World Record Chapter 100

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100. Parting

That was on a cloudy day.
I put on my shoes while holding the scabbard.


A worried voice resounds.
The presences outside the house are too much until the girl who have never received the 『Reading』 training, can perceive.
That’s why, she know about it.
–That this house is already surrounded.

「……Sorry, I stopped working for a while. Maybe because of that, my boss brought all her subordinates here. I’ll only going to have a little talk with her」
「T-Then……! Y-You don’t need…that katana……」

Feeling uneasy, the girl’s body trembles.
Well, of course, she would feel that way.
At present, I probably have no ally.
I wonder……what happened to Nee-san. She’s either arrested or perhaps, on the other side. I don’t mind if she’s on that side as long as she’s alright. ……Well, it’s her after all. She might have been arrested.

「……This house has my genuine superpower applied on it. It will never be destroyed–so you’ll be safe if you close the door」

This house will never be destroyed.
There’s no opening to enter even if the window is closed.
Therefore–there’s no other way to intrude this house other than entering from the entrance.

「Don’t worry」

I smile and push open the door.
The familiar looking garden of my house.
And–the familiar looking colleagues who are fully armed.
And, Kaa-san.

I have never expected this kind of day to come.
Deep down in my heart, I gave up and live doing what Kaa-san says and hunting down Unknowns.
However, it’s different now.
I will decide my life.
Even if my way of life conflicts with Kaa-san’s belief.

「–Even if I have to make enemies of the world, I will not let you through」

Even if I have to beat down Kaa-san.
I have decided to protect this girl.




「–Iwato, this is my first and final warning. Surrender the pest hiding behind you」
「I refuse」

I refuse immediately.
The familiar colleagues who knew me, opened their eyes wide and even Kaa-san opened her eyes wide–but she leaks a laugh.

「……I can’t believe that after becoming independent, you would look like a man」
「Yeah. I’m already 13. I thought that I should be independent by now」

While saying that, I didn’t ignore the elites behind her.
All B rank……no, veterans who are equal to A rank.
The prominent combatants among the Special Forces who know about my identity–King of Black Coffin.

「Unknowns are pests. They only know how to harm and give despair to humans. The extermination targets that know nothing but killing us. That’s what Unknowns are. No matter what kind of human form it takes, it’s different than a human–it’s just a monster」

I feel fear from my back.
……Geez, even though I told her to not worry, why is she this interested in me.
Well, maybe at her age, she might be interested in such things.
That’s why, I can say this with confidence.

「–You’re wrong, Kaa-san. Unknowns are the same as humans」

I gaze at Kaa-san’s eyes.
I heard from Tou-san that Kaa-san’s parents were killed by an Unknown. That’s why, she hates Unknowns to an abnormal state, and planted such knowledge into me.
Regarding that, I don’t blame her. After all, among the Unknowns I fought so far, only that guy and girl took contact with me.
That’s why, what she said is right, but–surely, it’s also wrong.

「You’re right that there are many evil Unknowns. There are Sacred Beast class that are cunning due to them possessing intellect. There are also the ones that try to kill humans even without being taught about it. There are also the ones that enjoy killing itself」

I won’t deny that.
But, Kaa-san.

「Unknowns are alive. They worry just like us. They eat something just like us. They laugh with someone, and they cry with someone. They overcome each of those, and live on」

These guys are alive.
What is right and wrong.
After continuous thinking–I’m sure that the Shutendouji reached to a conclusion that the right choice is to join hands with humans.
–However, I ruined his dream.
I ruined it and killed him.

「I won’t make the same mistake anymore. I will worry, suffer, and struggle properly–and live for the moment」

I’ll never let it go.
I’ll never do exactly as she says anymore.
I think I’ll fail and regret a lot from now on.
But I want those failures and regrets to be something that comes after all my choices.
It’s most likely a stupid self-satisfaction.
I don’t mind even if you laugh.
But no matter who laughs at me, I have already decided it.
I’ll protect this girl–with my life.

I unsheathe the katana on my waist.
The light from the sun reflects, and the temper patterns of the blade shines faintly.
I point the katana at them.


「I’ll never forgive those who hurt my precious one」


I’m not scared of anything now.
The failures and regrets that awaits me, are the result of my own decision.
Well, it’s worrisome, but.
I’m sure that I can get on with it.

In order to protect this girl, I’ll do anything.

–I feel that way.




Kaa-san breathes out upon hearing my words.
And said the truth once again.

「–I see, then, you are my enemy」

Upon hearing that, my chest tightens.
The sharp words from Kaa-san who brought me up, made me clench my teeth.

「……Ah, yeah」

The moment I picked this choice–the choice of protecting the girl, I have already prepared for the consequences.
To sever the connections between us.

「But I have already decided. Even if my opponent is Kaa-san, even if what awaits me is misfortune, I’ll continue moving on this path」

That’s my only way of atonement.
It’s something that only I who stole everything from the girl, can do.

「……Really, foolish」

She muttered and raise her right arm to the sky.
Her face still has some kind of conflict.
I can see that she’s enduring an unbearable pain.
However, Kaa-san is my mother as well as the highest executive who protects the world.


「I order as the Special Forces’ supreme commandant. Kill the Unknown living in that house as well as Nagumo Iwato」


–I think that her decision is not wrong.
I concluded that the pain in my chest is fake, and prepare the katana.
If I can’t endure such pain, how can I live on like this.
It’s not that I’ll kill or be killed.
That’s why, it’s still fine.
Such pain–for her, this pain is……

I grasp the katana tightly, and she swings her hand down.
At the same time, the Special Forces members behind her, start to run–


「Haai, enough!」


Carrying an explosive sound, something crashed between us.
–No, I’m sure that 『someone』 is more proper. In this world, only me, Tou-san and……that person can do such stunt without getting hurt.

「Y-You are–」

Kaa-san’s surprised shriek leaks beyond the cloud of sand.
Or rather, I’m the one who wants to scream–

「……This might turn out very bad」

The cloud of sand clears up.
Beyond that, the originator who created the crater, is standing there, and she smiled coldly with her sword stabbed on the ground.


「Well then, what are you doing when I’m not around, Supreme Leader? And–King of Black Coffin, Nagumo Iwato?」


The person there is another Absolute.

King of Heroes (Pantheon)–Esashi Sana.

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