World Record Chapter 99

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99. Madness & Hatred

The Oni girl who ran away from the room.
The one projected in the monitor is the figure of an A rank member, Nakajima Tomomi coming out from the Nagumo house.

「A rank Nakajima……this is troublesome. Even though it’s already unfortunate that the experimental subject tumbled into that King of Black Coffin…… Now, even that 『Demon King』 Nakajima Tomomi–」

Against the woman who mutters in irritation, a man laughs scornfully.

「Ha, it’s not confirmed that that brat is the Black Coffin, right? Or rather, he’s definitely not the Black Coffin. Why don’t we use the strong measure? Like blowing the house up」
「How foolish. In that case, the subject will die」

The woman’s cold words resound, and the foulmouthed man becomes silent.

「In the first place, it’s confirmed that the boy is the King of Black Coffin. There’s no one who can access the world’s confidential information more than myself…… Well, it’s unbelievable that such a child is so」
「……Hmph. No matter who he is, we can deal with him easily」

Another man mutters with his arms folded.
Among them, a man raised a finger and opened his mouth.

「Come to think of it, Leader, you sent a spy into the Special Forces, isn’t it……?」
「Yes, but is there anything?」

The woman affirms easily, but infiltrating a spy into the Special Forces is an extraordinary exploit.
However, the woman declared without feeling prideful.
In other words–this proves that this organization has the power to that extent.
The woman who is the leader of the organization.


「Then, how about making the Special Forces and Black Coffin kill each other? It sounds like an entertaining show that suits wine」


The man said with confidence.




I walk back home while scratching my head.

「Unknown…… Humanoid, huh」

Muttering that.
It’s true that it’s my first time seeing a humanoid Unknown and it was fine because she’s not hostile, but if she tries to harm us–I’m sure that it would be a calamity of a Sacred Beast class.
–Well, it should be alright because she’s in Iwato’s house, but still, as a member of the Special Forces, I can’t get rid of this uneasiness.

「But well, she’s a good girl……」

Dangerous. But a good girl.
Certainly, if one were to make a mistake in dealing with her, it could turn out badly, but still, that girl is a normal good girl.
Then, the one who protects her is an ally of justice.
Something like a good adult.

「Even though I may look like this, I’m still a student……」

When I’m walking while folding my arms at the back of my head–suddenly, I realized that there’s a person walking towards me.


When I look closely at the person–I opened my eyes wide upon realizing who the person is.
Why at this timing?
Furthermore, why she’s 『armed』 in such place……?


「–The Special Forces supreme leader. Minister of Defense……Kanekura Tsukie」


She stops at about 10 meters away from me.

「Actually, I received information that an Unknown managed to get into this town. And the place where the Unknown is hiding is–」

Saying that, she points at me.
–No, she pointed behind me.

「A rank member, Nakajima Tomomi. As the supreme leader, I ask」

The next moment, countless people appear behind her.
All of them are armed Special Forces members.
B rank, A rank, and also, the monsters who know about the 『back』 circumstances.
What is this woman trying to do with this much of people?
Well, thinking of the direction where they are heading, I can already guess it.


「The subjugation of the Unknown as well as the arrest of the Unknown’s ally–King of Black Coffin, Nagumo Iwato. That’s our objective」


–Now, I wonder who will you side with?




Going back in time a little.
Tsukie groaned by the 『information』 obtained by her subordinate.


–Iwato’s bad condition.
It’s a serious matter that a superpower can’t be used.
That’s why, she approved the leave from Iwato without hesitation. Luckily, there are 2 『Absolutes』 in this town including Iwato. Even with her alone, she can maintain the front line.
It would be good if Iwato recovers during this time.
She thought so.
And yet–

「I can’t believe that he’s sheltering an Unknown……」

–Sheltering an Unknown.
That’s a clear–hostile act towards humanity.
Equal to betraying the Special Forces.
Therefore, his crime is extremely heavy.

「Life imprisonment, or–」

–possibly, death penalty.

Reaching a conclusion, Tsukie is still troubled.
Iwato is an irreplaceable son for Tsukie.
Her one and only irreplaceable existence.


Every time the word is used, she recalls–her parents being killed in front of her.
Tsukie’s parents were considered talentless generation in 『Magic』among the Kanekura family. That’s why, the two who didn’t receive a specially strong superpower–was devoured by the Unknown in front of Tsukie.
And the Unknown–laughed at Tsukie.

『How frail. Even though your father and mother were eaten alive in front of you, you still can just do nothing at all』

That Unknown is still not found yet.
However, taking her memories into account–surely, a Divine Beast class.
–And she presumed that it’s the highest rank among those.
Tsukie was overlooked by the Unknown on a whim, but still.


The corpses of her parents.
Upon seeing that, Tsukie’s heart–burned in hatred.
She swore to take revenge.

「Unknowns–must be killed」

Unknowns are enemies.
Just a pest harming humanity without any will.
Therefore, they must be destroyed.
The pest that harms humanity must be killed completely.
And if by any chance, a human allying the Unknowns appeared–

「–I’m, the Special Forces supreme leader」

She reads out her own position–and hit her chest with her fist.
Unknowns spread disaster to the world.
Their existences themselves are evil.
Then, they must not be let into the town.
And if Iwato–her real son tries to stop her.


「–I won’t show mercy」


In her eyes, there’s madness dwelling in there.




I place the katana on the pedestal in front.

「……Sorry. For now, this is a hastily made tomb」

The pedestal which the katana is placed on it.
On top of it, I mutter so while arranging the white cloth and huge belt.
The place is a room in my house.
It’s an unused tatami room.
I clap my hands twice, and press my hands together.

「……Say, what did you think of me when you were dying?」

Were you resenting me?
Thinking that–I rethink it as he surely wouldn’t.
I’m sure that this guy thought of that girl until the end. While thinking of that girl–he reached his end.
–Killed by me.

Suddenly, I felt a gaze piercing my back, and I turned around.
There are the blue eyes glaring at me from the opening of the sliding door, and when our eyes met, she quickly closes the door.

「……Just now, I made your father’s tomb. I’m sorry that it’s hastily made, but please endure with this for now」
「……What…a ridiculous thing……」

I hear her voice beyond the door.
Well, I know.
But still……I wonder why.

「If your father is here, I’m sure that he would scold me saying 『Why are you speaking with my daughter in a familiar way?』」

I feel that he would get angry more than the fact that I killed him.
I only spoke a little with him, and we had a death match.
He lived thinking about his daughter until the end.


「I respect your father from the bottom of my heart now」


I can hear sobbing sounds beyond the door.
The fact that I’m the assailant doesn’t change.
But I thought that his way of living was cool.
Live for the sake of a special person.
I thought it’s cool.
I also thought of trying to live like him.

–That’s why.

「……Say, Shutendouji. Do you think of protecting this girl even if you have to make enemies of the whole world?」

–The answer. I don’t even need to hear it.
If it’s that man, he will definitely protect this girl even if he has to make enemies of the whole world.
Because I have such hunch–I took the katana.

「……I’m going out for a while」

I stand up while gripping the katana stored in the scabbard.
When I open the sliding door, there’s the girl sitting down with her back leaning against the door.

「……What…are you doing?」

In her eyes, there’s a feeling like uneasiness.
That’s as expected. Because I’m holding–the memento of her father who I killed.
It’s obvious that she would wonder what I’m going to use it for.
That’s why, I smile and stroke her head.


「It’s alright. I will not die」


I can feel numerous presence from the outside.

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