.
Then, perhaps, I–


「I only……delivered the final blow?」


Muttering that, I look at the direction of my house.
In distance……it’s a few hundred meters away. Within the range of hearing.
I leak a relief sigh that she didn’t hear it, and I look back at Grazi.
He knows that I’m the King of Black Coffin.
Their boss who gave a fatal wound to that Shutendouji.
And……the name called Six Demon Spears.
Looks like I must ask him and investigate a lot. I feel like I’ll be more busy than before.

「Anyway, you’re going to get interrogated」

Lowering my center of gravity, I prepare my fist.
Then, crimson flames surge from his body.

「Hahaha, hahahahahahahaha! Now, let’s do this, King of Black Coffin! My name is Grazi Blacklist! The Fire Emperor Grazi who slaughtered 50 A and B ranks in United Kingdom!」

Thus, he who swung his right arm to the back, smiled and shouted this, but.

「Now, King of Black Coffin! Feel my flame, the Flame of Gods–」

The next moment, I flicked my right middle finger as if doing a forehead poke, at the air.
Then, an invisible air cannon shoots out from my middle finger, and flies towards the target’s face.
After a few seconds, his face exploded greatly.


He’s probably in the middle of talking. Graze who’s body was taken aback by the sudden impact on his face–stiffens while holding his face upon realizing that my presence behind him.

「It’s so hard to go easy on a 『human』……」

While muttering that, I strike his nape with my hand.
The next moment, Grazi who lost his consciousness, fell to the asphalt from his face.
Certainly……you did say that you killed 50 people of the Special Forces in UK.
Well, even though you committed crime, you’re still a『human』.


「Did you know, that the Absolute (World Recorder) are called like that because they stopped being a human?」


For now, you should come back after you quitted being a human. And also, don’t call that name repeatedly.
I said that, and called the Special Forces.

–Telling, “Sorry, I got involved with a strange crime syndicate”.

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