World Record Chapter 101

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101. Ally of Justice

–Absolute (World Recorder).

There are only two people at present. The proof of the strongest in the world.
Capable of eradicating a swarm of Unknowns and massacring the whole army of a country alone. The strongest, in another meaning–

「–The worst」

–Known as the worst.
Due to the frequency of Unknowns, Japan has the highest number of strong superpower awakening than other countries. Although outside of Japan is a little safer, it doesn’t mean that there’s no threat from the Unknowns. Therefore, I as a member of the Absolute, have went to other countries frequently.
At that time, I went with the name 『King of Black Coffin』. Even if the children were surprised, they would know upon seeing my hair color–Sometimes, I even been to countries where the people aren’t intelligent enough.
For example, a certain A country.

『Oh! This is the King of Black Coffin who exterminates Unknowns in exchange of a large sum of money? How ridiculous! Even a soldier from our army is stronger than him!』

–As a result, I crushed the army.
Then, as expected, their higher-ups kneeled down on the ground……There are countries like that. And only those countries would say 『Oh? The Japan’s strongest can’t even do such thing?』 if I say 『No, I’ll feel bad if I crush your army』.
Well, no matter what path they pick, it will always be them who experience pain. So it’s a fact that it’s a waste of time for me.

–However, it’s only that much.

No matter what they said, I only crushed their army lightly or just show them that I can defeat an Unknown with a forehead poke.
However, she–Esashi Sana is different.

It happened when I went to a certain country with her.
I knew that humans are an endangered species in the country, but still–the country treats humans–children as slaves.
And it was an incident when we were supposed to apply pressure on them.

Esashi Sana–crushed the country.

It’s not a metaphor.
Just a few words.
–The country that exert violence on children, is 【Evil】. Then, I will smash such 【Evil】 with these hands.
Saying that while smiling–the country was smashed by her alone.
To the extent that it’s impossible to restore.
To the extent that they can never recover again.
As a result, the saved children seemed to be living in the orphanage ran by her own pocket money. Her decision was……most likely good for the children, but.

–But still, we took a bad move in front of such insane fangs of 【Justice】, she might attack us.

I grasp the katana tightly and step back.

「……Onikko, absolutely, don’t get out, okay? It would help me if you can stop peeping now」
「!? U-Un……」

The girl close the door obediently.
Now, she will never get hurt.

「What do you want, Sana-san?」
「Oh…… I can’t believe that the day when you will point your killing intent to me will come…… Can you suppress your killing intent? Because it’s still difficult to win against you even when you’re powerless」

Although she says that, if we fought each other, I won’t come out unscathed. In the worst case, I might need to evacuate the Special Forces members into the house.
She’s that strong.
That’s why, I can’t listen to her opinion.
–Until I’m convinced that she’s no an enemy.

「Haa, looks like you’re still stubborn」

She muttered in an exasperated way, and turns around and faces Kaa-san.

「Well, I can roughly guess this situation. Inside Iwato-kun’s house……this feeling is probably an Unknown? He sheltered an Unknown and upon knowing that, you guys try to fight him even though it’s reckless」

Kaa-san stayed silent.
Upon seeing that, she sighs once again.

「Haa…… Say, Tsukie-san. You’re not an idiot, so you should know that you can never win against him like this, right? On top of knowing that, you still–」
「I wonder about that. If I, his mother, launch a suicidal attack…… I think Iwato will not be able to do anything」

Like a provocation, Kaa-san laughs and mutters.
She showed a smile, and I raise my voice..

「No, no matter who you are, I won’t let you through. Even if Kaa-san plan to risk your life to get through this door–I’ll send you to the hospital」

Kaa-san opened her eyes wide upon hearing that, and Sana-san looks at me.

「……Are you sane?」

I won’t answer.
However, by pointing the katana at her–it’s the answer.
I’m sure that people think that I’m insane. I’m a lunatic who tries to protect the enemy of humanity. The worst betrayer.
However, I don’t care even if I’m insane.

「I’m only doing what I think is right. Even if I will regret it in the future, I will accept it as my fate」

That’s why, I won’t yield.
I will never yield this feeling.
Even if I will become the traitor of the world or a murderer.

「–I will risk my life and protect her to the end」

I prepare the katana.
Sana-san draws her sword from the ground, and slowly turns her body towards me.

「Risking your life……huh. When it comes to fighting me while protecting the Unknown, you……might die, you know?」
「I’ll ask you back. Of all people, you’re the opponent……So I won’t go easy. I’ll fight you with the intention of killing you. That’s why, you’ll really die if you make a bad move, you know?」

Killing intent overflows.
Her left hand holding the sword and the other hand reaches out to the holder on her waist.
–A critical situation.
Straining-like air flows.
Putting strength into the hand gripping the sword, she put her finger at the gun’s trigger.



「……Un, okay, I have decided」


She muttered and turned her back towards me.
Or rather, she points the sword at–Kaa-san and the rest.

「W-What are you–」
「Well, sorry, Tsukie-san. Basically, I also think the same way as him. Well, to put it simply, an【Ally of Justice】. So upon seeing this situation where Tsukie-san–wielding your authority to kill two children. I judged that you are the 【Evil】」

By those words, I opened my eyes to the limit.

「Fufu, you sure have a good look in your face now, Iwato-kun. Don’t worry, because I’m sure that what you are doing is the right thing as a 『person』 even if it’s wrong as a 『human』. This 【Ally of Justice】assures you」

I don’t know what kind of expression she would show from now on.
But I can see the smile saying “Don’t worry” in her lips.

「Wh-What are you doing……! Cut it out, you two! You are sheltering the enemies of humanity, pests! Don’t you know how many deaths those pests gave us!? How many children have their parents killed by Unknowns? How many people have their precious ones taken away by Unknowns? ……Above all, how many people have their lives snatched by Unknowns?」

Kaa-san showed her inner part for the first time.
Even I, her son, have never seen it before.
On the other hand, Sana-san breathes out softly.

「……Surely, I don’t know much. But I think that this one is different. He–Iwato-kun who has protected many lives up until now, vowed to protect this Unknown. I’m sure that this one is safe」
「You can’t guarantee such thing! Up until now, people who thought of coexistence with the Unknowns, have failed completely! There’s no even an example for it–」
「–Right. That’s why, we create it now」

Saying that, she breathes in.
And concludes.


「I declare here. Absolute Number One 『King of Black Coffin (Black Pandora)』 as well as Number Two 『King of Heroes (Pantheon)』 will withdraw from the–Superpower Special Military Forces aka Special Forces!」


By those words and her figure.
Everyone including me opened their eyes wide.

「Wait, S-Sana-san……!」
「Isn’t it fine to be naïve and do things drastically once in a while? Besides, if the Special Forces don’t listen to our request as the Absolute, then, there’s no justice in such place」

She looks at Kaa-san.
However, she’s looking at the people behind Kaa-san.

「Now, what will you do? A rank Number One, Nakajima Tomomi-kun. And–Prime Minister, Nagumo Youji-san」
「–!? D-Dear……!?」

Kaa-san turned around.
There’s the figure of Nee-san whose clothes seems a little dusty……and a familiar man standing next to her.

「W-Why are you here……」
「Well, because I heard Iwato is having a slump. So I finished my work quickly and thought to bring him out for a dinner but……looks like now’s not the time for that, Tsukie」

While saying that, Tou-san looks straight at me.
And only a few words.

「Iwato, do as you please」

I opened my eyes wide by that.

「Unfortunately, I’m not strong. I can only persuade you with words but……upon looking at you, no matter what I say, it looks like it’s useless. Then, I–as a father, decided to believe in my son」
「Dear!? What are you saying–」
「Yeah yeah, I’ll hear you out later」

As expected of Tou-san. He treats Kaa-san’s state lightly and looks at me with a smile.

「Your mother is like this, so I probably can’t support you publicly. If I can’t even send allowance to you, then, I’m sure that……it’s a dream within a dream for the four of us to live together happily. To put it simply, a family breakdown, you became independent, and I’m hit by your raging mother. On that occasion, I sulk and start to not talk to you. Even so, do you still want to move on?」

Kaa-san who had the toxin extracted from her with the 『usual way』, is greatly perplexed, and Sana-san returns her sword to the scabbard.
Tou-san is……really cool in the right place.
I smiled wryly inside.


「–Un, I’ll choose this path, Tou-san」


I look straight at him and said that.

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